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george henry david 1886 professor of american history at princeton university and author of the prize-winning the rise of american democracy, bob dylan in america and many other works. he brings us to take his new book, "the politicians and the egalitarians: the hidden history of american politics" in which he reminds us of the commanding role party politics has played in our struggle against economic inequality. at the nation sounded americans believe wealth extremes would destroy the revolutionary experiments in republican government. that i did have sent shape national political conflict. he understands understanding of this nation's political and moral character. historian and intellectual henry louis gates, jr. writes wilentz has a vast knowledge of the american past while exploring in his unique ways the interplay between raw party politics and the ebb and flow of reform efforts. in offering his take on pivotal figures from jefferson to the boys, lincoln's lbj, wilentz challenges us to debate is to introduce a way that honors the best of the democratic system is written ab
communism, that's right up there at noon and some of the stuff by george orwell and whittaker chambers witness. it's a great book. absolutely maybe in the introduction to the book it doesn't quote the god that failed but it's a review of the god that failed by isaac who was a sort of imminent writer. and it was a sort of part of that effect then to h. w. brands who wrote this biography i interviewed him on a panel and let me tell you when ronald rond reagan. nancy i didn't see a lot of really direct evidence that fell under the sway but there's no question that he is marrying nancy which was part of a larger process moving into a world that was more conservative have an influence but by the time it occurred to him it was more conservative than liberal. he didn't have to face that question will i break up with friendships because the people that were pretty conservative. >> a couple of thoughts as a middle-age white male phenomenon you are talking about and i would say particularly when men gewomen getmore liberal as theyr and having the experience in european countries for 25 years i d
george bush but a deficit on being a credible commander and chief. he was against the -- he was one of the youngest aviators. so he had to build up props to stand toe to toe to be trusted with the keys to the u.s. arsenal. beginning in the primaries, looking at what would be a good policy on a conventional deterance he is talking about the conventional deterance initiative. the tanks are a perfect example of that. let's buy more tanks to put in the european theater to conquer the soviet threat and forget about the star wars program. after the convention, he does an initial trip to focus on foreign policy, doesn't quite do enough and john sas, the camp pain manager vanished, comes back and they hatch an idea to do what a lot of we worked in the white house as steam leaks. we will focus on foreign policy every day and national security. theme week was laid out for the week of september is 11th-14th of 1988. monday brought them to philadelphia and to cincinnati. tuesday would bring them to chicago and sterling heights. and matt bennett is dispatched to sterling heights where flin cysystem
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)