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Sep 17, 2015 1:00am PDT
hurt himself by going after george w. bush. rare he comes up in a positive way in a republican primary, but the exchange with jeb bush about george w. bush kept us safe, there is a conversation about that, as to whether that could have possibly hurt donald trump. the buzz about carly fiorina is very strong. a lot of people think she may have taken some of ben carson's votes tonight. he was less of a presence. marco rubio getting points among conservatives. he seems to be among a lot of conservatives the fallback guy as the race shakes out. one last point, among conservatives who said scott walker better show up tonight, they're not saying he won the debate, but he was much more of a presence tonight. >> we got to take a quick break. we'll continue the conversation throughout the next two hours. next moderator, jake tapper, joins us with dana bash and hugh hewitt on their experience down there in the fray. we'll be right back. >>> the republican presidential debate is brought to you by bleeker street. now playing in select theaters. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. h
Nov 10, 2015 11:00pm PST
vote to win the election. george w. bush got 44%, and we're more diverse than we were in 2002 when george w. bush won. just as a clinical matter, this is a losing debate for the republican party. if the republican party gets hung up on -- i mean, i think when ted cruz says we don't want to be the party of amnesty, the democrats are laughing, a majority of this country believes in comprehensive reform that gives people a path to citizenship if they pay things and so on. that's where a majority of the country is, beyond which the hispanic community was completely alien ated by the debate on immigration four years ago and they will be again if this is the tenor of the debate. >> donald trump hit upon this subject matter and this topic, i think, by accident. in his opening speech when he was launching his campaign, he called mexican rapists, and the next day his numbers started going way up. now the more drastic his terms can be, the better in his book. i think that the difference you're trying to draw between donald trump and ted cruz is really in the weeds. you're a former capital hi
Feb 25, 2016 8:00pm PST
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Apr 15, 2016 12:00am PDT
the disastrous policies of george w. bush across new york, and we stood up time and time again against all kinds of vested powerful interests. i'm asking for your support again in the primary on tuesday to continue that work together, to take what we did in new york and to take those new york values to the white house and put them to work on behalf of all of our people, to knock down the barriers that stand in the way. you know, of course we have economic barriers. i've been fighting against those trying to even the odds most of my adult life, but we also have racial barriers, gender barriers, homophobic barriers, disability barriers. we have a lot of barriers that stand in the way of people being treated as they should and having the chance to live up to their own god-given potential. so i am humbly asking for your support on tuesday. i'll work my heart out for you again. and together we won't just make promises we can't keep, we'll deliver results that will improve the lives of the people in new york and in america. that's what we'll do! thank you, new york! >> thank you secr
Jan 14, 2016 8:00pm PST
, south carolina is the end up be all. george h.w. bush loses iowa to bob dole, loses new hampshire, south carolina. it was over. wins iowa, loses new hampshire. john mccain, south carolina was the firewall, it was over. in bush family history, south carolina matters. >> nikki haley also mentioned the citadel. jeb is consistently carving a role as the anti-trump. he's attacking him time and time again. he was the only guy on that stage today who took him on on the muslim barn. he wasn't the only one but he went on the kin that terror stuff. but for those of us who wanted the alternative to trump, he's saying i'm taking up the manner. familiar a lot of people who don't agree with trump. >> but the message is -- >> i think marco rubio, a big story line out of this is he's proved he will get down and dirty with candidates that he's fighting again. there will be pressure on marco rubio now to turn that same kind of fire towards ted cruz and chris christie to donald trump. >> you wish. wishful thinking, amanda. >> i'm the establishment guy is not the message to be carrying here. that's t
Oct 28, 2015 7:00pm PDT
case. clinton raise the taxes in '93. he got great growth. george w. bush cut them in 2001, 2003 and he got very meager growth. same thing with obama's post-financial crisis tax cut. that really doesn't work and that's not a selling point for the american public at this stage. you also heard rubio saying things like the cost of goods is getting higher. in fact, we have almost no inflation. so in terms of debating style maybe he won but in terms of economic wisdom i didn't see anybody come ahead lately. >> also want to spring in donna brazill and jeffrey lord and ana navarro. what stood out for you? >> it was a missed opportunity for the republicans who one of their strengths is always talking about how they can grow the economy. they know how to fix things. well, tonight was the opportunity to talk to that fast food worker, to talk to home health care workers. they had an opportunity to reach the voters that typically don't listen to politics but they could have said something about job growth, you know, raising their wage, and i think -- >> they didn't get asked the question. they g
Feb 26, 2016 12:30am PST
proud of the fact i worked for president george herbert walker bush. he was here this evening. i worry about for the republican party the long term injury they have done to their brand. you know the autopsy post 2012 as we needed to rein in the debates. whomever emerge, you have to wonder who is going to be there in the fall. >> all right. anderson, back to you. >> just ahead, the most important critics of all. the voters. we will go to the debate watch party in el paso. it will be fascinatinfascinatin. i'm curious to learn what they had to say. we will have that in a moment. >>> we will have more political analysis from the cnn contributors. when you can get voters who will cast ballots here in texas, that is what really matters. gary tuchman is joining me now in el paso. gary, what do they think of the fiery debate? >> they were entertained and informed. you thought it was a good debate? [ applause ] >> they were watching for two and a half hours. this is el paso county, texas. most voters here are democrats. this a roomful of republicans at the republican party headquarters. w
Mar 9, 2016 8:00pm PST
he would criticize and join me in criticizing george w. bush, who i think wrecked the economy and created the conditions for the great recession. you know, at the end of the 90s we had 23 million new jobs, incomes went up for everybody, we were talking earlier about what needs to be done for latinos and african-americans. well, we were doing it by the end of the 90s. median family income went up 17%, for minorities, it went up even more. along came the republicans, and senator had to rescue the economy. >> i gather secretary clinton hasn't listened to too many of my speeches or followed my work in the congress because very few people stood up to george w. bush, whether it was the war in iraq or any other of his policies. when we talked about the policies of the 1990s, i worked closely and supported president clinton and obviously i have worked closely in supporting president obama, who has taken our economy a very long way from where bush left us but when you go back to the 1990s, let's remember that's when wall street deregulation took place and disastrous trade policies took pla
Jan 28, 2016 8:00pm PST
votes. you worked for george bush's campaign. you helped design his immigration policy. >> joining us again for the hour is chief national correspondent john king, chief political analyst and former obama advisor, chief correspondent and commentators and a bush supporter and a friend to marco rubio and republican strategist. now we're over the midnight mark here on the east coast. you now have three days until the caucuses begin. what are these going to be doing over the next three days? who is within striking distance. marco rubio has been doing well in the polls. he's gone up in the last month. who has a shot? >> it's cruz and trump and they're kind of neck and neck. rubio is back in the third and the rest are somewhere else and i think right now this is a fight about getting out those evangelical voters which are so important to cruz. trump is to get out his solid supporters. he's the one with the most solid support. more than half of his voters say they're not going to change their minds, be they're solid for trump, no matter whether he appeared at this debate or not, but there ar
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)