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2015 6
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that is elevated i think it is george washington carver school above it and the school district also owns the-to the left of the blue lot is the long skinny parcel, but even if we didn't get the school district lot it is a large space. on our third community meeting we told them there was a possibility of a grant so people were getting excite td about it and we told them when we thought we would come and talk to you about it and what we would do is if we get the grant we hold a couple community meetings specifically to work out the jeningplaza. the next slide we have some ideas. at this point because we are-things are so rough there are all kinds of elements that could be included in the plaza dependent on how much many we have. there could be planting and pace making, paving, street trees, lighting and fencing because the idea is to keep the yiria secure and clean and not let it become reblighted. the squej sin process now and we are just starting the design fauz so the timing is great because we would love to be able to include jenings plaza. you have full design team including exp
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)