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Jun 14, 2014 10:00pm EDT
fact he went out with marci who mar rid george mcclelllan. he went out with a woman amy chase and she married warren. warren and hill first came up against each other at a battle in the fall of 1863 and this was a few months after warren had married emily chase. when i was digging through some of warren's archives i came across a caller: of a letter warren sent across the line to hill. he sent a note across that said general a.p. hill, i have defeated your army core and i have mar rid your old sweetheart. this will give you an idea of the state of affairs here. this something getting pretty personal. what brings the armies here to cold harbor? grant's plan is to swing down river from lee. lee is just below this river. decpwrant going to swing down river, cross and then come back at lee basically turning his frank on may 3, during that night into the early morning of may 4. he crosses down river from lee in central virginia and comes at him from below. stops in an area called the wilderness. the union forces stop there to get supplies and also because they don't think lee can catch the
Aug 18, 2014 8:01pm EDT
toward atlanta. grant himself chose to travel with general george meade's army of the potomac and he did so for a number of reasons. his presence would shield, for example, the north's chief weapon from congressional interference. congress was always interested in what the army of the potomac was doing. like most congresses it had no actions of its own, it was just always interfering. when sherman heard this, sherman who had a low opinion of congress and newspapers, sherman wrote to grant, i hope you will make it a death penalty for any congressman -- or for diplomatic reasons, grant did not do that. another reason why grant went with that army was its commander. george mead was seven years older than grant. he was a dedicated soldier but overly cautious. his army had done nothing for the last ten months. meade had a violent temper which he could not control. and when unleashed, said one officer, it sounded to one like cutting an iron bar with a hand saw. grant also knew that he had been appointed to initiate and arm a hopefully successful campaign. thanks to the advent of the telegr
Aug 18, 2014 11:11pm EDT
will make it a death penalty for any congressman who enters your camp for lip oemat nrj rn. george lee i was dedicated soldier. his army had done nothing for the last ten months mead have a violent temper. when unleashed. it sounded to one like cutting an ball with it. grant could oversee all military theaters in the field as he could from asfaĆ· desk in washin the t interest as a little dtime. grant would devise a plan. in it failed he would try something else. his determination never whittled. he would hammer at the enemy applying pressure until opposition collapsed in the time. grant instead referred to lie casualty down the lines looking in10ly fit tbicy. as for the veteran soldiers, all they wanted as a competent aggressive leader leader asked lodge it with take him richmond. >> well, i would fwrsay the tri undoubtedly will be prolonged. across the river, lee waited. his unabashed aggressiveness and n in 10 years. there was nothing he did with it that u. that. a year earlier he received a heart attack where he received no medical help. the field of cardiology was in the future
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)