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Feb 27, 2016 6:30pm EST
walking home when george zimmerman shot and killed him. he was a volunteer for the neighborhood watch at the time admits it was all self-defense and later acquitted for second-degree murder. >>> people gather for a walk for history month. supporters walked a mile from the outreach center to the park recreation community center. >>> orlando city soccer getting ready to hit the pitch for one last match before the mls regular season starts next week. it's an international friendly against a big-time brazilian club. adam shadoff is live at the citrus bowl right now. hey, adam! >> -- [ indistinguishable ] >> it's orlando city's final pre-season game, but it's the first game in the citrus bowl since last season, and they'll be doing it against a big name, brazilian side has made the trip up from south america. it will be the third braville yan team that -- brazilian team that orlando has played in its history. the last chance to get ready for big for the team captain, one of brazil's most recognizable players ever. >> our first game in the citrus bowl this year, so it's good for us to keep
Jan 7, 2016 5:00pm EST
in the shootout, chose a different course, bringing in a long-term veteran's advocate, george taylor, to talk to the shooter soldier to soldier. >> his whole mood just kind of relaxed and he was more receptive. >> it worked. after 12 hours, the combat veteran put down his weapons and gave himself up to police, still wearing an army helmet at the time. amazingly, no one was hurt. >> we are extremely glad and injured in this situation. >> taylor's relatives were taken by the red cross to a nearby shelter. meanwhile, residents who were evacuated during all this have since returned. as far as the shooter's concerned, taylor himself, he's facing 23 counts of attempted murder on a law enforcement officer. in melbourne, derrol nail, fox 35 news. >> bob: orange county sheriff's investigating a possible grenade at the 7-eleven on conway road, morning. a man collecting scrap found a box with that item inside, drove to the nearby 7-eleven and called deputies. the intersection had to be shut down for hours. orange county says it looks like a grenade but they're still trying to figure out exactly
Feb 15, 2016 5:00pm EST
of this great nation. >> reporter: former president george w. bush entered the mix in south carolina, hitting the campaign trail for the first former florida governor jeb bush. >> he's going to be there to show his support for me, and why going forward i would be the best commander in chief. >> reporter: both bushes are being slammed by the current republican frontrunner donald trump. >> frankly i think he should have used his family a long time ago. i think he would have done better. >> reporter: democrats are preparing for this saturday's caucus in north dakota, hillary clinton campaigning after scrapping plans to stump in florida. the abrupt schedule change comes on the heels of her double digit loss in new hampshire to senator bernie sanders who is gaining ground here. >> i'll do my very best to unite our country and to find common ground wherever i can. >> reporter: now comes word that saturday night hillary clinton will already be in houston, a sign that maybe she is confident of victory, or perhaps she is hedging her bets over a loss here, and already looking ahead to texas, w
Feb 17, 2016 5:00pm EST
stuff? >> and jeb bush engaged in a older brother george w.. the former florida governor continues to lag far behind. but a different story on the democratic side where bernie sanders has closed the gap on hillary clinton in nevada. >> i'm going to work on this every single day. >> reporter: there is good news for hillary clinton in many of the so-called fcc states where she continues to lead sanders by a wide margin n.washington, joel waldman, fox 35 news. >>> got some breaking news right now, and maybe affecting your commute. westbound i-4 way down there by the attractions, and you can see an obvious accident. yes, entry no word on injuries right now but do expect delays there and we'll keep you posted as we get more information. and new at 5:30, a gunman -- >> and pulls a gun demanding some cash. >> hear something -- after he got the money and he shot one of our managers. arrest after the attack at gators' dark side. >> and no pledge of allegiance students and parents decide to listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy t
Mar 16, 2016 5:00pm EDT
2019. nothing about george look aust. if you want to check out more top trending stories, just check out the home page. >> fast moving flames and the man begs firefighters to save his family. >> all of them have four legs. they were scared and hideing so it took a little while to find both of them. >> those special moments when stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you all i have to do is stre-e-eam. >> new video from has notford, california. a machine outside was begging them negotiation inside and rescue my family -- not people, and a doxon and they even had little oxygen masks. >> they were scared and hiding so it took us a little while to find both of them but these are specifically designed fit over the snout. one of the dogs was kind of little lethargic that once they delivered the oxygen and treated them for a while, then the dog was a little more feisty. >> the homeowners consider the dogs their kids, and they say that they're glad firefighters >>> comi
Feb 9, 2016 5:00pm EST
on. reporter: can you imagine being bitten by one of these? george is the university of florida is florida's shark expert. he says more people were attacked by sharks in 2015 than ever before. >> this year was an all time high. reporter: 98 unprovoked shark attacks worldwide according to 30 of those attacks happened in florida alone. the big question, why? >> warmer water temperatures because of el nino on top of warmer temperatures because of global climate change, means that sharks have been able to move farther north and move faster. reporter: george burgess is one of the most well known shark attack experts in the world. he says the warmer waters also tra more people. he says six people were killed by a shark in 2015, one of those in hawaii. that is not an increase. >> i think it's probably reasonable to assume that next year we will move downwards again and go back to the continuing trend, which will still be upward, but not as high as what we had this year. reporter: to reduce your shark attack or bite chances, don't people are fishing or seaboards are feeding. don't like wea
Jan 29, 2016 5:00pm EST
search george washington on friends and family of the inmates. >> a number of arrests have been made and continue to be made. upwards of ten arrests directly connected to the investigation have been made and numerous other runaways related to probation and patrol violations. reporter: last week they raided an alleged front they have been bob: police say she was high on meth and behind the wheel. andrea: the woman accused of nearly killing a little girl on her bike finally heads to court. >> the injuries to the little girl and the difficulty she her family went through, deserve frustrated with your overactive bladder medicine not working? can't handle the side effects? botox treats symptoms of leaking, going too often, and the strong sudden need to go. ask your urologist if botox can help calm your bladder and reduce your daily leakage episodes. the effects of botox may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. alert your swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, loss of bladder control or muscle weakness can be a sign of a life-threatening condition. don't
Feb 13, 2016 5:00pm EST
airs saturday night after fox 35 news at 10:00. good insight. check it out. >>> new tonight, george clooney meeting with syrian refugees. refugees future in germany, clooney met with german chancellor angela merkel to discuss what the film industry can do to help the growing refugee crisis. >>> back at home, manatee that stream of income. >> fox's keeping tourists away from the animal that everybody loves could have a negative ripling effect. >> reporter: in the winter months, manatees do what humans do. head south to florida. several hundred manatees huddle in the natural springs of crystal river in 72-degree waters, making this the largest congregation of manatees in one spot in the entire world. and this week, record crowds are here, too, gawking at the giant sea cows and swimming alongside them. in 1973, on the verge of extension, the federal government put manatees on the endangered suppose s list but today they rebounded to 6,000 and will likely be downgraded threatened. but still, there is manatee controversy. because some times you get 100 people or more snorkeling right nex
Feb 16, 2016 5:00pm EST
while the front runner leashes new attacks, jeb bush who's joined by former president george w. bush for the first time on the campaign trail last night. both bushes responding to trump with some strong words of their own. >> the strongest person usually isn't the loudest one in the room. >> the leading candidate for president on our side says we don't need to increase spending for the military. i guess he think he can use his real estate skills to some how magically bring to light the weapons systems necessary to keep our war fighters safe. >> mean while, the democrats are getting redty to caucus this saturday in nevada. the clinton campaign hoping to slow down the momentum of her rival bernie sanders following his land slide victory in the new hampshire primary. >> we have work to do and i know very well that both my campaign but more importantly my presidency. >> senator sanders is actually carolina at 46 percent each among white voters. however, clinton holds a substantial lead among african american voters 63 to 23 percent. in washington, peter doocy, fox news. >> in the w
Feb 28, 2016 5:00pm EST
young package at the melrose george town hotel in washington, d.c. the meal includes dinner for two, complete with birthday cake and a champagne toast. >> primary, it's a day about eating and drinking and special deals and special menus that resolve around leap day. >> several retailers are offering coupon codes. and if you blinked, you missed the book before you leap sale. >> it's a flash sale it. disappeared right before our very eyes. they're extremely popular with consumers. it gets them to jump in and buy. >> jet blue is offering together deal. use code winter 16. >> it's a little gimmicky on the businesses, but it's all about keeping the existing customers happy and attracting new ones, as well. >> in new york, jerry willingness, fox business. >> and could there be trouble on the horizon for the anthem of the seas? >> it's headed back to port. what made the ship turn around this time, coming up. >> and the downtown food and wine festival is winding down. . >>> new tonight, remember that cruise ship that had to turn around recently? well, same ship had to turn around again. the
Mar 7, 2016 5:00pm EST
adorable snapshots. prince william, duchess kate. george and charlotte on vacation in the french alps. yes, the snow gear they dressed their kids in is already selling like crazy online. >>> another bogus doctor busted medication for people in real >>> well, it seems like it's happening more and more across florida. another fake doctor busted tonight. >> this time in haines city. >> police say man well car cordoba had some fooled. leading some that he was a doctor. >> i thought he was a doctor. >> i am really, really, really thought he was somebody trying help the community. >> reporter: but the didn't of health investigators said he has no medical license at all. he's been operating illegally. he practiced natural medicine appointment hours. >> sometimes he would meet in the morning time. sometimes he would come late in the evening. you know, he had customers coming in and out pretty regular. >> doh officials were tipped off after one of the employees heard him on the radio. he was offering free advice to people calling into the radio station. >> well, he was never in the show where
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11