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Sep 16, 2015 10:03pm PDT
of george w. bush, it is because of barack obama. >> on that point, though, whether we're talking about national security, foreign policy, or we're talking about domestic policy -- >> or the collapse of the economy. >> -- the key issue is talking about leadership. this is a lot great people up here. you heard a lot of great ideas. i ask the american people, look who has been tested. when there were protesters at my capital, i didn't back down. when they issued threats against me and my family, didn't back down. when they tried to recall me, i didn't back down. when they made me a target last year, i didn't back down. give me a chance to be your president, i won't back down. >> the remark was there wasn't anyone else on the podium against the iraq war. i made my career as being against the iraq war. i was opposed to the syrian war. i was opposed to arming people who are our enemies. iran is now stronger because hussein is gone. hussein was the great bulwark and counterbalance to the iranians. so when we complain about the iranians, you need to remember that the iraq war made it wor
Sep 16, 2015 3:00pm PDT
see george, rick cantor rum, lindsey graham, the four questioned first, anderson, and that will set the stage for the main debate, the prime time debate, 11 republican presidential candidates. >> and in terms of talk time, donald trump got the most talk time, more than 11 minutes. some of these other candidates tonight, it's critical they try to get as much time as possible to get ideas across. >> the best way to do that is engage him. if trump is the person to whom most of the attention will be given, you want to engage him and hope he takes you on. i think arguably, you're better off being one of the four on the stage that's about to play out right now than one of those candidates on the main stage because the entire nation is tuned in to cnn. this is, as anna said, a super bowl. getting a lot of attention for four individuals. i think you would rather be one of the four than one of the 11. >> i think you're totally wrong. there is not one of those four that would not want to rather be on the big stage. >> anna, isn't there a danger near taking on donald trump, one going toe to to
Feb 13, 2016 8:00pm PST
do you make of the substance of that fight? >> well, this question of should george bush have been impeached is an interesting question to ask in south carolina, with his brother right there. and i think in one sense, and i'll give you this, trump did well by saying wait a minute, it took you five days to say that going into iraq was a mistake. so he did make a good point there, which is why i might be wrong. but then when he said you know, they lied, he also accused cruz of being a liar, i wonder whether that was a step too far, and then bush comes back and says i'm sick and tired of you attacking my family, you even attacked my mother. >> we'll play that. >> it went back and for the. it's sort of like bumper cars. >> it's just worth pointing out that the critique that trump was making of george w. bush was one of the left of the democratic party. he was like michael moore, nancy pelosi, that he lied, that they intentionally lied about the weapons of mass destruction. >> right. >> and he went even further than any democrat i've heard saying you, george w. bush, are responsible for
Sep 16, 2015 5:00pm PDT
worth this is an establishment crowd audience. i noted george pataki received applause when he said he would fire kim davis and stood we hind the rule of law. this is not a e van gel kel related crowd. >> so upset with congressional republicans, they don't want to nominate one. that's the way i need to approach pmy debate coming up. >> he also came off in a very sort of human way and made a lot of jokes and able to tell his own personal story, which some other candidates weren't. >> and yet, he's the guy whose home state is third on the nominating calendar and nowhere. >> right. >> because he can't rally his own state. the republican party fractured into a number of pieces and we usually look for outsiders versus establishment. we have insurgent, carson and trump and fiorina never held political office. they want to be different. then you have the establishment candidates, the governing conservatives, kasichs, bush, lindsey graham. we have to work with democrats and then you have the outsiders saying, you know, almost level washington. we elected boehner and mcconnell. we have won.
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)