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Mar 2, 2016 5:30am EST
a new police force -- police horse. >> mr. george iii is the third the previous ones were mr. george and mr. george ii. we were there at the downtown orlando publix grocery store for the naming ceremony. >> we feel like they do a lot for us so we want to help them. >> mr. george iii is picking up where mr. george ii left off before mr. george mr. george ii dive. mr. george iii is carrying on the legacy. >> will work from apples -- four apples. >> free apples from publix grocery store. a front is moving and we will be chilly are but still a warm day on the way. despite it's not huge. 2 fronts, many fronts moving in as we go through the end of the week. look and downtown orlando, 58 winds at lasalle southwest at six. there are the numbers running in the 50s and 60s 660 daytona beach and daytona beach shores, 61 deland, 64 in clermont, winds out of the south west and that is the reason we are milder southwesterly, westerly windy keeping us on the warm side even with extra cloud cover. you can see it here clouds moving in. there is a weak front to the north not a lot of rain with it. the
Mar 3, 2016 5:30am EST
. there is next front that will drop in by tonight and early tomorrow morning. george marsh elementary, volusia county, there is the sun club mix. 80 by 2:00, ahead of the next month we will have 70s and 80s. 9 am, uc patches of clouds around but overall go green on land but we are staying dry and let me tell you into tomorrow. we would take it into your friday morning when i see you a thin line of showers popping up. early tomorrow morning, this is through 8:00, a couple showers are possible and decreasing clouds with a lot of sun mac by friday afternoon setting the stage for gorgeous weekend. at the beaches, 70s, water temperatures holding steady, 6166 seas 233. for today, temperatures around 82, 61-66 seas 2-3. 80 degrees titusville, melbourne, palm bay, temperatures in the low 80s today. tonight, a chance for rain late, 50s and 60s and recover the front working in 3:00, 4:00 in the morning, a couple showers dropping in for the rest of us making it wrap up early friday. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. 20 percent chance tomorrow really early in the morning the
Feb 18, 2016 5:30am EST
temperatures. chilly toward marion county and ocala. 52 now and kissimmee, 49 clermont george bush no, titusville, 58. milder onshore breeze but we will track went out of the north keeping us cooler overall. you may want a light jacket into the afternoon. and radar picture. we will take care for the planner. rainbow allergy, 69 at noon. by 2:00, 70. around 69 by 4:00. cooler than yesterday but still pleasant. 11:00 this morning, again looking great. loads of sunshine for today. 6:00, onshore breeze we will see a few more clouds, flagler, volusia county blvd. don't be surprised to see more clouds popping up. tomorrow looking good again but throughout the day this is friday, stopping at 1:00, you will see a few more clouds the onshore floor with us. partly cloudy skies for friday and a tiny chance of a sprinkle along the coast. future track you can see the train was coming out of the north and northeast today. you see that sustained to 15 to 20 and higher in spots. we could have a few gusts, 25 to 30 miles an hour today. pointing that out because you have outdoor plans. water temperatur
Mar 9, 2016 5:30am EST
bands has died. >> george warren to work with the beatles from the start and through the transformation to musical and cultural revolutionaries that many people called him the fifth needle. he is the man behind problems relating -- influential problems like sergeant. peppers lonely hearts club band. he has worked with paul mccartney's solo albums and he was 90 years old. >>> 5:49 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. spring is here. >> it is nice. >> everyone is happy . >>> downtown orlando, 63, winds out of the east southeast and 9 miles an hour. you see temperatures this morning, they are good. kids maybe be to get away have to wait for the bus, you may want a sweatshirt. talking 50s and 60s. good shape with temperatures but winds of light pulling out of the southeast. breezy or in brevard county. winds 20 cocoa beach, that is the reason we are warmer along the coast. picture. scattered clouds. high pressure is dominant, offshore, southeasterly winds and helping to keep us on the dry side. a lot of sun, partly cloudy metrowest elementary, 79 at noon, 80 at
Feb 16, 2016 5:30am EST
campaign trail to draw support for his family. george w. bush was in south carolina. ahead of the primary, to encourage people to vote for his brother jeb. he sharing experiences and does not doubt that his mother has what it takes. >> we do not need someone in the oval office who mirrors in the flames anger and frustration. -- and -- [ applause ] we need someone who can fix the problems. >> the former president took a he will do what's right for the country. >>> keep up with the 2016 race for the white house by going to into the on news and visit the election section. >>> attorneys the deltona man accused of killing his wife and children while the trial to happen in 60 days. toledo shot was supposed to have been this month but was continued after the us supreme court ruled the state's death penalty system is unconstitutional. the state still plans to seek the death penalty of toledo is convicted of killing soiries and her children. federal 29th hearing. >>> we will find out if a man accused in a deputy involved shooting at a ww training facility in orange county will be
Feb 19, 2016 5:30am EST
of 2014, this woman found a website forever see roofing and david george promised to rebuild it in two weeks. he took $4,000 and stopped answering phone calls. constructer's license, now he is facing charges two years later. >> other people should not go through what i went through. yeah. i'm glad that they caught up with him. >> the contractors are required to put their license number on construction permits. we put a link on >>> covering brevard county, some homeowners are saying the water is so bad in their community they have to rely on bottled water. nearly 300 people in the groves area are saying showers can cause a problem. they are waiting on a water a little bit to be built to connect city water to the county plant. but we found out a fix could be another year away. >> we're doing our due diligence getting this taken care of and going through the proper channels. >> officials are saying once the permit and contact process is done, it will take six to nine months to install the pipe. >>> minneapolis made an exception in light of the zika would be the lesser of
Mar 15, 2016 5:30am EDT
is the planner and how quickly we warm up lunchtime, volusia county, george marx elementary, well into the 80s, 86 degrees by the time at 4:00 and plenty of sun to the evening, 83 at 6:00 are coming up, i want to go city by city with how hot we will be an hour show you hotspots and then we would take a look at when we will get a cool down returning. 5:32 am. >>> polls open in about one hour and a half now and the florida primary and as usual what happens in our state could change the course for the race for the white house. >> angela jacobs is live at an orlando polling location and millions of floridians have already voted. >> reporter: they have a man may not make the lines here shorter was so much riding on the primary. we have not seen activity. it's early but if you can beat today. >> we are ready and voters hopefully already. >> reporter: even before polls open, 106,000 ballots had been cast for the presidential primary election in orange county. us it is a high for presidential primaries but the county is also larger than it was during the last primary in 2008. more than 2
Feb 3, 2016 5:30am EST
adequate treatment from the va himself. george taylor is the founder of the national veterans homeless support group the taylor -- he is battling set -- skin cancer, ptsd from combat. he was getting care of the va outpatient clinic in beer until about the last year. we spoke to the medical center about taylor resuming care at the facility and they said they would get in touch with him soon. >>> florida residents living in public housing may soon have to have their and, evaluated by the department of housing and urban development. yesterday an amendment was passed forcing public housing residents to reveal how much they make and assets. last year we found out more than 25,000 florida families living in housing paid for by taxpayers are making six-figure salaries. >>> florida lottery officials say the recent billion-dollar powerball helped to boost sales to record highs officials say $760 million in tickets were sold last month. 213 million of that will go into the education enhancement trust fund lotto officials say the powerball jackpot also helps set a new record for million and scrat
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8