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Nov 9, 2014 6:00am PST
and son. -cover story fakes the nation's bob schieffer traveled with george w. bush library in texas to talk about former president with his admiring son. >> i want to relive the moment i came wandering in here by myself. >> george w. bush has been reminiscing about the past. but it's another former president that's been on his mind. number 41. >> i don't think people understand george h.w. bush and what an amazing person he is. >> schieffer: ahead on "sunday morning," two presidents, one family. >> osgood: jon stewart best known for "daily show" on comedy central took a break from television to try a hand at film. talks about that with mo rocco. >> jon stewart takes aim at politics at their hijinks, hubris and hypocrisy. >> where would you be? >> working a stand up ip chicago. working the zany circuit. >> not how you describe the first movie he's produced. >> ahead, his reviewerrer gets interviewed. >> you make me look stupid. i've seen you do this before. i know how this goes. >> osgood: on to a different sort of talk show host, what happens to make andy cohen so perfect as "that's
Oct 11, 2009 9:00am EDT
authors in the world. >> osgood: george jones is a country singer with a distipgt tiff style all his own. countless fans, including "face the nation"'s bob schieffer. this morning bob will be happy to tell us why. >> hello, everybody. >> schieffer: george jones has been singing on the grand ole opry stage for half a century but after the life he's led the wonder is not that he's singing. the wonder is he's still alive. how long are you going to keep doing this, george? >> i'm going to keep doing it as long as this body will put up with it. i was born to boogie i guess as they say. >> schieffer: later on sunday morning, the one and only george jones. >> osgood: they say you're over the hump when the toughest part of your job is done. exactly when that point comes is hard to tell when you cover the sorts of stories our bill geist does. >> reporter: as you have may have noticed i don't often get those exotic foreign assignments but later on sunday morning i do make it as far as the camel races in virginia city, nevada. is that foreign enough for you? >> osgood: mo rocca braves the stree
Feb 6, 2011 9:00am EST
thinks. >> reporter: its super bowl time and my grandson george, one-and-a-half, knows nothing about the game. i'll set out to teach him about football and how to be a man later on sunday morning. >> osgood: barry petersen takes in the art, that's right, the art on the dallas stadium walls. where tonight's super bowl game will be play. david pogue swims with the shark. we look back on president ronald reagan who was born on this day in 1911. this would have been his 100th birthday. those reports and more but first the headlines for sunday morning the 6th of february, 2011. here's the latest from egypt on day 13 of the uprising there. today the government met to discuss reforms with several opposition groups including the banned muslim brotherhood. there are signs of normal life returning despite the protests. traffic is again moving in cairo. some banks have reopened. it now appears the united states and other major nations are backing the egyptian government's plan to gradually ease president mubarak out of office. our elizabeth palmer will look back on this tumultuous week in
Jun 14, 2015 9:00am EDT
rocca talks with george saunders. steve heart map introduces us to a man who is truly driven. we remember actor christopher lee. but first here are the headlines or this sunday morning the 1th of june. the search for two convicted killers who escaped from a prison in upstate new york is now in it's ninth day. police are focusing on woods and fields near the prison. there have been no new leads. hillary rodham clinton kicked off her road to the president today she's in iowa. queen elizabeth marked her birthday yesterday. the real guest of honor was 23 month old prince george in the arms of his father on the balcony. the her majesty's celebration may have been up staged by last in and out's pear, the george kirby, age 103 and his 91-year-old bride doreen luckie after living together george popped the question on valentine's day the newlyweds age is 194. tigers lions hippopotamus escaped from the zoo in former soviet georgia after heavy flooding. they were recaptured. now the weather rain continues across parts of the upper ohio river valley and sections of the northeast, usually wa
Sep 29, 2013 6:00am PDT
later on "sunday morning". >> chip reid checks out the approximate theial library of george washington, and the new film, gravity. and the dance craze known as twerking. the head lights for this sunday morning, september 29th, 2013. >> well into the night with the house of representatives. we have the latest from washington. >> late last night, house republicans passed a new version of the stop gap measure to fund the government until december 15. it added two amendments. the second md repeal a tax on medical devices as part of the legislation. and the house approved a separate measure that will ensure u.s. troops get paid even if the dpft shuts down, and the republicans say the measure leaves intact most parts of the health care law that have taken effect. with time running out, the bill goes back to the senate where harry reid calls the gop bill pointless. even if it passes the senate and gets to the president's desk, he will veto it. the senate doesn't return to work until tomorrow moerk, leaving one day to reach an agreement and avoid a government shut down. >> charles: thank you.
Sep 16, 2012 9:00am EDT
, led by general george mcclellan were desperate to push them back. >> dear mother, it is a misty morning. >> reporter: one of those soldiers, wilder dwight, lieutenant colonel of the second massachusetts infantry, began a hopeful letter to his mother as he waited for his unit to be called. >> he's riding his horse right in this cornfield and says, mother, so far i am safe and well. if you look at this document, you can see that the handwriting suddenly changed. >> dearest mother, i am wounded. so as to be helpless. dearest love to father and all my dear brothers. our troops have left the part of the field where i lay. >> reporter: rick burns' documentary airs this week on pbs's american experience. he says that deadly day at antietam changed our country forever. >> people brought to the civil war remarkable romantic ideas about what war was, about the glory of death on the battlefield, but, you know, this is what death on the battlefield was. it was having, you know, your guts blown out by a shell. there was no glory to it. it was pure mayhem. >> reporter: at midday, the battle m
Nov 14, 2010 9:00am EST
art and science of washing your hands. >> osgood: george w. bush the 43rd president of the united states is retired now. and at home in texas. he's a man who saw no need to stay in washington any longer than he had to. former president has just published a book about his life and times. this morning he and his first lady laura bush will be visited by our jim axelrod. >> come, barny. >> reporter: after eight tumultuous and controversial years in the white house, george and laura bush are quietly settled back in texas where it all began. i know that you are very happy to be back here. >> living what i call the after life in the state that george calls the promised land. >> reporter: the after life in the promised land. turns out it's dallas and now. >> that's right. >> reporter: later on sunday morning, a glimpse into the after life of george and laura bush. >> osgood: diane keaton is a one of a kind actress with a one of a kind style. this morning she'll discuss the ups and downs of her career with katie couric. >> couric: she's been in everything from epic dramas.... >> in russia
Dec 25, 2011 9:00am EST
george smiley looking for a mole in the circus though it has nothing to do with rodents or clowns. smiley never smiles. >> i need you to do something. >> reporter: it's hard to follow even if you've read the book. >> the mother of our all secrets. >> reporter: but if you can, the reimmersion in that cold war paranoid universe of agents and double agents and double double agents will thrill you to bits. >> so what happens now? >> your mission, should you choose it.... >> reporter: and a heavy espionage picture, mission impossible ghosts protocol. the fourth and most fun in the tom cruise series. possibly because cruise lets actors like jeremy renner in on the action. >> who are you really? >> we all have our secrets. >> reporter: more likely because it's pixar genius brad bird's first none and i mated movie. and the heroes qafer on ledges or above whirling blades like they know they're in the hands of someone used to indestruct i believe cartoon characters. >> i don't think you realize this, but you're about to walk into a whole mess of danger. >> reporter: the adventures of tin-ti
Aug 22, 2010 9:00am EDT
sunday morning audience. >> what is your son's name, george? >> this is george right here. his name is george. >> yes, he did name all five of his sons george. >> did you at that time feel in your own mind that they would really let you go. >> reporter: and there's barely a broad after... broadcast here at cbs news that didn't benefit from harold's contributions. >> we came here to try to understand why so many people are being killed. >> reporter: harold won five emmy awards and a george foster peabody award. those of us who were lucky enough to know harold know that his most winning qualities were his warmth and his kindness. they graced his every story and his every encounter. harold dow was 62. and we also this weekend mourn the passing of long-time technical superviseor al spiney. he was a 40-year cbs news colleague. we will miss both of these respected friends. now a look at today's weather. showers in the east. warm weather across much of the rest of the country. expect more rain and heat in the days ahead with some cooling towards the end of the week. >> osgood: coming up, his
May 20, 2012 9:00am EDT
fabulous kitchen island is, andrew solomon made pancakes with his son george. >> getting there. >> i wanted a place that was warm and friendly than felt like the center of the house. it was always the center of the house. then we had a three-year-old. once you have a three-year-old there's an awful lot of time spent on eating. >> i like the brown part. >> a kitchen can be kitchen and a hell of a lot more. >> reporter: for johnny gray, the kitchen island is not only the center of the house but the center of happiness. he's got sociological studies to prove it. >> the wonderful thing is that if you look at the data on happiness, the happiest time is between 7:00 and 10:00 in the evening. of course the most likely place for us to be at that time is in our kitchens. >> reporter: so who needs a trip to the islands when you can make a trip to your own kitchen island? >> osgood: up next.... >> so you're an island boy. >> that's right. >> osgood: manhattan island's ed koch. ,,,,,,,,,,,, >> osgood: how is he doing? that's the logical question to ask the former mayor of a mostly island city wh
Sep 2, 2012 6:00am PDT
: rit a braver visits a frequent player on the world stage, former senator george mitchell. barry pederson has sent us a postcard from guam. david edelstein has movie picks for this labor day weekend and more. but first the headlines for this sunday morning, the second of september, 2012. hundreds of thousands remain without power in louisiana. in the after math of hurricane isaac. thousands still can't return to their homes because of flooding. insurance claims from the hurricane could top a billion dollars. the silver lining is that the storm has brought some relief from drought in sections of the mississippi and ohio river valleys. after campaigning in ohio and florida yesterday, mitt romney is taking a break for the rest of the weekend. his campaign says he'll begin preparing for the upcoming presidential debates. president obama is on a three-day campaign tour of swing states starting in iowa. it will end on tuesday when the president arrives at the democratic convention in charlotte. the pentagon says the u.s. military has stopped training afghanistan's militias. that move f
Feb 24, 2013 6:00am PST
hudson and elizabeth tailor in the 1956 movie giant. it won award for best director. his son george stevens' jr. was a production assistant on that film which is when the movies became a family affair. >> this is the american moment, life achievement award. >> reporter: maybe you've seen an american film institute tribute to a hollywood great. >> like my old parish priest once told me about my movies. he said too much good friday not enough easter sunday, marty. >> reporter: and then there's the cache of the kennedy center honors. presented to those who have made a difference on stage screen and through other performing arts. what you may not know who came up with the idea for both awards shows. it's kind of dazzling just a wall of emmys. television and film writer, director and producer george stevens jr. >> it's an opportunity for audiences to see wonderful lives of achievement. i think it moves them. i think it inspires them. >> reporter: so there was a nice turn-about when stevens himself got a very big award in december. presented by his friend actor sidney portier. an honorary
Aug 5, 2012 9:00am EDT
island is, andrew solomon made pancakes with his son george. >> there we go. >> i wanted a place that was warm and friendly and felt like the center of the house. and it was always the center of the house and then we had a three-year-old and when you have a three-year-old there is an awful lot of time spent on eating. >> i like the brown part. >> the brown part is very good. >> the kitchen just can be a kitchen but also it can be a hell of a lot more. >> for johnny gray the kitchen island is not only the center of the house. but the center of happiness. and he has not sociological studies to prove it. >> the wonderful thing is if you look at the daytime happiest is between 7:00 and 10:00 in the evening, we are going to light up and of course the most likely place for us to be at that time is in our kitchen. >> so who needs a trip to the islands? when you can make a trip to your own kitchen island. >> osgood: up next -- >> so you are an island boy? >> that's right. >> osgood: manhattan island's ed koch. i was trapped. no way out. my usualt ransport was nowhere to be found. i knew,
Aug 30, 2009 9:00am EDT
george vanderbilt more than a century ago. biltmore house was and remains america's largest residence, not that you would need a huge house of stone and brick to feel at home. john blackstone has the proof of that. >> reporter: these homes are not just fanciful. they're floating. on the west coast, water-born dwellings reflect a lifestyle that goes with the flow. >> there were no codes. so whatever a person could dream they made. >> reporter: we'll examine the joys of real waterfront living, later on sunday morning. >> osgood: the biltmore house opened on christmas eve 1895 with a fabulous party full of guests all dressed to the nines. fashion has changed a lot since then. this morning rita braver visits one of the best known designers of our time. >> reporter: with a huge international following and more than 900 boutiques, tommy hilfiger has never doubted his own fashion sense. with no formal training in design.... >> no formal training. >> reporter: you just looked at clothes and figured i could understand this. >> no, i looked at clothes and figured i could do better. >> reporter:
Feb 19, 2012 9:00am EST
included an extra floor. george washington, for reasons of economy, told the architect to eliminate the top floor. this is the final design of the white house, as planned by james hobin. he won an open competition for the first public building in washington. it wasn't until after thomas jefferson's death that it was learned that president jefferson had entered a design anonymously into the competition and lost. president jefferson's design was for a smaller house. he thought hobin's mansion was big enough. and i gail adams was the first president's wife to live in the white house. she complained of the dampness and cold. mrs. adams kept the house habitable only by building fires in every room. the british added to flames by burning the white house on the night of august 24, 1814. the president's house was a blackened ruin and had to be almost completely rebuilt. the famous american artist george caplan made this sketch of the north side of the white house showing it as it must have appeared about 1820. the south port co-was added in 1824 and the columns made the white house seem gra
Dec 27, 2009 9:00am EST
says real-life advertising executive george dewey of mccann erickson. >> it's kind of shorthand to connect with people and instantly establish a rapport. that's really all we're trying to do is to let people know that we understand you and that our product fulfills a need you have. ♪ we're on the island of christmas joy ♪ > example: to help sell a product in the era of the internet, dewey brought back animation from a tv christmas special that first appeared in 1964. >> the reason we used the misfit toys is because the commercial would run in november and december. the holiday season is coming up. >> you're going to fit right in here. >> it takes time to get that old-fashioned taste and homemade texture. >> reporter: of course, advertising has long known the power of nostalgia. consider this famous campaign that ran in the 1970s and '80s. >> the classic example of nostalgia. the man from pep ridge farm is literally an old person in a wagon. all he talked about was how things used to be and how things used to be made. you cannot get more nostalgic than that. >> good home cooking
Jan 8, 2012 9:00am EST
persona. >> reporter: but charismatic or not, george h.w.bush did win which supports oppenheimer's view that charisma, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. >> look, nobody has universal charisma. >> thank you. god bless you. i. >> i think barack obama connects with a lot of people as charismatic but there are a lot of people who loath barack obama. the same thing is true of reagan and the same thing was true of john f. kennedy ♪ you've got personality > it's true of non-politicians as well. who do you consider charismatic? george clooney, derek jeter? oprah? how about the cookie monster? >> now what starts with the letter c? >> reporter: well, charisma. what else? so what about you? do you think you have charisma? wouldn't we all like to believe that we just radiate magnetic charm all the time? well, here at m.i.t.'s media lab researchers say with this little device, they actually can use science to measure your charisma. assuming, of course, that you have some to measure. okay. so i'm wearing this thing. this is going to tell me how charismatic i am? >> it's going to tell me a
Jul 6, 2014 6:00am PDT
. >> this semi relem us relic. >> as long time fan of the chicago cubs. >> this is a cub -- george knows you win some, you lose someone. >> my cubs have not won the world series subjects 1908. >> actually you mostly lose. but the long suffering cubs do have something no other team has. wrigley field. >> the team is terrible. >> ahead on "sunday morning," wrigley. what a view. >> actor zach braff's new film is a crowd pleaser. the story of how he managed to pull that off is tracy smith. >> and action. >> actor director zach braff is about to release his second feature film but real drama came before he shot a single frame. >> we couldn't figure out how to make it for less than $5 million. >> you couldn't afford it. >> i don't have cash sitting around. i wish i did. i'm not oprah. >> how are you? >> ahead on "sunday morning," the mass appeal of zach braff. >> osgood: makes a pit stop for texas bbq. an award winning teacher, explores the power of magnetic attraction. first, here are the headlines for this sunday morning the 6th of july 2014. the u.s. state department is condemning the
Dec 26, 2010 9:00am EST
. >> perfect. >> he wants to capture a triathlete at the foot of the george washington bridge just across the river from manhattan in just the right light at dawn. >> this is a great opportunity to photograph him in really special way. body facing that way then spin back around. >> professional photographer for more than 20 years, kent shoots mostly digital now. >> you can't see the picture. >> but this is a job for film. >> now we got it. got to love the sound of a film camera. >> jim: not just any film, kodachrome. >> just reproduces colors in a way that most other films never did and lasts forever. something that's difficult to shooting digital until you bring it in to photo shop and do owl your work. the camera doesn't have that density and that dynamic range as the kodachrome does just naturally. love it. >> reporter: the shoot goes great. >> beautiful colors. >> reporter: but it's a poignant day for kent miller because these rolls of kodachrome are the last roll he'll ever shoot. >> i've just been saving it for a special time. this is the special time. >> for 75 years, kodach
Nov 29, 2009 9:00am EST
: george sampson's grandfather bought the company in 1925 when push pins sold for around 20 cents a box. glass handle, steel point. for photographers, artists to hang up things. >> a do-all. >> reporter: push pins now come in 21 colors and a variety of shapes and sizes. millions are made here every year. these are map tacks. >> map tacks they are. we're making assorted color pack today. >> reporter: did you ever think that artists would be using push pins for their work? >> not until about ten years ago when i saw it happen. >> reporter: that's when he got an order from artist. in her woodstock new york studio she creates icons from the '60s with map tacks. >> i walk through the world looking for things that are interesting objects that are readily available, come in a range of colors and you can buy them by massive quantities. >> reporter: there can be 14,000 in just one bandanna. like eric day, she breaks down an image into pixels. >> for me it came out of this contemplating how you could make a pixel real-life object. >> reporter: you might not want to wear this bikini. >> you think
Mar 8, 2015 9:00am EDT
americans are now a potent political force. but nothing has come easy, just ask george evans the mayor of selma. >> having the right to vote just didn't happen by accident. it happened as a result of people making a sacrifice, both black and white, for the benefit of giving rights to all people to vote and have a better quality of life and change the whole momentum of the whole nation. >> osgood: but recently, that momentum has shifted in 2013 the supreme court rolled back a section of the voting rights act he'sing federal oversight of voting laws in several states. as evidence the act has already achieved many of its goals debate over that decision will continue for years to come. yesterday, president obama stood at the edmund pettus bridge and reflected on our nation's five decade journey. >> when the trumpet call sounded for more to join, the people came. black and white young and old christian and jew, waving the american flag and singing the same anthems full of faith and hope. a white newsman, bill plante, who covered the mars then and who is with us here today quipped that the grow
Sep 25, 2011 9:00am EDT
. given all that, all bloom wondered what people might pay for the pleasure of owning, say, george clooney's sweater. >> much more than they would pay for my sweater or for a brand new sweater. >> reporter: why? for bragging rights or to resell on ebay? apparently not. >> so we did an experiment where we told people, you can't boast about it. you can't resell it. the value goes down a little bit. but here's what makes the value really drop. we told another group of subjects that we thoroughly washed it before it got to them. now the value plummets. >> reporter: it's not still george clooney's sweater. >> as my wife put it, you washed away the clooney kooties. you washed away the essence of the person. >> reporter: that gives them more pleasure in owning it. >> it does. >> reporter: human beings are strange. >> human beings are extraordinary. >> reporter: some pleasures are universal like eating these mouth-watering butter and sugar concoctions here at magnolia bakery in new york city. this really is sheer pleasure on a plate. but not all of life's pleasure are so straightforward. i
Nov 28, 2010 6:00am PST
your little sister. >> snapshot. snapshotment. >> by george, i think he's got it. >> osgood: ahead, remembering gary moore. what are you looking at? logistics. ben? the ups guy? no, you see ben, i see logistics. logistics? think--ben is new markets. ben is global access-- china and beyond. ben is a smarter supply chain. ben is higher margins. happier customers... everybody wins. logistics. exactly. see you guys tomorrow. ah, this is hey guys. what the eightsorry we're late. milk looks warm. finally got the whole gang together. maple brown sugar, strawberry delight, blueberry muffin. yeah, a little family reunion. [ wind rushes ] whoa! whoa! whoa! whoa! we're cereal here! what? just cooling it down. enough said. gotcha. safety first. whoo-hoo! watch the whole grain! [ female announcer ] try kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats® hot. just add warm milk and you've got a hot way to keep your kids full and focused all morning. oops. dude your eight layers are showing. [ female announcer ] mini-wheats® hot. keeps 'em full, keeps 'em focused. >> osgood: and now a page from our sunday morning
Jul 4, 2010 9:00am EDT
rockwell painting to a shot of indiana jones, you begin to understand george lucas and steven spielberg's fascination with the artist's work. >> he got a rockwell so i went out and got a bigger rockwell. >> then i went out and go two more. >> reporter: later on sunday morning, making magic on canvas and at the movies. >> osgood: citizen lear is the man behind several classic tv comedies and a man who takes our declaration of independence very much to heart. bill whitaker this morning will be paying him a visit. >> my name is norman lear. >> reporter: once upon a time, norman lear was the busiest man in show business with hit after tv hit in the 1970s. >> what channel is cronkite on? >> channel 2, archie, the one we don't watch because you always say walter cronkite is a communist. >> reporter: he walked away from tv years ago. but today at age 87 he's as busy as ever. so there's no slowing down? >> no, there's no slowing down. >> reporter: we'll find out what makes tv legend norman lear run later this sunday morning. >> osgood: eating it up is a peculiar holiday pastime of cer
Jan 20, 2013 6:00am PST
city april 30, 1789. the inaugural inaugural. george washington places his hand on a bible and takes the oath of office as the president of the united states. four future presidents would take the oath on that same bible. >> i dwight d. eisenhower jimmy carter do solemnly swear >> i george herbert walker bush reporter: today you can see that bible at federal hall in new york city, the site of that first swearing-in. to think that his hand touched that. >> yes and not only that, his lips actually kissed the pages in that book >> reporter: national park service ranger ed pinelle says this bible was actually an afterthought. >> everything is prepared for the event. soldiers were in their best uniform. the city officials were in place to receive him. they come to a point where they're about to give the oath. and there's no bible. >> reporter: the nearest bible they could find from st. john's masonic lodge number one. yes, masonic as in free masons. a fraternal order known for charity, fellowship, and secrecy. 14 u.s. presidents were members including george washington. he's obvious
Jun 7, 2015 6:00am PDT
in the arms of her brother prince george who is about 0 two turn. 90,000 fans saw american pharaoh become first winner of the believed right from the start as they say the rest is his tore row. michelle miller has more on the big race. right now the weather of. the threat of thunderstorms in the nation's mid section. the warm temperatures as will much of northeast. hot in the southwest. in the week ahead warmer in the east. but stormy weather returns to the plain states. next -- a real. >> american pharaoh. first triple crown winner in 36 years. sellout crowd shared the thrill yesterday along with our michelle miller. >> american pharaoh! has won the triple crown! >> for racing fan this victory comes in time. now they can believe again. >> yes clam american pharaoh took early leave never gave it up that's exactly what justin has predicted. his family owns the course. >> that's signature win. looking around. ocean having fun. >> not nearly as fun as the jockey and hall of fame trainer. >> autos a great horse. >> he's been chasing the dream for decades. this was his fourth attempt. h
Dec 8, 2013 9:00am EST
. >> he was to post apartheid south africa what george washington was to us, the father of his nation. >> there is time for the healing of the wound has come. >> he bore no grudges in spite of spending 27 years in prison. he went in a revolutionary and came out a statesman who spent the rest of his life reconciling white and black in a country where the racial divide was a chasm. later this sunday morning, what made nelson mandela a great man. >> osgood: we will consider mandela's place among the greats of history. and then turn to the manner of centuries beneath the square, a symbol of the freemasons, just who the masons are and who, what they do are one of the mysteries mo rocca will investigate. >> it is the world's oldest fraternity known for its rituals symbols and secrecy. >> what would happen if i found out the secret handshake and i weren't a mason. >> nothing. >> would you have to kill me? >> we might take you out and buy you a beer. >> ahead on sunday morning, meet the masons. >> osgood: ethan hawke is an actor who can play just about any type of role, not to mention
Apr 17, 2011 9:00am EDT
leave all hope behind. >> comedians like the marx brothers, milton berle and george burns flourished here. >> jerry, it's our sense of humor that sustained us as a people for 3,000 years. >> 5,000. >> 5,000, even better. >> it wasn't until this country that jewish people really had a place where they could thrive in safety and really do their thing. whatever that is. >> reporter: the museum focuses not only on the high achievers among american jews but also on every day people relishing the joys of life in a free nation. in fact, the kinds of experiences that all americans can relate to. is there anything that you found that you don't like about being jewish? >> the relatives are a little annoying. >> osgood: ahead, a great gatsby icon gone. >> everyone else can turn 40. you know, i'm molly ring walled. i'm so associated with being young and with being a teenager. >> reporter: but first actress molly ring walled all grown up. >> it's a brand new year. i'm 16. everything should be platinum. i should be happy, right? >> it's sunday morning on cbs. and here again is charles osgood. >> o
Jan 27, 2013 9:00am EST
. >> you really are a bastard. i? i had. >> yes, yes. reporter: george and martha the married couple who battled until dawn in who's afraid of virginia woolf on stage and on screen, played by the real-life battling burtons, elizabeth taylor and then husband richard burton. >> like hell i will. reporter: in fact, george and martha are still going at it... >> big, big fat... reporter: ... 50 years after the original production in a new staging on broadway. >> stop it, martha. the hell i will. you see, george didn't have much push. he was not particularly aggression i have been. in fact he was sort of a flop, a great big fat flop. >> stop, martha. reporter: who could resist the chance to ask the playwright everything we want to know about what is considered one of america's greatest plays. specifically with george and martha, are those based on people that you knew? >> their probably elements of the personalities of some people that i've known that are not there but i think people that i can invent are usually more interesting than real people. >> reporter: at times interviewing albee c
Dec 28, 2014 9:00am EST
turned their backs. doctors treating 90-year-old president george bush who spent at the hospital he's improved and whether he should be allowed to return home. to today's weather warm temperatures but clouds and rain expect snowy conditions and cool conditions in pacific northwest to the plains. the week ahead will bring colder weather to the east, rain for the plains states westward but the south should be sunny. >> my bad. >> excuse us. story about excuses is just ahead. >> the role of excuses in politics? >> central. absolutely central. ♪ >> osgood: a look at ways we remember 2014. the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. hurry in to the sign then drive event and get a five-hundred dollar new year's bonus on select new volkswag
Dec 13, 2009 9:00am EST
. >> last year 322 days on the road. >> reporter: with george clooney as a loner who jets from city to city telling workers they've been canned. >> going to need your key card. >> reporter: we can see where the movie is headed from 3,000 frequent flyers miles away. he has to learn.... >> how does it not even cross your mind that you might want a future with someone. >> reporter:... connections aren't just things you make in airports. >> this is pretty sexy. for people who get turned on by it. >> reporter: the film is fast and funny with a sheen. but it's also full of up to the minute recession pathos and bogus uplifts. >> this is it. this is our destiny. >> reporter: the nelson mandela drama centers on a brilliant piece of political symbolism. the embrace of a white rugby team that went a long way toward uniting an explosive south africa. >> this is the time to build our nation. >> reporter: director clint eastwood isn't particularly imaginative but he does a fine job honoring a leader whose renunciation of vengeance set an example that will outlive us all. >> looking in the mirror staring
Oct 3, 2010 6:00am PDT
week. he jumped from new york's george washington bridge joining the ranks of desperate young people who have died b... before their time. the overall numbers are tragic and heart breaking. casting a shadow from the hus sond river to the golden gate. jim axelrod will be reporting our cover story. >> reporter: a promising young musician was mourned this past week after he took his own life. >> for something like this to happen is just unacceptable. >> reporter: by tyler clementi's death is part of a disturbing trend: suicide is the third leading killer of our nation's youth. >> let me tell you that suicidal people don't want to die by suicide. >> reporter: kevin hines should know. he tried to kill himself and his message is clear. suicide can be avoided. rethinking the most effective ways to prevent suicide later on sunday morning. >> osgood: come together is the title of a song john lennon sang on the beatle's album abby road. as it happens it's a title that could also be given to a recent and remarkable family reunion. anthony mason will let us join the party. >> reporter: julian an
Jul 28, 2013 6:00am PDT
administration. if you're wondering for whom the bells toll, it's prince george alexander louis of cambridge. the newborn heir to the british throne. yesterday's chimefest was the first time the bells of london at st. paul's cathedral have rung a full peal since 1982 then marking the birth of george's proud father prince william. now to your sunday forecast, milder temperatures for most of the country today. in the week ahead, a chance of showers midweek in the northeast. umbrellas will be a any testy in the south as well with thunderstorms and scattered showers expected. and brighter days are ahead along the coastal northwest. (gulls). >> lee: ahead, a summer song from adam levine. >> chocolate and peanuts, ,,,,,, >> lee: summertime is the prime time for the pursuit of pleasure. we all experience pleasure, of course, in different ways. that has researchers trying to figure out just what causes us to feel pleasure in the first place. our cover story this morning is reported by susan spencer of "48 hours." >> reporter: it can be as simple as a sunset. ♪ the glow of sunset in the summer sky ♪ >
Mar 27, 2011 6:00am PDT
democratic ticket and was defeated by ronald reagan and his vice presidential candidate george bush the elder. in ncaa basketball march madness lived up to its name last night. as connecticut held off arizona in a frantic finish to win 65-63. and the clock still hasn't struck midnight for butler, one of the cinderella teams of the tournament, as they were last year. the bulldogs pulled off a stunning overtime upset of florida, beating the gators 74- 71. both butler and u-conn move on to the final four. they'll be joined by the winners of today's games. coverage begins this afternoon right here on cbs. here's today's weather. a chance of severe thunderstorms in the southeast while a wintry mix is likely for the mid atlantic region. snow in the northern rockies. warm and sunny in the plains. the week ahead, the northeast will be sunny and cooler than normal. sunshine in the south. rain in the northwest and much of the plains. next, a day when seconds counted. >> the third coffee by howard shultz on a tray. i like this. >> this is super hot. >> osgood: later,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> osgood:
Jan 17, 2010 9:00am EST
wrecked seaport. in washington president obama met with former president george w. bush and bill clinton for about half an hour yesterday. they later talked about their new assignment, a fund-raising effort for haitian relief. >> our longer-term effort will not be measured in days and weeks. it will be measured in months and even years. that's why it's so important to enlist and sustain the support of the american people. >> i know a lot of people want us to send blankets or water. just send your cash. one of the things that the president and i will do is to make sure your money is spent wisely. >> i have no words to say what i feel. we need... i was in those hotels that collapsed. i had meals with people who are dead. the cathedral church that hillary and i sat in 34 years ago is a total rubble. >> osgood: for her part, mrs. clinton, secretary of state hillary clinton, arrived in port-au-prince yesterday for meetings with haitian government leaders. we'll have more on haiti coming up presently. today is first lady michelle obama's birthday. the president surprised her with a par
Aug 12, 2012 9:00am EDT
didn't want to make money a factor. >> that same year with help from philanthropist george del corte shakespeare in the park found a permanent home opening with the merchant of venice starring george c. scott. >> a christian humility, revenge, if a christian wrongs a jew what should his sufferance be by christian example, revenge! >> well you see this is a marvelous thing for me, it is not only a new theatre but i have never played in the open. >> a new experience for scott and for much of the audience too, exactly what joe pap intended. >> certainly a large percentage of them have never seen a play and a great percentage of them have never seen a shakespearean play. >> not everyone in the audience was uninitiated. >> director stanley kubrick was there looking to cast scoot in his next film dr. strange love. >> i am not saying we wouldn't get our hair in a muss but i do say more than ten to 20 million tops, depending on the -- >> but another young actor caught his eye as well, recognize him? >> on stage, i played morocco, prince morocco is one of there three black characters that sha
Apr 5, 2015 9:00am EDT
. >> back in 1988 george w. bush was asked to name his heroes. >> i think of dr. fauci. probably never heard of him. you did. very fine research, top doctor at national institutes of health. working hard doing something about research on this disease of aids. >> dr. to you heebie began as aids was beginning to kill thousands of young men across the country. >> disease research center. national institutes of health where an aids cure might be found. >> activists complained that federal programs overseen by dr. fauci let promising treatments languish behind rigid regulations. >> very frightening time. our government was completely, from our perspective completely ignoring us and letting us die. we had to act. >> peter staley was featured in the 2012 documentary "how to survive a plague" about the early years of aids. he and other activists targeted dr. fauci in their struggle to get effective medications. >> this goes beyond the demonstrative. this is putting bloody head on a stick. why did you feel you had to do that? >> we had no time to waste in actual guilty tripping the country abou
Feb 16, 2014 9:00am EST
. father of his country george washington, great emancipate for abraham lincoln. and millard fillmore. what's so funny? the name. why does it make people laugh? >> it's an odd name. >> people chuckle at hill lord a weird name. >> the millard more than the fillmore. >> it sound like gasoline tank. >> sounds like a stack of potatoes. >> does millard fillmore deserve to be known. in east aurora, new york, just outside of buffalo certainly think so. millard built his home for his bride abigail in 1825. >> this actually is called the honeymoon cottage. >> volunteer tour guide kathy frost. >> the only house in the entire nation that is b president. no other home that is that distinction. >> millard fillmore built these floors. >> we are walking on the same floor -- >> that millard did, abigail. >> even the kitchen table. >> the table where millard fillmore tea cup still sits. >> millard fillmore's lips were on that key cup. >> yes. >> do you think there is still d.n.a. there? >> could be. >> then there's one of a kind presidential appliance. was this -- >> no. i cannot tell that that was hi
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