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service providing 24/7 programming to classics such as "sesame street," curious george, thomas and friends, cpb has a long history of making quality early childhood education available to children nationwide particularly for disadvantaged children. studies show these investments produce impressive results including an increase in school readiness. "sesame street" in particular has been shown to help children stay at the appropriate grade level and decrease eye as much as 14% the likelihood of being behind in school. that is why these proposed budget cuts are so foolish no matter where you live or your income level. public broadcasting must be available for every american and i look forward to your testimony. thank you. >> thank you ranking member lowey. ms. harrison good morning. i am chuck fleischmann and i represent the great people of tennessee. my local public broadcasting station is wtc i. it's in chattanooga that i want to thank you for being here today and i would like to recognize you now for your opening statement. >> thank you chairman fleischmann. ranking member delauro
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)