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Jan 6, 2016 5:00pm EST
. >> john: to george. >> i have the winning one. this is the winner. that's my newest grandbaby's birthday. >> john: if you're the lucky one, despite the odds, what are the odds you say something like this to your boss? >> i need a vacation. or just kakel like catherine. >> i don't have a boss anymore. >> i'm rich and i'm not coming back tomorrow. >> if i win the jackpot tonight, i will never be back to work again. >> would you put it in writing? >> i would do it in person. >> walk in and wish everyone a great day. nice knowing ya. >> john: brian says bring it on. >> i'm going to keep working going to take a vacation. >> i'd probably go to work. >> john: you would? >> yeah. messages. questions. >> john: it leaves some grasping for words. and that's part of the power >> hey, what about going out for lunch? it's on me. >> darcel: okay. we're not going to say what we'd say. we're hoping to share the power ball jackpot with you. >> tammy: you know we're going to stay, right? >> darcel: of course. >> tammy: wlos bought 50 tickets and we'll share with 13 randomly selected adults. you have to go
Feb 10, 2016 5:00pm EST
actually coming down or president george w. is coming down to campaign on behalf of jeb. >> tammy: we also talked with meadows about the battle of redistricting. that's coming up in our next half hour. >> darcel: be careful if you're northern counties. >> tammy: jaclyn, the secondary roads can be slick. >> jaclyn: right, tammy. side roads are still covered right now. if you need to head out in any of these areas, try to stay off of these back roads if you can. back over in asheville, we're not seeing any weather related congestion in smoky park highway. backing up traffic near i-40. tunnel road is also very busy right now. you're going to run in to delays in both directions if you are heading out here anytime soon. that's a look at your on time traffic report brought to you by debruhl's used car superstore. >> tammy: breaking down north carolina's new drug screening program for welfare recipients. how many people tested p pitive in the first four months. >> darcel: plus how many zika cases are now confirmed in the u.s. reconsidering going to this >>> you're watching news 13 with darce
Feb 23, 2016 5:00pm EST
say he tracked him down to avenge his son's death. dr. george corbin to speak to leading up to the shooting. describing o'shields as a shell of a man looking for the path out of his grief. >> in his mind, his son was murdered. >> john: surveillance video shows the defendant walking in to the store, pulling the trigger on mathis and calmly walking away. five months earlier, o'shields' son joey fell out of his truck and died. corbin later concluded that the defendant is mentally ill. and that a stroke, ptsd and alcoholism all took away from his cognitive ability. >> this was not an act of a process. this was not a well-thought out, >> john: in cross examination, prosecutor doug mundy poked holes. >> car problems don't necessarily make you violent, do they? >> no, sir. they do not. >> it doesn't make you want to kill someone, does it? >> no. >> john: quite an exchange there. o'shields' sister pled the fifth. so she will not testify in this case. she's the woman who drove o'shields to that dollar general store. took the stand. she was asked about a web search in which the web search wa
Jan 26, 2016 5:00pm EST
endorseletmentments. texas governor rick perry george pataki throwing his support to marco rubio. fallwell's a nebraska senator is questioning trump's morality. on twitter,senator ben sax have you repented to harmed children and spouses. do you think it matters? trump has not responded. instead focusing on whether he should attend the upcoming republican debate. telling gma he has not resolved his issues with fox moderator megyn kelly. trump promised a special guest at the rally tonight. we now know it will be sheriff >> tammy: change is in the air. >> larry: and it's good kind of change, isn't it, jason? >> jason: 51 for the high today. not bad at all. even with the sunshine we managed to get well above average. 27 for the low. no rain yet. that will change in the coming hours. as the rain moves in, i'll show you who gets it first and how much. and it will get icy for some. stick around for all the details. >> holly: find out if your school daycare is closed for another day. plus we'll have another early bird gets the win day. from 4:30 to 7:00. in this line of work only the freshest ingredie
Feb 26, 2016 5:00pm EST
close our drapes in the evening. we heard a lot of slamming the door. >> evan: george bowman lives next door. he says the 95-year-old grandmothererho lives there was a great neighbor until her grandson and granddaughter moved in and brought crime with them. >> drugs, prostitution, suspicious vehicles. >> evan: at least half dozen officers came to the tally house and then to his. >> they started coming up the street and came in to our house and told us we had to evacuate because they found something over there. they didn't say what it was. >> evan: asheville police haven't said exactly what it was. but based on what neighbors >> we heard a loud voice. i'm assuming it was fire in the hole. as soon as that happened, police standing in our driveway went like that. it was all over. >> evan: gun powder and lead balls he has for some old muskets. neighbors say it's still alarming. >> we've had meetings with police chief anderson. we've had them with the new police chief. and you know, nothing much seems to happen. >> evan: coming up at 6, i will tell you about some incidence that neighbors tal
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5