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Oct 26, 2016 12:00pm MST
supporters that every vote counts and lesson learned from the 2004 recount when george w. bush defeated al gore. >> i am going to work as hard as i can over the next 13 days reaching out to as many people as possible. >> meanwhile the latest hacked e-mails from hillary clinton's campaign give fresh evidence that her supporters were about primary rival bernie sanders and wanted president obama to come out and endorse her a lot earlier than he did. >>> coming up, you talk about voting? she has been casting ballots since the 1930s. before world war ii. and just after the depression. who this 110-year-old voter is picking in the election. >> is that what i call a true patriot. >> wisdom. >>> the phoenix zoo says good-bye to one of its oldest residents. march toward arizona. find out when they might arrive and find out when we can say >>> that's a little warm, cory. i don'tik >> just a tad. >> one thing troy is not known as is a complainer. >> no, um-um. he is a team player. he is on board. >> we are on team fall and we return coming through. we are still team late summer at this po
Oct 14, 2016 12:00pm MST
some of the buildings there, right in the middle of town, st. georges they are having to deal with all of the damage now, downed power lines and trees. more than 25,000 customers lost power. cleanup is expected to continue today and schools will remain closed until monday. >>> forecasters are expecting typhoon songda to hit the northwest tonight and again tomorrow. according to the weather service, it could be one of five worst ever recorded in the region, there's the oregon coast and folks in portland have been seeing rain gusts, and they are fearful that wind gusts tonight and into tomorrow could hit a hundred miles an hour. we are told already 15,000 people are without power. >>> well, good afternoon, everyone. let's take a look at our weather here at this hour, and we are going to show you some of those winds kind of whipping through the northwest region of the country. 89 degrees outside right now. winds are calm, and we are ready we? take a look at this. 1 100 was our record back in 2015. 89 is our normal, about where we will stay today. for us here this our state, take a loo
Nov 4, 2016 12:00pm MST
, the lanes of the george washington bridge that connects new york and new jersey, probably one of the busiest bridges in the country shut down, and that created huge gridlock. the two found guilty of all punishing democratic mayor of fort lee new jersey, punishing all of the people in the city and the commuters there. both the attorneys for kelly and baroni say they plan to appeal. >> i thought we presented a case to display our innocence, and i'm obviously surprised and disappointed at the verdict that was returned. >> christie denied any knowledge of the plot, but baroni testified he was informed of the closings either before or while they were going on. christie issued a statement saying he had no knowledge either during or prior. >>> she is now recovering at the hospital but her boyfriend is still missing and feared dead. a registered sex offender is under arrest. she told deputies other women might be on the property, and authorities are now using and then there's this story, firefighters battle a three alarm fire at a pallet beyond a reasonable doubt in san bernadino this mo
Oct 28, 2016 12:00pm MST
top of the george washington bridge, one of the busiest bridges in the community. a shirtless man climbed one of the bridge towers for nearly an hour. the upper level of the bridge was closed in both directions. emergency crews had to work to get him down. at least a half a dozen police officers surrounded the man before grabbing him on top of the bridge. police have yet to say exactly what he was doing up there in the first place. tan. >> don't know if he found it or not. >> mike pence campaigning today a day after his plane slid off the tarmac at the laguardia airport during heavy rain. it got stuck halfway into the grass. today he's talking about this very close call. >> we had about tens seconds of uncertainty at the end of that landing, but just so thankful, so thankful to our pilots and, frankly, to the first the plane had no sooner come to a stop than i felt like we were surrounded by first responders. we fish tailed a little bit, and then we passed through that part where the concrete breaks apart. >> the arrester blocks. >> and then we saw, you know, i saw mud splash up o
Nov 28, 2016 12:00pm MST
dos and don'ts. >> we have more than 3,000 observers registered. >> george martin says volunteers will not be allowed to touch ballots. >> we can stand there to observe. >> jill stein filed paperwork on vote. >> there's human error. there's always politics. >> discrepancy between exit polls and votes tabulated by machines should cause concerns from all voters. >> so wide that this statistically would only occur in one in every 800 presidential elections. >> let's think through scenario. >> it's doubtful a recount will results were tampered with in the first place. >> hard to hack and change results in early its of what is accessible. >> martin says stein campaign wants result. leaders say their goal is to make sure election was fair. >> if not as we requested perfect our aid be in court seeking that be mandated. >> president-elect donald trump is moving forward with plans to fill his cabinet. trump meeting with david petraeus. considered for secretary of state along with mitt romney. 64-year-old petraeus would indicate serve in trump's administration after doing so. rubble. they h
Nov 16, 2016 12:00pm MST
prince george's county in maryland. more live pictures of this trench rescue going on there. we have an update for you. we heard the man at the bottom of the trench. you can see the rescue with the emergency crews in the top left they are laying down plywood to prevent the trench from caving in. they have 2x4's or 2x6's that are using as a lever to get a pulley to pull them out. the man is able to communicate with rescue crews and, apparently, he is in good shape. we're also hearing this could take time to get him out of there. >> in terms of a trench it could take three to four hours before they are able to hoist him out. a lot of times, the air quality. you never know what has fallen on top of him in terms of dirt or anything else. we're waiting on more information on that. air quality is a big issue when you're considering a trench rescue and whether or not how many people are involved in having to go down there and help in that effort. repositioning and they are moving this larder -- ladder away to bring in another piece of plywood. we're going to go back to other news but we are st
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6