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Mar 14, 2015 6:10pm EDT
. the other gentleman is george washington custis lee. as i mentioned last night when lee decided to withdraw his army from notably richmond and in between bermuda hunter, men would match -- march to the courthouse and receive rations. the supplies were not there. the goes ahead and decides to spend an extra day in the area and look for surplus food items. amelia was 30 miles from richmond, most of the surplus goods had already been sent on to the threats. when generally leaves amelia, he has lost his one day lead. he moves down the railroad heading towards north carolina. he has a goal of reaching gainesville. as he moves down the line, he comes across a roadblock at a train station. union infantry has swung around on a faster route around the amelia courthouse. they cut across to the railroad. generally decides not to do battle but to begin three night marches in a row. starting from amelia until appomattox, they will march day and night until they get to appomattox. not fighting at cheaters fill they come to a resort called amelia springs. while he was at amelia springs isaac st.
Mar 14, 2015 9:10am EDT
george pickett. you've got marshall's crossroads and hillsman's farm. then you have the battle of the locket farm or what they referred to as double bridges. there is little sailor's creek and there's big sailor's creek. they both come together at double bridges. there is a bridge over each one. that's where that comes in. one of the most common questions is how do you spell the creek? the park and the road that goes through it used to be spelled with all with -- with a y. the earliest map that i found was a 1750 map. on that map, this area, it was spelled the regular way. when i look at other maps produced for the civil war, all of them were spelled that way. the spelling that you come across, the earliest i found that on a map was 1878. that is where we are now. we tell our visitors that is the postwar spelling. if you are referring to the civil war, or to the park, it's. i brought some of our brochures. i had no idea how many people would be here. if you are planning to go to the park this afternoon, if you hold off taking one of these, they are in the back. we will get you som
Apr 9, 2015 1:39am EDT
campaign. and this young fella here, if you don't recognize him, is george armstrong custer in his west point class photo. is that's how he looks in 1861. now, last night, chris was asked to touch on a little bit. there was some devious means in this campaign. they have men known as jesse scouts or during the campaign, they're known as major henry young scouts. these are federal soldiers that have either maybe some of them v been in the south and infiltrate during the confederate army during the long road and trying to delay them. they actually capture confederate general rufus rufus beringer by riding up to him. when they're hailed riding up to them, they claim they're members of the ninth calvary. they'll pull out their revolvers take rufus as prisoner and ride away with him. now, over around aplamatics on april 8th there's a sergeant with this group of scouts named sergeant white dressed in confederate uniform. sergeant white doesn't give anything away. yes, general lee is in desperate need of those supplies. but then sergeant white rides back to his commander and they go to phil she
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)