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Apr 11, 2017 5:00am EDT
port authority executive bill baroni, prison terms, accused of closing lanes on the george washington bridge to create traffic jams. both kellie anbar own i remain free while they pursue their appeals. >> closing arguments are set for today in the trial of three high school student in the death of 16 year old classmate, amy joyner francis. joyner-francis died in april 2016 after a fight at howard high school of technology in wilmington. yesterday's final witness was a pediatric cardiologist who testified that joyner-francis suffered from a heart condition that had gone un detecter dollars by doctors and caused her death. >> it is a video shocking travelers across the country. >> you probably have seen how passenger was forceably removed from united airlines flight. now we're telling you what your right are in a situation just like this one. >> plus, residents in one midwest town are brace being for even higher flood waters than these. we will have the latest on rising waters in michigan. >> ♪ >> ♪ throw back tuesday. i have not heard this in so long. but it is time to roll out of
Apr 20, 2015 5:00am EDT
, erika, it is growing, bit more subdued compared to the frenzy over prince george two years ago when kate was week or so late and reporters were just outside of the hospital day after day. different scene outside the hospital right now as you are about to see but there is no lack of excitement. >> the most ardent royal watch remembers already waiting outside the lynn dough wing every saint mary hospital in london. >> just see kate come out with the baby and and part of had history. >> their second child will be fourth in line to the brittish thrown. behind his or her grandfather father, big brother george. captured the wormed's attention when he was born in july of 2013. >> i think prince george special moment in history been a while since we've will a direct air to the thrown. >> press pinned outside the wing here at saint mary hospital in london are empty. the press and fans are being kept away until kate is admitted. that's quite a difference from two years ago before prince george was born. >> you couldn't come this close to nearby hotel very excited. >> while even the duke and d
Feb 22, 2012 5:00pm EST
, about 40 feet away, george huguely, is sitting in a small holding cell, waiting to find out his punishment. >> reporter: george huguely walked into court for deliberation day, his fate hanging in the balance. his pants oversized. a drastic change in appearance for the lacrosse player who is accused of fatally beating his girlfriendiard low -- girlfriend, yeardley love, from cockeysville. sandness -- sadness in love's mother, who broke down many times during testimony. and strong empathy from the prosecutor, dave chapman, who actually cried during closing arguments saturday. he wants jurors to convict huguely of first- or second- degree murder. >> not a slam-dunk case for the commonwealth. >> it is very difficult to read the fays of a juror. the jurors all have that poker face on them. they don't betray their emotions. >> reporter: defense attorneys argue their client didn't mean to kill yashedly -- yeardley love. and they hope jurors come back with a manslaughter conviction. they also call the this doctor to cast a shadow of doubt over the cause of death. >> and again, how do yo
Mar 29, 2012 5:00pm EDT
to fight the charges and remain in office. >>> tonight, there is new surveillance video of george zimmerman being taken to the police station, right after he shot and killed trayvon martin in florida. the video is igniting a new debate over this neighborhood tragedy. >> reporter: this video shows george zimmerman, the night he shot trayvon martin. zimmerman's lawyer says his client acted in self-defense because he was attacked by the teenager and had his nose broken. but the martin family's attorney says the video shows no evidence of that. >> thank god for surveillance video because obviously there was a conspiracy to cover up the truth and sweep trayvon martin's death under the rug. >> reporter: in the police report, officers did write that zimmerman's nose was bloody. after interviewing neighborhood watch in the area, authorities let him go. that decision continues to stir protest around the country and the national media are now camped out in sanford, covering the story around the clock. >> reporter: sanford police are warning reporters they could be arrested for stalking, if
Apr 11, 2012 5:00pm EDT
angela quarry is expected to press state charges against george zimmerman. the volunteer neighborhood watch captain who said he shot the unarmed 17-year-old in self- defense. the martin family has been calling on prosecutors to charge zimmerman with murder. >> for the last 44 days, it has been a nightmare. and this is coming from a mother's perspective. >> reporter: martin's parents spoke in washington, d.c., where civil rights leaders met with u.s. attorney general eric holder. he says the justice department is looking into possible federal civil rights charges. >> that at every level of today's justice department, preventing and combatting youth violence and victimization is and will continue to be a top priority. >> reporter: police here in sanford are taking steps to keep the peace. once the prosecutor makes her announcement. >> reporter: zimmerman is going to have to figure out his legal defense. the two attorneys representing him quit yesterday after he stopped talking to them. in sanford, florida, randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> zimmerman's former attorneys say they a
Feb 13, 2012 5:00pm EST
testimony today in the trial of george huguely. police describe evidence of a violent encounter between the final couple. adam may stays on the story, where moments later the medical examiner explains how yeardley love died. >> reporter: that medical examiner is still on the stand. based on those results, he is presenting a laundry list of injuries that came here to study and ended up in a body bag. medical experts and police paint a picture of a violent struggle between former uva lacrosse players george huguely and yeardley love. in court, the court heard the medical examiner describe the injuries. the doctor also testified love had bruises to her hand, forearms, buttox and arms. love also suffered hemorrhaging in the neck, an indication that pressure could have cut off her circulation. earlier, the defense testified that george huguely had bruises on his knuckles. defense attorneys questioning police about huguely's injuries are eluding that some of the injuries may have been caused by lacrosse. when prosecutors firsthanded the copy of those autopsy photos to the defense team. you ca
Sep 21, 2011 5:00pm EDT
campus in prince george's county. mike hellgren explains what those officers are saying tonight. >> those officers are james harrison and reginald baker. the fraternal order of police says they have record. but the attorneys questions why a third officer was seen hitting his client with a baton on tape, has not been indicted. >> reporter: two prince george's county officers faced 25 years in jail for the beating of jack mckenna. he had a concussion in need of stitches. wjz has obtained the grand jury indictment for these incidents. following a basketball victory against duke last march. taylor heskas was there. >> everyone was going crazy. it was just, you know, people are trying to start fire. they're like, fight. >> mckenna was one of several injured students. police searched for hours of -- through hours of tape and before bringing charges. >> but at the same time, there needs to be a process. >> reporter: the officers are charged with first-degree assault, second-degree assault, and misconduct in office. >> reporter: the beating happened right here. the attorney representing
Jul 8, 2013 5:00pm EDT
stage again in a florida courtroom. today, george zimmerman's friends take the stands, followed by martin's own father. susan mcginnis reports for wjz, from the courthouse in sanford. >>> the defense called several friends of george zimmerman. each one took the stand. and each said they believe it's his voice on this 911 call, screaming for help. >> help! >> so you think he's yelling help? >> yes. >> and whose voice is this? >> george zimmerman's voice. >> yes, definitely georgey. >> i thought it was george. >> reporter: john donnelly wiped away tears after hearing the tape. >> there's no doubt in my mind that is george zimmerman. >> reporter: on friday, zimmerman's mother and uncle testified the screams were george zimmerman's. the neighborhood watchman claims he shot the teenager in self-defense after the teenager attacked him. but the prosecution and martin's family believes the screams came from the teenager. >> reporter: the screams on that 911 call are critical. the case could turn on who the jury believes the agreesor was during the-- aggressor was during the confrontation.
Nov 15, 2010 5:00pm EST
their investigation into the corruption here in prince george's county. as promised, that investigation is getting a whole lot bigger tonight. we're learning about nine new arrests in this case, and a long list of additional criminal charges. >> reporter: among the arrests, three prince george's county police officers, charged in what the fbi calls an extortion and drug trafficking ring. this latest development, the result of a long, federal investigation into corruption in prince george's county that came to a head friday, as fbi agents raided the home of county executive jack johnson and his wife leslie. the two were arrested after fbi wire taps on johnson's telephone overheard him telling his wife to destroy and hide cash and checks that the fbi calls evidence that johnson was taking illegal payoffs from real estate developers in exchange for political favors. johnson, who denies any wrongdoing, returned to work today, confident he'll be vindicated. >> just wanted the citizens of prince george's county to know that i'm going to remain strong. i'm going to finish what i
Sep 26, 2014 5:00pm EDT
bachelor hood of george clooney is about to come to an end. we'll have all the details of his weekend italian nuptials i've lived hewith my mother, forty--four who is ninety--nine. people who do not live in delaware county need to know that tom mcgarrigle raised our taxes five times. five times in seven years. meanwhile tom mcgarrigle gave a million dollar subsidy to an energy company. tom mcgarrigle is not looking out for regular families or seniors at all. we need john kane in the senate. he gets regular families. >> breaking news now. the death of a four year old boy in hamilton township mercer county is being investigated and a respiratory virus is suspected. this comes as doctors and hospitals around the region report a growing number of children with breathing difficulties. >> our health reporter stephanie stahl joins us here with the latest on this. >> reporter: that's right, chris and jessica, the new jersey health department is investigating along with federal health officials. here's what we know right now from a hamilton township health official. the little boy who died at
Aug 23, 2010 5:00pm EDT
george's county. prince george's county school system is touting the new building as an environmentally friendly green school. >> i did not know there were six across the country. >> i did not know that. >>> bad eggs. half a million recalled. could even more be pulled from store shelves? and the fda isn't doing enough about the problem. >>> parents, if you just bought children's jewelry, listen up, they may have excessive amounts of lead in them. two were cited for selling them. i'm andrea fujii. wjz eyewitness news. >>> i'm ron matz, at lexington market. the new zagat guide is out. what is hot on the restaurant scene? the story coming up here on wjz. >>> clouds moving in. the updated first warning forecast. as meteorologist tim williams is coming up. ,,,, mmmm. you don't love me anymore do you billy? what? i didn't buy this cereal to sweet talk your taste buds it's for my heart health. so i can't have any? if you can deprive me of what can help lower my cholesterol... and live with yourself. right. mmm, i worry about your mother. cry herself to sleep every night over my
Jun 29, 2017 5:00am EDT
to steel an atm at gas station in prince georges county, maryland. suspected three times to pull the machine by tying a chain around atm with a van which was reportedly stolen. despite their efforts, they left empty handed. um-hmm. >>> you may recall earlier this month a suspect used a backhoe to try to steel an atm , this also happened in prince georgeing county, is what going own down there that is my home county they are all crazy. crime caused $10,000 in damage but no money was taken. police have not said whether they are connect. >>> twenty-five people rescued yesterday evening. four adults and four year-old had to be pluck from the water there, in the inlet after their 22-foot boat overturn, officials say everyone on board was wearing a life jacket, no serious injuries were reported but life jackets save lives with little children on board. >> absolutely. >>> twenty wild fires continue to rage out west. >> now flames coming un comfortably close to homes, several in burbank, are under mandatory evacuation order. no homes have been reported destroyed yet but flames have been spor
Apr 20, 2010 5:00pm EDT
anne arundel and prince george's county were called to the wayson's trailer park. this is located along the patuxent river along anne arundel county. you see divers working. it was initially a call that a teenager had gone into the patuxent river, not too far from the trailer park, gone underwater. and they did not see him resurface. they've had two maryland state police helicopters here on the scene, searching along the river. this is right along, where route 4 goes along the patuxent river. they have not located the victim at this time. they are presuming that he is possibly drowned. you see divers from prince george's county and others on the scene. they are located over in the trailer park area. at this point, it is not clear for certain whether anyone was drowned. but someone saw a teenager go into the water and want -- and not resurface. they are presuming that he is drowned at this point. >> just really quick, i want to give our viewers a reference point. this headed out toward 301 south. >> that is correct. this is actually, they're saying the route 4 bridge in waysons and
Jan 19, 2017 5:00pm EST
nominees that the president wants. >> reporter: and you work for george w. bush, you have been inside an administration, and how critical are these next 100 days for them. >> they are extremely chris will california. the president, there is a lot of contempt for this president still out there. so, we have seen it locally in philadelphia with our members of the congress boycotting this election. i think first 100 days are still people unfortunately not rooting for the president. it its time for the president to get some easy, early wins in the first 100 days and prove to america and some of the detractors he can deliver for the entire nation and not just those that voted for him. >> that would be your add rise >> absolutely. >> you have done inaugural events before in the past how did this measure up in terms of the the crowd size, events what do you think. >> well, i'm very excited about the events that are starting tonight, obviously, you know, we have seen so much activity around town. is there so many people that have come in. i think that we're expecting huge crowd tomorrow, and i th
Jan 4, 2013 5:00pm EST
on of course, king george vi. yes. and the control column i think, is still in the museum at windsor castle. is it really? what a great story. and it's got an inscription inside as well. "in remembrance of four memorable months. "april to july, 1919." which is also the date of manufacture of the case and it's got albert's signature, or george vi's signature as he later became in facsimile there. without the royal connection this cigarette case would be worth £15 to £20. right. very difficult to put a value on, but i would think £400 to £500 maybe? really? something like that. good grief. ( laughs ) thank you very much indeed. thank you for bringing it along, then. so you're obviously in a choir. tell me about it. yes, i'm a chorister at southwell minster. i enjoy the singing, especially the concerts that we do. and i love the type of music that we sing. how long have been singing for in the choir here? almost four years. oh, a long time. yeah. well, i'm glad you enjoy it. is this a family long-case or is it yours? it was my great-great- grandfather's. he passed it down to my grea
Apr 21, 2010 5:00pm EDT
new investigation of the police brutality caught on tape in prince george's county. the video shows three officers beating a student at the university of maryland college park. the violent footage has since sparked outrage across the country. wjz is live in college park. mike hellgren explains why university leaders are now asking maryland state police to get involved. mike? >> reporter: they just want to make sure their employees are handling everything on the up and up. we have brand new video to show you. and reaction because of concerns stemming from a chunk of video taken by a university camera on the night in question that's now gone missing. >> reporter: wjz obtained this new surveillance video of the moments leading up to the police beating of a university of maryland student. the tape does not show the actual beating, unlike this video, another student shot from his dorm room. but it's at the center of a new controversy. because part of the surveillance tape has disappeared. if it was intentional. >> that's obstruction of justice. when it comes to obstruction of justice, th
Jan 29, 2010 5:00pm EST
no time in talking about killing george tiller. rotor admitted to killing the doctor, but he said he did so to prevent abortions. >> reporter: scott rotor admitted he killed dr. george tiller. but the wichita jury had to decide, was it murder? >> we, the jury, find scott rotor guilty of first-degree murder. >> reporter: no emotion was shown as the verdict was read. last may, rotor walked into a sunday church service and shot tiller in the head. >> someone just walked into our church and shot someone. >> somebody shot someone? >> yes. dr. george tiller was shot. >> i did what i thought was needed to be done to protect the children. i shot him. >> reporter: after the verdict, prosecutors told the jury, they had to convict rotor. >> this is a man, who given the opportunity would probably do it again. >> reporter: tiller's family issued a statement. we hope that george can be remembered for his legacy of service to women, the help he provided for those who needed it, and the love and happiness he provided us as a husband, father, and grandfather. >> reporter: defense attorneys were count
Feb 19, 2010 5:00pm EST
-covered sidewalks. police are still looking for that driver in prince george's county. >>> around baltimore, you will still see a lot of snow. and a lot of furniture, as people try to save their parking spaces. but the mayor now says all of that has to go. wjz is live in north baltimore. mike hellgren has the latest on the push to get the chairs out of the streets and why it is definitely an uphill battle. mike? >> reporter: that's certainly right, mary. you never know what you're going to find on the street. mostly chairs and snow at this time of the year. a lot of people feel they invested a lot of time, clearing out their parking lots. so they should be able to save them. but the mayor says, well, right now, it's time for that practice to come to an end. >> reporter: these are the space invaders. from weight benches and drying racks to lawn chairs and those that rock. saw horses, picnic benches. the baltimore tradition of using your excess stuff to save your parking spot in the snow is alive and well. >> at this point, would you still put a chair out to block your spot? >> yeah
Feb 15, 2012 5:00pm EST
took the stand, many of them had been friends with george huguely for years and had not seen him for two years since the night love died. most of them avoided eye contact with huguely, except for one. >> reporter: one by one, these former teammates from the university of virginia's 2010 lacrosse team took the stand to testify against their old friend george huguely. they told jurors, the chevy chase native was drunk, spilling wine and even urinating in public in the hours before his ex-girlfriend, cockeysville native, yeardley love, was found dead, weeks before graduation. kenneth klauson gave huguely a cold stare in court, before testifying yeardley love was one of his best friends. klauson said huguely seemed strange and had a change of demeanor after visiting love's apartment. klauson said, i asked him, what's wrong? huguely replied nothing is wrong. klauson, i asked two more times and i got no response. the lacrosse players also told jurors they caught huguely lying about his whereabouts that night. later, they saw huguely still physically drunk, strip down to his boxers before d
May 27, 2010 5:00pm EDT
schools is at the center of a cheating scandal tonight. george washington elementary was praised by the white house, and in the end, test tampering cost the principal her career. wjz is live at the school. mike is there. he breaks down how investigators exposed the story. >> reporter: kai, it was eraser marks on tests, thousands of suspicious ones that revealed the truth, and the whistle blower, a parent, believes the head of city schools should take more accountability. george washington elementary had some of the highest test scores in the city, receiving a coveted blue ribbon award and praise from the first lady. >> at george washington elementary, teachers refuse to let their students become statistics. >> reporter: that's why the allegations that someone was cheating to raise the standardized test scores were so shocking. >> actually, it was some of the children who came to me and brought the concern to me. >> reporter: this parent said they told her the principal was helping them complete tests. harding went straight to the heads of city and state schools. >> this went on for a ye
Aug 4, 2014 5:00am EDT
here on the 7100 block of george and road. police say that suspect or suspects were shooting from on this side of the road across the street at a parked car. now, 29 year old man was in the drivers seat. twenty-five year old woman was either getting in or out of the car when ten shots were fired a little before 3:00 this morning. the woman was hit once in the leg. she was taken to einstein hospital. and is in stable condition. after shots rang out, the victim and the ford crown victoria drove about mile and crashed the vehicle on east cheltenham avenue in cheltenham township. now he was shot seven times in the torso, and both died. >> the vehicle we found the driver in, ford crown victoria, has at least ten gunshot holes all mainly grouped in the door, the driver side door, of right where the victim would be driving the vehicle. >> here is video of the second scene. police say the victim crashed into a parked van, as he drove down the wrong way, on a one way street. now, the man was also taken to einstein, again, with seven gunshot wounds. he is in critical condition. right now, p
Jan 19, 2017 5:00am EST
presidential correspondence coming up after "eyewitness news" on cbs this morning. >>> george hw bush and first lady barbara bush remain in the hospital. nine two-year old former president went the two hospital on saturday for respiratory issues. yesterday he went in intensive care to address a problem stemming from pneumonia, first lady barbara bush now 91 went the two same hospital yesterday for fatigue and coughing. the a family spokesmen says that the the first lady's problems are in the serious. >>> the man accused of killing an orlando police officer is expected to appear in front of the judge later today. forty-one year-old markeith lloyd ace accused of shooting lieutenant deborah clayton in a wal-mart parking lot last week. meantime florida officials say president-elect donald trump has reach out to clayton's house want. their conversation was described as brief, touching and private conversation between two husbands. lloyd is accused in the death of his pregnant ex-girlfriend. >>> closer to home, 20 year-old drexel student joseph rose liz will appear the in the center ci
Nov 24, 2016 5:00am EST
lady handlers of the curious george balloon because i was very far away. maybe that curious george but i stand corrected these are the tweetie bird ladies, you guys. so what brings you out so early in the morning. this is the first year for you. >> this is first year that we are in the parade but certainly not the first year watching the parade. i grew up watching it. i grew up in south philadelphia. we would walk up, you know, to market street every year and watch santa climb up the fireman's ladder at gymballs and that is the official start of the christmas. it is a really special time, special memory and then as our children's were growing up and as you can see, we're grown up, she actually got an e-mail a couple months ago and asked me if i, she said mom, didn't you want to be a balloon handler in the balloon and i said yes. she said well, i just got an e-mail asking yes, do it. she signed us up. here we are. so yes, making new memories now. >> reporter: so, how much training have you under gone for this? >> well, not too much training, we did all have to go down to channel 6a
Dec 28, 2016 5:00am EST
, original. mark hamill tweeted no word # devastated. star wars creator george lucas says in star wars she was a great, powerful princess, feisty, wise, full of hope. >> god bless, rest in peace. >> reporter: roxanea sayberry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >>> fans had high praise for woman who brought the princess to life, one star wars fancies chris ryan, owner of atomic city comics in philadelphia. >> she never was a damsell in distress, she was very strong, very self-sufficient and held her own with everyone that she was on the screen with. >> reporter: star wars creator george lucas says the role was more difficult then most people thought, and as you just heard, he praised fisher as a great, powerful princess. >>> well, coming up this morning a pennsylvania police department is warning people about a bold, and we mean bold , scam. >> the incredible way scammers are trying to trick people into happening over their money and what they threaten if the victims don't supply. >>> a truck slams in the restaurant what caused a man to plow in the building trapping a worker and scary thing t
Dec 26, 2016 5:00am EST
british pop soup after star george michael. >> that of course was michael's 1984 hit wake me up before you go-go, with the group wham. michael manager said the singer died of heart fame your on christmas morning, george michael was 53. >> and, an update now on star wars actress carrie fisher. her mother, debbie reynolds, tweeted her daughter was this stable condition. also frank dollars france and prayers for good wishes, after reportedly suffered heart attack from london to los angeles friday night. besides her role as princess lay a, star wars fisher also known for her memoirs, such as wishful drinking. >> back here at home police trying to figure out what sparked second floor house fire in delaware county. the fire department responds today call on marlboro lane just before 2:00 p.m. it caused extensive damage. >> in the crawlspace of the attic and the second floor. so once it gets in the walls, we have to try to find it before it gets too extensive. >> and firefighters were able to put out the flames before it reached the first floor. no one was hurt. >> for look at newspape
May 23, 2015 5:00am EDT
ahead george clooney returns to the big screen. >> i'm kevin frazier coming up the the future meets present and impossible becomes real when george clooney takes us on a looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family. >>> starting on monday there will be a new way for fans of classic tv series and movies to go back in time and reexperience shows like i love lucy also mary tyler moore show happy days and cheers. cbs and legal broadcasting are launching decades that will be available here in philadelphia a on cbs-3 digital channel. network will feature a show called through the decade hosted by bill curtis, and it will look back at news, cultural event connected to a theme or day in history. decade will go back in time to commemorate release of star wars on memorial day weekend back in 1977. >>> you can watch decade, once gannon comcast on channel 244 or fios 483 or over the air on channel 3.2. >>> in theaters this weekend a new disney sci-fi flick kevin frasier from entertainment tonight has more on tomorrow land. >>> this week science and imaginati
Apr 17, 2015 5:00pm EDT
. anchorman have a good weekend. >>> royal baby count down is on, will prince george have a little brother or little sister? what will the new royal be named. coming up bets are placed and we will tell you top contenders. >>> we all know that migraines can be bee debilitating. what are neck migraines. how do you get relief. our health reporter stephanie stahl will be around to tell ♪ there is no royal blood in this country. nothing is reserved for anyone. it's all just out there... ...waiting... ...for someone to reach out... ...and take it. and the ones who do... ...these are the kings and queens of america. ♪ >>> clean up, more than 20 employees spruced up sites in philadelphia including betsy ross house and franklin square. those volunteers planted flowers, cleaned up leaves they even scrubbed down the carousal there. and it is all part of the peco celebration of national volunteer week. >>> don't you just love spring cleaning. >> yes. >> something about it. >> yes. >> doing all that. >> they do a great job out there. it is a beautiful park. >> you sound like, i ammo into sp
Oct 28, 2017 5:00am EDT
: george clooney directs his good buddy matt >> superior donut visit philadelphia, last night they took the stage at punch line philly, for some stands-up comedy. "eyewitness news" was there. >> happy to get a break from film, so we can get some stands up, and get on stage, do what we do best. it is fun, like a fieldtrip, feels like we're on a fieldtrip. a little deprived of sleep. because we're also doing press while we're doing the shows. but it has been a lot of fun. >> no rest for the weary. earlier in the day, the cast kept the crowd cheering at philadelphia's high school for creative and performing art. they told aspiring actors there about show business, and they also took part in a rounds table with our very own pat gallen. you can watch monday night at 9:00 right here on cbs-3. >> and new version of the classic tv show magnum pi is in the works. cbs hats commit dollars to developing a pilot, blue blood tom celek was in the original series, portrayed thomas magnum, navy seal who repurpose his military skills to become a private investigators. the producers behind hawaii 5o
Mar 16, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. >>> oscar winner under arrest. george clooney is handcuffed in washington, d.c. >> why the actor and his father were taken into custody. >> hi. i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm jessica kartalija. mary is off tonight. and here's what people are talking about. >> hollywood star george clooney spends time behind bars. police arrest him in washington, d.c., during a protest against brutality in sudan. danielle nottingham joins us with the latest. >> reporter: agents cuffed george clooney and hauled him away in a secret service van, during a protest at the embassy of sudan. he, along with his father nick clooney and other activists, crossed a picket line. >> just a warning, you will be arrested. >> reporter: it was an act of civil disobedience, sending a message to the sudanese government. >> we need humanitarian aid to be allowed into sudan before it becomes a crisis in the world. the second thing we need is for the government in cartume to stop randomly killing its own innocent men, women and children. >> reporter: demonstrators blocked the entrance to the united sudanese embassy to symbolize th
Apr 18, 2011 5:00pm EDT
. >>> denise is in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: 21-year-old george delaney of frederick was a student at rochester institute of technology. delaney went missing last month. he told his roommates he would be right back but he never returned. over the weekend, two hikers found his remains in the woods, 45 miles from campus. a month later, delaney's car was found abandoned in the same area. the results of the autopsy are expected sometime today. police say they do not suspect foul play. >> delaney's parents say their son was struggling in school before he disappeared. >>> you've probably heard this one before. but prices at the pump are soaring once again. a new report say shows the average cost for a gallon of regular now tops $4 in several states, including washington, d.c. prices are up nearly a dollar in the past year. and they're expected to remain high as we head into the summer season. >>> here in maryland, gas will cost you $3.82. prices were at $2.84 just a year ago. >>> you had a few extra days. but the deadline for your income tax is fast approaching. tax day was pushe
Mar 16, 2011 5:00pm EDT
right now. >> reporter: the 21-year-old is a junior at rochester institute. george delaney was last seen in his apartment. his car was found sunday in an abandoned field. wjz spoke with george's mother in frederick. she said his entire family is concerned and worried about him and they hope everyone keeps him in their prayers. delaney was last seen saturday. but only reported officially missing saturday. >> delaney is a political science major. >>> lottery lies. trying to scam lottery ticket winners out of their money and keeping it for themselves. derek valcourt explains how she did it and how she was caught. >> reporter: lottery investigators routinely go undercover to make sure the people who sell their lottery tickets are not cheating the system. and this time, it was the undercover investigators who hit the jackpot. >> reporter: melissa stone, under arrest, in what blis describe as a lottery scam. the 39-year-old owner of roth liquors in baltimore county, caught in an undercover sting by lottery investigators, accused of lying to a winning scratchoff ticket holder, telling him
Feb 8, 2012 5:00pm EST
love died of blueprint force trauma, and love's ex- boyfriend, george huguely, seen here for the first time, planned the beating in advance. key evidence in e-mail, sent days earlier. huguely wrote, quote, a few days ago, you said you would get back together with me iffy -- if i stopped drinking so much. i should have killed you. >> reporter: huguely's attorneys says there was premeditation, but not about what they think. he said, he is not that complex. he is a lacrosse player. huguely threw away love's computer. but they disagree if it was part of a cover-up. they also say love drank so much prior to her death that she passed out and suffocated. but prosecutors argue it is no excuse for first-degree murder. >> love's family was talking about the moment they found out yeardley died on her way to the witness stand, the older sister, lexy made eye contact with george huguely. there was just a moment that was very uncomfortable as the two sat there and stared at each other for just a moment. on the stand was one of yeardley love's best friends. she testified that she believes yeardley lo
Feb 6, 2012 5:00pm EST
around here. >> reporter: more than 200 reporters are covering the trial of george huguely. police say he broke into love's off-campus apartment, then beat his girlfriend to death after a night of heavy drinking. the huguely family had nothing to say. his lawyers began selecting a jury. but on street corners in cafes in charlottesville, the trial is the talk of the town. >> what are those opinions? >> probably just a little more concern for their children. >> reporter: rick baron is a spokesperson for the city. >> how has the murder of yeardley love ask this trial affected this university? >> they have been having charges of domestic abuse. that has been very well received. >> reporter: the mother of this college-bound student already did just that. >> you think you use this as a teaching moment for your daughter? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> and did you learn something? >> yes. very much. >> reporter: saying not just uva but all college campuses can take away a lesson from love. >> reporter: defense attorneys did not speak outside of the courtroom today. but they are expected to
Jun 3, 2011 5:00pm EDT
end, they're found just blocks from where the infant's father lives in prince george's county. >> the body was found behind this rec center in the park. the story gets worse. her 11-month-old daughter, jalin, she was found strapped in the car seat in her mother's car. she had been there since monday. she wasn't found until last night. it is possible she died of exposure. >> we feel for the parents of the child. and we made contact with them. and we expressed our condolences to them. >> reporter: arrested, the girl's father. a d.c. police officer. richmond phillips, who voluntarily came in for questioning, made statements, but when asked if he confessed -- >> i will not share that information. i will not share that information. >> reporter: wineta wright is from baltimore county, randallstown, church lane. the wiss missing person report started here, when her mom called police. sources say a brocken -- broken relationship is at the core of this incident. on tuesday, winetta and phillips were to have attended a custody hearing over their daughter's future. >> it's a tragic incid
Jan 27, 2012 5:00pm EST
from court and bring you reaction to the decision all new at 6:00. >>> a former prince george's county correctional officer now faces federal charges in the high-profile death ofa an inmate accused of killing a police officer. denise has details of the indictment. >> reporter: in 2008, 19-year- old ronnie white was charged with a hit-and-run death. the teen was found unresponsive in his cell at the county correction center. and the cause of death was ruled strangulation. the officer who found white in his cell is accused of failing to provide help. and then tried to cover it up by claiming another officer found white first. 48-year-old anthony macintosh is charged with falsifying records in a federal investigation. he faces life in prison if convicted of these charges. >> thank you. the indictment does not identify who is responsible for white's murder. a guilty plea today for one of four teens charged in a murder at a glen burnie restaurant. prosecutors say 18-year-old vincent bonner and three others gunned down flores at mr. wings and pizza on november 2010. sentencing is scheduled f
Apr 9, 2012 5:00pm EDT
trayvon martin which means an arrest of george zimmerman. >> reporter: the dream defenders are asking the lawmakers to hear their message. >> we want to use this as tragic as it is, as making our community a better community. >> reporter: special prosecutor angela cory has decided not to use the grand jury in the investigation. the dream defender say they have a list of demands and the arrest of george zimmerman is just the beginning. >> we think that trayvon martin is just the catalyst, we need a bigger change. a much bigger movement, a much big revolution. >> reporter: the group is calling for a congressional hearing into racial profiling. >> in hopes to systematically continue to face the issues that america has swept under the rug because they are difficult conversations to have. >> reporter: demonstrators say the protest will not end until zimmerman stands trial for trayvon martin's death. susan mcginnis, wjz eyewitness news. >> in florida, only first degree murder cases require the use of grand juries. >>> the fbi believes an indiana man sexually exploited more than 100 teenage
Jan 22, 2010 5:00pm EST
commercial-free telethon, hosted by george clooney, wyclef jean, and anderson cooper. you can see it live here on wjz 13, tonight at 8:00. >>> the multimillion dollar lawsuit against ravens' linebacker terrell suggs, has been dismissed. the mother of suggs' children, candacy williams accused him of pouring bleach on her. all of the allegations remained on civil court. it's not clear if it was dismissed because of an agreement between the two. >>> denise has the latest developments from fire investigators for us tonight. >> well, investigators originally said there was no smoke detectors in the home when it burned down. turns out, they were wrong. the fire started on the 1600 block of east baltimore street. the family was found dead in the home. and today, authorities have confirmed that there were two smoke alarms found inside the house. and both of them were activated. mary? >> okay. thank you. it is unclear what led investigators to initially believe there were no smoke detectors in the house. the cause of the fire is still under investigation tonight. >>> a prominent local doctor in a
Oct 7, 2017 5:00am EDT
meyer, john george, mario bat alley ... and -- >> what's that about? what was that about? >> because i was like the philly guy. no one really new who i was, i wasn't on the minds of everyone, i just was the guy 90 miles away. >> so check it out. coming up on cbs this morning saturday, starting at 7:00 a.m., right here on cb. three. >>> meantime, coming up next here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news " this saturday morning, we are tracking hurricane nate , and what it could mean for our forecast here at home. >> also ahead: soaring to new heights, the local cheerlead is her overcoming a big obstacle, the unique way she is able to work with her teammates. >> and it is the end of an era for an internet service many people use to communicate. you might remember this one. the computer program is signing off for good. coming up next. >> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >>> good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. vice president mike pence is headed to las vegas today, as investigators work to figure out what caused a gunman to open fire on a crowd of concert goers. five days later, th
Jul 16, 2016 5:00am EDT
"eyewitness news". >>> the pennsylvania spca is remembering animal cruelty crusaders george bengal, the organization teamed up with the ceo for a fundraiser at her home. proceed will go to the george bengal fund to end animal cruelty. a laden a former shelter dog, turned therapy pup make the round as well. george bengal, there is a lane. george bengal dedicated his life to end animal cruelty. he lost his battle with cancer last month. >>> still ahead on "eyewitness news"... >> i have too much to offer to this day. >> how a new housing facility is helping young people with disabilities live on their own, we will be right he could install your ceiling fan.ce said he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. now ron does too. the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. e series compact tractors come with an industry-best, six-year, no-cost powertrain warranty. nothing will keep you from magnum double caramel. silky vanilla bean ice cream & rich car
Jul 22, 2014 5:00pm EDT
. >>> plus can you believe he has already won? we will take to you prince georges royal birthday celebration. >>> new at 6:00 some of the best boardwalk by the you can find are right here in our area we will tell you which local shore points make the grade for best food on the boards. >>> i'm chris may with the day's top stories, u.s., european airlines halt flights to israel after a rocket lands near tel aviv's airport and delta airlines jet had to divert to paris. >>> upper merion township police arrest a suspect in connection with the robbery and kidnapping. police say suspect broke in the home tied up a woman inside a kidnaped her fiance ordering him to withdraw money from an atm. fortunately in one was injured. >>> sugar house contact seen he breaks ground on the 164 million-dollar expansion, a new 30 table poker room, new restaurants and seven story parking garage in the works. that project should be complete next year, kathy? >>> in weather we are getting held i for steamy weather chris and that spells thunderstorms. it will feel like triple digits in many locations tomorr
Apr 20, 2015 5:00pm EDT
grandfather father and big brother george who captured the world's attention when he was born in july of 2013. >> i think prince george was really a special moment historically, it had been a while since we had a direct h eir to the thrown. >> reporter: the wing here at st. mary's are empty, press and fans are being kept away until kate is admitted. that is quite a different, two years ago before prince george is born. >> unaudible. >> while even the the duke and duchess of cambridge don't know the sex of the new baby a new poll show both americans and brits agree. >> it is a girl, it is a girl it is a girl. >> reporter: they are hoping prince george gets a little sister. >> in london susan mcginnes for cbs-3 eyewitness muse. >> that guy, it's a girl. >> no shortage of excitement. >> we will find out soon enough. >>> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >>> now at 6:00 we will continue to keep an eye on the storm. much of the region dealing with the tornado watch. >> warm, humid and cold front is coming our way. is there a threat of severe weather, damaging wind and hail and threat of t
Jun 9, 2014 5:00pm EDT
traffic lanes to the george washington bridge. a new jersey governor chris christie's chief of staff testified before a legislative pan tell day, "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is at the state house in trenton with the latest, cleve. >> reporter: kevin owe dowd is highest ranking government administration official to testify in the george washington bridge lane closures. he not only represents the the governor but his own reputation was on the line today because he could be the the next state attorney general. in what is customary practice in the investigative hearings about the george washington bridge lane closures, kevin began his testimony by clearing his name. >> i had no prior knowledge of, or played no role in the decision to close the lanes at the bridge last september. >> reporter: as chief of staff he was supervisor to bridget kelly, former christie staff era cues of conspiring to cause a traffic jam at for the for the lee as some kind of political retribution against the town's mayor. he looked to question kelly when reporters wouldn't drop the the issue. >>
Dec 27, 2016 5:00pm EST
, and just two years later george lucas cast her in star wars. >> after that blockbuster came empire strikes back in 1980. >> it looks like i'm stuck here. >> reporter: return of the jedi in 1983. fisher was also a author semi ought bee graph california novel post card from the edge her struggles with addiction and difficult relationship with her famous mother. >> you are jealous because i can drink and you cannot take drugs any longer. >> reporter: best seller became film starring shirley maclean and merrill streep, seven more books followed most recently this year princess di ary, and memoirs based on fisher's tiery while filming the star wars thrilling. she wrote been an affair with co-star harrison ford. the two once again pared up on the silver screen for 2015 film star wars the force awakens. fisher is repricing her role aspirin -- as, princess, alongside a other former cast mates. she had one daughter, actress billy lord, fisher was an advocate for mental health issues, openly seeking about her own battle with bipolar disorder. >> i was a kiddy used to say i would just love to
Oct 14, 2014 5:00pm EDT
see. >> plus call her mrs. clooney, we have new details about george and amal post honeymoon next. >>> philadelphia could get a real housewives show of its own, a produce's associated with the reality show has reportedly been in philadelphia interviewing some of the cities most successful and glamorous women. the real housewives program which has installments in various cities including new york and orange county, california, chronicles the lives of it wealthy female cast members. >>> well, it is official, george clooney a's wife am al-zawahiri alamuddin has change her last name. >> human rights lawyer wed george clune any italy last month. now accord to web site for her law film, am allies officially amal clooney. mrs. clooney is back at work this week following her honeymoon with george. >>> a couple of oscar winners are heading to the small screen according to the hollywood reporter, ben afflict and matt damon are developing a futuristic spy thriller incorporated for sci-fi channel. they are on board as executive producers. >>> that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >>>
Nov 10, 2016 5:00am EST
of the time out paul george find room and he knocks it down. they are tied at 109. they helped to overtime. they can win it there, right? 1:30 left, sergio rodriguez loses it, paul george flushes it, sixers lose another winnable game 122-115. they are zero ape seven. they will play indiana tomorrow night. >>> at four and four eagles can ill afford to lose the remaining eight contests of the season. bad news they finished out with three more divisional games, three games against teams that made playoffs a year ago and this year a match up with the league's best offense. carson wentz and bird will take on the atlanta falcons sunday at one looking to break a two game losing streak. they are in last place in the nfc east so there is little margin for error and they know now is the time to turn it around. positive news as bird look to stop falcons high flying attack, defensive tackle will bennie logan will return sunday after missing three games with the the groin injury. he was knocked out of the game against washington, back in week number five. >>> so eagles need a win, sixers need
Nov 10, 2011 5:00pm EST
band perry won big last night at the cma awards. but as george pennachio tells us, the top award went to a 21-year-old. >> reporter: taylor swift walked off with the top prize -- tearnt of the -- entertainer of the year. this is her second time winning the cma's top prize. >> i'm freaking out. it was something to twhin once and then -- win it once and then to win it again, this couldn't be possible. >> reporter: miranda lambert won the female honor. >> miranda came and set down after she won hers. did we pay somebody? how did this happen. >> this is a second year in a row. it's just crazy. i don't think either one of us were expecting it. single of the year for if i die young. >> we're great felt industry has honored us in a great way. >> "if i die young," it has changed lives. >> reporter: awards aside, the most emotional moment came to a salute to high con glen campbell -- icon glen campbell. >> i was surprised. i got a lump in my throat. >> reporter: what does this love mean to you from a country world that you have spent your life in? >> it's wonderful. i'm one of the most blessed
Nov 27, 2014 5:00am EST
guard secured the george sol police department with weapons at their sides, crowds of protesters braved the snow, armed with signs and flags, in honor of michael brown. others marched down the streets creating traffic disruptions but the scene was a far cry from the destruction and kay uses of the first two nights after a grand jury decided not to indict ferguson police officer darren wilson for brown's death. >> we should be peaceful but that rioting and brought awareness and attention. >> reporter: here demonstration where is mostly peaceful with small protests. police and national guard prevented major flare-ups but demonstrations continue to spill over into other cities n oakland, california protesters ran through the streets and smashed windows last night. people laid in the streets in los angeles and officers arrested protesters who refused to disperse. >> one of us has been harmed and therefore all have of us has been harmed. >> reporter: back in ferguson some are giving thanks to sit waysness their community is more peaceful. frank roberts came here from new york, giving
Apr 15, 2016 5:00am EDT
george us, again, that dark sky. love that shot. this is where we have an accident, skippack pike at north wales road. that's still out there. make note of this. not slowing you down right now, volume levels aren't thereto support. that will but certainly will, if we don't get that cleared out of the way. also take a look at this, kelly drive is repaving, let me see if i can, you there go, between fountain green drive, one lane report he had will he blocked here, not causing too many slow downs, certainly will within the next half hour if we don't get it out of the way, brooke, over to you. >> thanks, meisha. federal judge expected to rule on lawsuits today between bill cosby and one every his accusers. andrea constant. each accuse the other of violating secrecy pact. >> also accused of suing bruce castor of defemation. jan carabeo picks this story up live outside the federal courthouse in center city. good morning, jan. >> reporter: jim, brooke, good morning, federal court judge today is expected to hear three separate issues, but the big issue today goes back to a 2006 secrecy clau
May 14, 2016 5:05am EDT
frazier, oscar winner george clooney and julia roberts brings intense thrill to the money monster of many pieces in my i havlife.hma... so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. s
Jun 30, 2017 5:00pm EDT
i will go back a little bit further in time before george washington, betsy ross, and the liberty bell. 241 years ago this week, delegates from the 13 columnist why inside this room , getting closer to declaring independent from king george the third. but long before that scorching summer of 76, the lenape type settled along the delaware river in the 1600's, the dutch es, fins and swedes moved in. >> colors of the philadelphia flag are blue and gold, that is colors of the flag of sweden. >> reporter: doctor lee arnold is direct of library and collections at historical society of pennsylvania and says this sit has quite a story to tell. >> i don't think there is any other city in the united states that can come near philadelphia for its history, or its importance within the nation. >> reporter: in 1682, a proud quaker named william penn founded philadelphia he put two greek word together. penn wanted philadelphia to be an inclusive city, penn, in pennsylvania isn't even named after penn seen at top of the city hall since 18934. he is now being cleaned for his once in a decade tune
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