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May 16, 2011 6:30pm EDT
british- ruled did here. >> the symbolism of the crown does call for some recognition. >> when george and mary came here in 1911, they were warmly welcomed. within a few years, everything changed. the republican rising was suppressed by king george. irish opinion turned sharply against the crown. the queen will also come here to the gaelic football stadium. in 1920, irish republicans murdered one dozen british agents in dublin. later the same day, british troops came here during a football match. british troops entered the stadium through a gate in that corner. they ended up firing indiscriminately into the crowd and killed 14 people and wounded hundreds of others. it became known as bloody sunday. it galvanized ireland and all the latest opinion in britain. it's sealed the fate of british rule in ireland. -- it sealed the fate of the british rule in ireland. >> he never spoke about what he did. just before he died, he had his gun and he kept it in a shoebox. he threw it into the river near here. he told his wife that he did not wanted anything to do with this anymore. >> the partition of
May 13, 2011 6:30pm EDT
. the u.s. special envoy to the middle east george mitchell is to resign. he has led the obama administration's failed efforts to restart direct negotiations between israel and the palestinians for the last two years. his departure coincides with the announcement that mr. obama will give a long awaited speech on the middle east next thursday. >> deficits, defaults, demonstrations. we have grown used to bad economic news from europe but today the gloom of austerity lifted a little with figures showing a little rebound, the euro's positive showing is the powerhouse of germany which grew by even greece, which has led this financial crisis saw gdp grow 1.8%. it is not as much cause for celebration as the euro vision contest. >> the euro vision song contest tomorrow won't be featuring this entry, the portuguese group with a song celebrating the fight against austerity failed to make the final and figures show portugal sliding down the growth contest, falling by 1.87% in the year, now back in recession. germany powered ahead on the economic stage with growth. france prod
May 23, 2011 6:30pm EDT
irish ancestry. jfk made the pilgrimage. ronald reagan came in election year, george bush traced his ancestry back to the twelfth century. >> it hasn't been just about bringing the irish-american votes back,, had a sense of fun and exuberance, a president with the weight of the world on his shoulders. >> when he spoke and irish, the crowd went wild. >> yes, we can. for all of you in the united states of america and the spirit of the world, thank you. >> he might have one eye on the voters at home, it is off to london for a day of pageantry before the hard politics begins. >> another unpronounceable on icelandic volcano is interfering with european air travel. it has caused president obama to change his flight plan from ireland to england tonight. the forecast will have a high density ash cloud. remember last year's huge disruption? our science correspondent has this report. >> it is happening all over again, a vast tower of ash building to the sky above iceland. and a wind that is blowing the stuff our way. it is not the same volcano as last year, but the ashes being blasted high. th
Apr 28, 2011 6:30pm EDT
agency. leon panetta is one of those and george tenet of for him. what petraeus brings to the table is he is involved in fighting radical islam. the cia's principal job is to defeat it. they are conducting a covert war against radical islam, and particularly al-qaeda. petraeus understands a lot about that and will be able to make a contribution. >> retired army general jack keene on the changes in president obama's security team. the global business connection. u.s. economic growth slowed sharply at the start of the year. new figures showed a growth rate of just 111% year reset -- one plead 1%. -- 1.1%. economists blame higher fuel prices. at sun exxon released its best performance since 2008 and white -- a wildly exceeded estimates. but it is also likely to fuel the debate about prices at the pump. in japan, industrial production plunged following the devastating earthquake and tsunami. official figures showed the bell fell 15 points, the biggest one- month decline on record. vehicle production was down 57% from a year earlier. to the royal wedding and london. it will all start in les
May 11, 2011 6:30pm EDT
look like. of course, any president is beatable. in 1991, after the gulf war and the first george bush, most candidates did not want to compete. some of the most important democrats decided to sit out. they thought bush was unbeatable. he was unbeatable in the end. we don't know. >> is he the man? >> newt would be at the bottom of the list of like the people. the american presidential politics does not reward people who have been around a long time and have been in and out of office. it usually treat those people pretty badly. i would be surprised if he survives the process. >> let's do the comparison with bush i. you mentioned the approval ratings. we see the killing of osama bin laden and barack obama's approval ratings have been rising significantly. there was something that ruffled feathers here in washington. it was suggested to you that this president lead from behind when it comes to foreign policy. has the killing of zero osama bin laden change your perception on that front? >> one comment on that. "leading from behind" is a phrase one of his advisers used as far as how he
Jun 21, 2011 6:30pm EDT
presidential election. george h.w. was first elected vice president in 1980 before winning the oval office. his son george w. went one better. he won two terms. even 2008 was a referendum on the bush years. a schwanky swanky luncheon in a miami hotel has the air of a political fund-raiser but jeb bush insists he is not running for office again. this son and brother to american presidents is also a former successful governor of the crucial swing state of florida. and many republicans believe he is the only conservative who can beat barack obama. >> very flattering to be asked that are regularly. i'm not running for a simple reason and that is that i have a responsibility to myself and my family to achieve some degree of financial security for my family going forward. i don't wake up each day saying, oh, he would is me, i'm not running or woe is me, i'm the cat's meow, i'm the best. i don't think that. i have enough common sense to know that there are great candidates running and my guess is one of them will be president and i will are supportive. >> but you haven't ruled out running
May 3, 2011 6:30pm EDT
by george w. bush nearly a decade ago after the tax of 9/11. who would have thought that a president called obama would have one day ordered the killing of an outlaw named osama? wartch -- watch the chin. barack obama reluctantly inherited his predecessors war, now he is considered a warrior. >> i am sure that there were people inside of the white house who were skeptical of the president making a decision to execute this plan. >> andy card was president bush's chief of staff. the man who told him that america was under attack. they tried and failed to capture osama bin laden for many years. they appreciate the risk and reward of what happened. >> this went well thanks to the great planning and intelligence. there are things that could have gone wrong and that is what presidents have to do, make tough and courageous decisions. it went well and it proved to his benefit. >> bronco, would confessed that he really had to show some leadership. -- barack obama would confessed that he really had to show some leadership. there was a whole mess over guantanamo bay, 1st he said he wanted to sh
Mar 31, 2011 6:30pm EDT
they see their world come apart in the george bush years, their ideas about the economy, politics, the environment, and family itself. it fragments under the pressures of those very fraught years. it is and exactly contemporaneously look at this myth of the american dream. >> cut to leave it there. thank you very much indeed. >> my pleasure. >> this story is for anyone whose dream has been to blast into space and has money to burn. for a mere $200,000, burgeoned galactic will give you a space within the next two years. the craft is currently being tested in the mojave desert. richard scott files this report. >> 40 years ago, only a few had the right stuff to blast into space. and nasa's shuttle program took over, but it was reserved for professional astronauts. that could all change. it is not quite a giant leap, but this spaceship could be a small step toward making space travel affordable. it is my first time inside a space ship and the first time any journalist has been allowed in here. the pilots will sit here. there will be six passengers sitting three along each side of the
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8