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Dec 21, 2015 8:00pm PST
9 grand jury. >> with the complaints ever sense the george we're looking at the complaints p what is happening i mean because their, we have to get them through. >> so let's say we have a situation someone took out a permit over-the-counter but end up expanding the envelope of the building and we do an notice of violation and send to planning they've not pushed forward how long do we sit on that. >> not too long that's a problem if necessary get a notice of violation for exceeding the scope of the work we can't finish the job until those are signed off. >> how long do we let them stand in limbo two years. >> one year. >> it is correction keeping an eye on it the inspector has to track the job an active job they need the predicament to be signed off and the notice of violation for exploding the work we can track it but the inspector can practicing track it better from the job no permit on the job and waiting in planning keeping an eye on. >> i don't mean to push this let's say someone puts housing in a shed a good example that we issue - they did plumbing work, etc. and a notice of vi
Dec 19, 2015 4:00pm PST
information about the buildings on the campus. it is acamanied by this board dedicated to george mac dugal who was the state architect and designer of several buildings on campus. this board includes historical drawings of middle hall, the administration wing and [inaudible] hall. and at waller park and laguna street there will be a couple boards that focus on the wpa artists. it will note all the artist and have brief information about them. again, it will have a qr code that provides a lead to the website that will have additional information and it will be accomieded by this board, which will provide information how you can access the different mural locations. there will be a informational board specifically dedicated to [inaudible] and the mural she painted. these were discovered in 2013. the board will provide a brief description of the mural and also hoohooby dawn. the murals were discovered and uncovered in 2013 and a report was completed by [inaudible] who is a art history professor at uc berkeley. the boards will documented and they will be reproduced full size in the richardson
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)