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Mar 20, 2016 8:00am EDT
games in rio and he did george comments you did george, it's yourur fault. >> we're going to blame it on him. >> it's george's fault. >>> not all the stories we hear about syrian refugees. >> the journey of one refugee a swimmer from syria, once a refugee, is now an olympic hopeful. seven months ago he she fled the civil war in her home country making the dangerous sea crossing to greece then tracking several weeks across europe to germany. now she is living in berlin going togee i school and swimming atwimm a pool near her refugee center training with the coach and determined to make it to t theh olympics this summer. if she is selected, she will be part of the ioc's very firstery team of refugee athletes. she says swimming at the olympics would be a dream come true and a chance to inspire people across the world. chan >> what is really cool aboutt that is the olympic committee has like refugees in syria iraq and other countries that of been tornrn apart. a lot of countries torn apart byt civil war right now. a lot of people in misery, but their athletes are getting ag place to stay,
Sep 18, 2016 8:00am EDT
jfk conspiracy and george w. bush and in a circle to the big screen now shares the story of a notorious nsa secret biller, at work edward snowden and we have a look at that next. >>>ed first live look outside. you can tell the sunshine wants to come out. the clouds might hinder it for little bit. >> but i a little bit. >> but icy blue.r i see blue. ?? >>> we've got a good feeling about today. >> i am ready toel roll eight ball kind of said no but it's usually wrong. it is sometimes wrong. sometimes right. >> so far it has an oral and one record. >> not good. >> know.w. >>> once a fantasy, a beer pipeline hasa become a realityn belgium. it took four years of planning and five months of constructiona the pipeline is capable of pumping 880 gallons of beer per hour to the bottling plant. struggled traveling down bruges is narrowdo and ancient streets. but 10 percent of that money will be financed throught crowdfunding. >>> we told you last week that chipotle was testing drone delivery and now we have proof. people have seen flying burritos , flying around to people in blacksburg v
Feb 28, 2016 8:00am EST
attorney general under george w. bush and is now dean of belmont's law school. hebelmo says well kasich is trailing in the polls he is leading in faith and freedom. >>> coming up. >> democratic voters in south yesterday and we will have the results and what they we mean heading into super tuesday just two days away. su >>> several people were injured when violence broke out during a kkk rally on saturday and we will have the latest after thesa break. >>> hackers exposing the financial data of more than 80,000 students. what the schools and the fbi are doing to fix this glitch. >>> you are looking at blue skies and less traffic. it's a good day to get outside and drive around but there willhe be somer wind and aj will have >>> welcome back to fox eight news in the morning on a sunday. i hope you are enjoying the sunny start of the day and to the day and i think we will stay mainly sunny throughout the day. the wind to send a very warmm temperatures another aspect of that they are kind of related for sure.e this is a high raise risk webcamm review it burke lake front airporturk and
Sep 25, 2016 8:00am EDT
honoring george the for mac it has been a long six years. >> every time we pulll up it's like when is this ever going to get done. >> the weight is just abouto ovr the sit in the office and then excited and you are very proud. >>ou no one is more excited than thisne woman. >> i am proudlyan standing on te jewish point of at which the george voinovich bridge. >> her husband's lasting legacy is looking the side of cleveland to the t west and its partially opened this weekend. >> i think he would be very proud.ou >> but this bridge is more than just the need to get around. it is a >> you put your hand right here. isn't that beautiful? smile. perfect. >> people waking up early to ceremony.e >> this is more than a bridge. >> people already can't get too much of it.le if you think this bridge is beautiful now just wait until at night. i talked to a foreman was as it can lightw up the same way that >> monday morning rush hour they will be able to be on the new bridge. >> oh .-dot says the actual lanesb / drivetime. >> the weekdays it's like a 40 or 45 minute drive so with more l
Feb 7, 2016 8:00am EST
first in their field. jennifer george takes us to hbcus prep school setting trendsnd hbcus prep school setting trendsnd on what and how they teach. >> at hbc you prep prep on shaker boulevard in cleveland,, black history is not only taught duringis february but every single month of the year. however, they are studies go way beyond traditional teachings of civil rights pioneer rosa parks. >> unintelligible. >> these third-graders and the entiree school are recognizing those whor were first in their field paving the way for others to follow. they include paul and louis b stokes, the first black mayor of a large ustokes city in the first black congressman elected in ohio frank robinson, the first black managerthe in professional sports. the team? cleveland indians. >> the momentnt we bring black history back into our schools, the teachers testing thatat happens will start to change immediately because these young men are findingane i out first within their own city. >> the principle of hbcus prep,p, prepares students for historically black colleges or universitieshi hbcus. these p
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5