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Mar 10, 2016 2:00am PST
accountability george washington and carve elementary and martin luther king, jr. scald and mission high school and john burton high school we have asked each principal to ask the students with the initial meeting the round table beginning this spring what is it you can see from the graphic the village round table will incorporate stakeholders at the ethics commission the parents for those who can't see you can see the guardians and community-based organizations and organizations and peers of friends at the invitation of the students and parents the conversation will center on goal setting for the students and to rally to help the students achieve their goals and this will immoral thirty students and intend to be for prek through 12 for the stwrelg of the supports for the students the high school level it is leading the design with the - to develop the action plans and protocols for those conversations we have deliberately startled with the smaller piloted to share we can do that and build the capacity to go forward so, now i'm going to turn to the african-american post secondary pa
Feb 25, 2016 7:00am PST
rescue captain wong at the field and lieutenant george carawani representing the santa clara emergency operations center. hazardous materials now, we had many agencies working in our behalf. we joined the hazmat assessment team. the program out of liver moore and fbi and we were able to respond and assess any significant incident that may have happened during those 9 days. fortunately we didn't have any major incidents. that was run by station 46, our hazmat captain, the backbone of that and this was our control team for the technical team. under this you umbrella we had many agencies working for us. in addition to this, the national nuclear agency and the nuclear detection office. they had 29 hits in those 9 days, 43 in the bay area during the 9 days of the super bowl. from the national guard civil support team, this is a dedicated national guard asset of the state. each state has at least one civil support team. california we are lucky we have two because we are very large. we have teams the 71st from iowa and nevada and guam and hayward. we have the homeland response from the washin
Mar 10, 2016 6:00am PST
mean would george, would they still be [inaudible] i think she reached out. is it still up for [inaudible] maybe i should ask my fellow commissioners, is this something that wouldn't work. commissioner woo ho said something, maybe reach out to them. that is my thoughts, that's all. >> i think that is something that probably needs to be coordinateed with the mayors office. i'm sure the mayors office is happy to answer if they thought there was any [inaudible] >> just going to mention because it isn't on the agenda it isn't appropriate to have a discussion today but if you like to have a discussion you should [inaudible] >> [inaudible] put the pier on the agenda and will do so. i think the pier-we'll put it on the agenda and talk about it and go from there. >> thank you. >> move to reconvene in closed session. >> so moved. >> all in favor say aye. >> aye >> opposed? >> back in closed se
Mar 10, 2016 12:00am PST
former george washington carve elementary school student i want to speak about the portions of doors our school is without, i.e., nernl have a hard time there were things you can hear surround sounds that hard to hear the teacher he heard people from left and right and everywhere it causes distractions to learn and it was really floiz i didn't environment. >> and but the real concern with any little sister who is 6 and was going there as elements student as well up personally hope that you get doors because i worry she's she'll have the same problems and even more so as kids we learn that it is important to lock doors when coming into contact with strangers but without doors how can we lock them and knowing an intruder or an emergency he hope never happens how will my sister defend herself with a thing that can with pushed own he hope this never happens we want to say that i really, really want doors for my form school and i know it is not just important to learn but to be safe as well i hope that is happened for a person the students that are under and especially for my sister thank
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4