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Jan 7, 2016 6:00am EST
deserve. seems like a queb questionable decision. >> ryan: paul george of the pacers had 20, and monty ellis a big night. magic tried to come back after being down 7-0. they need to stop the four game losing streak. tomorrow they're in brooklyn and on needing and win. >>> highest voting foaj griffey. 337 of 437 ballots. >> who could not pick him? >> no one is close to getting 100%. he lives in winter garden. and mike piazza elected. kitchen with family when he received the news. >> amy: oh, great. congrats. >> ryan: something to think about the next time you go out to eat, especially in your new year's resolution is to eat healthier. >> amy: three teenagers are accused of stealing a hover board out from under a little girl's feet. tha find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. at longhorn steak like this doesn' t need anything else. which is why we don' t just add, anything else. longhorn steaks that sizzle for $12.99. the new smoky bacon sirloin. the new spicy grilled jalapeno sirloin.
Mar 1, 2016 6:00am EST
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Mar 11, 2016 6:00am EST
the 7:00 houshgs little after a george us sunrise this morning. it is friday morning. >> museum ryan like a. >> glad you're with us on this 7:00 hour. >> want to start with jackie orozco. >> multiple motorcycle and car crashes in zero lush acounty early this morning i'll have the conditions of all those drivers coming up.
Mar 15, 2016 6:00am EDT
friendly fire. prince georges county police said it was unclear if he was mistaken for the attacker in that shootout or was accidently hit. 36789 president vladimir putin is ordering the russian military to withdraw from syria. that prize announcement came as peace talks continued yesterday. but the president of russia made it clear that russia will maintain its military bases and keep limited number of troops in that country. >> john: nfl tackling a controversial issue in sports. >> amy: what the league has to say about football and brain injuries. this is satellite 4 ...right through your game. neutrogena cool dry sport. the only sport sunscreen with clinically proven helioplex . play on with protection that stays on. cool dry sport. neutrogena . on tuesday morning. "good day orlando" i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. here's the stories we're working on. if you're headed out the door you might want to find an alternate route for a little longer. a deadly crash p shut down i-4 this morning. >> john: and it's become a problem at orange county. we're talking police officers star
Mar 9, 2016 6:00am EST
to -- welcome back to "good day orlando." sir george martin has died at the age of 90. you might remember him as the legendary music producer who helped to make the beatles into the world's biggest band. offer referred to as the if i have the beatle. just about a half hour ago paul mccartney tweeted out a photo. with the caption, the world has lost a truly great man. >> john: tensions running high at the schooled board meeting. >> reporter: it was very intense. good morning. this all started with a debate over a new program that lets the public make comments during meetings. the argument got really nasty really fast. >> i have never played the race card on you, but you played it on me. i have never played it on you, because if you did, i would let you know. >> reporter: that started between board members. gordon is not a fan of the public comment program giving people 5 minutes to talk to the board about whatever they want to even if not on the agenda. she thinks that it'll make the board meetings runway too late in the night. but he stands by the process >> i will fight you toot
Feb 11, 2016 6:00am EST
profanity in the public. >> george w. bush is expected to campaign for his brother ahead of south carolina's primary on february 20th, he did well there as did his dad, so we'll see what happens. marco rubio, the exact opposite momentum in new hampshire, dropping from third in iowa to fifth. he's pledging to do better when the remaining candidate goes head-to-head this saturday at a debate in south carolina. >> in seven of those debates, i did very well in those debates. i had a bad incident at this else that we talked about. it's on me and we'll make sure it doesn't happen again. >> the exit polls shows it wasn't aing about factor in new hampshire. donald trump coming to the sunshine state tomorrow, visiting tamme pa. right now he's in south carolina, while calling out both the democrat candidates. >> who thinks that hillary is going to make it? who thinks she'll be able to run because the democrats are protecting her? first of all, she that to get through this wacky socialest guy, bernie. >> his rally is tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. at the usf sun dome. the tickets went fast for that point. they
Mar 14, 2016 6:00am EDT
attacking sheriff's deputies outside of the wwf training center is back in front of a george judge today. >> i got no gun, i don't need no gun. >> this video was shot back in august. he was fixated on a female wrestlers and banging on the facility's locked doors. we're told that montal montalvo charged deputies as they were trying to remove him and they were forced he is facing assault charges. >> john: officer mike chitwood is expected to reveal that he is running for volusia county sheriff. the official announcement set for 10:30 this morning. whoever wins this election will replace retiring sheriff ben johnson. >>> governor rick scott is going to be talking jobs. he will be at orion services at 130bg this morning. the visit is part of the million, billion tour. celebrating the 1 million jobs created and more than $1 billion in tax cuts. >> amy: the next time you may need to run errands, a dozen retailers are shuttering nationwide. joining us is the lovely lauren simonetti. how are you? >> reporter: happy monday. how are you? >> amy: very good, despite time change. rubbing my eyes a li
Feb 16, 2016 6:00am EST
pending a legal review. >> reporter: in support of his brother jeb, george bush was on the campaign trail. they went over the comments that trump had made.h >> i thought it was strange thath a front running candidate that would attack the president of the united states who did keep us safe when he was building a >> we need someone with a positive mental. someone who can inspire and appeal to people from all walks of life, not just one party or one class of people. >> reporter: right now bush is fourth in the latest south carolina poll.pp that primary is on saturday. >>> hillary clinton taking shots at all in reno. she says she wishes there was a dog that barked every time they obscure facts. >> we need to get that dog to follow them around. every time they say these things, like -- to talk about regulation -- [imitating a dog bark] -- i think we can talk about the claim. >> reporter: i told you we had a lot. and they'll vote on south it's hard to predict this election cycle. >> jayme: it's been a very busy morning. and a lot of the heavy duty stuff has moved off shore. good news, an
Mar 17, 2016 6:00am EDT
rule, joe biden said that then president george bush should not nominate. several republican leaders have said that thre discuss garland's nomination and the process. and senator mitch mcconnell is not among that group. we'll continue to see this battle on capitol hill. expected in texas today where people are already battling record high flood waters. overflowing rivers have forced thousands to evacuate their homes over the past week. more rain is expected to hit the gulf coast this morning and continue through tomorrow night. to see. >> jayme: that same system will focus its attention on us, later this evening, tonight, and certainly by friday and saturday. tomorrow all the way paving into the weekend. we have distinct times of rain possibilities. let's break it down. good morning. 60s to around 70. 72 at villages. another day of very pronounced westerly air flow. it's a very warm wind direction in the current pattern we're in is a warm wind. high pressure flanking the front to the south. another ridge to the north of that. you sigh a lot of deeper greens in the gulf south. that's
Feb 4, 2016 6:00am EST
into friday morning. it by 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and nothing around gainesville. lake george looking good. through the space coast and far south florida, but this begins to change as the moments and hours tick on bay for the day today. about midnight. then we shut the rain faws yet you faucetoff. you wanted bundle up the kids and consider the wet pavement. a live look here to what's going on with the modeling. showing us how it clears on down. we begin to see the shifter wind here by saturday. the ocean breeze igniting out of the north and the east. ocean-blown showers affecting the peach front and west of i-95 for a good portion of the weekend. there's not a big chance but i want you to know that. super sunday, the big game on sunday afternoon and evening. gusty winds, and light showers moving own through. by sunday we get the northerly air flow. we scour out the rain chances and overall cloud cover. sunday looking good. but it's portions of saturday and very early sunday morning, we keep some rain chance in the overall forecast. once the low in the gulf clears the southern tip of t
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10