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Feb 20, 2016 6:00am EST
is for legal services performed for christie's administration in the george washington bridge lane millions more has been spent on outside lawyers by a legislative committee and the new jersey. allies are accused of orchestrating a traffic jam in mayor >>> thatsnassau medical center rolled out zika testing yesterday. hospital. symptoms seem like many people returning from trips from central and south america are concerned. >> a lot of people are returning from these trips with illnesses or had some sort of illness while they were away. their concerned it might have >> one of only three that can the results are available in two or three days. >>> the mta said the w train is coming back. it's part of a big bigger plan to help get the long awaited 2nd avenue subway up and running. the proposed service changing would return the w to hispanic to yeah where it will operate local service into manhattan as rly as this fall. it would replace the current q service in queens that's set to be rerouted to run on the new second avenue subway line. >> i kind of never stopped saying nrw. it's just
Aug 29, 2015 6:00am EDT
president george w. bush visited new orleans and danced at a school that was recently rebuilt. the bush administration was sharply criticized for the storm response but now the former president is hopeful for the future. >> it has lifted from a decade ago. the crescent sy has risen again and its best days lie ahead. >> more than 1800 people died and 250,000 homes were destroyed in the storm. stay with us. as cbs 2 weija jang has a live report from new orleans, in our 9:00 hour. >>> happening today, ncis los angeles star ll cool jay will be in his hometown of queens and the actor and hip-hop artist will celebrate the 11th anniversary of the charity jumping ball, it is an athletic tournament and program that takes place every august, this afternoon, at daniel o'connell park. and there will be double dutch competitions and musical performances and back to school give-aways. >> double dutch. >> i am good at jump rope but can't figure out double dutch. >> we got to practice. >>> building sand castles at the beach is another favorite activity for most kids. >> but one local man, it is his cre
Apr 9, 2016 6:00am EDT
the yankees just gifted george zimmerman a win, a guy who couldn't ask for a better start with his new team. just three hits combined for the bombers. new york's bullpen has pitched great up to date, but they finally caved in the 7th. it is no shame when you give up a home run to miguel cabrera. triple crown. the yankees get shut out 4-0. for cbs 2 sports, i'm steve overmeyer. have a great day. >> i was at citi field yesterday. the fan excitement and energy, couldn't even describe. >> you barely got your noon live shot done. they were crazy >> they were. >>> time now 6:27. up next today's top stories. >>reporter: police are investigating a violent robbery and slashing here at the bleaker street subway station in greenwich village, releasing new surveillance video. we have that video coming up. >>> and is it that cannabis cure? the push to make pot legal to help women who suffer from extreme cases of pms. morning. >>> right now parts of the area preparing for another blast of winter with more snow on the way and temperatures dipping even lower. vanessa murdock standing by with a frigid
Oct 17, 2015 6:00am EDT
the run since he broke out of prison in july. >>> donald trump is under fire for implying that george w. bush failed to stop the 9/11 attacks. >> when you look at the 9/11 attacks, george w. bush was -- >> hold on, you can't blame him for that. >> whether you can or you can't, he was president. >> jeb bush fired back on twitter. >>> new security video from the love ranch brothel shows odom with several women, and you can also see when he was rushed to the hospital. yesterday he responded with a thumbs up and a good morning when the asked how he was doing. >>> it's chilly out there, but vanessa is at the intrepid at the walk to cure lupus. >> reporter: good morning. it's brisk, but it's helping me wake up this is pier 86 next to the intrepid. the winds are calm right now, and we anticipate a breezy day. let's take you live outside to see the big picture out there we anticipate a mixture of clouds. northwest winds at 13 as we look at the central park stats. what request you expect today and ahead? it's going be a chilly weekend. tomorrow, even chillier than this morning. a whole lot col
Apr 23, 2016 6:00am EDT
risque? >>> and prince george up past his bedtime. this is "cbs2 news saturday morning." blinds to go's new cascade shades. gentle diffused light when you want it. darkened privacy when you don't. modern elegance always. right now take 30% off our entire selection of beautiful cascade shades. let the sun shine in. or don't. it's all good. blinds to go. blinds to go's new cascade shades. gentle diffused light when you want it. darkened privacy when you don't. modern elegance always. right now take 30% off our entire selection of beautiful cascade shades. let the sun shine in. or don't. it's all good. blinds to go. snoop ###-#623. good morning on this saturday. we are taking a like look at the empire state building. sunshine on the way later this weekend. the tower lights of the empire state building were lit in green last night in honor of earth day. new yorkers rolled up their sleeves in the bronx yesterday. kids, teams, seniors worked together to work up trash and litter and lay mulch to beatify the park. >>> one of the islanders newest players came up with a goal for the win last
Sep 19, 2015 6:00am EDT
, but some terrific broadway talent and thanks to george a great one- man show and elaine quan will be here next saturday night. >>> tell us a little bit about your one-man show, you're also a priest and actor tell us a little bit about mark. the gospel of mark was resited before it was written down. always been a dream of mine to do it. i had a chance last year in the same space where god spell premiers it was very exciting for me as a priest to perform it makes me understand the gospel and the importance and the joy of the gospel as the title of the holy fathers. >>> been an honor to do it. >>> that performance is one of many in the grand opening celebration. >>> george will be doing it on the third and fourth of october. we'll bring it back at the end of the month, run from october 23rd through october 21st. >>> you guys are also involved in the pope's visit coming up this week tell us how you're involved. >> thanks the cardinal dolan, called me about 3 weeks after i started the job seven months ago, said that we wanted to put the mass which is the main event at the garden and so i
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6