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Jun 11, 2016 6:00am EDT
another campaign this year in america. common ground with george w. bush. now the republican candidate wants to build a wall with mexico. he wants to discourage muslims from visiting america. could you find common ground with a president trump? tony: it's not clear to me what the common ground would be. john: that's a very different answer. would you find it impossible? tony: the american election is up to the american people. it's not clear to me what these politicians really are. some of the things being talked about, a trade war with china would be devastating to both sides. i can't believe that's what he would actually want to do. muslimsiterally say no can come into america, thus not a policy we could go along with. aside even foreign policy, george bush was in favor of free trade. he was in favor of nato. andorked with me on africa he was the largest life-saving program that any developed policy has ever had in africa. we worked together on debt relief for the poorest african nations. i have no idea what a trump presidency would look like. john: trump has never had elected office
Jun 26, 2016 9:00am EDT
. one idea is to end the syrian war immediately. david: i am in favor of that. vonnie: exactly. george soros as well with a similar type of recommendation for fixing this. others the, there are problems with the european union as is and they need to get fixed, so how did they get fixed? also, we'd look at economic growth in the u.k. goldman sachs down all the way from 2%, a massive decrease. talking about where rates will be going. we also found additional amount of bonds going into negative territory. and, special elections also taking place. david: a lot to cover. make sure to tune in tomorrow for an hour-long conversation with former federal reserve chair, alan greenspan, right here on bloomberg tv. much more coming up next. ♪ david: welcome back to bloomberg . a special edition here. guy and johnson, i will say, i came back early from the beach -- no big sacrifice, buy one ticket back to this -- i was with a senior executive of a bank who say what you are seeing in volatility is the lack of shock absorbers. there's not a day that goes by that he and other bankers will be in p
Jun 25, 2016 6:00am EDT
markets and the pound sliding in value rapidly. the biggest fall in several decades. george osborne threatened an emergency budget if people voted to leave. he threatened to hike taxes and cut public service. i do not know if you will do that, but it clearly is on an agenda somewhere. labour would not allow that to happen. it would deepen divisions in the country further. our shadow chancellor who works said john mcdonald said that the government must now take steps to stabilize the economy to protect jobs, pensions, and wages. labour will not allow instability to be paid for by the working people of this country. that is a very important point. [applause] the issue of immigration was clearly a factor. we need to start an honest and rational debate. we cannot talk about immigration separate from a social and economic construct. both of those that are here and those that have arrived. immigration ist a crucial issue for many people and played a central role in the eu referendum campaign. opinion polls have told us that it is one of the biggest issues that people face. it has been in
Jun 18, 2016 11:00am EDT
as the director of the national security agency under president george w. bush, a post he held for eight years, the longest of any agency chief during the agency's most challenging. in history, the revelations involving edward snowden and the leak of corporate intelligence. these days, he tackles cybercrime as the founder and ceo of ironnet. joining me today on studio 1.0, former nsa director general keith alexander. general, so great to have you on the show. general alexander: thanks, emily. great to be here. emily: thank you for joining us. we have to start with the standoff between apple and the fbi. google, facebook -- tech companies have sided with apple. this reopened a divide between washington and silicon valley. how sustainable is it for tech companies to be at odds with their government? general alexander: well, i think everyone has a right to an opinion. i think what we have to do, though, is we have to learn how to get our country back together. and take the best of what we represent and put that on the table. and, you know, when i look at the great capabilities coming
May 21, 2016 11:00am EDT
business around the world. warren buffett dips a toe into tech. george soros goes for gold. the farm machine keeps humming. the fed minutes say get ready for a rate hike. >> the keyword is june. shery: we sorted through the low lights and highlights. >> clearly in those markets, walmart wins. shy:il prices rally but is a slump really behind us? >> i'm shocked is market is not substantially higher.
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5