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Oct 11, 2015 5:30am PDT
and chanting. we open up ourselves to other kinds of music. anything from roberta flack, boy george, tony bennett, you name it we've done it. >> the tradition, especially with the music kind of dictates what it's going to be like and if you don't break out of that it is hard to make it contemporary. >> if we're only chanting or singing in hawaiian that limits your understanding of hula. hula is expressing the story. so if we sing to you in english you get a better idea of what the dance is about and it becomes a multicultural experience. >> what you do is bring them full circle and they look back tetra and historical part. >> that's what happened to me as a young man. i got into hula because i thought it was dynamic and my teacher was playing with hula which got me interested. then once i was there dancing for a while the traditional aspect of it became appealing to me. >> i'm curious, you were talking about mixing in different types of music. what about the actual dance moments? your able to come up with new dance moments or are you rerestricted to what is supposed to be done. >> t
Feb 28, 2016 5:30am PST
. she started the mandrin. and the second honoree is george. he worked with cecilia when he was younger. and our third, brandon, who is such a talented and amazing chef. >> she took my introduction. >> i'm sorry! >> brandon, how you got started and how you started the restaurant. >> i started cooking in clen-- college, actually. i was studying biology and i was cooking as a part-time job. every year i got more involved with cooking and what it meant to my family and by the time i graduated i knew i wanted to be a chef. >> it's just a creative outlet. >> it is. and just working as a team and working hard together and accomplishing, you know, just the night of cooking. >> what does an event like caam feast. what is it like for somebody like yourself? >> it's actually a huge honor for me. one, the restaurant is not even open yet. but it's been already a journey for me to open the restaurant. we took on over a space that has been the last tenant has been there for 50 years four seas which is iconic san francisco china town restaurant, and being able to be in that space has been real
May 22, 2016 5:30am PDT
country music dreams, listening to george strait and johnny cash in the back seat of his dad's car. now with 14 number one songs and a head lining new tour, he's living them. >> i want to reach everyone in this whole stage. from the front row to people
Apr 2, 2017 5:30am PDT
, are george, a longtime volunteer and festival chairman and emcee for the parade, nicky is also here. she's a grand parade emcee as well as a director and choreographer for the cherry blossom queen program. good to see you. >> thoank you for having us her. >> you were showing us this comic book we have to show people. hold it up for the camera. it's an old dennis the menace comic book from 1977 that actually featured the cherry blossom festival. that shows a little bit about just how much it's become part of a cultural theme. >> hank did a beautiful job. it's a very, very comprehensive -- >> go ahead and hold it to the cover so they can see the cover. >> the cover? >> yeah, because that is really amazing. >> there's dennis. >> anyway. there you go. and hank just covers the whole festival. >> and we wir looking at a map earlier about how small the parade once was and now it's huge. >> the first parade was only 12 blocks in japan town. now it runs all the way from city hall to japan town. >> one of the things i remembered even as a kid is that it wasn't just the japan town and japanese
Aug 14, 2016 5:30am PDT
policy. >> reporter: however, it will continue collecting money. george says, don't donate on an impulse. do research. >> nobody says you have to give right then and there. >> reporter: charles wants law enforcement to investigate crisis relief network. >> they will see the exploitation. shut it down. >> reporter: in response to our questions, crisis relief network down played its scale. it acknowledges placing 1200 of those donation jars in three of the country's most populated states. do you have a tip? we investigate. much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up ... vo it's not your typical police >>> we have much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, it's not your typical police chase. the suspect, an emu on the run. >>> we do have clouds and fog this morning. slightly cooler for the afternoon. we will have the rest of your weekend forecast next. >>> good morning. we have been enjoying beautiful weather. that's going to continue for today. once again, we are starting off with low clouds and fog, especially as we look toward the coastal areas of san francisco. you can s
Oct 4, 2015 5:30am PDT
allen turing, specifically george choi who is a local hero for the san francisco youth. during his time he was a huge advocate for aids and education and youth programs in san francisco. there's also yugio mashima who is a japanese poet and author. he had to endure a lot of challenges during -- because of his sexuality. so he's a good hero that kind of, you know, shows you the challenges that he had to face and, you know, dealing with being api, asian pacific islanders and the stigmas and the social norms that come with it. >> we've talked a little i bit about that on our show, within the community. it has its unique circumstances and problems, huh. but, you know, did you ever get the feeling or have the idea that the lgbt issues that you gained so much ground on, you would actually get to this point? >> well, you know, what's the old chinese addage, every journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. it's taken 20 years to get to this point. benjamin raises a really good point. when we decided we were going to have 20 honorees for the first year, a lot of people taught, well,
Apr 24, 2016 5:30am PDT
about this cultural event is george martinez, the chairperson for wesley united methodist church as well as jimmy, a representative of japan town. thank you both for joining us here. >> thank you. >> good to see you again, i should actually say. first of all, jimmy, give us an idea for people who may not be as familiar, who may know about the festival but when it started and how much it's grown. >> they want to show the minority what they've done so far and how things have progressed and join us in celebrating the centennial. that's how it all started. ever since it's been part of the san jose town as well as the community. i think we've done a good job of staying a cultural part, that's the main theme. >> definitely a japanese event, a cultural event, but also an american event. you do all of them, right? >> the american event is not japanese, no. >> george, give me an idea in terms of what will be featured at this event. after 39 years keeps on growing, keeps on getting bigger. i know it feels more contemporary each year as well. >> my participation in the festival, we've been an activ
Sep 3, 2017 5:30am PDT
sauce manufacturers, john c. young, my father, and my uncle george hall. and they all bonded over hakone. and so, they bought it and used it as a retreat. and then, after 5 years of ownership and saving the gardens. and then the story was that chinese food saved hakone gardens, which, you know, such an unlikely partnership, but they loved hakone and wanted to keep its authenticity. robert: and we're going to talk a little bit more about that in the next segment, on the history of it. but give us an idea in terms of what you want people to know about the centennial celebration. shozo: well, the centennial celebration this year is our finale after 3 years of centennial celebrations. and we're going to be honoring the partnership, the partners, as well as william glennon, who was the mayor at the time when hakone was sold to the city of saratoga. robert: and optimistic about the future? shozo: well, you know, we're planning on making sure hakone is there for another 100 years at least for future generations to enjoy. robert: all right. well, i'm going to be glad to be a part of the celebrat
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8