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2016 17
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Feb 9, 2016 11:00pm EST
, george w. bush and clinton did not win new hampshire on their way to the white house. we'll see how that bodes for sanders. >> denise: the cdc has confirmed two zika cases in cleveland. they both traveled to haiti recently. we have been asking questions on facebook all night looking for your input on this. one question, can the infected person spread the virus to others? if so, how? according to the cdc the only way an infected person can spread the virus is through sexual contact. the main way people contract the zika virus is when they are bitten by an infected mosquito the same way west nile virus is spread. we wanted to know what the symptoms of the zika virus were. here is what we found. only one in five people infected with the virus will get sick. the good news is the illness is usually mild. symptoms include fever, rash, eyes. >> romona: this just in, cuyahoga county approved a measure. their salaries go from $45,000 a year to $52,000. they are technically part-time employees according to the charter. the county executive must still approve the measure. the pay raise won't g
Sep 2, 2016 11:00pm EDT
severe weather and one person has died as tropical storm hermine roared through florida, george george and the carolinas. the storm dumped as much as seven inches throughout the south. and now places like new york have told people to stay out of the ocean because of >> denise: after being on the market two weeks samsung is recalling two and a half million galaxy smartphones because they might catch on fire when they are charging. samsung blames the defect on a faulty battery made by one of its suppliers. luckily no one has been hurt because of that problem. and now what you can do if you own a galaxy 7. carriers say you can return or exchange the phone or any of its accessories and samsung is offering a $25 gift card for an in store credit as a token of appreciation. >> the 21-year-old is heading home to ohio. tiffani tucker is getting answers on what happens next for the former >> he has gone from being an olympic hopeful to registering as a sex offender for the rest of his life. he is expected to return to his family's home in dayton and if he does he will have five days to register
Oct 6, 2016 11:15pm EDT
right here won an emmy. back in the spring for -- the george wentzle award. best technical invasion. for the super bowl 50 broadcast. in fact, i remember james stewart touchdown from a yard out in that same end zone that was the first time people saw it sure. not trying to play on the eye vision. it was something you said i have never seen that before. phil: i'm looking forward to the day -- i guess they're going to do it something like that? that would set off, or a chip in the football where you don't have to see if the ball crossed the goal line or whatever. that's definitely on its way. jim: i've been calling for that since we got back in the nfl in 199 and i can remember a seattle game against the new york jets and i said in the studio they need to put a microchip in the football. i took a little bit of heat for that. it's only taken me 1 years to get one other person now on the team. phil: so you're telling me you're way ahead of that -- your time? i think it was a vinny testaverde. that game they went to the playoffs, if i remember. bring the tape and we'll have a party. put
Jan 27, 2016 11:00pm EST
roles as they wish. >> denise: george clooney and his wife stped up and sfed -- stepped up and saved a dog from the pound. they adopted him for christmas for his parents. they instantly fell in love with little nate. >> romona: that's special. is lebron james a coach killer? that question answered in sports. >> gas prices have popped up still these prices are historically low and that means you have extra cash in your pocket. now, you may have heard these low gas prices are not great for your 401k. is that true? starting tomorrow morning at 4:30, an economist will tell >> now, this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> do you want me to turn my brain off because i have a huge basketball iq? that's what they want me to do? i won't do it because i have so much to give to the game. there is no difference from me telling my teammates or telling guys how to get better with their game. i feel i have something that can help our team ultimately i would like to give it. it helped me get two titles. >> that was lebron respond together story yesterday that called hi
Mar 19, 2016 11:00pm EDT
i went out there and looked at it and i saw it was a nazi >> george is old enough the sacrifice it took during world war ii for america to turn the tide in europe and defeat hitler. >> this threatens all of us. this is why we can still fly that flag here. swastikas aren't the only things painted on the trump signs. others carry vulgar words. this one carries the word heil. >> i'm aware enough politically enough to know that by putting these signs out here i was going these signs out here i was going to create attention. that was the idea. this kind of attention, no. >> needless to say, someone coming close to your home in the middle of the night with bad intentions would not make anyone comfortable. george is no exception. i have my family who lives here that i am very concerned about now for their safety, because this takes it to a whole nother level other than tearing up a trump sign. >> george and the olmsted township police are taking it seriously. a report has been made. >> in advance of vandals being caught and punished, he has a best age for whoever used the swastikas. >> wh
Sep 22, 2016 11:15pm EDT
meeting to bill, this happen because your dad, you would've never met by chance george halas?" he said, i did, 10 years old, went into the locker room, my dad introduced me to george halas. miller with a catch, thrown dow down. said he congratulated halas on the win, and halas reached in his pocket and gave him a dollar bill and said, "the first time i get congratulated on a win by dollar bill." imagine that meeting between two of the legendary coaches of all time happening when he was just a little boy. 3rd and 6. and it is caught by griffin out at the 16-yard line for a first. >> phil: this game, it n the hands of the new england patriots. as catch by griffin that time. but patriots, they are not splitting up on the defensive side. still double-teaming deandre hopkins, and they are going to make brock osweiler throw it to somebody else. >> jim: you want to complete the shutout. the last time they had a shutout was week 17 of 2012 against the dolphins in a 28-0 victory. >> phil: jamie collins, he is something on that defense. >> jim: with an interception tonight too. >> phil: yep
Sep 26, 2016 11:00pm EDT
, history shows us the optics of the debate can be critical. george bush checking his watch. any key moments? >> there was sighing from trump. you got a little of the sighing and maybe giving a cross eyed look and maybe sniffing during the answers. and clinton, she wanted to make sure that she didn't come walking that line as well. so you could see her at times wanting to lean in, but as she was attacking would turn away from donald trump and talk away from him as to not come off like you said not like that al gore moment where he walked over to george w. bush. >> romona: craig boswell thank you for joining us and for your insight. we have conning coverage of tonight's debate in a few minutes. plus, if you missean have a complete recap on cleveland and on the cleveland 19 app. >> denise: great news, breaking news involving our cleveland indians. the tribe beat the tigers tonight and officially pinched their ticket to the playoffs. the central division champs will start their championship march on thursday, october 6th, but there is concern after cory kluber left the game after
Mar 6, 2016 11:00pm EST
. nancy reagan suffered falls and visibly slowed with age. she was escorted by former president george w. bush at the 2011 funeral of fellow former but her last years were lonely. she visited her husband's grave on the tenth anniversary of his death, as she did every year, even as she grew more frail. she once said the pain of his loss only got worse. kenneth craig, cleveland 19. >>> and still ahead on cleveland 19 news, consumer later for mack computer users. you could be the next victim of a ransomware attack. then we have heard peanut butter can help you avoid diabetes and heart disease. but now a new study shows a new benefit that indicters will love. a customer tweets "bank fees make me physically ill. #overdraft" how do you respond? sounds like a medical problem. i'd send her to a hospital. "hashtag not the bank's problem." at huntington, she can link with her savings account and then we transfer the money for free. we do that. to transfer her own money? hashtag obviously. free transfers from savings when you're overdrawn. welcome to huntington -- one of money magazine's best banks
Mar 8, 2016 11:00pm EST
. there will be several other political leaders there as well. former president george w. bush and his wife laura will attend as well as hillary clinton. >> dan: tomorrow at 4:00 is when the browns will be able to cut january knee manziel if they choose -- johnny manziel, if they choose to do so, but will it happen? >> the question is simple. i am not asking johnny. what price tag do you put on reshaping the image of the if adam schecter is right and you are thinking of holding on to manziel for awhile to see if he is suspended by the league and get some of the bonus money back or get something as a return in a trade, i ask is it worth it? don't you gain more by making a strong statement cutting ties tomorrow and moving forward without the constant negative attention? maybe a moot point, the money because maybe they can void his contract anyway and keep whatever they still owe him. more coming up in sports including who could be the first offensive play maker to sign elsewhere tomorrow. that's coming up. >> dan: looking forward to that. johnny is no stranger to drama. there are a few o
Sep 4, 2016 11:00pm EDT
day yesterday but swamped out. george atkinson junior, new running -- the third. he had been with the raiders, briean boddy-calhoun. marcus burley, tyronn homes, and linebacker corey lemonier from trey caldwell, cam johnson, raheem move it territory, terrell watson and rahim moore senior had his contract terminated. might have a new quarterback. according to ian rappaport, they claim kevin hogan from the chiefs, he was actually sixth round pick this year out of stanford. he'll be going to the practice squad. taylor gabriel has a new home. no long area brown after they got rid of him. now an atlanta falcon. claimed him off of check out this finnish from today's nascar truck series. the chevy silverado 250, john nemechek in the eight truck. cole custer. that's how it ended. these two guys scraping the wall in the grass. that guy wasn't happy. cole custer was not a happy camp per after nemechek put him in the wall. didn't go any further than this. off. probably a smart move if somebody wants to beat the stuffing out of you. >>lydia: can you see that helmet. >>mark: they have to wear thos
Aug 13, 2016 11:00pm EDT
these sharks were actually born. >> that is before george washington was butt a twinkle in his father's eye. in fact, around the same time, the actual gal lay owe started staring up at the stars. before scientists killed it, finding out how how old it is, but they have no backbone. the ga lap goes tur toys is a whipper snapper at 384. and unlocking shark's secret to long life might help with our own longevity. >> these sharks are still functioning into their hundreds. and attacking prey and eating it and living a normal life. we have to learn from that. if we learn from the outliers hopefully eacf better. >> maybe a varied diet is the key. sharks have been found at the remains of polar bear, reindeer, even a moose in their stomachs. they he gobble up just about anything that slide off the ice. charlie da gata, cbs news, london. >> the man who climbed trump tower this week is getting almost as much buzz on the internet as trump himself. the story still ahead on pictures we showed you some time ago in milwaukee, where there was unrest after a police involved shooting earlier this
Sep 24, 2016 11:00pm EDT
landmark and the success it's named after, our former governor, mayor, founder, george jornavich. >> i'm happy that it's finished but i'm also sad because george can't be here to see it. >> he was such a great guy and he's the type of guy that things should be named after. >>> the completion of the $60 >>> it should widen the lanes by five. >>> anchor: and an officer is recovering after being shot through a downtown monday. >>> it was supposed to be a fun night on the town for brad baits and his 20-year-old date dixie. before long, the two were in jail. >>> for this situation. >> when brad tried to buy his friend a drink, she was not old enough for the alcoholic drink but when they refused, he walked a shortways to another bartender who gave another drink. leave. >> brock refused. and the 40-year-old veteran got punched in the face several times and the girlfriend attacked the officer from the back. >> they went through a glass gate. >> and his back was facing the back and got the worst of the cuts. our officer was bleeding so badly that a nurse nearby would not let him pursue the kid. t
Sep 25, 2016 11:30pm EDT
. thousands of drivers are taking their first spin over the george v. voinovich bridge and most say yeah, it's nice. heading into the tribe game was just a breeze. cleveland 19's denise zarrella was surprised to find the bridge was open way earlier sunday morning than expect snood the sun rises over a new portion of the george v. voinovich bridge. to some it may seem like it's just a bridge. >> you said it was it's just a bridge. >> it was nice and there wasn't any traffic. >>reporter: but this pair of really so much more. it's a main artery in and out of the city we have watched workers risk their lives to build. and now with five lanes of traffic that can now travel in both directions, the possibilities are opening up for everyone, including sports fans. >> i think that it will help alleviate traffic problems, especially when the cavs and the browns and the indians are playing like all on the same night. >> it was very nice amount of lot less traffic. a lot less congestion. easy access >> commuters are loving it too. >> that should be a nice change to my morning routine. to make it a l
Feb 13, 2016 11:00pm EST
the court's most famous decisions that led to president george w. bush taking the >> in the national interest they have to get this over with. >> the remedy for a case is always subject to the court's discretion. >> chief justice john roberts called scalia an extraordinary individual and jurist admired and treasured by his colleagues. >> his absence on this court cannot be overstated because it will change potentially the balance of the supreme court. remember now the supreme court is narrowly divided 5-4. five conservative, four liberal. >> president obama is to nominate a third justice to the high court, but he may not be able to get past the republican congress before the next presidential election. cbs news, dallas. >> and scalia agency death could start a political fire stark in washington. president obama said tonight he will nominate his replacement. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to there will be plenty of time for me to do so and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hearing and a timely vote. these are responsibilit
Feb 29, 2016 11:00pm EST
mourning the loss of an oscar winner. >> romona: george kennedy who stared in "the naked gun" and others has died. according to tmz kennedy was under hospice care for the last month. his role in "cool hand luke." kennedy was 91. >> denise: tyler hoakland got a spot in "50 shades of gray." he will play bryce fox in the movie. the character plays a minor part in the book, but the role will be expanded for the film. >> romona: johnny manziel seen partying hours after hearing his case will head to the grand jury. tomorrow morning -- >> what flavor is it? i am not quite sure. >>> now, this is the report on cleveland 19 news. >> tony: it has been a tough stretch. kyrie reportedly wants out. the cavs couldn't score. they went three and a half minutes without scoring. kyrie with the miss. then lebron breaks the drought. he went for 33. cavs up by one. pacers are not going away. the steal, the effort and the drive and the reverse finish. indy was up by three and tristan thompson comes up big. he followed that up with a huge block. cavs win it 196 and then kyrie buried that report. >> there
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)