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Feb 13, 2014 5:00am PST
wholesale bugging of american citizens communications began under president george bush in two thousand and six the deal is made towards ending a lengthy budget dispute as the stalled project to expand upon them up can know it is also potential for insurance is your to transfer to a t bones into texas a financing mechanism to go part way into covering an end to complete the work. the chief of the panama canal authority wants to find a way to fund one point six billion dollars of cost overruns. blair have them. we still have some topics to resolve and we're working in the direction of the patients is no finite at the entrance was thinking that this house to a fine new daycare next week it that we now know that i can match them up. a consortium led by spain's sophie and eight of the three billion dollars for the contract to build two new sets of oxford canal which connects the atlantic and pacific oceans. the fees paid to post one billion less than its nearest competitor visiting european parliament president monson chill to sound itself at the center of the political storm in israel is conce
Apr 9, 2014 8:30am PDT
still in the peace that on his quest to unseat told britain's prince george has proved a natural that royalty she's just like the old slave meeting and greeting babies has the innate down on that parents need to reflect the content that you can use even if the sign t mingled in twenty ten with prince william and his wife takes the cheek and duchess of cambridge to start the show with the eight month old friends back in line to the british throne and he's going to need you to become head of state e adams in australia unless republicans get their way. same parents were among those attending the play date with george getting stuck into the toys on oprah. the young royals the writing await the popular critique is expected to dampen republican movements of the twofold a british colonies. george will be the center of attention throughout its three week two of the tools that make his australian debut. and mm the three stool to the post of things to book the police and the champions league semi finals poor. i am. i do the vote only two goal deficit to three weeks pending her son joe and
Sep 19, 2013 3:30am PDT
largely from the work of george sundborg and kim owen. >> i think, not just because i was a member of it or because i'm one of the last five members of the constitution, that it was a good document. i think that historians and i think people in the political arena have always said, since we got out of the convention in 1956, that it was a model convention, that it was a model structure. >> narrator: in 1867, secretary of state william henry seward negotiated the purchase of alaska from imperial russia, but few americans understood why. described as seward's folly and utterly worthless by opponents in congress and across the country, alaska was unknown and unwanted by all but a few. but seward had a vision for america as a great sea power in the pacific. he understood alaska was strategically located just off the great circle route, the shortest distance to asia. >> ultimately, seward's notion was sort of the preeminent example of manifest destiny. now, the words manifest destiny have come into great disdain perhaps in recent years, but all it meant at the time was that the ultimate de
Feb 7, 2014 5:00am PST
home favourite justin walters. another favorite george said bogeyed the final hole of his round to step into a tie for fifth one shot back with seven others. fellow south african and defending champion richard steadman was the one in two thousand and eight mixed four but the sad than a goal with one bogey to end the day with a five under sixty seven. he's one of twelve players tied for thirty two shots off the pace i am . a few onions. do you use is now available in the path of the phone. if you choose to wait. get to welcome groom's home tomorrow q when you smile. when to look topics share your opinion with the old one. to steal them only to the music with you means universal i'll try to us. it will mean a storm. lol and beyond that the tj and production trio best known for their learning trust rat similarly legion the festival rabid fans the well of. now they've decided to trade in their headphones and timetables pop pop's findings and utilities the result is a new album called acoustic featuring a selection of the best of space museum ranged in which orchestral songs. i knew it
Dec 12, 2013 5:00am PST
george. the last sixteen. but that the essence of rita this has since been moved into second place to pause to watch it with the help of the thoughtful formidable and then it struck them with kevin was caused. lost is on its too late to start the process. reaching the top sixteen ahead of. the good with replacing the unbeaten run in this year's champions league with a convincing to get a bit of support within the target on. auction sites what else. they did. anyhoo it's already one of four the celtics. with thirteen points. the stores are what help frustrating. that's that the twins to agree with the fiscal year. the options in the snow was too snowy to score a goal on wednesday to help get it after i took the ticket for the last sixteen of the show tuesday that is consistent with that in a touches the ball the stores were lifted up above on center court system into second place with seven points one ahead of you think of the year but he did such a joy for the judges and sixteen apartments on the sixteenth of december the storm produced a stunning performance to secure his maiden worl
Mar 4, 2014 5:00am PST
george pompidou european hospital in paris. this amounts to seventy six year old man who received it as diet the cause of death is not yet none of them and have been suffering from terminal pop singer and was only giving days or few weeks to live. and mm the eye. welcome to the corner on the weekend's top football matches across your path england is the first port of call for the league cup final between manchester city and sunderland with man city steely and cats but will pen a grainy looking for a first trophy since taking charge of the etsy add to the underdog sunderland took the lead up to ten minutes thanks to fabio birdie in a one nil to the black caps after the second off the dome to ctv to supplying goals from gio tori and sunny in the city. jesus now that's odd because the kids but think about it despite the things the next deep into the season and talked to me to the madrid doll the flexi care to be a day out at the center calderon to this arrangement addington simone gave me altho the attacks led to getting back we took a cake and went ahead thanks to captain daddy. two goals
Apr 25, 2014 8:30am PDT
son prince george. no i. i don't miss the first eu president of the base covering the critical issues. economicyt defense and conflict affecting eu integrity and eu enlargement climate change and immigration. all candidates face your questions. join us at the itu presidential debate. usa posted questions that tiki eu debate two thousand and fourteen. lied on monday the twenty eight seven o'clock of me and you are new forty years off to the carnation revolution free to portugal from dictation many portuguese on a different sort of straight jacket today. austerity measures imposed without portugal to qualify for an economic bailout program going to close next month i want to direct participants in the revolution are especially that of the group one of its leaders to music on those of the most as the ground humanist principles of the revolution active and smashed them now just about gone it would yell i love them love on them dementieva time and then he was in put up the ranks twenty fifth of april anniversary of the portuguese revolution is also choose a birthday key stage two. b
Apr 28, 2014 8:30am PDT
president. join george in case the center i e p piece choice for governments to respect the results the candidate has been pretty good move that could be just to mix up with new component elections would become the next commission present. this would make them all. did you know what to grow says. the snow ice freezing the whole scene industry. yet all say they found his policies priorities top with the latest economic rights and employment as well as energy and reform of the money tree union. it is this consensus is policy would eat badly in seven countries precincts to austerity measures he moaned the good that i meet a great time approach he said. i mean grace. i was in court and in portugal. i stayed three days protesting again is becoming so i was afraid of citizens and politicians shouldn't be afraid of the people. he's home and teach by the center for the people in need of it alas the johnston the case of a test during his whistle stop tour to europe which begins tomorrow taking and twenty eight countries before the elections next month then the big issue in these elections is you
May 2, 2014 8:30am PDT
bad under george w bush again not sure though. today barack obama i not know america will still need to rebuild trust and war with our issues like ukraine and the nsa scandal can allow that remains to be seen the grover urine use washing the icc services in the south korean capital seoul. the mother rescue operation up to two subway trains collided. it's understood dozens of hostages and endangered the first reports suggest am not seriously hurt. witnesses say a train was hit in the rehab i mean coming mon when i was leaving the station. one night as the rail and passengers walked a short distance along the tracks to the station media sources said. one passenger train is on board announcement in the fleet of passages to stay inside that most people ignored it and force the doors open to escape the accident comes just two weeks after south korean ferry sank leaving three hundred dead or missing in the country's worst disaster in twenty years. marlins to the defence minister has accused the police service of waging a political campaign over the arrest that she and pains president gerry
Nov 13, 2013 5:00am PST
post and today he would attend the festival at the second half. george burns reporting to the wealthy enough to stretch out. ha well. he became the jordan scott ritual man it's good that he is priced at everything in. the key tag which was to provide housing when they came in the kiddie style. any suggestion that every sparrow was born. how she's doing. i'm told. id act the team. when it declared it a carry on shopping almost like a bleeding comments one on top of the great irish trade the corner turning around she can be carried in its well. each kid. the welsh trash right. sure graham. his comments and pasting. i can get to the cottage living my hand inside out. he became a tourist attraction in the headlights. the field and cleaned the car involved spread across the country and thus can change quickly became the norm and preach and teach. the air. you knew you when you use. the us your bio that would put forward a private number. was he thinking
Feb 10, 2014 5:00am PST
was awesome. besides it was good to get it installed before they die. south africa's george could see it get you to wait for the repeat or tortuous he secured a three shot victory at the joburg open on sunday the twenty seven year old who started the total round four shots off the coast with the c sixty six to win the tournament someone cinema this is the second place without a clue to the justin moore says don't have to dig in and south korea's human being. the remaining generation one on the top of young people in here. join us as we go about our issues this weekend and see how the challenges that young people face today will determine our tomorrow. no sovereign. the i know. aei the healing. it noted. watt said. each should they. at the you get. each. it was the work. ruins. got the cheer. we are. i do. it is. since. steve. missed. ch ch. you'll go the air. my name is maria was ready. and then our streets. the kids from here on. i've been thinking more than ten years i'm asking you to see the team onto the shore. my guides. i couldn't imagine be done then i can think. it's all i
Feb 19, 2014 5:00am PST
forty six george watson thirty year old texan happen nothing of the limelight in short it will surely get a warm welcome on the return home . yu will. bush's new system. it's another statistic. here are the fuss is being sent to you last week. don't apply the eu. a blonde. find out more about what you said to school at www. don't you still go on slashdot i dashed to. it's the detail of companies final days. it was going to work directed by axa ap expats pulled the deal is understood in the case. for instance when kids harrington as the slate and kt to mind for all. yellow. he finds itself in a race against time to save his true love played by emily browning i didn't know anything about this mummified corpses that was still in pain now and i thought that was incredibly can look through these piccies of. these people beyond the fact that they would sort of modified it into love bunnies can break some people powering and some people like embracing and insists. it's incredible that that still exists and that sort of physical memory of this incredible tragedy the fact that you can still ac
Nov 20, 2013 5:00am PST
. let's join lennon george harrison paul mccartney and rigorous. it's an old song but the disobedience of the beatles' version of buddy holly's words of love is new directed by the man behind many of the quran as any of it is it's just been released to mark the torch of a compilation of life bbc recordings by the fab four these. it makes is that it's fitted with modern computer graphics creating a unique backdrop for this previously unreleased sound. the follow up to the fast line but the bbc collection released in twenty years ago by the bbc volume two beaches sixty three recordings made in the air in the mid nineteen sixties. it includes different batches of six rarities such as this popping nineteen sixty three cup for plants of love recorded a year before the beatles coffee for a record. all the dancing concrete tiles i got a woman reaches the sale and some berries memphis tennessee. he will love beatles classics also make up the caps about five weeks when number one hits as well as of the favorites such as ice or the stunning events with themselves. mounting beatle mania surrounding
Mar 28, 2014 8:30am PDT
oh and wonderful. i think don't get to that. cheers to you too must presume to hear melissa george the eye. i know . which. just today. ch opal key to the market. from my job. chris and it's come in for democracy. come to put them all. krista was formed in my sin and toward us it is out of me pink to push it in my tuna. then today he seemed to me to science. a musical when the rice for students who seek to force form. a country where i come from. we may be in this piece in last week's assignments. so when i was was cooked. tor books in this. on to win the race was also fun. and i'll remain so that the wind. and what the gays misuse and abuse of our house we get to those for the available time the portico was what kept going and it is going to put them to great heights. i'm drinking tea for me. i guess the costliest made it lots of gold in terms of investment companies. i went to see what caught on because if we do not like that. this song. one cool looking towards the cost of all i want to. it was more a show in that we didn't get to know what needs to be good to have the chills yo
Mar 24, 2014 8:30am PDT
delve into the sport at the chance. call me george go from there. duffy who has made this film it's not in the open she could summon up with what you thought was laurie the most awesome group did he did to provoke will go from russia to secure the site. this woman who was the halfway mark and decency in the women's event its existence the guy i don't want it to ukraine in the seventy two the final two new age. russia's space to do that given the siamese and carry momentum to the showpiece much of the clinical asked to guard its own rival. background some prawns with his caustic start to see the display to beat lithuania sunday that the scots and the defendant if you don't agree. one was elated to see him in his seat to let it go. the to be skewed distribution of something to cheer about twenty one seats. it's always fun . through. last month or so she really gets recorded with joe and dave one hundred and twenty two nieces couldn't pass it to be going to make do with seven points enough to secure second place in. seventy five the sport she wasn't into trouble place the global influence
Nov 15, 2013 5:00am PST
operation is in the parisians up leavitt said. held at the till fifth ave george fenton bash. he was kidnapped by gunmen in northern cameroon in the niv allison says day according to the french foreign ministry i didn't push left his parents to black and white tiled region near the border with nigeria. the islamist menace a group of foreign descent on racing the area the french ish to share on to call explains what he understands happens. we still took the bbq pit. nap is about fifteen of them a ride tonight to announce it on a class at the house of no use to keep the money that wasn't any good when they stopped it i didn't have been making knocked it all in any case they wanted to get in a five issue is meant is that i'm trying to call the embassy and to hang on to muster up the difference. fenton precious sea snake and estimate the economic system carries for two with ninety area. paris that wanted to do things to leave the region that says the priest insisted on staying to complete its mission. the car and kidnapped a french family in the same area nine months ago the outrage in a
Dec 31, 2013 5:00am PST
psychological techniques to opt and pay homage to george and itchy rico's the founder of the surrealist expected also it is in place the will of the conscious mind america especially took notes. jackson pollock and pop ups. like many singers to fall on the query and has decided to watch the action designed for well known british high street store the collection and that makes that had been wet and sexy outfits including some very high tackle. teach them nominated been stopped if the pm at the american music awards. brianna has recently fuel to control the speed of the proposed to heal the physical or email. about ten minutes offering was released. this is for the new collection will made in portugal. in keeping the whole defense secrets wasn't always easy to make going in the beginning we were told it was a project that didn't have to hide from everyone. at least it's late so once we signed an exclusivity contract to keep quiet. we want to be very careful and thorough. what was the toughest challenge but it came to the sheet design. neither were we achieving common e g to the
Apr 1, 2014 5:00am PDT
european countries usa and canada. being a norway and george are aligned themselves with this statement. cost of the horrors of the sacred word will be international community agreed on in your system of international relations based on the top top of the united nations this system was designed as an artist from japan called an extension of many chinese to the intentional community it's called respect to test out our integrity and ukraine because he wanted a solution because it affects the rights of smallto attention the dial up was illegitimate ukrainian authorities. the legality of the russian federation's military intervention in an occupation of ukraine's crimea region. the resolution before us is about one issue and one issue only. and that is affirming our commitment to the sovereignty huge ship resolution of the general assembly is on even the mundane take a lead un security council which is managing to all countries the next step will be holding on to new security council meeting and was twenty eight. no offence to claim the week. this was one of eleven countries that
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18