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Feb 18, 2016 5:00am EST
live this morning at the taubman museum with a look at a new george washington exhibit. that's coming up later on wdbj-7 today with highs warmer weather for the weekend. a tractor-trailer accident is causing a two-mile backup on i-81 in wythe county. all northbound lanes and one southbound lane are blocked at exit 86. there's a detour set up, but you'll want to avoid the area. barricaded right now. several trees that had live power lines in them fell yesterday. mason mill road is closed between hollins road and 13-th street. 13-th street is also blocked at north avenue. there's no estimate for when crews will finish working there. bridge work could slow you down this morning on i-81 in botetourt county. the northbound right lane is closed between the two route 11 exits at mile marker 165. it should re-open in about 45 minutes. signing "their" name into history. it was a big step for centra in danville and the hospital leaders invited the community to take part. over the holiday season, anyone could sign their name on two beams that were available at sam's club. yesterday afternoon, co
Feb 16, 2016 5:00am EST
forward. former president george w. bush encouraged south carolina voters to support his younger brother jeb. (george w. bush / former president) we do not need someone in the oval office who mirrors or inflames our anger and frustration. we need someone who can fix the problems that cause our anger and frustration and that's jeb bush. in the past, south carolina voters have helped the bush family rise to the top. george h w bush won the 19-88 and 92 south carolina primaries. and george w. bush won them in 2000 and 2004. south carolina governor nikki haley has not backed a candidate yet. citizens there will vote for candidates on saturday. president obama says he will be nominating a successor to take the place of supreme court justice antonin scalia. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is against the idea, saying that leadership is in place. obama says he expects the senate to fulfill its constitutional duty now, instead of waiting for the next president to take over. "there will be plenty of time for me to do so, and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a
Feb 12, 2016 5:00am EST
3 of their own. nick price to george bright from beyond goes-on an 11-oh run to surge ahead. price capping that off with another 3-ball. the vikings up by 8 early. in the second, fleming breaking the press. james hagins throws it down, and gets the foul. the colonels trail by 7 at the break and can't overcome the deficit. northside wins it 81 to 63. over at hidden valley, the titans football team was honored with the civitan sportsmanship award by the western virginia officials association for the fall season. as for the hoops team, they were working hard against cave spring. the knights get the ball to brody hicks, and he scores the hard earned bucket, giving cave the 9- point lead. then just a few minutes later, brad kinder nails the three pointer to extend the lead. hidden valley hung in though. just before the half, jonah fitzgerald on the nice drive and the finish. cave spring though, wins it 62 to 50. onto some college hoops, where radford hit the road to take-on unc asheville. the highlanders at 6 and 6 in the big south, against the bulldogs, who are sitting atop the confere
Feb 24, 2016 5:00am EST
wine and uses bottles as weights. former star trek actor george takei reposted the video with the caption "quit wine- ing and work out." storey just wants people to know that fitness is something you can do every day, anywhere, with anything. what's going on in the facebook world this morning. a lot of people are talking about what kevin spacey said about the presidential race. among other things, spacey said "we get what we deserve." -------- the youth vote on the democratic side is a big topic this morning after a town hall meeting with hillary clinton and bernie sanders. clinton said "she's not sure why sanders' campaign is leading the youth vote." and the international seems to show astronaut scott kelly in a gorilla suit. gorillas in space, a hysterical image. police are investigatin a murder in roanoke. after the break, we'll tell you where it happened and if there are any suspects. and, is the city of lynchburg off the map when it comes to attracting new businesses? how the lack of a could play a role. heavy rain today could bring high water to our area. how salem's swift w
Feb 4, 2016 5:00am EST
able to perfect a drug that's been able to extend the lives of v history. on this day in 17-89, george washington is unanimously elected president of the united states. the last of the mohicans is published today in 18-26. in 18-61, delegates from six states meet to form confederacy. in 19-38 disney releases snow white and the seven dwarfs. and on this day in 19-59, football great lawrence taylor was born. dense fog early followed by a slow increase in sunshine. highs today near 49. florida's governor has declared a health emergency in parts of the state because of the zika virus. health officials have also issued two new u-s travel alerts for jamaica and tonga. concerns are growing about the virus now that us health officials confirmed it has been spread through sexual contact. the patient was infected by a person who picked up the virus in venezuela. nine travel-related cases in florida prompted the governor to declare a public health emergency in four counties - including miami-dade. dr. tom frieden/cdc director: "the bottom-line for the public in the continental u.s. remains the sa
Feb 1, 2016 5:00am EST
. the cavaliers 18th in the nation. starting at 133, uva's 6th- ranked george reversal to pick-up 2 points, he gets the 14-4 major decision over dennis gustafson and virginia goes-up 4 to 3, but there was still a lot of wrestling to be done. in 149, sal mastriani has tj miller in trouble and works his way to a pin. a big 6-point pick-up for the hokies, who lead it 13 to 4. onto the heavyweights in the final bout of the day. this one all wrapped-up for the hokies, but third- ranked and undefeated ty walz picks-up the 8-6 decision over patrick gillen just for good measure. virginia tech beats virginia 31 to 7. that's your monday morning look at sports. we're less than a week from super bowl 50. the winning team will take home the iconic lombardi trophy. after the game, the trophy is returned to tiffany and company where it will be engraved with the names of those who fought hard to win it. for the first time, in addition to the lombardi trophy, the winning team will also get an 18-karat gold plated "fifty." you can watch the super bowl next wdbj-7 at 6-30. a big part of the super bowl
Feb 26, 2016 5:00am EST
seeing increased sales. time to take a look at what's popular on facebook. george r. r. martin is a big talker. he's the author of the series of books that brought you hbo's popular series game of thrones. he says his next book, the winds of winter will have a twist that will not be on the tv show. ------- nasa is a big talker again. the agency says 18,300 people applied to become astronaughts in latest application round. the previous record was set in 1978 with 8,000 applicants. nasa only selects 14 -------- and duke point guard grayson allen is also trending but not for a good reason. in a video of last night's game against florida state, it appears grayson is tripping an opposing player. duke haters everywhere making grayson's name there's still plenty of work to be done as people are picking up from wednesday's storm in appomattox county. we have live updates on the situation there all morning long. and the patrick county board of supervisors chairman has a special message for emergency workers helping out after tornado. we're live with what you can do to help. volunteers are he
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7