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BBC News
Nov 8, 2016 11:15pm GMT
than george bush in 2000 but tule votes than george bush in 2000 but mr bush got the white house. you become president i winning -- by winning 270 votes in the electoral college. confused? don't be. here is jeremy vine. i have just had a tweet from somebody saying, can you run the electoral college cost me one more time? we can explain it has many times as you like. here is the map of the usa, 50 states. there are 538 electoral college votes and you have to win 270 or more to become president. you need a majority of them. it will be helpful if i show you the vote of the last election in 2012, when mitt romney, the republican, in red, was beaten, in his second collection, by barack obama, in blue. so each state has a certain fixed number of electoral college votes. a state like montana up here, with not many people, only has three. california has a huge number, 55, there are 38 million people there. you win i winning the states will stop when you win in a state, you get all of the electoral college votes from that stage. there are only two technical exceptions made in nebraska. yo
Nov 8, 2016 8:00pm PST
since al gore and george w. bush in 2000. it could come down to one state or one congressional district. >> speaking of 2000, we should take a moment and talk about florida. as you said it was something donald trump said he was going to win, said he needed to win, we predicted that he has won it, and it just shows that there are big questions as to who this electorate is. because looking at the early vote, part of the reason why democrats were so bullish about florida, and part of the reason why republicans were so pessimistic was because of what tey sought was a big surge in the latino vote. so at the end of the day we'll see what that welatino vote was particularly newly bigger puerto ri ricoan areas in the i h four corridor and if that surge happened if it did, which way do they vote. >> and i think it's fair to say that this -- all these states are much closer than anybody anticipated. >> let's take a look at the vote in michigan right now because michigan and wisconsin, these two states are shaping up as critical. right now, 59% of the vote is in michigan, and donald trump
Nov 8, 2016 3:00pm PST
third term, somebody who takes over, the same party after a two-term president since 1988 when george herbert walker bush won after reagan's two terms and before that it was 1938. this is a rarity if hillary clinton does see success in her, as i said, embrace of a two-term president. >> we have our first key race alert of the night. first results, actual votes coming in very, very early in the state of kentucky. you can see one percent of the vote is n donald trump has 80% of the vote, hillary clinton has 18% of the vote. he is ahead now by more than 2600 votes. once again, very, very early in kentucky right now. our first key race alert of the night. let go over to john king at the magic wall. bunch of states are closing at the top of the hour, including some key battlegrounds that we've been paying a lot of attention right now. let's look at kentucky first. >> look at kentucky. 1% of the vote is in. we'll spend some time counting tonight. that's good. competitive race. we'll count the votes. if you're donald trump you love that as you watch the early results. let's be clear, they do
Nov 8, 2016 9:00pm PST
fundamental rewriting of the map, wolf. in our lifetime, pennsylvania has been a democratic state. george h.w. bush, 1988, the last republican to win that state. that also happens to be the last time a party that had a two-term presidency held office. >> new hampshire went red again. donald trump has now taken the lead. he's up by, what, 15 votes. >> we're laughing about this. the presidency could hinge on this. you're going through a lot of these small towns where there's a small, tiny amount of votes. we still have nothing here. it's 150-99. we're going to count the rest of this one. this is just stunning. it is stunning. a lot of people laughed at the trump campaign when they said our path to the presidency was the rustbelt thinking that 1988, 1988 even longer than that. they made a run in minnesota. minnesota is going to hold for the democrats. but a lot of people laughed at them. the governor of ohio not on your side, 52% of the vote. >> he won ohio. >> 52% of the vote and he won ohio. we're going to wait on these ones. we're in exactly the opposition that we thought a couple weeks ago w
Nov 8, 2016 7:00pm PST
county, albuquerque county. >> george w. bush won it in one of his elections but it's become very much a blue state. let's go back and look here this is where we started the night right now here, and so what are we looking at, right, clinton was at 268. we thought she wins one state like nevada. democrats think they're going to win nevada. most republicans think they're going to win nevada, but the early prognosis, is she wins that holds everything out here and she could afford to lose nor florida and north carolina. >> that's 29, 15, now we're in the ballpark. now we're thinking, let's even leave new hampshire out of it for a minute. new hampshire is still in play. but at 259, even if she wins virginia, michigan puts donald trump over the top. let's say she comes back and holds on to wayne county vote, wisconsin would put him at 269, then you've got a congressional district in maine, or state of new hampshire, can put donald trump over the top. we're having a conversation now it was impossible to have two weeks ago. it was just improbable. you were not having a reality-based conversatio
Nov 8, 2016 11:00pm PST
? >> georg e w. bush lost the popular vote. >> people are saying what happened with the latino vote. you start talking to people. there was not actually a big investment. a lot of the la ttino organizations, they felt like there wasn't a big enough investment in them. they said we have people who want to sign up and be registered to vote. some of those efforts ran out of money before they ran out of voters because there was an assumption that the latino community would self-organize. you're going to go back and see there were certain parts of this coalition that are going to have a lot to say about feeling taken for granted, not invested in properly,ette, and i think that those are the kinds of things we'll have to talk about. >> did you think it was a failure of organization or a failure of the candidate? >> i think -- listen, i think this latino surge that materialized but only barely could have been much bigger if people -- if there was money from the beginning saying we're going to have to invest and build capacity. you'll talk to people on the ground in nevada and colorado and flori
Nov 2, 2010 7:00pm EDT
democrats campaigning with pictureses of george bush than barack obama here across the nation. >> it's not about -- >> it's barack obama's policies. they're repudiation of barack obama's policies. >> it's a repudiation of an economy that is not growing jobs. >> i understand the economy is the most important issue, but why do people not want to be associated for nancy pelosi? because she's responsible for the economy? they don't think so will. an even number of americans think george bush is responsible for the economy as barack obama. it's the policies they don't like. i hope democrats keep missing that point because we'll get more in 2012. >> 53% of voters dislike republicans as well as democrats. i think republicans are once again overreads the results and not looking at that people want jobs. >> the media tries to make this about barack obama because he's famous and we know his name and all that. as mary pointed out, he carried indiana by less than 1%. looks like the republican will win there. he lost by 14 in kentucky and the republican wins there. he lost west virginia by 16. they hat
Nov 8, 2016 6:00pm PST
county. the last republican to win pennsylvania in a presidential election was george h.w. bush. he won bucks county. no republican has won it since. mitt romney kept it close, if you go back four years. if donald trump can keep it there, it keeps him in play, if this is red at the end of the night, that's a good sign for donald trump. look at these other counties here. this is where melania trump gave her speech when she went to berwyn, pennsylvania, chester county is about 4% of the state population. this used to be rock-solid republican suburbs. but democrats have been more successful, especially with suburban women. we'll watch chester county. >> let's check in virginia now and then north carolina. >> see the red? at the moment, it's staying. you keep thinking, every time you look, are these states going to change? we're up to 76% in virginia. 60,000 votes. >> 61,000 votes ahead in virginia for donald trump right now. >> so the question is, you start going, where are the republican votes? you check these smaller rural counties and so you're going through these and you see all th
Nov 4, 2014 8:00pm PST
presidency. george h.w. bush was the exception to this. when john mccain ran in 2008. he and george w. bush didn't get along on a lot of things. he was tagged by obama as running for the third bush term. we are seeing in maryland, the lieutenant-governor is running for governor. in maryland. one of the ways that the republican has gone after him is by saying this is just going to be the third term for the democrating governor. i think hillary clinton is seeing tonight, a rejection of president obama, a rejection of him in states that as gloria pointed out defined his presidency. his victory. that is going to say, she really need to distance herself from him. >> listen, all this stuff. >> this is what i am saying. >> what i want to say. >> sorry. >> here's what i want to say. love to hear, paul, doing it longer than i have. they will say hillary clinton is running for the third obama term. the book is already written. >> writ be in paul. >> third term. >> wasn't mccain was bad. >> but what i want to say is -- that i don't, i think there is danger for the obama camp not to take this ser
Nov 4, 2014 4:00pm PST
rnc, worked for george w. bush, was always a staffer and decided to run, which came as a shock to his friends, but these are important bratle ground presidential states in the fact that ed gillespie has a race here and is this close in florida has a lot of dth democraemocrats say that interesting for 2016. >> he's a rising star, a guy who works across the aisle. this was the battleground state. virginia was not on anybody's radar screen officially. because they were 7 to 10 points ahead. >> i think there are a lot of political battlefields that are littered with the bodies of former rising stars. eric cantor, defeated in a primary. obviously, that's a much smaller group of voters in a primary than in a general election, but you're exactly right. interesting about ed gillespie, who is a very seasoned washington hand. he ran against warner as mark warner has changed. has mark warner was a one term popular governor in the state of virginia. i'm sorry, commonwealth of virginia. i don't want to get tweets on that. washington has changed him. and mark warner ran after ed gillespie, talk
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10