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Feb 26, 2010 7:00pm EST
out. nice tap off the handoff. something that george tech worked on today. >> i have been impressed with georgia tech's energy and attitude on the defensive end. everybody is active, great communication. you see everyone talking. doesn't matter who is on the floor i think they have done a good job of that. >> stepping back in now for georgia tech. five on the shot clock for north carolina. shot clock violation for the tar heels. >> eight turnovers for north carolina. >> good defense by georgia tech. that was an excellent defensive possession for machelle joseph'steam.. >> bennett. back to montgomery. she will take the shot. it is short. >> and going to get whistled for the foul going for the rebound. >> her first, debbie. >> north carolina defends this play very well. what you'll see is off the bounce you'll see mo bennett reject the screen. sasha resetting the screen right here then montgomery who usually comes off that for a three. white was right there to defend. >> already in the bonus so north carolina had a chance to put a point on the board from the free-throw line but lucas
Feb 11, 2011 7:00pm EST
asking that question. connie mcneillly, george maison, and i are beginning a study on the gender issue. it's fascinating. what we'd like to do is take a look at the demographics as a presentation i gave, break it down by gender to see if there's association to the richer nations if they tend to have larger or smaller representations in the male or female populations, but the question that i asked is there a large untapped population of talented women out there that are not being recruited to u.s. universities? give me a year, and i'll get back to you on that. >> okay, there, and then we'll start in the back. >> mark, retired physicist. i want to ask a little bit about your data about the entrepreneurship. you gave these examples of intell and google. there's two types of immigration involved in that. one that comes here to study, and one that came here for political reasons. either with a visa not necessarily to study, but for political asylum, and both examples, intel and google, are the latter, i think. >> response? >> [inaudible] >> anybody like to comment on that? >> oh, okay
Mar 16, 2012 7:00pm EDT
recently at george washington university law school in washington. this is part of an all-day symposium on wall street reform regulations and new consumer protections. it is about 40 minutes. the [inaudible conversations] >> we hope you enjoyed a good lunch. we've had a very interesting morning. we are delighted now to have the privilege and honor of hearing from chairman martin jay gruenberg of the insurance corporation. chairman gruenberg has a number of distinctions, but certainly one of the most for today's event is that it works very actively on the senate banking committee for a number of years, served under senator our brains, was actively involved in the drafting of that statue, along with chairman ken fuller and nicely professor was personally untruths are to evolve. better if dean is involved in the banking committee, but obviously steve harris also we've heard from this morning. so we have a number of folks with us this morning who are truly veterans of that effort and give us some give on that statue. chairman gruenberg served on the senate banking committee, i believe i am wri
Jan 15, 2010 7:00pm EST
the democratic world that he raised its. he raised it in his first meeting with george bush. this is going to be the number-one issue of your time. that was before september the 11th so i think good things have been done differently? almost certainly. any decision you can go back over it but i think on the big picture, on the leadership he showed, the leadership the government showed, i was privileged to be there and i am very proud of the part that i was able to play. >> final question then. >> yes, can i just ask a couple of questions and reflections from you? the first question, you described to us before the break about the shock in discovering there may not be any wmd. when did you first realize how difficult the aftermath might be ended the strike even the same way? >> early, seven days, i think seven days after the invasion, there was a meeting in which john scarlett talked about sort of the real difficulties, the sense of the americans really not knowing, not appearing to have a plan that we thought they did, really serious questions starting quite early. >> and what was the
Apr 13, 2012 7:00pm EDT
senator george mcgovern of south dakota. to win the general election, humphrey needed their support. mcgovern was on board, but mccarthy hesitated. >> mccarthy told me in early august, prior to convention that he would be able to come out somewhere in the middle of september. after all, cheat and myself had a rather long friendship and we were hoping the friendship was surprised. >> time is running out and the only way humphrey could avoid fad in chicago was to bring together a johnson and antiwar democrats. with only days remaining until the convention, hunt and nixon were invited to the lbj ranch. while nixon's visit was well publicized, johnson's forbade humphrey to tell the press. humphreys at the opportunity to present johnson with his own proposal to end the war and unite the party. >> i presented reducing forces, reducing bonding and medina struck in vietnam and negotiating our way out of it. he was furious with me. i remember he said that to son-in-law's in your proposal would leave them at the mercy of the enemy. he became very personal about it. >> working against the cloc
Jan 21, 2011 7:00pm EST
. >> thank you. my name is george lawrence. i'm a semi-retired psychologist. i'm an avid hunter and self-protectionist. one quick comment and one i think pretty quick question. it seems to me that it's absurd to talk about bearing arms within the home. as if you're going to walk around, marching around carrying a home. for better or worse, i think it's pretty obvious that's what it means, to carry a gun arnold. the question i have is having noticed and appalled at it, spokes people for gun organizations asserting the necessity for the private ownership of assault rifles with high-capacity magazines, justified by thomas jefferson's regrettable comment as a way to prevent encoaching government, makes me wonder whether there's any substantial body of legal opinion that supports a constitutional right to prepare for armed insurrection. >> nelson, you may be an expert on that issue. >> well, i don't know about informed legal opinion, but in justice scalia's opinion in heller, he acknowledges that part of the purpose of the second amendment is to enable the citizenry to resist, or more importa
May 11, 2012 7:00pm EDT
casualty insurance. the george w. bush administration as deputy secretary of the department of commerce and assistant secretary of commerce for economic development. welcome, dr. simpson. >> it's a pleasure to be with you today. i appreciate your leadership on this issue and for the invitation to be here. pcie and its members who write about 52% of all the flood insurance as partners with the wife nfip through the right and wrong coalition program believe that the nfip is vitally important venetian and economy it doesn't just affect one part of the nation. flooding occurs all across the country and we fully support your efforts to pass a bipartisan legislation that includes a long-term reauthorization need meaningful reform. i would like to emphasize three points in my testimony today. first, it is vitally important to avoid another lapse in the nfip as they have real world negative consequences for consumers and the economy. second, confirmed by the government accountability office program is meaningful structural reforms and privatization of the flood program is not feasible
Oct 28, 2011 7:00pm EDT
taking a 50% loss on the value of greek debt. last night greg by minister george papandreou address the nation and said the deal would give his country extra time to rebuild its economy. his comments are just over five minutes. >> translator: my fellow citizens the agreement we have just achieved opens up new prospects for our country. gives us the possibility to determine our own future. the efforts of the greek people is to produce results step-by-step and it brought us to last night to yesterday's decisions. this did not come by chance. our own collective effort is what gave us the most important tool for the negotiations. not only for our debt, but also for our very future. yesterday's decision gives us time. it gives us the opportunity to plot out and follow our own course and i want to assure you that this decision in no way creates a problem for a banking system. on the contrary, creates new possibilities from development to the economy to the supportive social welfare. it gives us also the courage to move forward under better conditions. when negotiated and managed, a substa
Mar 9, 2012 7:00pm EST
this topic or who has ideas or questions that we can do at the state level. george? >> my office participating in con -- conjunction and directed at homeless veterans, but we do a one-stop shopping fair, attended by hundreds and hundreds of verett raps each year where vets are set up from a support system, brings in judges to deal with cases so that they get their records paid off, legal services, housing specialists, and it's been very helpful. >> that's with the federal government? the veteran services at the federal level? >> state government is the principle driver. >> just to plant a seed, we're using $5 million of our hard dollars from the mortgage settlement to match federal funds for veterans or temporary housing for homeless veteran, and we did it through the governor's office and apparently have been able to play upon matching federal funds to effectively use $5 million of the settlement to do that. >> another one is when you learn the number of veterans who serve the country become homeless, it's sad. we could be doing more than we are. that's a good view. i know there
Nov 5, 2010 7:00pm EDT
people think t.a.r.p. is a bad idea, does that mean washington should not in a good? hats off to george w. bush for doing what has to be done any crisis in spite of its unpopularity and his party in his country. whatever the problems with it, it was a massive success. i would say the same horrors the stimulus and ironically if you're going to criticize that is because it's small, not too large. same for the auto company bailout. and you can apply that than to the new agenda. well, how are we going to produce more jobs and economic growth in the short term. because if we don't get growth going come you can't deal with it by cutting spending because the decline of revenues from low growth will overwhelm any savings from cutting spending alone. that's the kind of talk were not getting. and one of the really sad thing is that this sort of party coming in now with lots of new members and energy is articulating agenda, that if you look at it in pure substantive terms, doesn't have a chance of doing anything about the problems that are consuming the american public right now. final point, davi
Apr 27, 2012 7:00pm EDT
. historically, by interpretation of the department and under previous president george w. bush coming cases where there was deferred action, these individuals were allowed to work, given a work authorization. now under the new policy these individuals are offered administrative closure, and your department has taken a position that individuals whose cases are administrative we close cannot apply for work authorization. this creates a real problem. you are saying to qualified individuals they will not be deported but they can't work to support themselves and their families. many are going to end up in the underground economy which puts them at risk of exploitation and undercuts the labour market. only a few thousand people who have had their deportations halted so far so i can imagine this will have any significant impact on employment in america. i ask you then why we are not at least making certain that if we have deferred action or administrative closure that a person is allowed to work? >> first, just to make sure we have a common understanding of the record, we have continued defe
Nov 4, 2011 7:00pm EDT
at george mcgovern and 72, jimmy carter in '76, you know that howard dean phenomena, the resurrection of john mccain. there was more of a critical mass of the campaign infrastructure. a lot of good strategists that have been there and have done this kind of thing before either on that level or other high levels. fund raising potential. there was a fitness to that, randomness spending two days going the length of tennessee until march 6th and then we started hearing some of the grumbling about some of the problems during the tenure of the national restaurant association and you can sort of tell this is going to be short-lived. my guess is i think the probability is very high that we are going to see that romney is the republican nominee to the question in my mind is it is quick and clean or is it long and dirty and if it is quick and clean where he wraps up the nomination, and wrapping up a real tele-tv to realize is a relative term there is a point before hillary clinton dropped out that you knew that barack obama was going to be the democratic nominee so it wasn't technically over bu
Aug 19, 2011 7:00pm EDT
cases. >> host: george, independ from missouri, george. >> caller: missouri. >> host: okay, go ahead. >> caller: the fbi -- do they study cybercrime and i know i'm changing the subject and profiling, looking into that. that's the simple question. >> host: yeah, george, in fact earlier this week, george, we did focus on cyber threats at the fbi yesterday actually on the washington journal, and all the programs this week of the last hour, monday through today, can be found at if yourself interested in those. go ahead. >> guest: certainly that is something profilers look at, too. who is doing this and what can we tell about them? you read in the newspapers that the fbi does make arrests on the hacking cases and so forth. it's something we're very concerned with because the potential damage that cyber threats or cyber terrorists could pose. >> host: trent, independent in st. paul, minnesota. >> caller: yeah, good morning. hello? >> host: we're listening, trent. >> caller: yeah, hello. yeah. >> host: i'm here. >> caller: i want to ask the gentleman, how many time does the
Aug 24, 2012 7:00pm EDT
had taken over the nelson home for his headquarters. he quietly urged general george washington to open fire. the homeless destroyed and nelson died in grants. he was driven from his wife's bedside issue is died or the 13 children fled for their last from within a year they lived in caves, returning home to find his wife dead in its children finished in a few weeks later he died of a broken heart. in closing, i want all of you to remember that every day, think about the last phase of the first verse of the star-spangled banner. because it is a question. zero say does that star-spangled banner yet wave, o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave. that is a question. and the answer to that question would be yes if we must have -- we must have great leaders like you defending the gates of freedom. we are so fortunate to have you with that mission. i know that you will continue to do great work and you'll make our country better as it goes forward. i want to thank you for your service to our country. it's an honor and privilege to be with you today. thank you very much. [appla
Sep 7, 2012 7:00pm EDT
. so that when you have a couple of great characters like george and walt who i described were pretty different characters, we learned a fair amount of george come and you put them in some of the situations that they were in. and are able to create dialogs and bring other characters into that situation, you have quite a great setup for a movie, i think. so bring them on. and in all seriousness, you know, for me a big part of this exercise has been getting the story of sealab out. this somehow got lost on the historical radar so anything that brings, like the book or what we're doing right here, that brings more attention, understanding to it i think is a good thing. so just in that respect a major motion picture would be welcomed. and quite good i think, too. >> first off i want to say that i'm about 50 pages into the book. it was very intricately reported. very interesting story. i especially like the story about hurting the goats around the navy bases. but i was curious to know, how did you get interested in doing this? >> how do they get interested in doing the book? >> the divers
Dec 4, 2009 7:00pm EST
to write speeches for george w. bush. in obama's case to make, one of the things he says in the forum as the casualties increase, effective explanation of this strategy will matter more and more. >> i think it's always a requirement. and no one, we got the conditions right. and the three missions were there. we took not one hostile death casualty then, and not in 10 years. i think he has the conditions. i'm not as pessimistic as the article you just read it. i think we're going to have an opportunity here to create a situation in afghanistan that it cannot be used by terrorists again. and i'm more as i said, more optimistic. >> glen is joining us from connecticut. good morning. >> caller: good morning. steve, i have the presence to say this before i close my comment to the general. i watched the news media report on this war ever since it started. when the first troops went into afghanistan, i believe it was somewhat in the neighbor of tens of thousands. if we put in 68,000, i think the situation in afghanistan would be much greater right now. and no one criticize the bush admin
Sep 30, 2011 7:00pm EDT
rest of the world has confidence in dollar. this is just paper pictures of george washington. this is not functioning properly. a lot of people who are buying gold -- i am not recommending people buy gold -- when criticizing the rise in the price, it is confusing. if corn is going up, and there could be speculation. goldas people believing that paper currencies are getting ready to go. if they are all based on the government. they all made these commitments. .t is not just greece it is everybody by germany and maybe france. france's marginal. it will be interesting to see. they were speculating that paper currencies are not holding up. i tend to think it will not happen in immediate future. i tended to think we've got 10 years in which will be go directly with determine it. i think the dog will collapse. when it collapses, there will be a lot of warning. when it happens, everybody will be stunned. i think we've probably got 10 years. every kid going in the wrong direction, we might have less. i do not think this is likely to happen. i think we were direct, will not have to fix all of
Dec 10, 2010 7:00pm EST
democrats. george bush in 1990 won seats, but the democrats lost pretty bad. it's a harder question to say to what degree was obama's fault whether it was bad leadership or failed leadership on his part, and to what degree is just a function of, you know, very terrible economy. i think, you know, there are elements of both. >> host: well, when you look back and see george w. bush losing seats or ronald reagan or jimmy carter in 1980s, historically, has it been the president's fault or is it things that congress has been up to? >> guest: well, it's always a combination of things. i mean, -- one, there is a dynamic by which, you know, this is political science called serge and decline. you win big, bring in with you two year congressman, senators. two years later, the congressmen, some of them are going to be swept back out in the tide. six years later, some of the senators are swept back out. some of this is dynamic. it also has to do with the economy. when times are bad, voters are more motivated to go out and punish the party in power which they tend to identify with the president,
Jun 3, 2011 7:00pm EDT
turning out cars. george standing up for this company. you are sticking up for this way of life. you are scoring one for the home team and showing the world that the mannion to become american manufacturing and american industry is that. now i don't want to pretend like everything is solved. we've still got a long way to go. not just in this industry but in our economy, for all our friends, our neighbors who are still feeling the sting of the recession. there's nobody here who doesn't know somebody looking for work that hasn't found something yet. even though the economy is growing and it's created more than 2 million jobs over the past 15 months, we still face tough times. we still faces some challenges. this economy took a big hit. just like if you had a bad illness or got hit by a truck, it's going to take awhile for you to amend and that's what's happened to the economy it's taking awhile to mend, and there's still some head winds coming at us. lately it's been high gas prices that cause a lot of hardship for a lot of working families then you have the economic destructively to disru
Apr 16, 2010 7:00pm EDT
george washington university. he's also a 2004. truman scholar distinction shared by the speaker who is among the first class of scholars in 1977. national editor for "vanity fair." john hughes reporter for bloomberg news and national press club board member. senior business ed qtr at aviation week magazine. undersecretary for the national protection programs to electorate and guest for the speaker. skipping over the podium we have andrew snyder says the editor and chairman of the press club's speakers' committee. skipping the speaker for the moment sean bullard national press club board member and president. the speaker's committee member who led the organization of today's event. acting tsa administrator and a guest of the speaker. linda jeneane and member of the speaker's committee and washington editor at crimber magazine. she's also helped put together this evening. chris chambers journalism professor george tenacity and commentator for russia today also a member of the press club. the director of communications for the holes corporation and former homeland security corporat
Aug 10, 2012 7:00pm EDT
pull the names off of who did what in the 21st century, obama is essentially governing as george bush's third term. he has followed all the bailout economics that george bush got underway. is the federal control, late bush did he kept us into war as an added a third to the mix. you know, in the end, paul ryan is the darling of conservative budget cutters on the republican side. his budget, heavy spending of $4.7 trillion in 2021. obama said the $5.7 trillion. it's kind of like the difference is that is minimal in the end compared to the vast difference of other people. i mean, we are splitting hairs with republicans and democrats, but we feel a need to vilify the other side. c-span: of all the videos you definitely don't have it, but which has got most reaction? >> guest: of the largest video is probably one way or the videographer has gone on to do a free landscape. dan hayes, an off-duty policeman pulling a gun at a snowball fight in washington d.c. about two winters ago. that went all over the place. but then we've done other things than is probably the did a great video, meredith br
Feb 25, 2011 7:00pm EST
classroom at the time and with the chancellor of syracuse university said to george weiss and his foundation, it's time to bring your program of to scale. if you do it one classroom at a time that is not the kind of bold idea or bold change we need in this country as the mayor booker eloquently said to save democracy. and much to our delight, george weiss and the say yes to education foundation decided to bring it to scale and ago city-wide in the city of syracuse. now the promise of a free college tuition alone is the carrot sexy enough to get rid of these attention, but the beauty of this program is that while it gets people's attention and children and families attention, what it does is provide the support all along the academic career of children to give them and the families the kind of support they need to focus on education. because i think as we all know, it is not enough to just say to people you can go to college. what we have to make sure is the of the skills necessary and that they actually believe that they can go to college. and for far too many children in cities a
Dec 18, 2009 7:00pm EST
in this country have been interested in for years. george bush, president george bush was a great champion of community health centers and bernie sanders now in this bill is making sure that we get a very significant increase, thousands of new clinics. so there are opportunities for democrats and republicans to work together and i'm going to talk about a way we can create a new market place in american health care through these exchanges and get more value for the health care dollar, and focusing on the opportunity that we see with community health centers for democrats and republicans to team up, and i thank my colleague for his statement. mr. president, and i know because of our work together on health legislation, you share my view that we can continue this effort to bring the senate together on both sides around the key principles of health reform, and i want to do that again this morning by focusing on of one of the most transformational and least understood parts of the health care debate, and that is the question of the health insurance exchanges. my guess is across the cou
Feb 19, 2010 7:00pm EST
what could be an acc doubleheader for you. duke and george tech on many of these sports regional networks coming up. your leading scorers, boston college, carolyn swords with her seven. we told you another with 11 and the next 9. 19 points tying the season low at the half. 16 turnovers of the season high. boston college already had as many turnovers as shots. 19 shots in the first half and 16 turnovers. >> robin: possessions. offensive rebounds of which they have just three. and turning the ball you are losing possession and it is very difficult to score. >> rich: you were talking about sylvia crawley wanting to make significant adjustments. they were more than that. >> rich: nicely done by amber white. >> robin: boston college defenders up high. then appealing off that. amber white all the way into the lane. takes her time. shots off and over her. nc state leads. biggest lead in the ballgame is 16. that's another turnover. white. counting the buckets. this second half has started much like the first half for bc. >> robin: how about the way that amber white uses her body after sh
Jun 17, 2011 7:00pm EDT
? thank you. [applause] my name is richard and i teach conflict resolution at george mason university, and i know you can't talk about everything but i was hoping the panel would say something about the u.s. nato intervention in libya since i teach conflict resolution when the colonel gadhafi who's not my favorite person in the world said he would negotiate with the rebels and the united states immediately refused to listen to him. i wondered how you felt about the west's nato intervention in a country which is experiencing not just a revolt against the dictator but a civil war, taking sides in the civil war is usually i think not a very good idea. and if one wants to safeguard the independence of the arab movements and presented the u.s. and europe, playing the imperial role in that part of the world, doesn't half to advocate conflict resolution instead of military intervention in libya? thank you. >> thank you. [applause] >> [inaudible] dak in 65i was in high school in the searing and because i was refused to repeat, [inaudible] and broke my nose and i am a firm believer in the air
Apr 8, 2011 7:00pm EDT
. it's an op-ed that was written by gary becker, george p. shultz, former secretaries of -- he was secretary of three things, including treasury; and john taylor, who is a stanford economics professor. they wrote this op-ed in the "wall street journal." i'll just quote two short paragraphs. they start out by saying "wanted: a strategy for economic growth, full employment and deficit reduction all without inflation." they say "experience shows how to get there. credible actions that reduce the rapid growth of federal spending and debt will raise economic growth and lower the unemployment rate, higher private investment, not more government purchases, is the surest way to increase prosperity. when private investment is high, unemployment is low. above all, they say, the federal government needs a credible and transparent budget strategy. it's time for a game changeer, a budget action that will stop the recent discretionary spending binge before it gets entrenched in government agencies." and they conclude by saying "we need to lay out a path for total federal government spending grow
Dec 3, 2010 7:00pm EST
after george w. bush and other leaders gave us no child left behind. he believed what worked in texas would work for the country and that enough leverage from washington would cause this to happen. some members agreed with him and others let him try. it didn't work, however. nine years later, a big challenge in the 112th congress is to set matters right once again. mclb did us a bit of good by making the performance of the schools in the country transz parent flagging the gaps that plague us achieving some efficiency in giving kids alternatives to bad schools. there's some gains in math entirely in the early grades. nothing changed by way of high school graduation or 12th grade achievement or in reading. you're well aware of the overriding problem not much different today, only worse than 1993. the american kids are not learning enough and the results of the tests are out on tuesday. they're going to underscore this and we are falling behind the rest of the world because we are flat and other places are getting better. the problem first identified in 1983 is unsolved in 2010. no child
Dec 9, 2011 7:00pm EST
get reelected. lee by saying my trying to disqualify this opponent? >> trying to disqualify george bush's record and he never put forward by they should vote for him. first off, john kerry and the "wizard of oz." last back were in florida. it was in a statement he was going to run in 2008, when the kid comes up in his yelling and screaming and the police, and the kid yells out, don't teaser me, bro. the kid goes straight down. first person ever electrified from a john kerry speech. [laughter] [applause] it is not enough to tell people what you are against. you have to explain to them what you are for. the key in this obama thing i'm starting two years to ask whether he deserves four more years is actually the wrong question. to ask what there is record the ears is a better question. for years seems like such a short amount of. based on nicer survey shows the philly with jobs, fill it with the economy, sailor with virtually everything, does the record of serving eight-year presidency. if you change to eight years of weekends. >> how much clan does having a republican governor of thi
Jan 8, 2010 7:00pm EST
the process. that is why george mitchell is going out first to consult in europe but then in the region and why we have the kinds of meetings here at the state department we have today, to try to assess where the parties are, refine our ideas, evaluate steps that we can take and others can take to move the parties to formal negotiations. that remains our core objectives. >> staying on the middle east, first question, is some sort of reunification between fata and hamas necessary for the peace process to go forward? >> i think we recognize the value of the unity government, but tweet wants to see a negotiation begin as soon as possible, so is a unity government a prerequisite, it is not. >> does that imply any talks say if they were to start tomorrow would be extensively with those who represent fata and not hamas? >> well, we are focused on working with president abbas and recognize his leadership, his historic interest in pursuing merely sfius, his acceptance of the fundamental principles which include israel's right to exist, it's right to security as well as the rights of the
Mar 18, 2011 7:00pm EDT
george w. bush telling us it wouldn't change america, i'm concerned that it has. you represent 50,000 well-meaning people. i debate well-trained because your turnover is still pretty darn high and it's hard to have that many new people and say they are well-trained. every time i go through security i see training. that's a good thing, but i see the need for training every time i go through. let me give you something other than full body scanner for relief. i fly more than 40 round trips a year plus overseas trip. for more than six years i carried in my carry on bag gouge and every flight a pair of folding scissors. that pair of scissors was taken away two weeks ago. that pair of folding scissors, if you open them up has one inch of blade times two, and it's overall length is two inches. i have researched and can want find a basis for taking that away. do you have an explanation for that kind of subjectivity? were they wrong -- 40 times two is 80. you know, 320 times they were wrong, or right one time? >> we did an analysis on the prohibited items list on november 2005, that time frame
Jul 8, 2011 7:00pm EDT
-span. let me say thank you to our two guests dr. scott pace from george washington university here in the district. mark matthews cover washington mark matthews cover washington >> the as they shuttle atlantis lifted off at 11:29 a.m. eastern with a final flight of the thirty-year shuttle program. the 12 day mission to the international space station. following the takeoff mass officials including the nasa space shuttle launch director mike leinbach briefed reporters on the final mission. this is 50 minutes. >> good afternoon everybody and welcome to a very joyous day. the sts-135 post-launch news conference after the successful launch of space shuttle atlantis today. before a near record crowds in this -- space coast area. believe we have 1535 news media here in attendance and it looks like we crammed as many of you folks in the room as we possibly could today. thank you very much for coming. we would like to begin things with by introducing members of our panel and then we will have a opening comments and be happy to take your questions. to my immediate left is mr. william gerstenma
Dec 27, 2015 10:30am CST
have a lot of tough people in iowa that are very resilient. from former president george h.w. bush. the iowa boy says he feels honored to make history today but he is already thinking about the goals he hopes to achieve tomorrow. we are joined with the nation's longest-serving governor, terry branstad. thank you, governor. gov. branstad: glad to be with you. it is a great honor and i am really proud to serve the people of iowa. this is a great state. i go to every county every year and meet a lot of wonderful people. i only say we a lot more we want to accomplish in the next three years. cynthia: the presidential candidates call it -- we should call it the full branstad. gov. branstad: grassley started before i did so i have to give credit. it is a great way to stay in touch with people and learn what it is a lot of fun, a lot of wonderful people in iowa. i grew up on the minnesota border. small rural county. we never used to see the governor. when i got elected governor i said, i want people to know, people in our counties to say, they think we are part of minnesota. i want them t
Jan 3, 2016 10:30am CST
who will become the more populous candidate? george w. bush startled both of those in 2000 mike huckabee and rick santorum were the more popular in 2012. but we have seen people like christie and k-6 -- kasich and bush, they have spent more time in new hampshire. so i wonder whether iowa will see more of a fight between the populous candidate rather than the establishment candidate. stacey: who needs to win here? dennis: the caucuses are all about expectation. not as well is expected? dennis: right now expectations are up for ted cruz, so i think he needs to do well here. i think he needs to do first or almost a tie with trump if he continues on that way. and ted cruz has a firewall among southern states, everything is moving south after new hampshire. he is paying attention to them. i think that ted cruz needs to win here. and i think the question for rubio is there a state where he can win? on the democratic side, particularly with memories of 2008, hillary clinton needs to win. she had the organizational strength this time. if she does not win in iowa, she is a damaged candid
Feb 21, 2016 10:30am CST
without democrats treated the george w. bush nominees, but i don't think so. when you look at the timing of this so close to a national election, we should be consistent with historical in 80 years we have never approved a new supreme court justice this close to an election. tom: except for justice kennedy. 1988. and if you're going to be a strict constructional list, you should look at article two, the senate uses advice and consent with regard to the nominee. nothing about it being an election year is included in article two, if you want to look at that roadmap as part of our constitution. steve: the president basically set out one quarter of his final term on the sidelines, then not putting forth a nominee? >> i would argue that they are putting out the consent. they are saying that this is the decision that should be made when the next president of the united states. steve: something we could go on about forever, so we will move along. there was a new story about how justice scalia and justice ruth bader ginsburg were great friends but admitted enemies why can't both parties overcome
Sep 27, 2017 11:15am CEST
climate change strategy. she even brought us president george w. bush on board not the most environmentally committed of statesman. for or if you underestimate her. she's always very very well prepared and she knows all the details. oh you really have to know the material if you want to have a serious discussion with her. discourse on for. thank the two thousand and nine general election saw the c.d.u. c.s.u. bloc post their second worst showing in sixty years but they still managed to secure a coalition with their preferred partners the center right free democrats. although the economy was struggling the new government cut taxes and took on record new debt . but the dream turned sour as the coalition was riddled with squabbling meaningful policy making proved elusive important debates were overshadowed by rivalries within the coalition. for the chancellor it was an often frustrating experience. in late two thousand and ten the government decided to extend the law. span of germany's nuclear power plants. just months later it made a dramatic u. turn in response to the disaste
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of the security of the united states and that has happened again and again bill clinton and george w. bush and then barack obama have all postponed the implementation of this again and again donald trump also did it one day in the summer this year but only grudgingly after he was. supported in this by his advisors and allies of the united states but now he seems to have changed his mind it could be that he declares he wants to the embassy in jerusalem but still postponed the move for six months so legally not much would change but it would still be a game changer politically and diplomatically in person is there any sense there in the u.s. that the timing of this being suspicious that that trump is doing this now to divert attention from the f.b.i. investigation into his campaign's connections to russia. there is a sense certainly but it's difficult to prove and to be fair donald trump seems to really believe that the u.s. embassy should be in jerusalem he has promised that during his election campaign now he has broken some of his promises but he's also kept some when you look at th
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president george w. bush and. this is a commission which is given to the higher ranking officials in the white house a challenging job to be the chief white house ethics lawyer because every time somebody gets in trouble you have to deal with it and you have to tell people what they can do you have to tell people they have to sell off their interests and in businesses they create conflicts of interests. yes we filled painter in on the results of the investigation of the show. the conservative attorney was unsparing in his verdict that something. could there be a clash of interests. and yes if he has financial holdings. that could be affected. by his government work then he is at risk of violating a criminal statute if they protest sufficing government matters that have a direct predictable effect on his financial holdings you know a lot about governments were a whole farm can we were us influence on decisions about sanctions or the commerce secretary would be expected to have an important role in making decisions about economic sanctions imposed on any foreign country what we're talk
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