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Jan 16, 2010 2:00am EST
to remember." inconvenient facts simply disappear down the memory hole, as in george orwell's novel, "1984." president obama's made plenty of mistakes during his first year, and we've critiqued them frequently here on the journal, but hardly anyone talks anymore about what happened in the years before obama. he inherited from george w. bush the biggest financial debacle since the great depression, along with two unpopular and costly wars, and a dysfunctional and demoralized government. so it's important to remember those years, a time that has been characterized by the historian thomas frank as "a low, dishonest decade." he's here to talk about them with me. thomas frank is editor of the recently re-launched "baffler" magazine, a literary journal; a contributing editor of "harper's"; a weekly columnist for "the wall street journal;" and the author of "one market under god," the best-selling "what's the matter with kansas?" and his latest bestseller, "the wrecking crew," now out in paperback. good to have you back. >> it's my pleasure, bill. >> moyers: how is it that the people who a
Jul 25, 2009 3:30am EDT
protestors, with terry in the lead, were arrested outside the clinic of dr. george tiller in wichita, kansas. operation rescue dubbed it "the summer of mercy." dr. tiller was one of the few physicians in the country performing late-term abortions for women with problem pregnancies whose health was at stake from life-threatening complications, or whose infants would be born dead or dying. but abortion foes turned tiller into an object of hate and violent attacks. his clinic was bombed in 1986. and in 1993, he was shot in both arms by a woman with a semi- automatic pistol. then, two months ago, dr. tiller was murdered, gunned down at the reformation lutheran church where he was an usher. after the shooting, randall terry said this about tiller. >> he was a mass murderer. we have to say that over and over again. he was one of the most evil people on the planet, every bit as evil as nazi war criminals. and i know that offends some people who are watching this, but it is the truth. he was a mass murderer, and he reaped what he sowed. >> moyers: in demonizing george tiller, randall terry h
Jun 18, 2012 5:00pm EDT
north carolina, republican congressional candidate george holding received a handsome super pac that includes $100,000 each from an aunt and uncle and a quarter of a million from a bunch of his cousins. yes, nothing says family like a great big, homemade batch of campaign contributions. >> 2012 is the most important election we're ever going to have. >> you can start a super pac on your own or contribute to one that already exists. super pacs are available for every kind of race -- presidential, congressional or statewide. but there are other ways you can help buy an election. look at the wisconsin recall campaign of republican governor scott walker. at least 14 billionaires rushed to walker's side. he outraised his democratic opponent by nearly 8-1. most of his money came from out of state, more than $60 million were spent, and $45 million of it for walker alone. here are just a few of the satisfied buyers -- wisconsin billionaire diane hendricks contributed more than $500,000 on scott walker's behalf. fearful the united states might become "a socialistic ideological nation," she's
Oct 31, 2009 4:30am EDT
, including george washington and alexander hamilton. he was last here on the journal discussing the life and legacy of thomas paine. richard brookhiser, welcome back to the journal. >> thanks for having me. >> moyers: what was the right time and the right place? >> well, for me, it was 1969 and shortly thereafter. and it was the excitement of discovering the conservative movement. which my family did through "firing line." >> moyers: is that right? watching? >> that was the first time we were aware of bill buckley, was the tv show. then my father bought one of his books, his third book, "up from liberalism." and then we subscribed to the magazine. so that was how we got in the slip stream. and then i, as you said, i had the good fortune to send him a piece which he decided to publish. so, you know, here was the thrill of being a kid who loved to write and here's this guy, who's a great writer, and he says, "i like your stuff. i'm going to publish it." it was just like getting a charge directly from the master. >> moyers: you are not the only one who has said, of that period, that it
Jul 24, 2009 9:00pm EDT
. >> moyers: in monizing george tiller, randall tey had help from the star of fox new bill o'reilly. for years, o'reilly denounce the door as someone who would "kill a baby for nreason atsoever other than the moth has pain in her foot." that wasn't true, of cours but 24 times aogether, o'reilly denounced tiller as a "bab killer." >> in the state of kansas,here is a doctor, georgtiller, who will execute babiefor $5,000. dr. gege tiller, known as ller the baby killer. tillerborts thousands of babies, pretty much for an reason. i wanted george tillertiller the baby killer, gng, "hey! i can make more money kiing babi now!" that aan like that could openly operate in e u.s.a. is trouing, to say the least. dr. ller has blood on his hands. i wodn't want to be these people if ere is a judgment day. >>oyers: judgment day did come the last sunday in ma when t suspected assassin was captured a few hrs later, police found single rose in the rear window of his car, common marker of t anti- abortion mement. soon after the soting, o'reillyimself came under tack as people started askin if demonizg rhetor
Mar 26, 2010 9:00pm EDT
law that eventually, according to the george washington university school of public health, this law, if it's not changed, over a period of years, insurance companies-- all insurance companies in all plans-- will eventually conclude that it is too much trouble to offer abortion coverage at all. 87% of private insurance policies today cover abortion care. that goes away if we don't make changes in this law. >> and that's a big fight. >> moyers: karl rove wrote this week that republicans are going to reform the reform. they're going to push to repeal it. and they're going to make it an issue in the november elections. are you, when you call for reforming the reform, helping the republicans in their campaign? >> not in the least. look, the fact of the matter is, that's their job, if you will. and i don't think this is just republicans. the fact of the matter is polling shows an awful lot of republicans think that this... a lot of this reform is very, very good. already there are divisions within the republican caucus about whether they're for full repeal or just changing some of the thi
Jul 18, 2009 3:30am EDT
than george w. bush did in eight years? >> he has. i mean, in the recovery package, it was one of the largest investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy that this country's ever seen. but, when you have eight years of doing nothing, and, in fact, taken us backwards, and when you have congress, a republican congress before that, essentially eviscerating and gutting many of the programs that the department of energy or the environmental protection agency that were supposed to be working to solve global warming, our benchmark and our measurements can't be, "oh, he's better than president bush." his benchmarks and measurements need to be, is he leading the world and this country, using the bully pulpit of the presidency to lead this country to make the reductions necessary to solve this problem? >> moyers: this bill, by the way, was shepherded by two prominent liberals in the house. henry waxman and ed markey. now it goes to the senate. what do you hope happens then? what do you think will happen then? >> hope and think, i think, are maybe two different things. unfortunately th
Oct 24, 2009 4:30am EDT
the governor's mansion, george w. bush. lethal injection is practically a religious ritual in texas. in fact, before their sentencing verdict that will send a fellow to die in just a couple of weeks, jurors in nacogdoches county, texas, consulted the bible and found what they were looking for in the book of numbers, where it reads: "the murderer shall surely be put to death." and this one: "the revenger of blood himself shall slay the murderer." now governor perry will do almost anything to please the vengeful crowd in the coliseum with their thumbs turned down. and did i mention that next year he's up for re-election? when it turned out recently that five years ago the state may have wrongfully executed a man for a crime he didn't commit, the governor made some shady moves. he removed the chairman and three members of the state's forensic science commission just as they were about to hear further scientific evidence that might prove the man's innocence. they can be short on mercy in texas, all the more reason to mourn the loss of justice, william wayne justice. rest in peace, your
Sep 18, 2009 9:00pm EDT
recent memo, was wh george bush was re-elected by the narrowest margin in dern history, for a sitting president. sowhat this means is that, yes,onservatism, what i think of as a radil form of consertism, is highly organized. 're seeing it now. they are ideologically in lockstep. they agr about almost everything, and theyave an orthodoxy that gerns their rldview and their view of politics. so, they a able to make incursions. and at times when libera, democrats, and modate republicans aruncertain where to go, yes, th group will be out in front, very organiz, and dominate our conversion. >> moyers: what givethem their certaiy? you know, ur hero of the 18th century, burke, ednd burke, warned against extremism and dogmat orthodoxy. >>ell, it's a very deep strain in our polics, bill. some of our greahistorians, like richa hofstadter and rry wills, have written abou this. you go back to the foundations of our rublic, first ofll, we have two documents-- "creedal documts" they're sometimes called--ore or less at war witone another. e declaration of independenc sa one thing, and the constitutio
Oct 17, 2009 4:00am EDT
for the... you know, when you look at it in these terms, george w. bush was an enormous gift to the jihadists, an enormous gift. >> moyers: why? >> because he embodied the caricature of the united states that osama bin laden had put forth. an imperial power using its power blunderingly around the world, suppressing muslims, repressing muslim countries, occupying saudi arabia. you know, think of that image of lindy england, the young military woman standing in her fatigues, smiling at the camera, holding a leash. a leash that goes down to the neck of a naked muslim man lying on the ground, grimacing in pain. osama bin laden, if he had hired the most expensive advertising agency on madison avenue, could not have embodied more brilliantly his ideology, which is that the united states is suppressing, humiliating, shaming, undermining the muslim world, and especially muslim men. obama, on the other hand, stands for... you know, he has an african name, he's black, he has a muslim middle name, he speaks about inclusion. i mean, look at his cairo speech. ideologically, he's an enormous thre
Jan 23, 2010 2:00am EST
is very much how i felt during the course of the eight years when george w. bush was president. i felt that there was no possibility that we were even beginning to think about a more inclusive american story. in this presidency, i think there's been some failures to take the really toughest stances. i think there's been a lot of hoping that you're playing tennis with someone, that you're dealing with reasonable people. but i also appreciate that my president is working really hard to follow the rules of the game that he set out at the beginning. that he told us i'm a centrist democrat. i'm interested in working across party lines. i am concerned with these questions, but i'm a free market guy. >> he also kept his campaign promise on afghanistan. i don't like it, but he did it. >> yeah, he did. >> no, i don't think offense is the right term. there are a lot of things about politics that offend me. it offends me, as i'm sure it offends most americans that the amount of money that we gave to goldman sachs that went to a.i.g., $13 billion is exactly equivalent to the amount of bonuses
Aug 15, 2009 3:30am EDT
frum is with me now. he's the canadian-born journalist who became a speechwriter to president george w. bush, the first insider to write about that administration. this is his book: "the right man: the surprise presidency of george w. bush." now a resident fellow at the american enterprise institute, david frum edits, which is "dedicated to the modernization and renewal of the republican party and the conservative movement." his other books include "how we got here: the '70's, the decade that brought you modern life, for better or worse," and his most recent, "comeback: conservatism that can win again." welcome to the journal. >> thank you, bill. >> moyers: what did you mean conservatives should be careful what they wish for? >> well, let me invite you, just for a minute, to imagine yourself a conservative republican and looking back on the history of the past decade. and as you look back at it, you know, what was one of the greatest points of vulnerability of the republican record as they went into the 2008 election cycle? it was the stagnation of wages that occurred b
Feb 13, 2010 4:00am EST
said, "greater than that which rested upon" george washington. the country was dissolving into a house divided, seven southern states had already seceded from the union. four more would soon join them. two weeks earlier, jefferson davis had been sworn in as president of the confederacy. nothing we face today could equal the magnitude of the challenges faced then by lincoln and the united states. for the past year, americans have been celebrating the bicentennial of lincoln's birthday. of all that was done to remember him, the most daring and provocative is an extraordinary piece of dance and theater created by the choreographer bill t. jones. it's called "fondly do we hope, fervently do we pray," those words from lincoln's second inaugural address, spoken as the end of the civil war was near, and just weeks before he was assassinated. bill t. jones joins me now. over the years he's conjured for his audiences dozens of indelible works, fearless in their creativity. he's been showered with more awards than i can list, including the tony, the obie, and the macarthur genius award. he
Feb 19, 2010 9:00pm EST
government, whenever possible. george w. bush always used to say, "i want judges who interpret the law, don't legislate from the bench." this was judicial conservatism in an activist mode. because here, citizens united was evaluating the mccain- feingold bill, a big part of it, which was passed by congress very recently, signed by president bush. >> moyers: 2002, in fact. >> right. it's signed by president bush. parts of it had been approved by the supreme court before. but the conservative majority said we know better. when you had justices like john marshall harlan, who was appointed by president eisenhower, or justice potter stewart, who was also appointed by president eisenhower, they did believe in backing away from what the legislative branches did. this seems a much more agenda- driven conservatism, where if the legislature doesn't do what they want and interpret the constitution the way they want, they are going to impose it. and that's what's so striking about this opinion is that this is exactly what liberals used to be accused of doing, which is rewriting the laws to favor t
Dec 11, 2009 9:00pm EST
. we're just getng started. >> moyers: witme now is george gale, one the community organize you just saw in our port from chicago. 's executive director of national people's acon, a group dedicated torganizing for social justice. also with us is heathebooth, who's been a political aivist and orgazer for 40 years, ever since she joined theivil rights movent in the '60s. she's currently rector of americans r financial reform and president of t midwest acemy, a training program for leaders and organize. welcome to you both. >> oh, wderful to be here. >> thank you. >> moyers: george, y say at the end of that report, "wre not going awaywe're just arting." who's we? >> who is we? "we" is everay people from ross the country. we saw sething really interestinhappen over the course of the summer we were havingeetings with the federal reserve. and whattarted out as people coming out around predaty nding and foreclosures start evolve. and sudden retirees were coming out. saying, "how come my pensis been depleted 30%?" peopleho'd lost their jobs were coming out. people who werworried about ste budget
Oct 16, 2009 9:00pm EDT
, que/unquote. and for the... y know, when you look ait in these terms, george w. bush was an ormous gift to thjihadists, an enormous gift. >> moyers: why? >> becau he embodied the caricaturef the united states th osama bin laden had put rth. an imperial wer using its power blundering around the worl suppressing muslims, repressi muslim countries, occupying sai arabia. you know, think that image of lindengland, the young military woman standinin her fatigues, smilg at the camera, lding a leash. a leh that goes down to the neck of a naked musliman lying on the groun grimacing in pain. osama bin laden, if head hired the mostxpensive advertising ency on madison avenue, coul not have embodied more brilliantly hiideology, which is that the united stas is suppressing, humiliang, shaming, undermininghe muslim world, and espially muslim men. obama,n the other hand, stands fo.. you know, he has an african name, he's bla, he has a muslim middle namehe speaks about inclusion. i mean, look at his cairo speech. idlogically, he's an enormous threat to osambin laden. cause he does the opposite o at
Feb 27, 2010 4:00am EST
george w. bush would become president are at it again. but this time, they're fighting as allies to defend marriage equality. it's true. ted olson, a conservative, and david boies, a liberal, are in the middle of a case that, win or lose, they expect will wind up at the supreme court, just like "bush v. gore". the former adversaries have united in support of core american values: diversity, equality, and tolerance. they're key players in one of the most important civil rights trials of the last decade. it's a pivotal legal action that could change our society, but which has escaped the attention of much of the country. here's the story so far: in may 2008, california joined massachusetts to become the second state in the union to sanction gay marriage. but opponents immediately launched a movement and succeeded in getting on the ballot a voter initiative called proposition 8, to overturn that decision. while the nation focused on the presidential race between barack obama and john mccain, millions of dollars poured into california to campaign for or against proposition 8. on electio
Aug 14, 2009 9:00pm EDT
speechwrit to president george w. bush, the first iider to write about that admintration. this is s book: "the right man: the surprise presidcy of george w. bush." now a resident felloat the americ enterprise institute, david frum edits which is "dedicated to the dernization and renewal of the republin party and the consvative movement." his other bookinclude "how we got here: the '7s, the decade that brought you mern life, for better or woe," and his most recent, "comeback: conservatism that can n again." welcome tohe journal. >> thank you, bill >> moyers:hat did you mean nservatives should be carefu what ty wish for? >> well, let me invite youjust for a minute, to imagi yourlf a conservative republican and lking back on the story of the past decade. and as you look back at it, u kn, what was one of the greatest pnts of vulnerability of the republican cord as they went into th2008 election cycle? it was t stagnation of wages that occurred between 2000nd 2008. basically, theypical american worker wasaking no more money in the yr 2007, before the crisisthan in the year
Jul 17, 2009 9:00pm EDT
planet. >> moyers: but hasn't bara obama, in six mohs, done more to address cmate change than george w. bush didn eight yes? >> he has. i mean, in the recovery packe, it was onef the largest investments in energy efficicy d renewable energy that this country's er seen. but, when you haveight years of doing nothingand, in fact, taken usackwards, and when you have congress, republican congressefore that, essentialleviscerating and gutting many of the ograms that the department ofnergy or the enviroental protection agency that re supposed to be working to solve global warmg, our bencark and our measuremts can't be, "oh, he's betterhan president bush." his nchmarks and measurements need to be, ise leading the world and this count, using the bully pulpitf the presidencyo lead this country to make the reductions necsary to solve this prlem? >> mers: this bill, by the way, was shepherded bywo proment liberals in the house. henry waxm and ed markey. now itoes to the senate. wh do you hope happens then? what do you thk will happen then? >> hopand think, i think, are maybtwo different things. un
Apr 16, 2010 9:00pm EDT
time ago was from the university of chicago, george stigler. not a man of the left. he got a nobel prize for his observation: all regulated industries end up with the industry capturing the regulators. and what's happened to us is a stigler... exactly what stigler warned against on a massive scale. and you have to thk very hard about this. the administration still argues that we should delegate responsibility, going forward, for lots of things around finance-- like how much capital you should have. delegate that to the regulators. now, that's crazy. that's not acceptable. that is not what they should do. particularly because... and any democrat should say, "well, wait a minute, next time a free market president who doesn't believe in regulation comes in will gut the system." and any person from the right who's read stigler should say, "well, these regulators are just going to get captured." you've got to put it in legislation. you've got to design the legislation. you've got to go after the things that can be legislated. congress must not abdicate this responsibility. >> moyers: so
Search Results 0 to 39 of about 40 (some duplicates have been removed)