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Nov 11, 2016 12:00am EST
, director of the homeland and national security law program at george mason university school of law. snowden expertly dodged comments specifically about trump, but what do you make, jamil, about the prospect of an n.s.a., a national security agency, that donald trump has the keys to, what does it mean for privacy, what does it mean for security? guest: i think that the n.s.a. is an important institution in our country. there are a lot of laws and processes around it. the president is limited in his ability to do things when it comes to the intelligence community. but at the end of the day, donald trump was a candidate for a while, now he's the president. i think it's a very different role, different responsibility. and you saw a change in his tone and approach, even in his speech right after he was elected. i think it's hard to make assumptions at this point, but i think the thing to focus on is that the u.s. government has tremendous capabilities, and they've always been directed at the right thing, collecting intelligence to protect our nation. that's what i think it will rema
Feb 24, 2017 7:00pm EST
easy. each u.s. president, when he is elected, it was the case for george w. bush and president obama, todafor donald trump, is willing to have a dialogue with russia. goodeed to find a [indiscernible] i prefer less sanctions. >> have you changed at all your investment strategy in the u.s.? when you look at trump, can he be tougher you on climate change? america firste policy is good for u.s. business. i'm willing to come there, develop gas in particular. are abundant resources of gas. lng. we are the number two, number three. we are the largest company in the and in -- the lng business. we are willing to develop petrochemicals. it will create jobs. what is decided by the u.s. administration, and particular [indiscernible] the policy in favor of solar and renewables will be maintained. it will be important. it is opec and also russia. we have to understand that what happened in november is an historic agreement between opec and non-opec. russia for the first time in history, under the leadership of vladimir putin, excepted to make some cuts. not just opec, but opec and non-opec. if th
May 20, 2016 12:00am EDT
, last year,s riyadh granted licenses. and trading with hsbc. patrick george is the global head, he joins us now. great to have you with us. you are very welcome. to the opening up of saudi arabia, it really has not been a resounding success thus far. but what are you seeing from the forms that are proposed, changing the rules in terms of assets under management? are you more helpful -- hopeful for a better projector he patrick: it was the first step for a foreign investor to have access to the market. it came at a bad timing for emerging market investors. as you can see, they went into turmoil, the oil price collapse. and it was a very good step, but it came at a bad time. but what we had recently was to massive reforms, structural reforms and another to reacts other one.ip on the and the opening of the saudi economy for the program, in order to diversify from the oil into the other sector. those two will definitely create a catalyst for foreign investment into saudi arabia. there is no doubt about it. it will take time, but it will happen. manus: i was reading through the title of
Feb 23, 2017 11:00pm EST
. elected. president when , it was the case for george w. bush and president obama and today for president trump, is willing to have a dialogue with russia. they need to find a good way forward. there are sanctions like today. >> have you changed it all your investment strategy in the u.s.? when you look at trump could he be tough for you on climate change? >> i think america's policy is good for u.s. business so i am not afraid for the u.s. i am willing to give up gas, in particular. benefits, we can have a liquefied gas. we are the number two, number three company in energy business. we are winning. we are willing to give up petrol chemicals. we would create jobs. that, we have ,ecided the u.s. administration policy in favor of solar would be very important. it is definitely opec and also russia. the driving force for me was russia, talking about russia for the first time in history. and the leadership of vladimir putin excepted to make some cuts, was the driver. it gives the argument to change policy. if they want to have an impact on the markets, which means to see inventorie
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4