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Dec 15, 2015 5:00pm PST
graham and former new york governor george pataki. nearly the entire deabte focused on national security and the battle against isis. "we have to kill some terrorists and kill everyone we can to make it clear that to take action againt the united signed your death warrant. " troops with allies and supporters wherever it is destroy the training centers, recuriting centers, planning hubs of isis." new jersey governor chris downgraded to undercard debate but tonight returns to the after a small boost in the polls and a strong newspaper endorsement in the early primary state of new hampshire. joining me now is fox5's kevin bolinger... to talk about how this event is a big night not just for the party, but also to las vegas. walking around the venetian just those you'll see on camera. we're surrounded by politicians and international media. earlier we spoke with lieutenant governor mark hutchison about our state having the spotlight.... and what he hopes to see from tonight's squaring off. you know, we talk about gaming tourism, sometimes we talk about medical tourism but there will be an ele
Nov 17, 2016 5:00pm PST
cowboy" rides away to las vegas! george strait extends his residency on the strip. we'll have more on which dates property in arizona. front porch you can see the sea. oceanfront propety in arizona. through the golden gate...." the "king of country" plans to hang his hat in las vegas a little longer. george strait extended his residency for next year. the concert series is called "two nights of number ones". the country icon will sing his sixty number one hits... back to back nights. he has more number one hits than any recording artist. the show dates take place in april... july... september and december... at the t-mobile arena. tickets go on sale december second. you never know what to expect with two-weight u-f-c champion conor mcgregor. well -- now he's calling out a new competitor! floyd "money" mayweather. "as far as true fighting. floyd dont want none of this. cheers. he dont want none of this. he want boxing "hes afraid of a real fight" this is video from "t-m-z sports". inside a new york city nightlclub -- mcgregor said he wants a hundred million dollars for a match against
Jan 7, 2016 5:00pm PST
already booked dates for george strait, garth brooks and janet jackson - as well as the 2016 p-b-r world finals. the arena also has been discussed as the home for a hockey team in an expansion proposal that is under consideration by the n-h-l. the current powerball jackpot... has now become the largest in u-s lottery history. how much you could win this weekend... if you pick the right numbers. plus - how where a presidential candidate was the campaign trail. and - the world reacts... to claims by north korea... that it set off a hydrogen bomb. you're watching fox5 news at 5. local. las vegas a decision has been delayed on whether nevada should pay thousands to parents for private school district court judge says he will not be issuing a decision - saying he needs more time to consider the preliminary injunction. education savings accounts payments are scheduled to begin february 1- st. through the accounts - parents can claim a portion of their child's per-pupil state education funding. a suit filed in august asserts the new law violates a portion of the nevada constitution that r
Dec 30, 2015 5:00pm PST
york governor george pataki announced last night that he was dropping out of the race. he had struggled to gain support in the polls - and was cut off from participaring in the so-called "main event" debates with the top tier republican candidates. "there's a movement going on which is totally beautiful." donald trump - on the other hand - is stepping up his efforts to win the white house - with big ad buys in early battleground states like iowa and new hampshire. the g-o-p contender has been spending time on the campaign trail - bashing democratic frontrunner hillary clinton - and her claims of a "war on women" - by slamming president's bill clinton's history of sexual misconduct. "hillary brought up the whole thing with sexist. and all i did was reverse it on her. because she's got a major problem, that happens to be right in her house. if she we're going to go right after the president--the ex president." "is she going to accuse the republicans of playing this "war on women" card? because if so--they will want to bring this back up." the iowa caucus is just over a month awa
Nov 4, 2016 5:00pm PDT
executive director of the port authority--- took part in a plan to clos lanes of the george washington bridge in 2013. prosecutors claim the lanes closure was political revenge on the mayor of fort lee for not endorsing christie's reelection campaign. kelly and baroni each face a maximum sentence of 86 years when they are sentenced in february. it's been more than three months since alexandra brueger was shot and killed while jogging in rural michigan. and just last month- a suspect was taken into custody for says- he has nothing to do with it. last july - the 31 year old woman was shot 4 times in the back while jogging. brian perigo says he was taken to jail-- and the police tore up his home and garage and destroyed his boat. perigo says his life was turned upside down all because of a bogus tip. the reward has been increased to ten thousand dollars for information leading to an arrest. but perigo hopes police do a better job when it comes to getting their guy. perigo says: "i was in shock, i was devastated. they went to my work, my daughter's school, my folks' house. it has been real
Jan 29, 2016 5:00pm PST
with 'the killers' as dan future shows include guns n' roses ... george brook and the dixie chicks. what will faraday future bring to southern nevada's economy. the answer to preview las hosted by the las vegas metro chamber of commerce. the company is already moving dirt at the site of its future manufacturing plant at the apex industrial park. plans on having a factory with machinery moving year... but would not give us a we asked when a vehicle will be rolling off the assembly line. i totally understand your question and at the moment we don't want to be more specific. we are starting to move the equipment in in 2016 but it takes a while to get the machines going and achieve the right quality for the customer and we want to come to the market with the right quality." the company has already started to hire.... and will provide a total of 4500 permanent jobs... along with 2-thousand construction 215-million dollars in tax incentives was offered to seal the deal that will bring the billion dollar plant to north las vegas. a crash between two semis and a vehicle stops traffic near
Feb 29, 2016 5:00pm PST
stop and eat on your travels through st. george or kingman. you'll soon be able to get the home cooked meals in the las vegas valley. the company announced its opening up not one, but two locations in town... one will be in las vegas on dean martin near the silverton. the other will be in north las vegas on craig near losee... creating an expected 175 jobs. both will open for business on july 25th.... and come complete with the old- fashioned store front with home decor, candy and their signature ingredients. this story had quite a few people excited. it's already been shared more than 2-thousand times on our facebook page. you can share the comment just by going to our page... fox5 local. las vegas. tomorrow could play a pivotal role in the 2016 presidential election. coming up... what's at stake... on "super tuesday". plus... the story behind the medal of honor... awarded to a military hero. you're watching ear-old student pulled out a gun in a southwestern cafeteria and opened fire. four students were hurt. two were shot and two others were injured from shrapnel or while tryi
Jan 13, 2016 5:00pm PST
... martinez does live on st george street... today's stand off began just after 1030..: they say they got was inside his home with a gun... and was suicidal. all neighbors in the nearby vicinity were asked to leave the homes... while the stand off was going on. neighbors say they don't like this standoff situation so close to their home... this is just a bad neighborhood no place to raise your kids police say the stand off was resolved peacefully... and say the man that is now in custody was the only one inside the home. we have found a facebook that we believe is the person that was inside the home... we've reached out to police to see if they can confirm that... well give you the details about what they say coming up tonight at 530 reporting live fox 5 news local las vegas police tell us martinez could face multiple charges. neighbors who were evacuated in the area are now able to return home. a woman is dead - after police say she lost control of her car. the victim has been identified by the coroner as 37 year old stacey palmer. the highway patrol says she was driving east on
Dec 18, 2015 5:00pm PST
the u-s... you're out of luck. "star wars" creator george lucas sued ainsworth in 2008 for copyright infringement. ainsworth eventually settled with disney - who now owns "star wars" - agreeing not to sell the helmets in the u-s. one couple in minnesota went to see "the force awakens" thursday night - and got married. theme)" before a screening of the movie... anthony and meg tied the knot in front of a crowd inside a theater. they even showed up in costume for the big event. they bought tickets weeks ago... but only had a week to prepare for the wedding - after they won it in a radio contest. "he submitted real quick and they picked us so they're like, how about next thursday." "she knew what she was getting into when she started dating me." as for children... anthony and meg say there will be a few... but they'll leave the star wars theme with the wedding. they say luke and leia are out of the question when it comes to names. there's much more coming up in the second half of fox5 news at 5. new details about a doctor's office robbery - that ended in gunfire... live from l
Jan 25, 2016 5:00pm PST
aimed a firearm at people near the bellagio fountains. officer george smith confronted black.. metro says black failed to follow commands - and the officer fired his gun at the missed. a child was and was treated before being released. another bullet went through a man's clothing... hurt. black was several felony charges. the street in a by a car. around 4-30 this avenue -- near desert inn and jones. police say the pedestrian was taken to the hospital. he is expected to survive. police believe the driver was not impaired. edna was closed for nearly three hours while police were on scene. thousands are expected to gather tomorrow in support of school choice. the rally is scheduled for 10 am at cashman center. it's to celebrate education options in the state, from traditional public school, public charter and magnet schools, online academies, private schools and home schools. national school choice week is happening as nevada parents wait on a court decision on education savings accounts... which would allow per pupil funding to go with students opting to switch from public to private
Feb 11, 2016 5:00pm PST
experience, period. and i'm an incredible admirer of him and his family. i thank god that george w. bush was president of the united states instead of al gore on september 11, 2001." waldman says (on- cam tag): "and the circle of insults don't stop there ...a top aide to ted cruz calling trump's run a "seinfeld" candidacy, saying it's all about nothing. in washington, joel waldman, fox news." toss to weather we expect to match a high temperature record on friday with 75 degrees. that record was set sunny skies with a high of 75 on saturday, then 72 with north breezes 10-15 mph on valentine's day sunday. on presidents' day monday, we'll expect a high of 74 degrees with lighter north breezes. the next weather changer for us will be wednesday and thursday with southwest gusts to 25 mph and highs for those days at 74 and 71 with mountain shower chances. a new discovery... sounds like a concept from a science fiction movie. coming up... how albert einstein may have been proven correct... about a far- plus - students get familiar with the business of drones... and look ahead to a possible futu
Feb 16, 2016 5:00pm PST
brother -- former president george w. bush -- for the first campaign trail last night ... responding to trump with some strong words of g.w.bush says: "the strongest person isn't the loudest person in the room ..." jeb bush says: "the leading candidate says we don't need to increase spending on military- guess he thinks he can use his real estate skills to magically bring to light the weapons needed to keep our troops safe ..." democrats are getting ready to caucus this ... with the clinton campaign hoping to slow down the momentum of her rival -- bernie sanders -- following his landslide victory in the new hampshire primary. clinton says: "now, in the contest for democratic nomination, we've spent a lot of time debating about banks and wall street, and these are important issues ..." according to a newly released poll, senator sanders is actually tied with clinton in south carolina at 46- percent each among white voters. however, clinton holds a substantial lead among african american voters ... 63 to 23-percent. in washington, peter doocy, fox news. this saturday is the democratic
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12