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Mar 10, 2016 3:08am EST
president george w. bush. hillary clinton, and michelle obama. the guest list includes mr. t and scott that may seem strange. mr. t was one of the voices of the first lady's iconic just say no to drugs campaign in the 1980s. >> ben, thank you very much. in a moment we'll remember the man behind the astronomical rise of the beatles. ♪ here comes the sun ♪ here comes the sun >> first there goes the sun, the moon, blocked it over southeast asia today in this ♪ most folks can rattle off their names, but only a real fan can tell you about the beatles' other george. producer george martin who died yesterday at the age of 90. here is beatle fan mark phillips. ♪ remember i will always be true ♪ >> i was looking for a group. i was looking for a new rock 'n' roll act. ♪ all you need is love >> reporter: and boy did he find one. george martin didn't look or sound like beatles number one through four, but without george martin, the so-called fifth beatle, one through four may never have happened. ♪ >> reporter: it was martin who took the raw energy of the liverpool lads and mad
Mar 10, 2016 2:37am EST
george martin. the legendary record producer died tuesday. he was 90 years old. paul mccartney says george martin was look a second father. in a statement, he said he was the most generous intelligent and musical person i have ever had the pleasure to know. and ringo star tweeted. thank you for all of your love and kindness, george. peace and love. charlie rose reports. >> reporter: when a little known band named the beatles was struggling to sell british rock 'n' roll. you know i love you >> reporter: it was george martin, a jazz and come deproducer who signed the group their first recording contract in 1962. and helped launch a revolution. >> i knew their repertoire, knew what they were able to perform. i said let's record every song you've got. come down to the studios. we'll just whistle through them in a day. eleanor rigby picks up the rice in a church where a wedding has been >> reporter: martin was behind 30 of the beatles number one singles. yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away >> reporter: that score was for string quartet. well it is -- when weep did it, paul scrib
Dec 7, 2017 3:12am PST
george. >> were you the guy who threw the line over. >> i'm the guy, yeah. >> beaver he difore he died, he interview for an oral history of the day of infamy. the only record that exists of him telling his own story. >> one of these books is written about pearl harbor. and the unknown sailor. it its so understated here. were you the guy who threw the line over. >> i'm the guy, yes. >> that's kind of how he was about it. >> his daughter joanne taylor never heard hear father tell the story. awe thought was so emotional. my father had been dead 19 years, i hadn't heard his voice in 19 years. i sat out there in, i sat there in the garage in the car. >> surrounded by by fire on the arizona. >> i just cried. and listened to him talk. joe george was the kind of sailor you read about in books. >> my father had a, i would say a wild streak in him. he got himself in trouble. a few times. >> amateur heavyweight boxer who fought in friday night smokers. he would take his winnings, go drinking and usually end up another fight which is what happened on the friday night before the pearl are bar
Dec 27, 2016 3:08am EST
-- new technology could prevent drunk driving deaths. and later, the music world pays tribute to george michael. that cough doesn't sound so good. well i think you sound great. move over. easy booger man. take mucinex dm. it'll take care of your cough. fine! i'll text you in 4 hours when your cough returns. one pill lasts 12 hours, so... looks like i'm good all night! ah! david, please, listen. still not coughing. not fair you guys! waffles are my favorite! ah! some cough medicines only last 4 hours. but just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. >>> 2016 may go down as one of the worst years for drunk driving deaths. on average. 28 people a day have been killed in dui accidents. one bad decision can lead to a lifetime of regret. here is transportation correspondent, kris van cleave. >> it must be a moment that you think about all the time. >> constantly. >> christine alexander knows the pan of drunk driver can cause. she was one. >> reporter: when you got in the car that night did you know how intoxicate you'd were? >> no. >> reporter: did you
Dec 27, 2016 2:07am EST
technology could prevent drunk driving deaths. and later, the music world pays tribute to george michael. from surfaces for up to 48 hours. you can pick up the flu it's like having a sick family member in your home. but lysol kills 99.9% of germs including 8 cold and flu viruses. to help protect your home lysol that. >>> 2016 may go down as one of the worst years for drunk driving deaths. on average. 28 people a day have been killed in dui accidents. one bad decision can lead to a lifetime of regret. here is t correspondent, kris van cleave. >> it must be a moment that you think about all the time. >> constantly. >> christine alexander knows the pan of drunk driefver can cause. she was one. >> reporter: when you got in the car that night did you know how intoxicate you'd were? >> no. >> reporter: did you think you should have been driving? >> i didn't think that i was that intoxicated. i, i thought i was fine to drive. >> that night in 2004, she had blood alcohol level twice the legal limit. driving home from the bar, she crashed into her boyfriend richard h
Dec 8, 2015 3:07am EST
head of george washington university's homeland security program. he says public awareness may be more important to law enforcement than traditional surveillance. >> you know, at the end of the day it's going to be a mixture of community engagement. >> reporter: see something, say something. >> see something, say something, people who normally know about these activities are going to be a peer group. so we need to find ways to be able to pierce that. >> reporter: scott, a recent congressional report warned that americans are being radicalized by violent extremists at a rate that is straining law enforcement's ability to stop suspects before it's too late. >> jeff pegues in our washington newsroom. jeff, thanks. >>> in a related story, there was a rare victory today for supporters of tougher gun laws. the united states supreme court let stand a local law in illinois that bans semiautomatic weapons and large-capacity magazines. jan crawford is following this. >> reporter: the justices gave no reason for why they turned down the challenge to the ban on assault weapons in an illinois
Feb 8, 2016 3:35am EST
biggest movie star in the world. >> sure, sure. >> i mean. >> but what does george think about channing's uncontrollable case of the magic mike? >> people aren't i accept i'm not 22. i accept i do a shorter set these days. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't play anything less than my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'm going for it. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus it had significantly less major bleeding than warfarin... eliquis had both... that's what i wanted to hear. as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... ...and it may take longer thanusual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines.
Dec 26, 2016 3:00am PST
george mcgahan. we get to the stone. and there it is. george mcgahan. mary is not on the stone. >> reporter: there was a space but no name. mary who never had children and worked as a stenographer died in 1979 at age 82. >> a little girl who had that kind of emotional depth and generosity has to be acknowledged even if there will be nobody to go visit. she has to be acknowledged. pete couldn't add mary's name because he is not related. some one else could. >> last january, an article appeared in our local newspaper in ireland. >> reporter: a physics teacher lives outside dublin, recognized his mother's maiden name and is a distant cousin of mary's. >> it clicked. i know that. amazing. >> reporter: as mary's relative, brian passed on the right to add her name to pete in the form of a notarized letter. >> i mean, look at it, it's, it was obviously meant to be here. 37 years after her death, mary mcgahan's name was engraved on her tombstone. you got mary's name on the tombstone. what else has she given you? >> any time things seem to be going south. i still take a look at the lett
Dec 8, 2015 3:12am PST
. >> rita moreno, seiji ozawa, cicely tyson, carole king, george lucas, each of these artists was born with something special to offer the country and the world. >> and each was celebrated last night at the annual kennedy center honors. actress gina rodriguez paid tribute to oscar, tony, emmy and grammy winner rita moreno. >> you're my icon, my living legend, and what matters most, my friend. rita, this is my love letter to you. >> steven spielberg gave rave reviews to fellow filmmaker george lucas. >> he's a path finder and a pioneer. george lucas' "star wars" changed movies absolutely forever. ♪ >> but the highlight of the night came when aretha franklin sang the praises and music of carole king. ♪ you make me feel like a natural woman ♪ >> and you can see the kennedy center honors broadcast tuesday night, december 29th, right here on cbs. and that's the "cbs overnight news" for this tuesday. for some of you, the news continues. for others, check back with us a little bit later for the morning news and "cbs morning." from the broadcast septemberer in new york city, i'm scott pe
Oct 31, 2017 3:12am PDT
. though the commissioner denies that. the one hit by houston's george springer, exploded on impact. possibly after hitting fireworks. after an l.a. home run. one houston fan snatched the ball and threw it back on the field. told the two fans are related. als trastros are one win from t first title. 5:17. major league baseball tweeted an excuse form if any one wanted to skip work or school today. that's "overnight news" for tuesday. for some the news continues. for others check back later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city. >>> welcome to the "overnight news." i'm michelle miller the two former associates of president trump spending halloween under house arrest. they're the first ones charged in the investigation of russian interference in our presidential election. former trump campaign chairman, paul manafort, and his top aide rick gates, both pleaded not guilty to a long list of charges that could land them in prison for decades. paul manafort posted $10 million bail. gates $5 million. and one of president trump's former foreign
Dec 30, 2015 1:37am CST
$1 billion worth of ticks faster than any movie and doing it without crater george lucas. he has had no role in this film. lucas sat down with charlie rose to discuss life, love and what it means to be a director. >> well, a director is just somebody who's got a fetish with making an the world to be the way he wants it to be, sort of narcissistic. >> that's you? >> all director, there's no different. >> and you're a director. >> all directors are vaguely lime emperors which is i want to build the society to reflect me and what i want. but a director can do it with a going to create a world where people can fly. >> george lucas didn't create a new society. he constructed an entire galaxy. >> on its surface, the "star wars" series is a sci-fi space odyssey with odd creatures and epic space battles. but its genius lies in the simple story beneath all of that. >> he told me you killed him. >> timeless elements like family. >> i am your father. >> is the darkside stronger. >> no, no. >> reporter: and the fight between good and evil. >> i felt a great disturbance in the force. >> reporter:
Apr 19, 2016 3:12am PDT
. clinton raised money with george clooney in california. sanders met with the pope in rome. but now they are back. fighting for votes in the state where they both have deep roots. >> how am i going to lose? >> the brooklyn born senator made the round sunday. from the brooklyn bridge with a record breaking homecoming party according to the campaign, drew 28,000 people. >> our parents would take to us prospect park. they still have the seals and the elephants. it wasn't all nostalgia though. secretary clinton and i disagree. on social security. disagree on trade policy. disagree on minimum wage policy. clinton let loose a little in washington heights. in brooklyn, she got down to business too. we talked about the greed and recklessness of wall street. i take a back seat to no one. in taking that on. sanders disagreechltz in this new add he doesn't name clinton. it is clear she is the target. while washington politicians are paid over $200,000 an hour for speeches they oppose raising the living wage. >> on face the nation, sanders repeated the attack. >> maybe if you make $225 in an hour yo
Jun 6, 2016 3:05am EDT
special "48 hours" tribute to muhammad ali. it included an interview with boxing great george foreman, remembering his friend and former opponent the champ. >> i considered muhammad ali to be my brother. that big mouthed brother that i never had. when i was a young boy, we all loved muhammad ali. after i became a boxing champion, i got distant. >> i'm so fast i can run through a hurricane and don't get wet. when george foreman meets he, he'll pay his debt. >> i went to africa certain i would come back with my world title, that i would easily beat muhammad ali. i lost the fight, and he was there screaming, i'm the greatest. that devastated me. and for years, i thought, my whole life was bent around getting revenge on muhammad ali. i didn't like him, i wanted to beat him. but that all changed and it started way back in the late '70s when he wanted me to come back. he said, george, i want you to do me a favor, i want you to come back to boxing and beat ken norton for me. beat him up because i can't beat him, george. so he was going to trick me back into boxing just to get rid of nordon f
Oct 31, 2017 3:10am EDT
connections to the three men ran into immediate factual problems. sarah huckabee sanders insisted george papadopoulos had little impact on the trump campaign. >> a volunteer on a counsel that met once. >> his activities of his invention no one asked him to do any of the things. is that what you are telling the american public? he asked to do things was pushed back or not responded to. any actions he took would be on his own. >> the plea agreement says he was not rebuffed by the campaign. quite the opposite. a trump campaign supervisor told papadopolous, i would encourage you to pursue contact with russians and he had done great work. he also attended this foreign policy meeting with candidate trump in march 2016. paul manafort has done an amazing job. he is here some place. where is paul? >> reporter: the white house began distancing itself from paul manafort in march. >> discussion of paul manafort who play a very limited role for a very limited amount of time. >> while paul manafort only served as campaign chairman for three months. russia's connection to the campaign was an issue duri
Jan 20, 2017 2:07am EST
barricades. >> jeff pegues in washington tonight. coming up, an update on the health of george and barbara bush. and aui bgldin collapses live on television. number one isn't a status earned overnight. it's earned in every wash... ... and re-earned every day. >>> in his parting shot at isis, president obama ordered two stealth bombers to libya. to take out a pair of isis military camps. the pentagon released video of the isis fighters loading weapons on to trucks. well the air force dropped about 100 bombs, more than 80 feel were killed. the pentagon says some of them were terrorists plotting attacks in europe. >> a horrifying collapse was shown on iranian tv in the heart of tehran. firefighters were working the upper floors of a 17-story building when it collapsed. it is not known how many people were inside. but at least 30 firefighters were killed. >>> the news is better tonight about former president george h.w. bush and his wife, barbara. both being treated in a houston hospital. he for pneumonia. she for bronchitis. a spokesman says mr. bush had a good night's sleep. doctors
Nov 1, 2017 2:07am EDT
the transition. manafort pleaded not guilty to all charges. the president said few people knew george papadopoulos. a trump campaign foreign policy adviser who has pled guilty to lying to the fbi about efforts the campaign. march 2016, the president spoke to "the washington post." george papadopoulos, he's an oil and energy consultant. excellent guy. >> that same month. papadopoulos was photographed at a foreign policy meeting with candidate trump and future attorney general jeff sessions. the white house said mr. trump barely remembers papadopoulos. this was the president last week. >> one of the great memories of all time. >> today press secretary sarah huckabee sanders said the campaign turned over papadopoulos's e-mails to special counsel. communication between papadopoulos and sam clovis, trump campaign national co-chairman. the plea agreement citing eflt-mails said the campaign superviser told papadopoulos i would encourage you and foreign policy adviser to the campaign to make the trip to russia if it is feasible. but sanders tried to contradict my understanding is there wasn't
Nov 6, 2015 2:07am EST
hours. let's end this. >>> george h.w. bush, the 41st president, has come out firing at some of the men who led the country into the war in iraq while serving in his son's administration. here's nancy. >> reporter: he has held his tongue for more than a decade. but now george h.w. bush describes his son's vice president, dick cheney as too hard lined and calls his secretary of defense, rumsfeld, arrogant. and he said that cheney became very different from the dick cheney i knew when he served as his secretary of defense. >> i've had much worse said about me. >> reporter: the first president bush was even more scathing about rumsfeld. i don't like what he did and i think it hurt the president. in a statement, the 83-year-old rumsfeld lashed back at his 91-year-old critic. bush 41 is getting up in years and misjudges. they were two of the biggest proponents of the war in iraq, a war that marred one son's presidency and hasn't helped one son that is trying to get the job. jeb bush defending his brother as president. >> dick cheney, he served my brother well as vice president and he ser
Nov 6, 2015 2:07am CST
ahead. let 'em judge. . >>> george h.w. bush, the 41st at some of the men that led the country into the war in iraq while serving in his son's administration. >> reporter: he has held his tongue for more than a decade but now george h.w. bush describes his son's vice president, dick cheney, as too hard-lined and his secretary of defense, donald rumsfeld, arrogant. and he says that cheney became very different from the dick cheney i knew when he served as his secretary of defense. >> i've had much worse said about me. >> reporter: he laughed off the criticism on fox but the first president bush was even more scathing about rumsfeld. i don't like what he did and i think it hurt the president. the 83-year-old rumsfeld lashed bush 41, misjudged bush, 43. they were two of the biggest proponents in the war in iraq. >> my brother is a big boy. >> reporter: in new hampshire today jeb bush defended his brother as vice president. >> as relates to dick cheney, he served my brother well as vice president and he served my dad extraordinarily well as sex secretary of defense. >> a rare public disagre
Dec 16, 2015 1:37am CST
down one. not bad for a film franchise that many worried about when george lucas sold it to disney. disney paid lucas $4 billion. and then gave the keys to their newest toy to director jj abrams. >> this is obviously as surreal as it gets, and i couldn't feel more honored or more lucky to be >> i'll show them the dark side. >> reporter: disney is hoping a massive box office performance is part of this too. the hollywood reporter says the force awakens is being released on a record number of screens. more than 4100. and the movie has already brought in more than $50 million in presale tickets. industry experts estimate it could rake in $220 million on opening weekend. putting the force awakens in a galaxy of its own. ben tracy, los! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. you make me feel so spring has sprung. we've be
Mar 7, 2016 3:00am EST
on the white house was complete and lasting. wrote president and mrs. george w. bush. from president jimmy carter. theirs was one of our nation's great love stories. and a model of shared devotion to our country. sending condolences on behalf of herself and president george h.w. bush, barbara bush said, we take comfort that they will be reunited once more. michael reagan, she is once again with the man she loved. god bless. until his death and beyond. she kept the flame. in the end, burnishing and maintaining ronald reagan's legacy is her own. >> nancy, thank you for your love. thank you for just being you. [ applause ] >> reporter: she really was the power behind the throne. nancy reagan spent her life protecting her husband. she did all the worrying so she didn't have to. and it was her instinct about people which in most cases decided who would work for ronald reagan or whose usefulness had expired. jeff. >> one thing watching the white house, and covering it. you also had several memorable encounters with nancy reagan, did you not? >> yeah, several. the big one at a rec
Oct 19, 2015 3:00am PDT
suggestion former president george w. bush was responsible. >> across the spectrum of foreign policy mr. trump talks about things as the he is on the apprentice. >> bush has been under pressure to take a harder line against trump. increasingly making the case the front-runner isn't fit to be president. >> meanwhile, republicans are looking for a speaker of the house. there is some paul ryan news. >> right. cbs news learned that paul ryan warmed to the idea of becoming house speaker. but only if he has nearly unanimous support of republicans. jeff that includes the most conservative members. >> julianna goldman. thank you very much. >> major trucking route in southern california will remain closed several days. a mile long stretch is buried in mud up to 6 feet deep. maria villareal. >> reporter: from the sky you get the impact of thursday's 30 minute downpour where three inches of rain turned a dry landscape into a mud pit leaving nearly 200 cars and 300 people stranded. truck driver david noe was one of them. >> i have been through hurricanes, floods, tornados, but this is a fir fost
Feb 19, 2016 3:07am EST
grand finale, a former >>> we end with the story of eddie george the former football player whose nfl career took him from houston to tennessee to dallas. his new career has taken him to new york, the city, and "chicago" the play. here's jim axelrod. >> is everybody here, hit it. >> while former football star eddie george is no stranger to the spot light. >> i don't care about expensive things, cashmere coats, diamond >> it's a very different stage than where he first made his name 21 years ago winning the heisman trophy before a nine-year all-pro nfl career. >> i didn't come to this earth just to say i played football nine years, won a heisman trophy and die. razzle-dazzle them >> he caught the theater bug and started from the ground up. >> how's your foot work. >> foot work is nice, man, i got good feet. >> drama classes, voice lessons and shakespeare in his hometown of nashville before auditioning for broadway. >> what was important for me was that the ensemble didn't look at athlete that wanted to do broadway. >> no vanity project. >> no vanity project here. understandable >> this
Jan 19, 2017 3:08am EST
george h.w. bush, as well as his wife barbara, are hospitalized this morning in houston. omar villafranca has the latest. >> reporter: today, president obama offered the bushes his best wishes at his final press conference. >> they have been a constant source of friendship and support and good counsel for me and michelle over the years. they are as fine a couple as we know. >> reporter: just this past saturday, mr. bush was treated for shortness of breath. despite his health issues, the 92-year-old has remained active. er yerl this month, he was spotted at an nfl game in houston. but one place he will not be is at the upcoming inauguration. he wrote a letter to president-elect donald trump explaining why. it read in part, my doctor says if i sit outside in january, it will likely put me six feet under. same for barbara. i wish you the very best. president-elect trump tweeted his thoughts saying -- >> reporter: the former first lady will remain in the hospital for observation. former president george bush their son, will be at the inauguration. >>> the u.s. supreme court heard
Nov 17, 2016 2:07am CST
is a gift. god gives everybody a gift. >> reporter: the gershwin prize is named for george and ira gershwin. >> to be mentioned in the same breath with the gershwins, is incredible. >> his fans second that emotion. michel york. ? ? lifetime of devotion ? >> that's the cbs "overnight news" for this thursday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back with us a little later for the morning news. and be sure not to miss cbs this morning. from the jones day law firm overlooking the u.s. capitol, >>> hi, welcome to the "overnight news." i'm demarco morgan. donald trump is fighting back over news reports that his transition is in disarray. the president-elect wrote on twitter "it is going so smoothly." the state department, justice department and pentagon all say that no one from the transition team has contacted them yet. and the white house says it has briefing books stacked so high, briefing books stacked so high, with no one to give them to. major garrett begins our coverage. >> how did the meeting go? >> reporter: mike pence and wife visited their future home and ate
Jun 30, 2017 2:07am EDT
george pell, the third highest-ranking vatican official, was charged with child sex abuse today in his home country, australia. the alleged assaults happened decades ago. seth doane is following this. >> i'm looking forward finally to having my day in court. >> reporter: this morning cardinal george pell was defiant as he faced reporters. >> i'm innocent of these charges. they are false. the whole idea of sexual abuse is abhorrent to me. >> reporter: australian police did not provide specifics, only referring to the charges as historical sexual assau offenses. in the past pell was criticized for not doing more to stop clergy sex abuse in his native australia and was questioned via video link from rome in 2016. >> with the experience of 40 years later, certainly, i would agree that i should have -- should have done more. >> why do you need the experience of 40 years later? wasn't it a serious matter then? >> yes, but people had a different attitude then. >> reporter: you covered the vatican. what do charges like this do to this institution? >> well, i think it's very serious. >> reporte
Oct 5, 2016 2:07am CDT
george eely told us it was devastating. >> it's like a bulldozer just passed by. i can tell you it's a big disaster. >> matthew could dump three feet of rain on the rural part of shacks made of wood and concrete blocks. here blocked roads and collapsed bridge in south make it hard to know the extent of the damage so far. this storm piles another calamity on haiti. the western hemisphere's poorest country. six years ago, a devastating earthquake killed more than 200,000 people. aid worker aaron dankers. >> things were progressing, being rebuilt, but it was through and completely destroys all the progress that has been made. >> reporter: eastern cuba is bracing for its share of matthew's misery. at guantanamo bay, the u.s. navy ordered evacuation of 700 spouses and children of service personnel. residents in santiago began feeling matthew's fury early this morning. last night was terrible, this young woman says, the waves were enormous. i thought they were going to enter the house. matthew has been churning at sea as a 4, 5 hurricane now for almost 100 hours. the longest since hurricane
Oct 30, 2015 2:22am EDT
. >> well, we have more big, i mean big news. george and amal have adopted. it's true. the clooneys have added to the family. >> yeah have and she has the cutest floppiest ears you've ever seen. michelle turner has the story. >> she was just here 15, 20 days. she has brown eye that's just won't quit. >> talk about moving on up. you're begging for food outside a los angeles restaura then you're adopted by the most famous couple on the planet. it's a hollywood ending millie and her new mom and dad, george and amal. >> what do they love? >> she is a love bug. >> cindy is the board president at the humane society. imagine the shock when she walked through the door. >> they were here for over an hour and ahalf. we go through the adoption process to make sure it's another family match and they bro other dog with them. this is the clooney's third dog. george adopted einstein from a shelter. he's a cocker spaniel mix and george made him famous in this omega shelter. >> they said we have to show you folks you adopted. >> he said this will be viral, certainly. but it's okay. go ahead. >> plenty mo
Feb 9, 2016 2:07am EST
worst is over, george sycip is still worried. >> we are rocking a lot right now. makes me wonder if there are issues with the stablizing on the ship. >> the ship experienced wind speeds higher than what was forecast. the coast guard reported the winds reached up to 115 miles per hour. and that happened when the storm hit. >> jericka duncan. thank you very much. in a moment the doctor who made virus and birth defects. >>> today president obama asked congress for nearly $2 billion to fight the zika virus. and the cdc moved to its highest alert level. at least 57 cases have been reported in the u.s. and dr. jon lapook is just back from brazil, ground zero of the outbreak. he talked to the doctor who found the link between zika and birth defects. pediatric neurologist dr. vanessa vander linden saw her first case with microcephaly, and then more with an unusually small head. >> two weeks in the middle of september, five cases of babies with microcephaly. >> reporter: her mother anna a doctor phoned with troubling news. >> she called me, vanessa, now i see seven babies with microcephaly i
Feb 9, 2016 2:35am EST
, george w. bush will be in south carolina. the family is now coming out. is it a sign of strength or desperation? >> strength. your son has said i am my own man. >> that's right. >> sort of walking this line. trying to run as himself. and trying to distinguish from your brother the former president? tough loon toine to walk? >> 2016 is different than 2000, 1998. the country changed the issues are different. i'm different. we're different. my life experience is different than that of george. certainly different than my dad, the greatest man alive. not better, worse. believes are. >> you said it is okay to have another bush in the white house. what about another clinton? >> another bush is going to beat >> do you think america is ready for the first female president? >> yes. is, is the one >>> a man from new jersey booked a vacation in ice lan beforeland. before it was through. a national hero. kind of like mr. magoo visits the arctic. >> reporter: he set off for iceland to unplug from the world. >> i was craving that really big adventure. something unique. >> reporter: little did he k
Feb 9, 2016 2:07am PST
cruise ship to make a u-turn one day after setting sail. >> oh, my god. george sycip told us during skype, his balcony door appeared to be lifting from the frame. >> you could hear the waves crashing the hull, metal twisting and banging. it was scary. >> reporter: the "anthem of the seas" cruise ship left new york saturday heading to port canaveral. when it got caught in a storm. jared johnson shot the video after the captain ordered everyone to their rooms. >> at one point people were falling over. myself and others were, standing over holding the wheelchair. so they weren't going to be sliding around. while the worst is over, george sycip is still worried. >> we are rocking a lot right now. makes me wonder if there are issues with the stablizing on the ship. >> royal caribbean says the ship experienced wind speeds higher than what was forecast. the coast guard reported the winds reached up to 115 miles per hour. and that happened when the storm hit. >> jericka duncan. jericka, thank you very much. virus and birth defects. >>> today president obama asked congress for nearly $2 bill
Aug 30, 2017 2:07am EDT
history. >> mr. trump was anxious to get to texas trying to avoid the criticism. president george w. bush faced when he initially flew over new orleans after hurricane katrina rather than visin mr. trump did stay away from the hardest hit areas. corpus christi. >> i understand it, you don't want to gunk up, rockport, with extra traffic. makes a lot of sense. >> reporter: as people begin to think about the rebuilding process, many are now questioning president trump's decision to roll back regulations on construction that would protect homes from rising sea levels. norah. >> jamie yuccas, thank you. more reporting from houston. let's go to new york. >> great reporting, norah. tonight harvey on the move again. scott pagett, chief meteorologist at kvtv, our station in dallas fort worth. scott scott, where is it headed? >> nrorth-northeast. a glimmer of hope is on the west side. west of houston. drying out. rainfall rates you see in the light green color. .10 inchf heavy rain to the east. rainfall rates of 2 inches rain per hour. look at the dry air getting pulled into harvey. harvey, reachin
Oct 9, 2015 3:07am EDT
after the north port high school principal george kenny admitted hypnotizing a student the day before the teen committed suicide. the principal was not a licensed hypnotist, they found kenny had hypnotized dozens of kids including two others who died that same year. >> that's all she thought about. >> she gave up her weekend to give up time with her friend to study. >> this couple says their daughter britney was driven off to succeed. in her senior year at north port high school she went to her principal for guidance. >> george kenny at that time told her he believed she had test anxiety. >> a few months later the teen took her own life. >> what i believe happened. is that my daughter went into her room that night and blinked her eyes, rapidly. and she entered a calm and relaxed state that allowed her to go through what she went through. >> reporter: one of three students who died in 2011 after they were hypnotized. by kenny. he drove his car off the highway after he hypnotized 16-year-old wesley mckinley committed suicide a month later. warnings from school board officials, kenny hyp
Apr 25, 2016 3:05am EDT
shakespeare's home town that two rare book sellers, george koppelman and dan wexler think they have locked into one of the great what if stories ever. >> that the contents of the case is a major shakespeare discovery. >>y, yes. >> what if the marked up old book they bought on e-bay for $4,300 in 2008, a kind of dictionary published in 1580 belonged to william shakespeare. >> it draws you in. >> they brought their find to the morgan library in new york city in the summer of 2014 to show to paul edmonson. >> trying to puzzle out the purpose of the page. >> reporter: the proof, koppelman and wexler believe is in the scribblings in the margins and huh they seem suspiciously similar to wordings in shakespeare's writing. >> shuffled together by ignorance. >> shuffled one of the famous, hamlet, shuffle off this mortal coil. >> the title, alviary means beehive. a cambridge professor sent out students calling them his diligent bees to collect word and their uses. >> does this feel as if it might be shakespeare? >> i wouldn't rule that possibility out. if these are the annotations of then of
Aug 8, 2017 3:12am PDT
been on vacation just three weeks. president george w. bush, on the other hand, was away more than two months. major garrett has a look at the history of presidential holidays. >> reporter: now, president trump says this is not really a vacation, it's a working effort. and the white house contends he's on the here in new jersey because of renovations, on at the white house.c, going but so far this vacation looks l predecessors'. no public events, no briefings, and some criticism. >> i promise you, i wilnot be taking very long vacations if i take them at all. there's no time for vacation. >> at the time i remember saying he's going to find that that is just not true. >> reporter: anita mcbride, former chief of staff to first lady laura bush, knows the ever-present pressures and responsibilities that shadow a president. >> you are going to need time away, and it's healthy for you. but your work is going to go with you. >> reporter: george h.w. bush spent summers in kennebunkport, maine. president john kennedy 15i8d near the family compound in hyannis. martha's vineyard attracted presiden
Nov 17, 2016 2:44am MST
. choices for other top departments, a week later. in 2000, george w. bush did not begin his formal transition until mid december. after a protracted recount in florida. under tight deadlines, bush announced top positions in two weeks. in 1992, bill clinton waited seven weeks before announcing cabinet nominees. trump confidant, newt gingrich. >> the beginning of any transition like this has turmoil, the nature of the process. and -- i think that -- trump is very decisive. >> reporter: pence signed the key legal document placing him in charge of mr. trump's transition. other paperwork according to the white house remains incomplete. scott, the pentagon, state and justice departments all report no outreach yet from trump transition staff. >> major garrett, thanks. first billionaire president has business interests worldwide which stand to benefit or be harmed by decisions in the white financial conflicts are banned for all federal employees except two -- the president and the vice president. so we asked julianna goldman to tell us more about mr. trump's -- financial ties with china. >
Nov 3, 2016 2:42am MST
>> we ran an ad campaign devised by a genius, george lois. it compared me to the great american designers. i was completely unknown. when the ad ran, people looked and said who does he think he is? >> comparing yourself to ralph lauren, calvin klein? >> george lois had the idea that -- he would make the name to look to see to shop and buy. and it worked. >> that iconic shot of snoop dogg on "saturday night live" wearing tommy hilfiger clothes what did that do for your brand? >> lit the whole street fashion on fire. >> immediately. >> immediately. >> snoop was performing on snl. monday morning in bloomingdales they were selling out. >> hilfiger hottest in hip-hop. until rumors circulating, saying that he said he did not like minorities buying his clothes. >> it turned out to be a vicious rumor. you wrote it hurt your heart and integrity? >> it really did. end of the day your integrity is all you have. and i didn't want the public to think that i was that type of person. oprah was kind enough to call me up and say, you have got to come on the show. let's squash the rumor. >> the t
Aug 18, 2016 2:42am MST
hemphill, by far the oldest person at george mason university field house in virginia. he is 91. pushing himself to stay active he says, isn't always fun. >> sometimes these racize run, it's not easy. and i feel like quitting when i'm halfway through. >> reporter: but you don't. >> i don't know no. >> he was an undefeated pole vaulter in high school. 1930s. other than golf and a little tennis, he didn't do much as he got older. until one day, he went to a track meet. >> i tried the mile. i got about halfway through and started walking. >> reporter: really? >> i looked around and saw these other people. thinking if they can do it i can. he hasn't stopped running since. we wanted to see what effect that determination has had on his body. >> this arm is progressively going to move down. permission we brought hem to the department of exercise and nutrition scientists at george washington university. where this machine scanned just how much body fat dixon has been carrying around. >> in a perfect specimen, what would you see, if it is different than this? >> in a perfect specimen, you would s
Mar 29, 2017 3:35am EDT
bill clinton. then, expanded in 2001 under president george w. bush. it serves more than 2 million people on an annual budget of $1.2 billion. $550,000 of that goes to the plainfield new jersey district. federal funding that drops to zero in president trump's current budget proposal. is there any way the district could fund this program without the federal dollars? >> it would be challenging. of course, we can look to, wright and obtain grant funding opportunities. but that is not a guarantee. and sacrificing the healthy and very important learning experiences for children, it just doesn't seem worth it to me. >>> the new wall street statue of a fearless girl staring down the iconic charging bull will stand its ground for a year. the temporary statue has become a major tourist attraction. but the artist behind the bull is seeing red. saying it changes his work. >> reporter: for decades, this 7,000-pound bull has dominated lower manhattan by itself. but since march 8th, it had to ar girl, who has a lot of friends who hopes she stays right here, the fearless girl began as a temporary
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