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. >>> cardinal george pell, a top adviser to pope francis and the highest ranking member of the catholic church in oughtous, facing -- in australia, facing sexual assault charges. speaking at the evacuate, he proclaimed -- at the vatican, he row claimed his innocence. he promised to return to australia and fight the charges and clear his name. cnn has more live from rome on the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. yes, cardinal pell coming out strenuously, calling it a relentless character assassination. these charges extremely important. the first time the highest ranking cardinal in the catholic church is being directly accused of sex abuse. the allegations have been around for some time. the cardinal says he has spoken to pope francis who essentially supports him in returning to australia. that is significant because there's no question of having to extradite him or the vatican protecting him. he will return to australia for a trial on july 18th. now, aside from the important issue of the cases of sex abuse allegations for cardinal pell, this is also
more in the second. and george springer, once again sparking the astros' offense, doubled and also hit his record-tying fifth new hampshire in t home run in the series. >> ground ball right side could do it. the houston astros are world champions. >> jose altuve made the final out. the year that tested this city to its core. a world series trophy a blissful distraction. andy scholes still drying the tears. joins us with the bleacher report next half hour. his smile has not yet worn off. >>> today republicans the big reveal on the long awaited tax bill a day after missing a deadline. disagreements over key details. to be honest we don't know what's in this. kevin brady is set to release it. we expect a simpler code. big tax codes for individuals and businesses. president trump has a tachy name, the cut cut cut bill. trump has consistently advocated significant cuts even as the republicans struggle to explain how to pay for them. one way, getting rids of tax breaks like the popular takes tax breaks. so tax writers may keep part of it for property taxes. of. >>> police in thornton, co
airports have been closed since sunday. hobby airport and george bush, a major hub for united airlines. houston's closures causing delays around the country likely costing the company at least $265 million. that's according to an airline analyst and united says it's adding flights elsewhere to help ease congestion but united not the only one losing money. southwest has a major presence and will likely lose $77 million. so including the projected losses for the spirit airlines, the storm will cost carriers $353 million overall. that assumes houston's airports reopen this week. the faa predicts most will remain closed through thursday morning. >>> and president trump went to texas to survey harvey damage. >> we're going to get you back and operating immediately. it happened in texas and texas can handle anything. >> the question this morning, did the president put a big enough focus on the victims. more, next. they have businesses to run they have passions to pursue how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters ship packages all the services of the post office right
longer than any storm in atlantic history. >> george howell is live in san juan. nights to see you, late even -- nice to see you, late evening. more than a million customeri s without power, 56,000 without water. what is it like on the garage? >> reporter: fair to say it has been one hell of a night. a strong storm that passed through this part of the caribbean. we know that the eye wall has moved westward. we're still experiencing the bands of this storm. the rains that can come and go. the strong winds that can come and go, though not nearly as strong as what we experienced when we were so close to the eye wall of the storm. the wall came 40 to 50 miles north of san juan, puerto rico, this u.s. territory. many feel they did dodge a bullet. it was not a direct hit as we saw with many caribbean islands. we heard from the governor of the island earlier. we'll hear from him at a 7:00 a.m. news conference to assess damage. here's what he had to say about the storm that pass the through this territory -- >> we're experiencing right now like nothing we have experienced before. they are
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back big time. >> do you think this helps? is. >> well, george, i mean this is a lesson of 2016. if i released it next year they would say you're impacting on the 2018. if i release the following -- you're impacting. george, for those who are telling me to shut up, they told hillary that a couple months ago. onyou know what i tell them. go to hell. >> spread by mo-- the statement goes on to say, quote, we do not recognize the campaign she portrays in h the book. >> all right. fascinating. 30 minutes past the hour. "early start" continues right now. >>announcer:. >> troubling new questions about the man who carried out the deadlist mass shooting in texas history. the gunman allowed to buy a weapon after being court-martialed and discharged from the air force for assaulting his wife and child. >> mental health is the problem here. this was a very, based on preliminary reports, very deranged individual, a lot of problems over a long period of time. >> the president, president trump on his trip to asia, high stakes meeting with the prime minister and weighs in on the texas shooting. sayin
a new record in may. it's up 6% from last year. >>> did you know that george clooney doesn't just look good? he sells tequila, too? he doesn't anymore. the actor is selling his tequila company for a cool $1 billion. the buyer is the owner of brands that you heard of -- joey walker and smirnoff. he launched the company go -- company with two partners in 2013. he plans to remain involved in the promotion of the company even after the sale. after the announcement, he said, "i plan to stay involved beginning with a shot." >> is that wrong? everything goes right for george clooney. i guess $700 million cash, $3 million more if they hit targets. he does have parters. randy gerber included. he doesn't get the whole billion dollars. >> i think he'll have extra money for his two new babies. >> twins. fantastic tequila if you're wondering. >>> 4:59 eastern time. "early start" begins right now. >>> senate republicans hours away from revealing their health care plan negotiated in secret. how does it affect you, and can you win over enough support -- can they win over enough support to pass a
associates who attended a march 2016 meeting where foreign policy advisor george papadoupolos said he could arrange a meeting between trump and the russian president. all of that was part of the focus during the interview. meantime we have learned according to testimony from president trump's long time body man and associate, he told house investigators this week that when president trump went to moscow in 2013 as a private citizen a russia came up to him and said he could send up to five women to trump's hotel room that night. he laughed it off. schiller left the room and said he didn't know what happened after that. he also said he didn't know who the russian was who made the offer but said someone in the group who was at the russian billionaires close to putin. they were behind the 2016 meeting at trump tower where russians promised dirt on hillary clinton. a lawyer for them say his client has no knowledge of the offer. >> thanks. meanwhile house and senate republican the unveil duelling tax plans. house speaker paul ryan vowing congress will get this key legislation passed. >>
including puerto rico and that's where george howell is this morning. good morning to you. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: dave, the caribbean here, these caribbean islands will be the first to feel the effects of irma. you mentioned the situation in barbuda, that island feeling the eye of this storm as it passes by and as you also mentioned the u.s. virgin islands, 36 hour curfew. we also heard that the prime minister of the bahamas issuing the largest evacuation to ever take place all set to take place by plane set to happen throughout the course of the day. a lot of preparations happening throughout this region. also here in san juan, in puerto rico we understand the governor has declared a state of emergency, has activated the national guard. has also ordered a voluntary evacuation to the east of the island. officials urging people to get to higher ground. so the winds are starting to pick up here. it is ominous. you're not going to see my hair whipping around with that, so the best i can show you is the palm trees back there. you can get a sense of what's happening and you
. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. >>> former president george h.w. bush issuing a second apology after an actress accused him of touching her inappropriately during a photo shoot. since deleted isn't sta gram post, the actress claimed he sexually assaulted her. >> she said he touched her from behind from his wheelchair with his wife barbara by his side. he told her a dirty joke, and then all the while being photographed, touched her again. the former president's spokesman in the statement to cnn says this. the president bush would never intentionally cause anyone distress and apologizes if his attempt at humor offended her. >> later wednesday he issued a second statement to provide context. at age 93, president bush has been convined to a wheelchair for roughly five years. try to pu put peep the at ease the president routinely tells the jame joke and on occasion he has patted women's rears in what he intended to be a good natured manner. some have seen it as innocent. others clearly view it as inappropriate. for anyone he has oefded president bush apologizes most s
. i want to play a sound bite from george bush, the former president george bush, but his meeting one on one with vladimir putin. i think it gives you color, a sense of the kind of personality that donald trump is up against. >> i introduced putin to barney. you remember barney, the scottish terrier? >> yes. >> little guy, legs. he kind of dissed him. he looked at him like, you think that's a dog? [ laughter ] a year later, putin says, "would you like to meet my dog?" here comes a giant hound. he looks at me and says, "bigger, stronger, and faster than barney." you know, and it speaks volumes when you listen to what somebody says. in other words, he's got a chip on his shoulder. >> smile on his face but he was making a point here. do you think that vladimir putin the flatter donald trump? in many senses, the russians think that already got whaen they wanted -- gotten what they wanted. that they've consumed the american political process at the moment. or do you think he'll be a strongman and talk tough? >> i think he's going to try to work him as an intelligence officer would as a
president george w. bush. he's president trump's second pick after andrew puzder withdrew his nomination. puzder is out of his job of the company that runs hardese's and carl's junior. apple unwailing new products in efforts to do sales. a new bright red eye phone will be available for a limited time. the models commemorate apple's partnership with red, you can get a new ipad. apple rolling back prices on the new generation tablets. 9.7 inch ipad with a brighter retina display will start at $329. that's the company's lowest price for a new ipad to date. price drop on its products but no price drop on its stock. the stock is up 20% this year and has a market value of $70 million. my colleague paul la monica writing that. >> with the babysitters with respect to wonderful child care, nothing is better. >> they don't listen to you, you know? >> that's the idea. >>> "early start" continues right now. >>> happening now -- the white house looking to wrangle the votes it needs to pass the republican health care bill, just one day before the house vote. can the president seal this deal? >>> and t
the bush administration and some of the allegations coming out while george h.w. bush was president. >> right. and wow. last night. i don't know if if you guys saw this, but the clinton team went after her on twitter. and it became -- i was like looking for popcorn to watch and see what happened. it was pretty telling. look, you know, i mean revisiting this, and then sort of taking it back to president trump, president clinton, that kind of conversation, then what starts to happen is that the -- you lose the thrust of what's happening today. and what-aboutism, i don't think is very healthy. on both sides of the aisle, because what happened then, people reacted to what happened with clinton in that moment, in that space of time. in 1996, was a very different time than 2017. even though it was 25 years ago, 30 years ago, whatever it was. and so some of this is difficult to sort of process as to what would you have done then, but then has already passed. we're in the moment right now. >> reckoning is today. >> right. how can you go forward. i think if we continue to do that we're sort
pitched in march, 2016 by george papadoupolos who has pleaded guilty to lying to investigators. more from manu raju on capitol hi hill. >> reporter: carter page testified on capitol hill yesterday as part of the house russia investigation. we are learning some new details about exactly what he said behind the scenes. one key detail is that he revealed to lawmakers that he told then senator sessions, now attorney general jeff sessions, about a trip that he planned to take to moscow just before he took that july of 2016 trip. why this is significant is this. jeff sessions was asked on a number of different occasions on capitol hill when he was testifying, whether he knew about any campaign connections, any communications with russians any efforts to reach out to russia and every single time he either down played it, said is didn't occur or he didn't recall. on a number of different occasions he said he didn't recall. but he did not disclose this to lawmakers. a number of questions on capitol hill particularly from democrats who were saying sessions either mislead lawmakers or wor
president george bush in 2008 and it was seen as a way to accelerate or move toward talks to freeze the nuclear program, to negotiate a freeze to the nuclear program. obviously that fell apart. this idea of putting them back on the list is something that does continue to resurface. it is seen as one diplomatic option as of course everyone is looking for economic actions that can be taken as well, the strengthening of sanctions. when you talk about these kinds of things, terror watch list, more sanctions, it will sound familiar because these aren't exactly new or nofrl vel or different proposals of dealing with north korea on. you have heard the trump administration say that the era of strategic patience when it comes to north korea is over. and that all options would be on the table which is why everyone has been looking to washington and wondering what move would be next. in the last few weeks, we have seen a build up of military assets in the region, movement of the u schlt sch"uss carl vi, docking of a powerful submarine and decision to move forward as quickly as possible with the de
personalities that shaped a culture of their sphere of influence. george bush 41 yesterday put out a statement saying without the guidance of roger ailes he probably wouldn't have been president. >> you could say the same about nixon and reagan and certainly a cnn piece online now says roger ailes gave us donald trump as well. every republican president since nixon he had a hand in. >> let's get a check on money stream this morning. global markets and futures higher after the biggest sell off this year. the dow up 50 points after losing 370 the day before. the news of a possible memo sent stocks reeling but more strong earnings calmed investors. watch out amazon. wall stre walmart's online sales are growing and fast up. up 63%. walmart is expanding it's digital side buying up online start ups and offering shipping deals that compete with amazon. wall street loved it. walmart stock up 11% this year. >> four car companies and millions of drivers reached a settlement over faulty takata air bags. the flaw caused explosions in some cars linked to 11 deaths and 180 injuries. the deal that comes 8 ye
, facebook had just launched. george w. bush had just been re-elected president and the final episode of "friends" aired and was watched by 52 million people. >>> the last set of rankings before they set the playoff field this sunday. clemson on top for the first time this season. they're followed by auburn, oklahoma and wisconsin. things could totally get blown up in this weekend's conference championship games. clemson will play miami in the acc championship. auburn plays georgia. wisconsin takes on ohio state in the big 10 championship game and oklahoma going to play tcu in the big 12 championship game which is back for the first time since 2010. >>> lebron james doing something for first time in his 15-year career. lebron thought he was fouled on that play and he let the referee know about it and he was immediately ejected from the game. >> i said what i had to say and i moved on, but he decided i should get two of them, you know, so it is what it is. we got the win and that's the most important. >> and lebron having some fun with his ejection after the game instagraming a pic of
had to say in a sense comparing george washington with robert e. lee. listen. >> was george washington a slave owner? so will george washington now lose his status? are we going to take down -- excuse me, are we going to take down statues to george washington? how about thomas jefferson? what do you think of thomas jefferson? do you like him? okay. good. are we going to take down the statue because he was a major slave owner. so you know what? it's fine. you're changing history, you're changing culture and you had people and i'm not talking about the neo nazis and the white nationalists because they should be condemned totally but you had many other people in that group and the press has treated them absolutely unfairly. >> first as a historian, your reaction to those comments? >> it's kind of stunning to watch this. it's also for many americans upsetting to watch this. obviously washington and jefferson were slave owners, but here we're talking about a leader of the confederate forces trying to destroy the union to protect the slave owning society versus george washington,
. george papadoupolos, a former foreign policy adviser to the trump campaign pleaded guilty on october 5 to making false statements to the fbi about his contacts to russia. according to records unsealed monday the fbi alleged papadoupolos falsely described his interactions with a certain foreign contact who discussed dirt we h. related e-mails concerning hillary clinton. one of the court documents described an e-mail sent by papadoupolos to a high ranking campaign official who a sauourc says is paul manafort. it went on to say russian was eager to meet with the candidate and had been reaching out. the documents allege that campaign official forwarded it to another official rick gates. we need someone to commune kica dt is not doing these trips. in another e-mail campaign supervisor allegedly tells papadoupolos i would encourage you and another policy advise toer the campaign to make the trip if it is feasible. that trip to russian never happened according to the officials. >> tnks to pamela brown. > joining us to discuss all of this cnn political analyst julien zelizer and washington e
teamwork. for the latest we turn to cnn's george howell. he is live for us in houston at a shelter there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. so this is the scene here. you get a sense of what's happening. a little more activity. keep in mind a lot of people are sleeping, trying to get a good night's rest. some 8,000 people here at this convention center downtown in houston. and at the nearby nrg center. they have the capacity to hold 10,000 people. we understand that they have 8,000 cots. you really do get a sense of how many people are in need of help in this area. let's talk a bit more about the storm itself. harvey now a tropical depression. it's moved out of this region, but it's left a great deal of damage. at least one-third of houston is still under water. we're talking about these neighborhoods. places nearby uses, near rivers -- near bayous, near rivers, where flooding is still a concern. it's unclear how many people are still in need of rescue. the houston fire department even going door to door to see what more work they need do. you touched on this, but let's tal
. >> there was no mention of president trump, but are barack obama and george w. bush speaking with one voice about one person? >> yes. two former presidents who don't agree on much, in fact they don't agree on many anything. they seem to agree we have a problem and a risk the nation faces. obama telling democrats these midterm elections are important because we need a check in kong to what the president is doing. and former president bush who has barely said anything since leaving the white house is clearly saying to his party, not just to the country that this is not tollerable. it was a remarkable day to see them front and center speaking about one person, even if they didn't mention him. >> it was really remarkable but i think people will really stunned when they heard george w. bush because it's his fellow republican speaking out about him. at the risk of jumping the gun a little bit here, you have trump's approval latings pretty low. bush speaking out, it shows a fractured republican party. how does that translate when we talk about the midterm elections? are the republicans in bi
the 11th, george springer, the hero for the astros hitting a two-run home run. evening the series a game apiece. >> that's an emotional high, emotional low to high to low to high again. that's why we play the game. that's the craziest game i can say i played in. >> the roller skocoaster emotio. this is an instant clachk. to be able to be part of it is pretty especially. >> there were eight home runs in game 2 which was a sorworld ser record. also the first time 5 home runs were hit in extra innings. fall classic going to move to minute maid park. >>> great moment beforehand when vince scully took the field. the 89-year-old wasn't steld to throw out the ceremonial first pitch and then this happened. >> wait a minute. oh, my gosh. i think i hurt my rotator cuff. i'm going to have to go to the bullpen. >> is there a left-hander down here? oh, my gosh. fernando venezuela. >> 36 years years ago when the dodgers beat the yankees in 1981. he was 20 years old back then. the guy is one of the greatest world series games i ever watch. starting from that vince scully moment to the very end of
grandmother is george washington's aunt. within a few days i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington. this is my cousin george. discover your story. start searching for free now at iit's where we end up.t, expedia. everything in one place, so you can travel the world better. >> an earthquake in british politics as teresa may's party loses political control. she is also in jeopardy of losing her job. there's already calls for may to step down. her conservative party hemorrhaging seats in thursday's snap election. what does this mean for britain and relationship with the united states. let's go to london. this is an unforced error. may didn't need to have this election. >> boris, you are absolutely right and of course it's official. it say hung parliament. in this brilliant building behind me we still do not know which party is going to be able to form a government. teresa may will get an option to try. to get together a coalition with the smaller party and if she fails to be able to do that it will go to the opposition party to try t
. putin had him cater birthday parties on visits by president george w. bush. he was sanctioned by the u.s. treasury department in december of 2016 but providing financial support for the military occupation of ukraine. the monthly budget for ira was around $1 million in 2013. that's every month split between departments that included in russian operations departments and the use of russian operations in english. one had an intriguing name. it was dedicated to selling fake news and social divisions in the west. this according to documents obtained by cnn and its mission was quote, how do we create news items to achieve our goals? we should note that several e-mails went unanswered and the ira no longer exists since the u.s. election. >>> you know, in the russian play book for years, for decades has been disinformation campaigns. this is taking it to a new level. fake information campaigns meant to really rile people up and undermine american democracy. >>> this outrageous stock market call rocking wall street. a quote from a noted investor. he's facing major blowback this morning. what
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instrumental in the campaign against isis in raqqa. mohammed lela had exclusive access to george w. bush and got some insight into the air and sea war in syria. >> reporter: they're the unseen faces in the war on isis. america's fighter pilots, 30,000 feet in the sky, providing critical air support to troops down below. we were given exclusive access to the uss george h.w. bush. home to fighter jets and the pilots who fly them. >> take a look around. you can see the massive fire power that's all around us. this is the most advanced ship in the entire u.s. fleet. in fact, just from this runway to my side, they launch anywhere from 12 to 20 air strikes against isis targets every single day. >> it's a unique experience for sure. >> reporter: scott spoke to us down below with the engineers working around the clock. for him the hardest part of the job isn't actually the job, it's being away from his wife and two young daughters for seven months straight. >> how do you stay in touch? >> via e-mail, pictures, occasional phone calls, but while we're underway there's no skype, chat, face time, an
, including assassinations on foreign soil. >> north korea was removed from the list by president george w. bush in 2008, but pyongyang has dramatically escalated its nuclear program since then. so, how is the move being received in the region? cnn's anna coren live in seoul, south korea, for us. good morning, anna. >> reporter: yeah, hi, christine. it's certainly welcome news here where i am in south korea as well as japan. they say donald trump's decision to place north korea back on that list as a state sponsor of terrorism is a positive move, increasing that diplomatic and economic pressure in the hope of getting north korea back to the negotiating table, and ultimately, denuclearizing the korean peninsula. china, however, christine, not so enthusiastic. we heard from the foreign ministry a short time ago which said, "this was a highly complex and sensitive situation," calling on all parties to ease tensions and come back to the negotiating table. it's important to remember that it comes just days after china sent a special envoy to pyongyang at the insistence of donald trump to restar
tomorrow afternoon. >>> a guilty plea from another aide, a trump campaign adviser george papadopoulos has the white house rattled. trump associates are worried about who else could be speaking with the special prosecutors team. the president and staff down playing the role he played, referring to him as low level and a liar on twitter. sarah sanders reinforcing that message. >> what i can say is, i think papadopoulos is an example of somebody doing the wrong thing while the president's campaign did the right thing. all of his e-mails were voluntarily provided to the special counsel by the campaign. that is what led to the process and the place we are in now is the campaign fully cooperating. papadopoulos lied. that is on him, not the campaign. >> the e-mails prove papadopoulos was involved with high level trump campaign aides. cnn learned president trump is rejecting steve bannon's call to fight back hard against special prosecutor mueller. they recommended funding for the investigation should be cut among other ways to push back on the mueller team. the team is getting ready to ver view
seventh woman coming forward with inappropriate conduct against former president george h.w. bush. a 55-year-old michigan woman. saying he grabbed her rear end during a photo op in 1992. her story is similar to those levelled by six other accusers, but this is the first incident that allegedly took place while the former president was in office. >> the senate finance committee af proving the $1.5 trillion republican tax plan late last night passing by a 14-12 vote strictly along party lines. things became a bit heated leading up to the vote. republican chairman and democratic senator getting into a shouting match with brown questioning why the richest americans need tax cuts. >> i get kind of sick and tired of it. true, it's a nice political play. >> well, mr. chairman, i get sick and tired -- >> regular order. order. >> we do -- >> regular order. regular order. >> how many times do we do this? >> listen. i've honored you by allowing you to start off here. what you said was not right. that's all i'm saying. i come from the lower middle class originally. we didn't have anything. so don't
version of what we saw in the george w. bush administration, although i would note here that george w. bush had a freedom agenda had pushed in his own way, and condoleezza rice, secretary of state, had a very nuanced policy of pushing towards these countries to reform in their own way, in their own time with a mix of carrots and pressure and sticks. >> josh, we're watching this plane taxi here. i want to bring in sara murray quickly, in jerusalem for us following the president's trip from the perspective of the white house. sara, good morning again. we're waiting for the plane to get up to the stairs and the deplaning and the ceremony. everything's ready to go here. josh was talking about deliverables. from the white house perspective, what are the deliverables from this leg of the trip that they would like to bring home? >> reporter: look, we know the president's broad goal, which is a sweeping mideast peace agreement. i don't think anyone's expecting he's going to show up here for two days and meet with the israeli and palestinian leaders and all of a sudden everyone is going to agr
. the s&p 500 up almost 12% since the election. that is just behind george h.w. bush in 1989, but president kennedy saw an 18% surge in 1961. but even trump's promises to american businesses have helped the recent spike. remember the u.s. is in the second largest bull market of all time, that was well under way before trump even said he was going to run for the presidency. the trump bump is at the very end, i don't know if you can show that, we have a great screen, the trump bump at the end of the obama bull market. darn. we have a really nice screen that shows just how big this rally is and the trump up there. >>> "early start" continues right now. > >>> most direct warning to date about north korea, in the same interview where he revealed being president is more work than he expected. >>> and a new investigation in to michael flynn's accepting payments from russia and turkey when it comes to his security clearance, why is the white house shifting blame to the obama administration? welcome to "early start." it is friday, april 28, day 99 of the trump administration and it is the
against terror under george bush and we have a war on immigration with this president. it's been a consistent part of his policy. he doesn't hide it. this is how he started his campaign, and he is making many efforts to curb the number of immigrants in this country, legal and illegal. and so, i think this becomes part of that pattern and that agenda. >> all right, of course, the huge story that unfolds one day at a time is the sexual harassment scandal in seemingly all walks of life. yesterday, glenn thrush of "the new york times" suspended, charlie rose of cbs suspended. and the story with roy moore continues to -- we continue to learn more, because his accuser, leigh corfman, spoke out to the "today" show about what happened. here's what she said. >> he basically laid out some blankets on the floor of his living room and proceeded to seduce me, i guess you would say. and during the course of that, he removed my clothing. he left the room and came back in wearing his white underwear. >> roy moore denies these allegations and further says he does not even know you. >> i wonder how
evidence and then he starts to remember meetings, specifically the one with george papadopoulos, you know, who was the person who pled guilty after dealing with robert mueller. so jeff session's story has essentially changed on russian involvement with the campaign several times now. his meetings with russians on the periphery of the campaign, his meeting with george papadopoulos, so it continues to evolve, i think, is where we're at with jeff sessions right now. >> greg? >> i think there's another angle to his testimony. he showed no enthusiasm for another special prosecutor to go after hillary clinton. i think that didn't go over well at the white house. and they hastened session's departure to run as a write-in candidate in alabama. >> so much going on. zach and greg, nice to see you both bright and early for us. thanks, guys. >> you bet. >>> ahead, one of the world's longest serving strong men losing his grip on power? turmoil escalating overnight in zimbabwe with an apparent coup in the mix. we're live in africa next. ♪ ix included. that's huge. that's right. t-mobile's got your ne
george h.w. bush recovering from pneumonia in a houston hospital. he was admitted friday with a cough that kept him from sleeping. the 92-year-old bush will be kept in the hospital for further evaluation. he and his wife did not initially disclose his illness because they didn't want anyone to order headed into tester weekend. we hope the former president is home and healthy soon. >> we wish him well. >>> surprise announcement from theresa may calling for elections as the uk begins brexit negotiations. we'll get some great insight from christiane amanpour, live in london coming up next. it's never much, just what's left after i break a dollar. and i never thought i could get quality life insurance with my spare change. neither did i. until i saw a commercial for the colonial penn program. imagine people our age getting life insurance at such an affordable rate. it's true. if you're 50 to 85, you can get guaranteed acceptance life insurance through the colonial penn program for less than 35 cents a day, just $9.95 a month. there's no medical exam and no health questions. you know, the
from the george w. bush former ethics attorney richard painter. misleading the senate in sworn testimony about one own contacts with the russians is a good way to go to jail. that's certainly putting it out there. >> throose are fighting words. i have to imagine a lot of folks on the hill, mostly democrats, who feel if this had been hillary clinton or another democrat, we would already have oversight investigations starting. you hear that. you hear why are we not treating this the same way we treated other sort of mounting questions even if there is no silver bullet of wrongdoing? like i said, a lot of smoke here. you have folks asking those questions. the difference, of course, you have same party control. same party in the white house is controlling congress. a lot less incentive to conduct the investigations. when you have republicans saying time is come for recusiae or independent investigation. >> a lot of smoke. richard painter will be on "new day" later this morning. another guy we can't wait to hear from is darrell issa. he suggested an independent investigation. >> and
narrative that the united states is trying to destroy it. >> george bush had his access of evil but that's a far cry from threatening to destroy another nation. you know, rip them off the globe essentially is what he did. so the rhetorical shift i think with this new president might have been expected from some of the things he said on the campaign trail but it was still a stark thing to see him take it into this body of a gathering of nations from around the world. >> david surprisingly wrote, the most surprising thing about president trump's address was how conventional it was which was an interesting take on the bombastic nature of it all. it sounds like the president wants to pull out on the iran deal. where are we headed? >> he all but said he would do it, suggested it, i think. that doesn't mean that he will. his administration has been certifying iran, you know, leading up to now, but it could change things a lot, i think not only from the perspective of how the u.s. is dealing with iran and whether they're pursuing nuclear weapons but as you said earlier, how the rest of the
rumors. >> hollywood men speaking out. george clooney saying i heard rumors. it seemed a way of smearing the actresses. i didn't hear anything about the payoffs. there's nothing to say except it's indefensible. a day after being criticized for largely ignoring this, over the weekend, ignoring it, last night, they let it fly. >> snl got due criticism. they had jokes in h according to the "new york times." i think it was a new york thing, as -- >> it was a new york thing. you heard that from one the other late night hosts. we thought he was sort of inside baseball. talking to the whole country. maybe he was too much of like a celebrity. >> isn't that why you should speak out because you are speaking to the whole country? >> a lot of people are saying where are the clintons? obamas? people who have stood up and taken money from him. he was a liberal cham pea on. >> hillary clinton did not mention. >> she spoke for 90 minutes and didn't address it. he gave at least $100,000 to the clinton foundation, at least $46,000 to hillary or her pack supporting her. president obama had a fund
circle. he catered birthday parties that was attended by president george h.w. bush. a secretive technology firm created and distributed fake news. he was sanctioned by the u. s. treasury department in december 2016 but this for providing foreman support for russia's military occupation of ukraine. my colleagues and i examined scores of documents leaked from the companies. the monthly budget was around $1 million in 2013. that's every month. split between russian language operations and the use of social media in english. one part of that factory had a really intriguing name. it was called "department of provocations dedicating to sowing fake news in the west. its mission, as stated in those documents was, "how do we create news items to achieve our goals?" several calls from cnn to the firm went unanswered and the i.r.a. no longer exists. since the u.s. election. jim sciutto, cnn, washington. >> fascinating reporting. it really is. thanks, jim. >>> google maps facing backlash online. the concern is about cupcakes. this has dave's head exploding. details on cnn "money" stream nex
nominees, mitt romney, john mccain, george w. bush, regarding his behavior at home and abroad. maybe 60% of their agenda does overlap. there are things they both want to do. not everything. not on trade. there is differences on immigration, foreign policy, other areas. but on a big tax cut, they all want to do that. even susan cole since is saying he is the president. what are we going to do. as i said, if they do not believe that whether it is good for the country or good for them, either one. if they don't want to be in a position having to explain to voters while they stood by why the president dismissed special counsel they will. they need to send a clear message if he does that they will find a way to continue the investigation. >> it rolls out wednesday. maybe tax cuts, not tax reform. >> it is is a different beast. >> it definitely is. >> the president will name who his new fed chief will be. and he goes to asia on friday. >> where the midst of the north korea. the funny thing about this, i have felt increasingly if the president's communication strategy is almost a completely di
? >> you know, and that's so interesting because if you saw somebody like george w. bush who basically fled -- he went to better schools than trump but he fled that elitism. he tried to make himself one of the people but trump wraps himself up in being this rich, elite guy. he has what's worked for him and he's going to keep doing it. >> all right. nice to see you. have a great morning. a lot to go over from last night. also, candidate trump promised to put coal miners back to work but president trump's commitment to saving coal country apparently has limits. the ceo of one of the largest coal companies says the president has broken his vow to the industry. trump promised to use an obscure emergency order to protect coal fired power plants. that's according to a letter to the white house confirmed by cnn. without this emergency order murray says he would have to lay off tens of thousands of miners. it allows power plants to a temporary exemption from environmental rules during an emergency. so it's for an emergency like war or natural disaster. murray argues the current emergency is po
latin name for it. the new baby is going to join big brother george and sister charlotte. congratulations to her and her family. >> growing brood. >> absolutely. >>> "early start" continues right now. >>> any threat to the united states or its territories will be met with a massive military response, a response both effective and overwhelming. >> the secretary of defense with a firm warning for north korea after pyongyang's latest nuclear test. we've learned the u.s. and south korea will work to deploy military assets including bombers. we're live in seoul. >>> and president trump will propose ending protections for undocumented immigrants who came to the united states as children. but could congress give the so-called dreamers another chance? >>> and could billions in recovery funds for harvey victims be tied to raising the nation's debt limit? the treasury secretary says yes. >>> welcome back to "early start." i'm alex marquardt. >> i'm alison kosik. it's 30 minutes past the hour. >>> top u.s. defense officials are responding to north korea's biggest nuclear test yet wi
their hands. >> george w. bush was given $10 million for his memoir. >> thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. "new day" starts right now. make it a good one. >>> a new chapter is now beginning. >> he walked into that room as the winner of the election. for the united states. >> we are a country that stands united in condemning hate in all of its very ugly forms. >> the speeches and realities are very far apart. >> i believe that real and positive immigration reform is possible. >> the policies that he's doing don't add up. >> repeal and replace obamacare. >> i thought it was a home run. i think he did a fantastic job. >> believe in yourself. believe in your future. and believe, once more, in america. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> all right. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day." wednesday, march 1st. 6:00 here in new york. it is a new day indeed for america's president. in a big speech to congress, it was a big plea for unity and optimism. trump stuck to the s
know that george clooney doesn't just look good, he sold tequila? the actor is selling his tequila company for $1 billion. the buyer is the owner of brands you raise like johnny walker and mir november. : -- and smirnoff. clooney launched the business in 2013 with two partners. by golly, he says he's going to stay involved starting with a shot or two. >> darn you, clooney. $700 million cash. fantastic tequila. >> congrats to him. >>> thanks for joining us, i'm alison kosik. >> i'm dave briggs. d "new day" starts now. see you tomorrow. >>> obamacare is a disaster, it's over -- >> if you have a good bill, you don't need to keep it secret. >> a draft will relieve all the concerns. >> health care is personal. it's not political. >> the russian government orchestrated cyberattacks for the purpose of influencing our election. >> it's not clear that president trump takes this seriously as the assault on america that it is. >> they have phony witch-hunts going against me. all we do is win, win, win. >>> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >>> we want to welcome our view
. the sale must be approved by 75% of the major league baseball owners. jeb's brother george w. bush was once part owner of the texas rangers. jeb vortdly going to be the controlling owner of the marlins. >>> finally only april but we may have the play of the year in baseball. tied 2-2 in the seventh. blue jays charging home and goes airborne over the st. louis catcher. incredible the somersalt on to home plate. gave toronto thread. they won by one run in 11 innings. i don't know if i've ever seen a runner with a more impressive save at home. just incredible. guys in case you missed it bleacher report has a new fresh look. check out the new app and logo. >> we love it. i love that leap. dale earnhardt jr. massive story. jeff gordon. tony stewart. now another major star leaving a sport already hurting. bad news. bad news. >> i guess it's out with the old within new. we'll have to see who the new stars are. >> thank you my friend. >> legal ruling against the white house is met with another assault on the judiciary. we'll tell you what the white house says and what it plans on doing abo
george bush, would it be legal? >> right, so what the ninth circuit court of appeals did in yesterday's opinion is said we're not going to take that analysis route. we're going to present you with another reason for why this travel ban is against immigration laws and what they did was they said is they went to the provision that a lot of people have focused on in it recent months where it talks about the president has the broad powers to suspend entry of people into the united states when he makes a finding that it is detrimental to the interests of the american people. so what the court did actually in this decision is they said the president didn't even make that finding. in other words, the evidence that he had was so flim si, he was pointing to two people tr libya and one person from somalia who entered 12 years ago when that person was a child. you can't really youz that alone to justify banning 180 million people from six muslim majority nations based on such light and scant evidence. >> let's read for you the department of justice response to the travel ban ruling. recent attacks
example nearly ten years ago where the george w. bush administration had actionable intelligence, they believed, from a foreign government regarding a chemical weapons plant in syria that bashar al assad had that, ultimately, the government decided not to act on because they could not justify based on information they did not have permission to use from this foreign government. so, this is something that intelligence officials take seriously, and they're looking at what the president's alleged to have done and saying, this is not in line with protocol. >> now, important to point out, it is not illegal. the president of the united states can declassify anything he wants, but interesting that the united states and russia, you could argue, have different objectives in the war in syria. >> absolutely. >> but if it's not illegal, how serious is it? here are some quotes in the "washington post" to jennifer rubin -- "thomas wright of the brookings institution," a highly respected, nonpartisan think tank, says this is quite literally the sum of all fears, ending with "we are blind and dancing
'81 and successfully did or george w. bush. this leans on the corporate side. not even as much as wealthier americans. in an economy where many middle class are struggling, it's hard to go to them and say we're not really cutting for you. >> also the president tweeting about how great the economy is. >> which it is. >> it is. i mean to be fair, the economy -- >> on his watch. >> you could put that upside down if things are going so well and stock market so high why in the world do you need to give a tax cut to companies and the middle class pays for it. >> let me answer that. the companies that you talk to say we're all getting those, but it was something else the president said in that setting that, of course, made all the news, standing right in front of native americans trying to honor them beneath the poer trait of andrew jackson, the president said this. >> you were here long before any of us were here. although we have a representative in congress who they say was here a long time ago. they call her pocahontas. but you know what? i like you. because you are special. >> wow.
george papadoupolos pleaded guilty earlier this month makes statements to the fbi. he admitted to lying to agents about the timing of his contact with russia. the complaint against papadoupolos outlines a meeting he had with a rauussia linked professor. >> it also lays out the attempts for him to set up meetings between the campaign and top russian officials. despite white house attempts to down play. he was e-mailing with a campaign manager. >> the revelation this papadoupolos is cooperating with the fbi is heightening the unne unneu unease. >> good morning, christine and alec. monday's charges show the mueller investigation is zeroing in on collusion. george papadoupolos, a former foreign policy adviser to the trump campaign pleaded guilty on october 5 to making fault statements to the fbi about his contacts with russia, and according to records undealed monday, the fbi alleges he falsely described his interactions with a certain foreign contact who discussed dirt related e-mails concerning hillary clinton. one. court documents describes an emt sent by papadoupolos to a high-ran
and wondering whether monuments of george washington might be next. >> is george washington a slave owner? so will george washington now lose his status? are we going to take down statues to george washington? how about thomas jefferson? what do you think about thomas jefferson? you like him? are we going to take down the statue? he was a major slave owner. so you know what? it's pheno. you're changing history, you're changing culture and you had people and i'm not talking about the neo-nazis but you had plenty of people other than those and the press has treated them unfairly. >> it drew criticism from unside his own party. the president's ability to effectively govern may be dwindling by the hour. >> the charlottesville valley was to protest the taking down of the stat kwhu of robert e. lee. here's what some of those protesters were chanting. >> jews will not replace us. >> vice news was imbedded with those protesters friday and throughout the weekend. they shared that video. the message not quite about monuments. the tragedy appears to be accelerated to remove statues across the
teamwork. for more, george howell is live for us in houston at the george r. brown convention center. george, 32,000 people in shelters across texas this morning. they say somewhere between 40 and 100,000 homes in the houston area impacted by the flooding. good morning to you. >> reporter: so many people involved. you guys were telling these stories, stories that raise the hair on your arms. the stories of survival. how people were able to escape such dangerous situations. many of them to arrive at shelters like this one. this is the george r. brown convention center. 8,000 people calling this their temporary home for the night. how long they will be here, anybody's guess frankly. again, there's another shelter nearby. another large shelter. the nrg center. has the capacity for 10,000 people. we understand they have some 8,000 cots. again, you get a sense of the scope, how many people are in need of a little extra help as they try to take those steps to recover. let's talk about the storm itself. the tropical depression. it's moved on out of this region now. but it's left a great dea
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