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2017 6
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quote -- george w. bush said earlier today, we go to other countries, urging leaders to have freedom of the press in their country and then we denounce the press in our own country. it's not a good thing. but you mention the word science, we have a couple more questions, but i want to take the opportunity to say this -- i have said from time to time that i have three or four answers to all of our problems. science, science, science and science. science whether it's about our good health. science whether it's our competitiveness in business and in our economy. science to invest to protect our country. science to again protect this planet which is god's creation. when my republican colleagues say to me, faith or science, take your pick. i say science is an answer to our prayers. that's why some of the evangelicals join us in our protection of the planet because they believe, as do i, this is god's creation and we have a moral responsibility to protect it. so whether it's our health, our national security, the air our children breathe, or our economy, science, science, science and science. tha
and george herbert walker bush, president bush, they and the president obama acted when congress refused to act. because we wouldn't take the house, wouldn't take it up. so he asked the president, congress would not act at least the house would not act. in 1986, congress did act. congress did act and passed an immigration bill. president reagan said, you didn't do enough so were going to have the family fairness decision which protected a higher percentage of people in our country, immigrations in our country than even president obama did. he did that, george herbert walker bush continue that entire percentage of people, family fairness. president clinton continued that, president george w bush, a great president on immigration, he said about the value of immigration to our country. i'm surprised that his own party did not go along with it. president obama, just take president reagan, bush, clinton . w bush, obama and you see a complete departure from the respect for immigrants in our country. immigrants get the job done, that's what they said in hamilton. immigrants get the job
the house in 2006. she became a friendly thorn in the side of president george w. bush on his iraq war policy but had to find a way to work with him on rescuing the u.s. economy from economic collapse of 2008 and 2009. along the way, navigating what has become an increasingly partisan house while trying to win the day for her side of the aisle, even surviving the occasional challenge for leadership. ladies and gentlemen, please give a welcome to democratic leader, nancy pelosi. [ applause ]. >> thank you very much, jeff. thank you and congratulations to you for your election as president of the historic national press club. thank you, jonathan, for arranging all of this. it's an honor to be here with chuck schumer, when he will be here momentarily. the newly-elected leader of the senate democrats and newly elected -- re-elected member of the senate from his state of new york. he comes with the confidence of his colleagues and the enthusiastic support of his constituents. you'll tell him i said that, right, when he gets here? so tomorrow is 40 days into the new administration. president
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)