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Sep 5, 2016 4:00pm CDT
. center.the painting is called "the gift" -- created by artist george gist from pittsburgh.he's originally from milwaukee.the concept behind the new work of art is to show everything that africans have brought to america. "it really shows people coming from africa as we did and coming to america and giving their labor, their skills, their inventions, their gifts to america." america." volunteers have come forward to help the artist get the mural fact -- the "skyjack" the artist uses to stand on was donated from franklin equipment. no clear date yet when the mural will be complete. you don't see them around too often anymore...the classic metal lunchbox has been traded out for the plain-old brown paper bag. wauwatosa with a taste for nostalgia is hanging on to a large collection of vintage lunch boxes. cbs 58's michael schlesinger got an up-close look. by day phil krainz works at his family-run store, rose's flower shop in tosa. it's been around since the 1940s. just about as long as some of his special lunch boxes have existed. on the side, he collects them. 225 to be ex
Nov 15, 2016 4:00pm CST
from bill clinton to george w. bush."an investigation confirmed missing w's in the white house.."hillary was saying they took the ws off the keyboards when bush won! joe put... i took the ts, they can only type "rump". "rump".if the election's been pushing your buttons, maybe a tweet will provide relief."i took a staples red button and wrote nukes on it. joe! tweets to him in russian when pres" was easy."new york 3 a scuffle on an airplane...led to some strong words for the pilot and a ban of a political discussion for the rest of the . flight."i understand everybody has their opinions, ..... that's fine. have the common decency....each others decsions."//"there's another flight tomorrow...hope that's clear enough." (woohoo) (woohoo) following the fight, the pilot took to the intercom, urging political views to themselves...and banned all political talk for the remainder of the flight. even threatening to kick passengers off who didn't want to comply. 3 in today's health watch...if you are taking medication prescribed by a may want to use your pharmacist as a backu
Aug 29, 2016 4:00pm CDT
& he blessed mwith his friendship." friendship."and actor george tak-kay from star trek fame said...he was always able to make us smile, and that is no small feat. rest with the stars, gene wilder. what are your favorite gene wilder memories?we invite you to share them on our cbs 58 facebook page.and we'll have more reaction ahead on our the newsroom, mike strehlow, cbs 58 news. new today at four thirty...time has all but run out for one option to add more officers to milwaukee's police .'s the last day for a referendum to be added to november's ballot that would add 150 more officers...and it could be years before more can be 58's amanda devoe joins us in studio now to explain. 3 terry wit-kow-ski is behind the move.last week, the common council unveiled a safety plan to add 280 officers.he says he doesn't think that number is realistic... and that voters should have a say in the tax increase that comes with it. wit-kow-ski says the common council and the mayor had between august 16th and today to act on the proposed referendum. the only way that referendum would be
Sep 12, 2016 4:00pm CDT
ways my biggest worry was could we find the stuff." after president george w. bush signed legislation to create designated $270 million or half of what it would cost to build it. over $300 million more came through fund-raising efforts. while corporate partners, business leaders and celebrities were the top donors......four million came from people giving whatever they could afford. like the million dollars pledged by the congregation of the alfred street baptist church in alexandria, virginia. "the church tried to emphasize that every gift mattered and wanted every er that no matter how large or small you are making history." "people are going to be able to leave their story behind..." (gayle) "here?" visitors can add ?their history? using an interactive display. but the newest smithsonian museum is not a time capsule. it is a place where you'll be encouraged to explore current events...including the complicated conversations of race that continue today. today. 3 ?every? artifact in the new to someone. like ?these? freedom papers. they belonged to a man named joseph tramm
Oct 12, 2016 4:00pm CDT
-year-old george erickson back in may for what was a likely drug deal. the details about what happened after the meeting aren't clear, but erickson was shot white was charged with the shooting. in september, bell pled no contest to charges of drug possesion and possession of a drug trafficking vehicle. the state said today without his help, they would not have been able to find or charge white in erickson's murder. before the judge read him his sentence, bell addressed the court claiming to be a changed man. meanwhile, erickson's family says they want justice. 3"..." "...""..." "..."bell will be eligible for parole bell will be "..." "..."bell will be eligible for parole after serving 18 months. london white, the accused shooter, is due back in court on october 31st. reporting in waukesha im jp cbs 58 the future of the iconic mitchell park domes is now in the hands of a new task force. it was formed by the milwaukee county board of supervisors. they'll have their first meeting tonight to decide how the domes should move forward. cbs 58's amanda porterfield joins us live from the domes
Oct 7, 2016 4:00pm CDT
out there."george hinton/ ceo social development commission "this particular event gives people the resources they need to start changing their things differntly. and give them the differnt types of supports they get because they have to go from place to place to place. and this particular day, everything is coming to them." the summit is free to everyone and runs through tomorrow. in milwaukee. kyle aevermann. cbs 58 news. 3 cubs fans are swarming into chicago's original billy goat tavern.hoping a ?new? goat will bring the team the luck they need in the major league playoffs. here's more from w-l-s' laura podestra in chicago. it's not something many cubs fans like to talk about. what about this curse we're trying curse. there is no curse." curse."whether you believe it or not, exactly 71 years ago today, on oct. 6, 1945 william "billy goat" sianis tried to get his pet goat murphy into wrigley field during a world series game. the goat was denied entrance and the cubs lost that series and have not won one, there is a brand new murphy. and billy's nephew sam thinks this one
Nov 29, 2016 4:00pm CST
donald trump's pick to be transportation secretary. chao served under president george w. bush and is married to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. earlin the transition team announced georgia congressman tom price was nominated to lead the department of health and human services. price - an orthopedic surgeon -is a vocal critic of obamacare. both chao and price have years of experience in washington. and those selections are drawing questions about whether the president elect will in fact "drain the swamp" in dc like he promised on the campaign trail. tennessee senator bob corker, who's also no stranger to washington, met with mr. trump tuesday. he's a state. he has, i think, the greatest opportunity in modern times to really strengthen our nation's security interests around the world and help us economically. mitt romney, another leading candidate --- is scheduled to have a private dinner with the president- elect as he continues to weigh his choices. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. investigators now leaning towards inspiration from isis as to yesterday's attack at ohio stat
Sep 20, 2016 4:00pm CDT
lice. instructor george gomez says before a barber cuts a clients hair they check does have the bug, they can no longer do the service. 3 "it's public safety. it's safety and sanitation. it's our health. part of everything that we do in this class, in this school, is to learn how to detect signs, to not jus protect ourselves, but the client and the public." public." now since regular treatments don't work well there are special measures people have been trying including a brand new clinic that just opened its doors in our area. i'll have more on that on the cbs 58 news at five. live in downtown milwaukee, ad cbs 58 news. 3 as part of heroin and opioid epidemic awareness week...we spoke to a former addict today about his struggles with heroin. heroin."i was a seriously broken individual for a long time i've been thru five treatments and every treatment i pick up a new piece of the puzzle of what's wrong and how to fix it so i'm at a point one point in recovery need to work together as a system for this to really work." work." luke demanovich says he was addicted to heroin for ten yea
Sep 7, 2016 4:00pm CDT
? denny's was robbed near 76-th and brown deer.then around six --- a george webb's near oakland and locust was hit. police are trying to figure out if they're all connected. they say there are two suspects in each robbery and at least one is a woman. new details emerging in the suspicous death of a woman in o. oconomowoc.police now telling us that 34-year-old christina schuster gunshot wound to her head. her brother found her dead at the "river place apartments" monday night. police say they're looking for a man who knew schuster. and believe he may have taken her car. 3 the waukesha county medical examiner is working to identify a woman hit and killed by a train. it happened around 11:30 last night on the tracks near oakton and clark in pewaukee. the train's engineer sounded the horn and applied the emergency break --- but couldn't stop to avoid the woman.the engineer and conductor have been taken off pacific. investigators have not determined how the woman got onto the tracks. m-c-t-s is in a seven-million dollar defecit..and are blaming part of that on free ri. rides.the milwauke
Sep 8, 2016 4:00pm CDT
wednesday morning.40 minutes brown deer.then shortly after that --- a george webb near oakland and locust was hit. anyone with information is asked to call milwaukee police at 414-935-7360. meterologist rebecca schuld joins us now to get you ready for your evening...rebecca. today: sun and clouds during the afternoon. still warm and muggy with highs in the lower 80s feeling a touch warmer. wind: w 5-15ph.tonight: just a few clouds. cooling down but still above-average with lows in the lower 60s. wind: nw 2-5 start the day with clouds returning in the afternoon with storm chances. scattered storms possible through saturday morning. up to 1" of rain possible. still a little warm and muggy with highs around 800. wind: se 5-10 mph. weekend: breezy and cooler returning after morning showers. lots of sun on sunday with highs around average in the lower to middle 70s. in today's health watch --- governor scott walker declared september "childhood cancer awareness month" statewide. statewide.he made the annoucement at children's hospital this of event was 15-year old annie bartosz .
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10