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Jun 19, 2011 10:00am PDT
>>> hello, and welcome to "comunidad del valle." i'm damian trujillo. today, george lopez and carlos santana, touring together across the nation. so you don't want to miss that. plus, the lieutenant santiago scholarship foundation. this is your "comunidad del valle." ♪ >>> we begin today with the flamenco society of san jose. eddie and catherine diaz are with me here. they're bringing la rena? is that the title? we'll talk about her in a bit, but tell us about the flamenco society first and foremost, if you will. >> sure. we're a non-profit organization. we've been around over 25 years. and what we do is promote the art of flamenco. we have presented some of the greatest pla meinko artists from traditional to modern flamenco and different styles from the guitar, dancing, and now we have a flamenco piano guitarist. >> and tell us about her a little bit. we're going to play a quick -- let me play this quick clip, and then at the other end, you can tell us a little bit about her. play about 15 seconds of this. ♪ ♪ >> so, tell us about her. there she is in white dress. who i
Jul 26, 2015 9:30am PDT
george alexander community law center at santa clara university law school, and we have an immigration program, and we also have a labor unemployment program, and so we are busy. in the last few months, we've seen one a week, sometimes it's more, sometimes it's less, of labor trafficking cases. we see more labor trafficking than sex trafficking. often, there's an overlap between sex and labor, but we're definitely busy, and i think there is a heightened awareness. i know that the common remark or common comment after the training is "why didn't this happen before?" because people are thinking back about situations that they now know, maybe, trafficking 'cause there's so many misconceptions out there. people think that it involves smuggling or that somebody has to cross a border, but it really doesn't. it's just force or fraud or coercion, and there's often debt bondage involved, where the person is paying off a debt. their papers are taken. and often there's threats, and it's psychological coercion as well as physical coercion. and for children, if you're under 18, then there's no forc
Mar 6, 2016 9:30am PST
what was going on or with her friend george will and other from her circle back here in washington and talked to our own wonderful tom brokaw as recently as their shared ronald reagan/tom brokaw birthday on february 6th. i don't think she could have been happy or would be happy about the tone taken in these debates. and in this campaign. >> yeah, certainly, her intrin intrinsic style reflected a different era. i would also like to ask you, as tom shared the last conversation on february 6th of this year, can you share with us anything from your last communication with mrs. reagan sn. >> well, my last communication was a public one because i called her when maggie thatcher died. they shared such a love and respect for each other. and they really shared ronnie reagan. maggie thatcher was the first foreign leader who took reagan seriously and took his ideas seriously. and she was his partner throughout those very tumultuous years when he was isolated from the other foreign leaders by their different perspective towards east/west relations. primarily and also towards economics. so magg
Jun 28, 2015 9:30am PDT
commission on the status of women and the office of women's policy, as well as other departments, the george and katharine alexander law center, which does a lot of employment law. so, it was a thought, sort of our brain child in order to reward employers in the county of santa clara that are doing right by their employees, basically, that are providing environments that are supportive of them, and their families-- damian: what--give us some examples of that. what are we talking about here? lupe: so, the award has three different criteria. we're looking at things like pregnancy and parenting leave. so, accommodations in facility that they offer their employees around that. it also is looking at lactation accommodations for women specifically, women who have children, and then also, work-life balance. so, some of the--there are three levels to the award. there's a bronze, there's a silver, and there's a gold. and, employers can do a self-assessment of their own organization and their own, sort of, employee policies and then, you know, see whether or not they can be awarded one of the three di
Dec 25, 2016 9:30am PST
school with a college and career pathway. and we have george middle school with a visual and performing arts cluster. they had a fantastic program 2 weeks ago on tuesday, where we had the mexican heritage plaza standing room only. you know, it was fantastic to see five schools, everybody participating, and the parents were, the audience. and it was just magic, right, when we see our students performing, when exhibiting their works of art, and in all kinds of ways. and then ocala middle school has a stem academy and elementary cluster following the same pathway, and creating amazing things in their maker spaces. fisher, in the process of becoming, they are a business focused middle school, and becoming part of the new tech network. damian: you have to start early. hilaria: yes, absolutely, absolutely. and the last, but not least, you know, when you're talking about starting early, we are about to offer preschool in every single one of our elementary campuses by august 2017. and we opened our first family resource center at chavez elementary. and that is so that every family ha
Nov 17, 2013 9:30am PST
do pofolio reviews for community artists ke george rivera. look up books and blogs and any information can do to promote my artwork to get i out there and sell it. here is the slideshow that you provided us. this is right nowhat you're displaying over at the cpa? yes. >> tellus about these. >> this is the exhibition, i ve ten paintings inn the range of 30 by 40 inches. some are bigger and some are smalle they're all oil dancers.on canvas of the some go back as far as 2010. there is a couple i still have from then, and since the i think about five or s are from this year. and -- >> a lot of -- >> i see a lot of brightcolors, tell us about t colorfulness of your work. everywhere you work,here is many distinguished bright colo. >> yes, they are very important to me. at the beginning when i would ok at the dancers, that is part of wt attracted me, they have and whathey'ref what holding, it' very colorful, a the movement and the drums and it's all veryenergetic. so when i started wking on this body of work i wanted to show that in the paintings and that color a per of the dance,
Apr 21, 2013 9:30am PDT
want to thank the george the university and harvard university, capitol hill, staff there. staff of mike honda, congressman, and the director of the documentary, carolyn brown for taking a risk on a former farm worker. we appreciate all of the honor. let's show you again mailbag. drop us a line. there is my e-mail address and my twitter handle. twitter handle is --@newsdamian. we leave you with the sounds of raul and mexia. ♪ >> he is a terrible deejay. why didn't you give her what she wanted? >> mexia. [ speaking spanish ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for derm exclusive instant anti-aging, brought to you by beachbody. >> tonight this is promotion for a film. i'm supposed to look good, so i do feel quite a lot of pressure. i feel like my skin looks really good. now, i'm 40, and i'm not ashamed of that. i want to look the best that i can and i can absolutely say without a shadow of a doubt i have never looked better, and that is truly thanks to derm exclusive. [♪...] hi, i'm minnie driver. so let me ask you a question: whe
Jun 25, 2017 9:30am PDT
have boutique vintners like joseph george, fortino, guglielmo's, testa rossa, and even travieso. damian: and here's some great images that we got off your website of last year's event, and you pair these with some great food, and how can you go wrong? ray: oh, the food. and then this year, we have, you know, rudy mason's falling off the bone ribs. damian: ha ha ha ha. ray: you know, ronnie lott owns tracy toyota, and every time he has an event there, rudy is from tracy and he does his barbecues for him. i said, "you've gotta cut those things a little bit smaller," 'cause they're huge. and then we have mint and basil, vietnamese vegan and vegetarian food, this year. and we have luna mexican kitchen which is, oh my goodness, my good friends john and joe lopez own that. they just opened it 2 weeks ago and they're--lobster, brother. damian: wow. ray: it's a really--it's in the rose garden area, but the food is great. so, we'll have them, zona rosa, plaza garibaldi. it's just a great event. and several chefs, four or five chefs that we'll have there. damian: and the upside to everyth
Oct 23, 2011 10:30am PDT
letting it flow out of me, what god has given me to do. >> and i shared this with george lopez. i asked him once, in the middle of the night if he comes up with a joke, if he writes it down on his note pad next to his bed. he said, yeah, sometimes he does it on a clothes hangar. i do that with a news story. i have to write it down or i'll forget. do you find when you find of conceive something that you have to either jot it down so you don't forget it or do you have to get to work right away? >> i have to jot it down or even talk, discuss it. i usually talk about it with my mother. she has really helped me a lot with guiding me with colors. she knows what i'm capable of so i get pushed in that direction. that's usually how i would go with it. sometimes i get dreams and visits -- oh, i saw that. or it may have been something i've seen. oh, that was because i went and visited this place or i saw the wall at the bellagio and it triggered some colors to come out or could be anything like that. >> is there anything you want those who are appreciating your art to go home with? or what is it y
Jun 27, 2015 5:30pm PDT
esto. >> lupe: definitivamente. y como le dije, estamos colaborando con el centro legal de george & katharine alexander law center, que ellos ven este tipo de casos y ayudan a la gente en la comunidad. si la gente tiene algún problema, pueden ir con ellos, y ellos ven todo esto, todos los días, este tipo de abuso. entonces, nosotros tenemos este premio con ellos para poder darle algo a los empleadores que están haciendo la cosa correcta, que están apoyando a sus empleados y a sus familias. queremos reconocerlos a todos, queremos que la comunidad sepa quiénes son para que los apoyen, para que vayan a comprar con ellos, y bueno, es una forma de decirles a ellos, ¿estás haciendo lo correcto por los empleados? queremos que te reconozcan y queremos que los demás empleadores en el condado sigan el ejemplo y hagan lo mismo. >> damián: me imagino que en este esfuerzo de premiar a estas empresas, todos ganan, gana el empleador y los empleados también al mismo tiempo. >> lupe: definitivamente, eso es lo que pensamos, porque como dije de nuevo, queremos que se reconozcan a estos em
Jan 13, 2013 9:30am PST
start immigration reform with george bush and then 9/11 hit and it was blown out of of the water. >> the political climate now is such that something needs to be done. i think everyone agrees on a national state and local level that this issue needs to be addressed. and the four years obama is in office will go by fast and the next presidential election will be before us within -- it will be here pretty soon and it will be very important for everyone to take a look at what they've done to address this issue. >> now is the time to do it. >> exactly. >> any final thought while we show your information on the screen again? >> one important reminder to the immigration community is to seek assistance of an accredited agency or legal representative when getting immigration advice. it is extremely important that consultants not be consulted with to get proper legal advice. it there are many agencies that are willing to help and there are many different benefits available with different action. this new provisional unlawful presence waiver. it's important to be educated. >> thank you ver
Apr 16, 2017 9:30am PDT
señorita cantinera. ♪ ♪ ♪ que quiero olvidar la traición de esa mujer. ♪ ♪ ♪ [music - theme, "george to the rescue"] hi, i'm jason. i'm jillian. and we're from roxbury township, new jersey. jason and i met at hillside church. we both grew up there. we started dating after i graduated high school and dated about 2 and 1/2 years and got married a year and a half later. i would describe jillian as creative, beautiful obviously, a wonderful mother. jason is very trustworthy. he's devoted. he's a great husband and father.
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12