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Mar 7, 2016 5:00pm EST
phohos. there they r. the royals, george at two andcharlotte who is ten months enjoying snow for the very firir time in the french alps. it's the first time the entire family has been on vacation together a broad. even william and kate enjoying the fresh powder way friendly snowball fight. the couple w w are both a vid skiers sharing the weekend with their children. and the first pictures taken of the couple when they started dating were in the french alps. now it's a family fair. live in the satellite center. shireen sandoval. 7 news.$% >> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: all right. good afternoon everybody. we're still looking at coaal clouds hanging around south florida. we have some upper level clolos moving in from the gulf of mexico and sigh all this dark coloring moving off the atlantic. those are low level clouds and those could stick around at least for another day or so. as far as any rainfall is concerned, we are look dry. our next best chance of some showers will be saturday and sunday. and temperatures over night lows are going to remain above
Feb 12, 2016 5:00pm EST
. >> reporter: jeb bush will get a much needed assist in south carolina from his brother george withth bush is fighting keep his campaign relevant. >> unteste people during dift and dangerous times say risk. hillary clinton and bernie sanders saying they have a pension for pose selling. test lg over everything from health care to the job performamce at a pbs debate on friday night the kind of criticism that we heard about sanders from our president, i expect from republicans but not expect from someone running from the democratic nominatio to succeed. blow. >> reporter: and while debate moard a towards took heas heat fo avoiding the controversy all together. the state department will release 550e- mails from hillary clinton's private server this weekend. >> in washington. joel walden. fox news. >> belkeys: and if you haven't con so yet, now sayay great time to down load the voice your choice app. the campaign trail latest is at your fingertips. >> craig: also on 7, the international community clong in on what could ul ta mes metally lead tie cease fire in syria. john kerry and top lip
Feb 19, 2016 5:00pm EST
alongside his republican body also saying that he used george w and his mom to up hi pop popularity and john kasich is known there. and democratic voters will show up on sunday. and bernie sander is once again closing in on hillary clinton's lead. >> i hope you come out and join us on saturday morning. i'll work hard four asour pred. >> we'll be there. republicans and a democrats swat states next week. nevada caucus nexex tuesday and to the polls four days later on saturday. live in the satellite center. liz nagy. 7 news. >>> >> belkeys: a day of final farewells at the a supreme court. president obama and first lady paying their refefntle the eight remying supreme court justices on hand as mourner pay tribute to justice sca lee a. scott na ma clay an has more from washington. >> reporter: the body of antonin scalia returning to the courthouse this morning. his casket pag pa passion a long line of law clerks and up the marble steps of the place where he is leaving his greatest legacy. >>> i'm just struck bit number ofeople re7 thrd and shows his place in many lives. the eight remaining j
Feb 1, 2016 5:00pm EST
sick and george bush get nine eevment floloda senator marco rubio gets eight. the rest of the republican field new jersey govenor chris christie seven and rand paul three appease and carlie fiorina two persian. one last number, a significantnt one only eight% are undecided. and here's how it looks as we begin our track. trump well in front and then a pack of republicans chasing second and third place. remember, whatever impact iowa will have on new hampshire can't be measured just yet. like the republicans. the democrats also have a big front r rner who looks unlikely to be caught. bernie sanders with 61% is more than doubling hillary clinton's 30%. former maryland govenor martin o'malley barely registers with one%. eight% undecided. here's the start of our democratic tracking poll as we begin to measure the daily ups new hampshire is so important. the current and former got noars in the republican race are already there. chris christie, john kasich and jeb bush all have town halls tonight trying to lay the ground work for next week's pry mare right. live in the newsplex. robb
Mar 11, 2016 5:00pm EST
regular again. first lady. >>? attendance first lady michelle obama. george w bush and roos rosalyn carter. the former first lady passed way sunday at her home in los angeles. throughout the week she was familyly frerntiondz celebs and political dignitaries from all could rofortz political spectrum. >> she might not have been the president of the united states but ronald reagan could not have done what he did without here. so the public owes her a debt of grad tiewt tiewd. >> ronald and nancy reagan were defined by their love for each other. they were as close to being one person as it is possible for any two ople to be. >> now she too has xited the stage to join her beloved roni in eternity. >> lynn: the pop lawr first lady's body arrived at the ronald reagan library on wednesday and after a private family ceremony. thousands of visitors were given wu one last chance to pay respects. i think she is one of the west first lady's we have ever had. lb at the cemetery next to the man show wald ronny. >> she shared a long life of love. >> and one plus one equaled infiniti with them. >> l
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5