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Oct 2, 2016 5:00pm CDT
carolina, even george ga, possibly the east coast of florida. the wind swath forecast to lift up and potentially impacting the northeast u.s. later this coming week or even next weekend. reena? >> ninan: thanks, craig. >> townville, south carolina, is recovering after the death this weekend of a six year old boy. he was gunned down wednesday at a school playground. a 14 year old boy is under arrest. here's meg oliver. >> he shared love. he shared kindness. he shared forgiveness. >> reporter: renae says her six year old son jacob loved school, church and playing superheroes. >> he said i have a secretary-- secret. i said what is that, baby. he said have i superpowers. he said i'm cat boy and at night when you and mommy and daddy are sleeping i go out and save the town. >> reporter: but no one could save jacob. the little boy with the precious smile died saturday, three days after he was shot at school. >> what happened to jacob,-- he is in heaven. he's smiling down at us and he is asking mom to be able to be strong to forgive like he would for recess last wednesday when police a a 14
Nov 11, 2016 5:00pm CST
ringing- ringing- some veterans never stop serving.on this veterans day, george collura, volunteering as a bell ringer for the salvation army in elm grove. collura enlisted in war two was over by the time he finished he spent his years decommissioning ships. now he stays active as a volunteer...and he watches his diet. "if you get two pork chops, just eat one. don't eat the other one. that's true. i don't eat after 8 o'clock. i get up every morning at 7 o'clock and do a walk for about 40 minutes. and i do a couple of pushups and sit ups in the house. that's how you stay young, otherwise you're gonna vegetate." vegetate." no vegetating for this veteran...and he's encouraging others to ring the bell for the salvation army as well. thank you george collura for your service past and present. 3 she's a bus driver and she was driving her route, minding her own business. but that didn't stop jeannie mitchell from helping two lost children. "who are these babies goin', where are these babies goin?" goin?" mitchell spotting two kids wandering by themselves near hopkin
Nov 29, 2016 5:00pm CST
under president george w. bush and is married to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell.earlier in the day, the transition team announced georgia congressman tom price was nominated to lead the department of health and human services. price - an orthopedic surgeon -is a vocal critic of obamacare. 3 new tonight, an early end to the day for students at lincoln intermediate middle lapham was evacuated when a bomb threat was discovered on a bathroom tile. police were called to search the school. first, students were moved to nearby jordan evangelical lutheran church....then they were dismissed at 3. all evening activities at lincoln school have been canceled. so far, police aren't saying whether they found anything suspicious....they do ask anyone with information to call the west allis police department at 414-604-3007. a semi truck tipped over in cudahy this afternoon. fire crews got a report that fluid was leaking from the truck near the intersection of pennsylvania and birchwood. turns out the fluid was engine oil. the truck was not carrying any hazardous material. no word of any injur
Sep 1, 2016 5:00pm CDT
history... we don't have to go back to a candidate. got to go back... it's 1992... president george h. w. bush is running for re- election... bill clinton is the democratic nominee against him... and all of a sudden out of left field comes a third party candidate ross perot." that year... perot earned almost 22 percent of the wisconsin vote as a third party indendent candidate. johnsowill try to build his wisconsin at 7 tonight here at serb hall. live at serb hall in milwaukee...david ade... cbs 58 news. september has arrived and with it...temperatures struggling to climb above 70. drew is here with your first look at 'ready weather' 3 3 get your motor running, milwaukee.this is a live picture from the harley-davidson museum where the 16th annual harley milwaukee rally is just getting underway. it's the biggest free motorcycle rally in the midwest and of course it comes in the hometown of harley-davidson. the rally runs through the labor day like a women's ride tomorrow, demo rides on the newest motorcycles....a custom bike show and the big gig barbecue sunday on the summerfest ground
Oct 12, 2016 5:00pm CDT
that's all i have left." left." kim erickson's son george died weeks after he was shot near the bugline trail in sussex last niikwambe bell was sentenced on r drug charges.....he did not fire the fatal shots, but he and a friend, london white, met erickson for what authorities believe was a drug deal. white is charged with erickson's murder. still the "we as a family will never, ever be the same from this incident. and i only hope that justice will be done." done." 3 niikwambe bell, who called himself a changed man in the courtroom today, will have to serve at least 18 months in prison before he's eligible for parole. new tonight, milwaukee aldermen are looking for more a safer place. place. today public safety committee chair bob donovan asked milwaukeeans to take an online survey, with questions about neighborhoods, crime and the police. "it's not a scientific survey, but it gives us more input and hels us, the representatives of the people, the common council to fashion a strategy that people have confidence in and believe in." in." the public safety committee ha
Sep 6, 2016 5:00pm CDT
had light skin, a hat, and was carrying a bag of fast food from george webb... george webb does have security cameras outside their restaurant. but can't say if the man was caught on camera. sot:04:05"thanks to this man i got another chance and these kids got another chance. if it wasn't for hi?fm i don't know where any of us would be right now"lindsey:char marks are all the evidence of this fire. christina says milwaukee police and fire are investigating this as arson. reporting on milwaukees 3 small fire.smoke was reported inside bolton hall, one of the busiest buildings on the campus. uw-milwaukee police say there was a fire outside the building, possibly some burning grass or brush, and smoke from that fire was sued i everyone was cleared out....this photo shows the students outside the hall. we're told no one was hurt, but at last word, bolton hall was still closed. 3 year, but some local students have no where to . that's because i-t-t technical institute campuses have been shut down all over the country. 58's david ade joins us live from one of those campuses
Nov 28, 2016 5:00pm CST
help them identify several people wanted in conneciton with an armed robbery at a local george webb. surveillance video shows them in the restaurant near 21st and mitchell street last tuesday.police say they stole money from the cash register.. phone from a customer.they all left in a black four-door car.. if you know who these people are, call 414-935-7360. 3 that's also the number to call if you know anything about an armed robbery at roman's foods. back on the 17th.. milwaukee police say two people walked into the store on 18th street and robbed two workers and stole money from the cash register.a getaway driver was waiting outside in a gold chevy impala.if you can help police with either robbery.. give them a call. a cudahn setting fire to his waukesha workplace because of a spider makes his first court appearanc. appearance.according to the criminal complaint, 24-year-old kevin butler lit a spider on fire at the 'a-l schutzman company' back in october.the fire then spread... causing more than 10- thousand dollars in part of his 5-thousand dollars bond, butler is not a
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7