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Nov 13, 2010 12:00pm PST
i.r.a. >> and will george bush's attempt to write hustry in the oval office win over his critics? we'll discuss his legacy. >> he's declared war because of weapons of mass destruction. he says here, i had a sickening feeling that there weren't any. that is not good enough. >> hello, the world leaders arrived in seoul. an extraordinary period of diplomatic friction between china and the west. for the chinese, it may seem like the world is ganging up on them. if it is, it's driven by two things the world doesn't have, recession and democracy. is it possible that the rest of the world might be wrong about china and that the end is in sight for the biggest economic story in the world? to look at the evidence, here is our economic editor paul mason. >> he is china's growth rate adjusted for inflation. its target is 9% growth, but when world trade slumped in early 2009, china's growth collapsed. but then it bounced back, even though the rest of the world did not. and here's why. while china's exports fell, during the crisis, a massive fiscal stimulus boosted demand at home, and that pu
Apr 28, 2012 7:00pm EDT
economic adviser to george w. bush. first of all, it is hard to deny the auto bailout worked. gm has its biggest profit since 1999. >> yet, it is easy tonight -- easy to deny that the bailout work. the question is what would have happened if they went through a normal bankruptcy process? that is the tradition in the united states. would declare a company bankrupt. a goes for sale for $1. in addition, there are other factors that have led to investment. for example, the chinese stake in general motors, which i am not convinced is dependent on a bailout. >> the criticism was that the dollars were poured into gm. you were the architect of that plan, that bailout. but was it for a political reason? as much for the car worker, the democratic constituency, i you need to get them on your side? >> remember the first architect of the bailout was george w. bush. he was the first president to put money into general motors and chrysler, because he saw as president obama saw after him that this was a case of market failure. a case where markets have failed. the government must step in. the alternativ
Dec 4, 2011 8:00am EST
with george harrison's "living in a material world, " he continued the trick. he loved punk. ♪ >> it had a freshness to it. >> dedrick. >> it had something to say, and they were not going to be stopped. >> somebody told me that your family member made meatballs for the clash. >> that was my mother, yes. [laugh] i know joe and cosmo, the manager. one lady named pearl harbor. yes. we had some good italian dinners. we used to cook every sunday. my mother would come. we would show the boys how it is done. >> punks for lunch. >> yes, there were very sweet. >> he is best known for his gangster films like "goodfella." but the doctors is one have his heart is hitting, "casino," is a political allegory. the crash we all now in door, he says he put on a screen two decades ago. >> toomey, it has to be in the microcosm, in a way. for me, "casino," for example, was a political film. in the opening image, you have robert denair walked out on the screen in -- to have roberts deniro wanted the street in patent leather shoes, gets into his cadillac, turns the key, and the car blows up. it is true sto
Oct 19, 2013 7:00pm EDT
security. >> the u.k. chancellor george osborne when around china this week trying to promote trade. as the chinese economy powers ahead, much of the rest of the world has consoled itself with the thought that while it might be kickable of dashing metal or work is of, the real the west, but is this true? >> its success is measured by the height of your buildings, the speed of your trains, or the weighting of your national flag in space, then china's revolution is complete, but the middle kingdom is still middle income. tech it comes to high- innovation, china consoled that compete with the world's most profitable companies. the ubiquitous phrase, "made in this," has yielded all of but the three words distort the real story. yes, they were made here, but the designs, the idea behind it has come from elsewhere, that is where the profits go, and that is what china wants a share of the. at the vanguard of the mission to integrate is the biggest company you never heard of. in just 25 years, they have become the second-largest telecom company on earth. it is headquartered in two -- in one
Apr 17, 2010 7:00pm EDT
think it is something for george clooney or someone like that to deal with. a lot of attention has been on the possibility of the theft of a nuclear weapon. if you look at a nuclear artillery shell, which is a small, practical military-aid package of nuclear explosive, is -- if it were put in the booth of a car and went off with 100,000 -- in the boot of a car in which of with 100,000 tons of tnt. the remaining stocks of weapons, be they in russia were elsewhere are under pretty tight guard. but the summit was really looking at was the wider civil nuclear industry. 2,000 tons ofun-which denies -- 2,000 tons of un-weapon is loose nuclear -- un-weaponized nuclear material. we're not about to bring it on the set. this is the cylinder where you would have to 25 kilos of nuclear material. if someone were able to steal the together a few of those, then you do have -- this is the cylinder where he would have 2.5 kilos of nuclear material. if someone were able to steal and put together a few of those, then you have a problem. they say they have agreed, and this is how president obama put i
Jun 12, 2010 7:00pm EDT
spending cuts have been used across europe. they are talking about tough times ahead. george soros says that without spending cups, the world risks a double dip recession. why the rush for austerity now? >> it was not so much this change as a check but that was required. perhaps it was a good thing that someone thought of the profits. >> you will probably not remember what austerity looks like. have a good look because this is and what is coming. >> this means that we are all in this together. >> we have to get to grips with these finances. this is happening in germany, spain, britain. this is part of an international movement that we are now a part of. >> in pushing for austerity, britain and germany are cutting with the grain. last weekend, the g-20 pulled away from stimulus. the recovery here in europe and across the globe is fragile so can the recovery survive this much austerity by so many countries all lead once? some think not. this does not bring prosperity. you might need to have it in order to deal with the debt. don't fool yourself into thinking that it will make you rich or
May 29, 2010 7:00pm EDT
he and george osborn or against it. the want any tax reasons from the banks to go straight into the treasuries where it is sorely needed. >> we're clear that the purpose of the bank levy is to raise money for general expenditure purposes. >> the chancellor said it nicely. the basic principle we have brought to the question from the united states perspective is that we want to be able to tell the citizens of our country that banks should pay for bank failures. the bank's action. the costs of financial crises. -- the banks should bear the burden of financial crisis. >> here is the basic problem the politicians are grappling with. growth has returned, but only at the cost of printing money at high government debt. banks and countries are still carrying trillions in bad debt. that is very true in southern europe. the concern is there that some of the bad debt may be hidden. some banks in europe have an opaque relationship with politicians. >> jeremy paxman is here to discuss the issue. we also have few henry -- hugh henry. let's suppose there is a banking crisis. the question is what yo
Oct 28, 2012 8:00am EDT
, the biggest life stream in history, but what was the points? when george mallory was asked why anyone would want to climb mount everest, he said "because it is there." felix baumgartner felt something similar. jeremy paxman spoke to him earlier in the week. >> engage the doorstop, felix. >> what person in their right mind would find themselves alone but for a disembodied voice over 24 miles above the earth? >> slide the seat forward. >> the highest man to balloon flight was just a preamble to becoming the first human being to break the sound barrier without a vehicle. fearless felix, has made a career out of pushing the boundaries of human flight. we're told the entire event took place in the name of science. before the long ascrention and specially designed capsule, his body had been fitted with a multitude of sensors to record his heart rate, blood pressure and other vital life signs to monitor how the human body copes with sustained free fall and acceleration and deceleration. >> keep your head down. >> to stop his blood boiling, his lungs exploding and his body disinterest at the
Jun 26, 2010 7:00pm EDT
inhibit growth. but george soros had a different view. >> germany cannot be blamed for wanting a strong currency and a balanced budget. but it can be blamed for imposing its election on other countries that have different needs, like one who forces someone to lie in their bed and cut off their legs to make them fit. >> those already having a hard time can expect things to get still harder. many see greece as a prime example of what happens when a weak nation joins a currency system already populated by the powerful. only the strong survive. the week, they will go to the wall. some say greece should kiss the euro goodbye. >> i think they should come out of it. i think this would give very quickly of breath of fresh air. >> what about the debt? >> i think the renegotiation of the debts may be unlikely things to happen in the near future. greece will have to take a hit. >> greece is indeed on their uppers, but they are just the worst case, with spain and portugal nearby. will the other countries fall like dominoes? >> i enjoyed by the greek prime minister. i began by putting it to h
Feb 2, 2013 7:00pm EST
amsterdam and croiden which is where most of the battle of britain was coordinated. in fact, king george vi trained here as a pilot. now it's a museum in the middle of an industrial estate. but the alfewer to adapt, it was literally grass fields, meant a close after the war to be replaced by an r.e.f. facility in west london called heathrow. other large airports also developed around the capital, notably gadwick, but they aren't hubs because all passengers using those airports start or end their sunny journey there. heathrow, like it or loath it, is britain's only true hub airport where travelers can connect with flights to almost anywhere in the world. but as most people will agree, heathrow's now full and its owners are screaming out for permission to build another runway. so the fifth major review since the 1960's into airport capacity in the southeast is now under way. although it won't report until late 2015, it could sut expanding at heathrow or gad wick or even building a completely new hub airport. so while london dithers i wanted to find out what airports in other cities are doing.
Jun 16, 2013 8:00am EDT
mesopotamia which george clearly regards as a undesirable immigrants. >> he seemed to have a bit of a problem with sheep. theey are the one -- needed --they have reduced it to a bowling green. a forced it abundant ecosystem with a great diversity of species. >> some would say you are being a bit naÏve. the sheep or here for economic reason. >> i do stand that. but the real reason is we are paying for it. the subsidies a sheep farmer ats in wales is 53 pounds year. >> not surprisingly, the ideas are proving controversial, particularly with those who have most to lose, like sheep farmers. >> we are producing food for the population of these hills. no other animal can do that. that is why there are sheep farmers in the hills of wales. >> he says if you get rid of sheep and reintroduce mobile trees and stuff that used to grow up there you would have a much richer ecosystem. >> 5000 years ago there were only 50 million people living in this world. >> the whole world. >> that is what is living in the uk today. we has farmers, we have a job defeat the ever-increasing -- to feed the ever-inc
Jan 22, 2011 5:00am EST
your personal favorites and talked about george bush's speech. is this revolution fuelled by social media or something else? >> so many issues affecting the global economy are down to one factor, the rise of china. hu jintao rot in the u.s.. the obama white house put on a lavish display for their guests. the administration laid out a series of challenges to china. for ordinary americans their destiny is uncertain. they can no longer be sure the country's best days are ahead. ♪ >> this suburban elementary school in north carolina -- these kids are not just dabbling in mandarin, this is full immersion. the u.s.-china relationship is one of our rivals. china's latest leap forward is in education. students scored stunning results on international tests topping the world in math and reading. america was languishing more than 20 places below in each category. the education secretary said it was a wake-up call. do you like learning chinese? >> >> what do you work at the -- what do you speak at home? >> english and chinese. ♪ >> the path to excellence starts very early. they began their
May 8, 2011 8:00am EDT
plenty of cautionary tales for the warrior president. remember george h. w. bush? then there was the other george w. bush. >> the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us since! >> this will be his finest hour. george bush found his voice in the rubble of the twin towers, just as president obama found his voice sunday night. it may define how they will be remembered. >>> to talk about this, jeremy paxton it spoke with columnists from the center of american progress. >> has this transformed the president? >> i think this is big news for him politically, and across the political spectrum, but whether or not a transforms his presidency, how he has received a long-term, remains to be seen. >> what is your reading of it? >> i think there are two aspects that will live beyond the short- term but that he will get from the killing of osama bin laden. first is the courage that it took to make this decision, to not send in a bomb but actually send in a navy seal team 6 with all the inherent risks that entailed. the second is that it was a very confidently, competently execut
May 14, 2011 5:00am EDT
french finance minister christine legard and the european chancellor george osbourne. the combination of bailout is simply not working for greece, is it? >> it has begun to work. it's not come bleetly done, clearly, and there's a lot of work that needs to be done, particularly by the greek people and the greek government. we had a deal. we had a deal where we bailed out on the one hand, and the greeks were to complete a number of things on the other hand. some of the things have been done, but not all. >> do you think the conditions on the bailout were too harsh? >> i think the conditions were tough, but they were not unrealistic, because the same kind of things were done in belgium, were done in the in orderic countries, and it was approved by parliament and greece. but it's a question of delivery. >> but there's no delivery and they'll be looking for a second bailout. do you rule out a second bailout? >> what i don't rule out is the fact that greece has to deliver on the consideration that it promised, and those included the deficit reduction, which they did. it includes privatization,
May 26, 2012 7:00pm EDT
at the heart of the country's troubles is former prime minister george papandreou, who stepped down late last year to make way for a coalition government. this week, he spoke exclusively to kristy wark. >> what chance is there of greece staying in the euro? >> first of all, greek people and the massive majority are in favor of staying in the euro. 75%. of course, that does mean we will have to follow a difficult program. there may be some changes in this program, but not huge margins of change. >> but that is dependent on those parties during the election who wish to produce the austerity plan in pushing it through winning. syriza looks like it will may be on target. on the june 17 elections. if they hold the key, no austerity. >> we have to make a choice. obviously, the greek people in previous elections then did a lot of anger, despair, pain because it has been very painful in greece. we have lost a lot of our income. gdp is gone down in a very short time. not only because of greece but because of the wider recessionary situation in europe. not that greeks do not want change. gree
Jan 8, 2011 7:00pm EST
apart? george osborn told european finance ministers that the bureau needs to get the house in order. >> here they come. ed >> no. >> wellcome. >> it is just nine years since i've watched the first notes, now in the middle of a euphoric crowd. now the euphoria has stopped. ed there is a credit problem of the court. last year showed the fold, bailout, and contagion. the pictures showed anger and unrest. will this be the make or break year for the -- the euro? >> europe's problem countries are still giving cause for concern. greece is struggling to meet the conditions of the bailout. social unrest is rising. ireland -- its banks have been facing penury for a generation. the country everyone is worried about now is spain. over the next three months, spain and portugal have to raise 225 billion euros on the bond market. both countries have been downgraded by credit agencies. spain's problem is not its deficit. it is lack of growth. high unemployment. a collapsed housing market. shaky banks. spain is certainly to come under pressure just as greece and ireland did. you could write th
Dec 4, 2010 7:00pm EST
. -- no methan here. that water burns. >> george stark is the spokesperson for the company, which has invested $900 million in exploiting gas in this one county in pennsylvania. he says people have long been able to light up their water out here because of naturally occurring gas. is gas as a result of your drilling contaminating the water -- the drinking water? >> our experts have checked over the casing, the cementing, the drilling practice, the tubular we use to go down, and they have determined that there is no -- they have determined that this point there is no operation that is occurring -- that is allowing for the discharge of methane into the water. >> this man is locked into a bitter legal battle. he says he has strong scientific evidence that links the escaped gas to their well. >> sophisticated testing is the equivalent of fingerprinting gas. it's fingerprints are all over the gas. >> there are consent agreements signed by the company. there are problems with the cement casing in some wells. now, the company says it signed only under arrest. >> it is an amazing claim. i thi
Jan 23, 2011 8:00am EST
. this program is a production of grace creek media and the george w. bush institute, which are solely responsible for its content.
Sep 15, 2013 8:00am EDT
billete de 500. >> permiame. >> Órale que no entiendo qué dice. >> qué es eso de george. >> aquí están los 500 geroge. >> dólares, parejota. >> esperese. >> pero estaría dispuesto a hacer lo que yo le pida. >> parejita, acuérdese de juliani. >> ni la conozco. >> tolerancia cero. >> pero cero llama a dinero. >> si le doy 300 dólares se quita la camisa. >> aquí hay muchas personas. >> y 400 dólares. >> estás querendona. >> desde cuando. >> no se payaso, a ella la traigo muerta y por 400 dólares. >> brinco. >> ahí está. >> ahora si le doy 500 dólares se quita los pantalones. >> ahí le voy, si se ve que luego, luego algo quire más dinero. >> y ahora, ahora. >> ahora qué. >> ahora sonria a la cámara de lente, loco. >> (risas). >> nos van a meter al bote, parejota. >> el que rie último, rie mejor. >> no, compa. >> estás mal! >> pobre niña. >> ♪. (aplausos). >> eso. >> ojalá que hayan disfrutado este programa como nosotros no se olvide que tenemos una cita aquí. >> en la hora pico! (aplausos). ♪. ♪. ♪. >>> ♪. >> son las 3 de la tarde y donde está, me está engañand
Sep 25, 2010 7:00pm EDT
ahmadinejad was actually cheered because he was seen as a powerful bull work against the policies of george bush. now, there is a more proper the president and sanctions are beginning to build up and have an effect. -- there is a more popular president. the pressures are mounting on him to cooperate. president obama maintained the pressure. >> let me be clear once more, the u.s. and the international community seek a resolution to our differences with iran and the door remains open to diplomacy should iran choose to walk through it. the iranian government must demonstrate a clear and credible commitment and concern to the world a peaceful intent of their nuclear program. -- and confirm to the world a peaceful intent to their nuclear program. >> now they will lose a trading partner. >> europe has reduced their trade with iran and china has increased their trade. they're one of the leading trading partners and investors. the chinese did not have to support the sanctions. the sanctions will not have their intended impact because they will be swiss cheese sanctions. the only work when they are
Jun 5, 2010 7:00pm EDT
accept that analysis. that is one of the reasons george mitchell is in the region tonight. we have met with tony blair and others. we are building up the capability of the palestinian authorities. we believe that is the legitimate and peaceful -- the way that has the greatest opportunity to lead the palestinian people to a viable state of their own. but we have opened up the process to anyone who wants to play a constructive role in the future of the region. >> thank you for joining us. >> one of the favorites to triumph in south africa this month -- but of vibrant south african country has always struggled to take the economic prize. always on the cusp of prosperity, with crisis after crisis holding it back. deflationary and other problems have plagued it throughout the 20th century. now a new middle class has emerged, and it has stabilized. matt frei reports. >> this is a trans--- transition period 100,000 people live in this slum, right in the middle of san paolo. the granite and marble towers of the financial district are not far away. contradictions and glaring inequality. there a
Oct 19, 2013 5:00am EDT
are we honoring? >> and sometimes, love hurts. >> what would a dais be without jack benny and george burns? a wake, that's what. >> really, phyllis, the years have been kind to you. it's, uh, the weeks in between you louse yourself up. >> bette has always suffered in every picture she has ever made. when i appeared with her in elizabeth in essex, she gave up her beauty. in dark victory, she gave up her eyesight, and in the virgin queen... she gave up her hobby. >> order now to own all 18 complete classic roasts, plus two dvds jam-packed with exclusive bonus material, scandalous new interviews, and featurettes including rare home movies. plus, you'll receive a special gift to remember dean by: a collectible memory book, full of personal photos and side-splitting zingers from dean's famous friends. >> bob, you made me what i am today. depressed. >> this collection is all yours for just five easy payments of $19.99 each. >> i gotta tell you, man, i gotta tell you. >> plus, order in the next three minutes, and we'll send you two free bonus dvds, full of the very best of dean's legendary
Search Results 0 to 43 of about 44 (some duplicates have been removed)