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Jan 20, 2017 4:00am PST
, and you're meeting them and seeing them face-to-face, george, day in and day out for 18 months, you wouldn't be human if that didn't affect you. so i think he just -- it drives home the gravity of the situation. it drives home the importance of the office and what he can accomplish there and for how many people he can accomplish it. you know, relative to all the other amazing things that he's been able to do in his life, and he's had a remarkable life but relative to all those things, you know, nothing could be more important than that for him and, you know, just understanding that magnitude and watching that evolution bit by bit over the 18 months, 2 years of this race it's been incredible. >> is he a little nervous? >> he's not a guy that gets nervous all that easy but i imagine that this is a pretty big stage to be but he's one of those rare types that he can harness that energy and usually turn it into a positive, so, you know, i see him usually do better under pressure than they other way. >> i can't imagine anybody not being nervous. what about all this for you? i was told you
Nov 16, 2016 7:00am EST
? >> i think that's a real question, george. i think it's building -- i thought it started and might go away after a while but it's building in the course of this. i think donald trump will stand firm by him. race. he's not going to be pushed aside to do this but it is a problematic situation that one of his first announcements has received this much attention. >> and saw that interview on "60 minutes" but so far no press conference. at some point does he have to come out and fill this vacuum a bit more. >> he seems to only fill it by tweets and uses twitter as a press conference vehicle in this. i don't expect him to do a press conference until after he's inaugurated president of the united states which would be going to do it until then. >> matthew dowd, thanks very much. >> all right, george. there has been a spike in hate crimes across the country since election day with more than 400 incidents reported in the last week as more anti-trump protests break out and mary bruce is in washington with those details for us. good morning, mary. >> reporter: robin, good morning. well, this is
Jun 7, 2017 7:00am EDT
to those documents as her distraught parents speak out. >>> and it's a boy and a girl. george and amal clooney becoming first-time parents, the 56-year-old actor and human rights lawyer welcoming twins, alexander and ella. the hilarious baby announcement and the special gifts from their famous friends and family. >>> good morning, america. such happy news for the clooney family. >> yes, it is, george, becoming a father, not one baby, but two at 56 years old. >> nothing wrong with having a baby at 56. >> george, throwing a hint out there. >> good luck. all right. that's all i have to say. congratulations, as well. >>> we have a lot of news to get to including a brand-new poll on the russia investigation that reveals six i think trump fired comey to protect himself rather than the good of the country coming one day before comey testifies on capitol hill and we'll have much more ahead. >> a lot of anticipation for that. >>> we begin with the breaking news, twin terror attacks in the capital of iran killing at least two security guards and injuring dozens, the scene still active and i
Apr 27, 2014 7:00am PDT
british beauty who has reportedly inspired george clooney to rethink his vow never to get married again. >>> we were just talking about it, the burning question out of hollywood this morning. did he put a ring on it? the last time george clooney was married was to this woman. you may recognize her from "madmen." >> that's the "facts of life" george clooney. and after that, he vowed publicly and repeatedly never to marry again. he had running bets with former co-stars nicole kidman and michelle pfeiffer for $80,000 that he would get married. he said i'll take that bet. he's breaking that vow sand preparing to make some new vows. coming up, we'll tell you all about the who just may have hooked the big star. >> she's a very interesting woman, a very accomplished person. we'll talk about her coming up. >>> but we'll start here with those new developments with those explosive comments rocking the nba right in the middle of playoffs. overnight, the league launching an investigation into donald sterling, the owner of the l.a. clippers who was allegedly caught on tape making racist comments. ev
Oct 31, 2014 7:00am EDT
, george. the ntsb are investigating, but the building isn't structurally sound. they're waiting for the fire department to deem safe the building decimated by the crash. this morning a community reeling after a tragedy in the skies. it all started when a small plane taking off from wichita airport thursday morning quickly lost power. >> i need to declare an emergency, i lost engine. >> reporter: this mayday call, telling the horrific tale. veering to the left and crashing into this flight training building. >> we just lost the aircraft. >> reporter: about 100 people trapped inside the burning building. >> we were on a conference call. the building shook and rumbled. we saw the fuselage up on top on fire. >> reporter: only the pilot was on board. identified as mark goldstein, a former air traffic controller and navy veteran. he died along with three people inside the building which housed a flight similar layer to. five others to the hospital, one in serious condition. he earned top air traffic control safety awards. >> i would trust him with my life. >> reporter: the incident, the lates
Aug 1, 2016 7:00am EDT
. >> the candidate facing outrage from both parties and what he told george about president putin that is unleashing a new firestorm. >>> the search for answers after 16 people are killed in the deadliest hot air balloon accident in u.s. history. the newlyweds on board posting photos just moments before the crash. now investigators on the scene recovering cameras and phones asking for the public's help. >>> and beauty queen backlash. miss teen usa under fire moments after she is crowned twitter posts emerge where she used racial slurs. why the pageant says they will stick by her. >>> we do say good morning, america. hope everyone had a great weekend, a very busy weekend for you, george. your interview with donald trump making headlines. trump battling with the family of a fallen u.s. soldier and those comments he made to you about russia's president. >> we covered a lot of ground. we'll hear from the khan family as well and a new poll out showing hillary clinton getting a convention bounce. cbs news has her up seven points over donald trump, /39. they were tied before the democratic conve
Nov 19, 2015 7:00am EST
say he could still be on the run, robin and george. >> oh, that is just stunning. >> when you see that footage, it does. >> boy, it sure does. police in belgium conducted more raids overnight hunting for more terror networks and we are learning more about that massive raid outside paris wednesday that stopped another attack. killed two terrorists with dna tests trying to determine if one was the mastermind. abdelhamid abaaoud, "world news" anchor david muir on the scene outside of paris. good morning, david. >> reporter: george, robin, good morning to you and we have just learned that french authorities have been given broader powers, the state of emergency extended to moments ago to three more months which really allows them to go into the homes, search them and detain people if needed. that raid we talked about hatched just behind me and we are learning this morning belgium prosecutors confirming they have received dna samples. they'll be testing them and, george, as you alluded to the main question is did they or did they not catch the mastermind? this morning, a french prosecu
Oct 31, 2017 7:00am PDT
george papadopoulos. in that plea, he details months of contacts with russians and others in the trump campaign. he has been secretly cooperating with the special counsel since his arrest in july. >>> our team in washington covering every angle of the story and our chief white house correspondent jonathan karl starts us off. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the president is just now responding on twitter to the news that his former policy adviser, george papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to investigators about his contacts with russians during the campaign. he said, few people knew the young, low level volunteer named george, who has already proven to be a liar. president trump emerged from the white house to trick or treat. but he made no comment on the indictment of the man who ran his campaign. his chief of staff, however, told laura ingraham on fox news most of the white house staff isn't concerned. >> i think the staff is very comfortable with simply serving the nation, the vast majority of the staff would have nothing to do with any of this kind of thing. >
Nov 16, 2016 7:00am EST
because it's too complex, but needs a group of advisers outside of the washington bubble. george and robin. >> okay, tom, thanks very much. let's bring in our chief political analyst matthew dowd for more. as you know all transitions have intrigue. the long knives are always out but this issue exacerbated by the surprise results of the election. the prominent role of his family. how quickly can he get it under control? >> i don't think any of us should be surprised about what's been going on. this guy is frank sinatra. he does it his way and campaign management three types in the midst of a campaign race and every time we would say you can't do that and win the race he wins the primary. he wins the general election, every time we said you can't do that and running the transition in the exact same way running trick plays on every play and we're sitting here saying you can't do that but seems to be winning when he does it. >> so far, steve bannon, can he survive the backlash? >> i think that's a real question, george. i think it's building -- i away after a while but it's building in t
Dec 18, 2017 7:00am PST
our weekend anchor paula faris. >> thanks, george. it's great to be here on a monday. >> boy, it was not a happy weekend in atlanta's airport. >> not at all. so many people stranded. my brother-in-law was one of the million that was stranded. my sister-in-law said he had a hard time calling her. the communications were bad and he was literally and figuratively in the dark and they wouldn't let him leave the airport. he's still there. >> 11 hours of chaos after the fire knocked out power. let's see what it's like there. you see the airport, cloudy and foggy. there you see it right there. that is correct cause even more trouble during the day today. the planes on the tarmac live. >> adding insult to injury, thousands were stranded in darkness last night wandering through the airport and others stuck on planes on the tarmac for hours forced to walk back to the terminal in the cold and abc's marcus moore is right there in atlanta with the latest. hi there, marcus. >> reporter: good morning the lights are back on. people are lined up at the ticketing counter. many of the people we've seen
Jan 9, 2015 7:00am PST
? >> george because you're trying to collect intelligence. you're not trying to neg kwlat them out. the key is negotiate out the hostage. if you can get that person out, then you're really golden. but the primary goal here is collecting intelligence to figure out how are we going to go in and attack in effect, both of these guys. because they are not going to surrender arer surrender, george. what you want to do is minimize obviously anyone getting hurt. in particular the hostages, as i mentioned, and the tactical team. they have to do that by what kind of weapons do they have? hopefully they now have cameras inside. they are watching what's going on and formulating a plan can they make a dynamic entry and take out both brothers? >> add a degree of difficulty. we know the two hostage situations one in paris and north of paris, are linked but these people did know each other. there's at least one report that the suspect in paris demanded the release of the two brothers north of paris. how do negotiators work through that? >> reporter: the same way, george. all you're trying to do, in effect
Jan 12, 2015 7:00am EST
amy and george. yes, the globes were the place to be last night. tonight it's right here. this morning as well. this is what they're all playing for, george. >> it looks good. we can't wait to get back. we are going to begin with the you are gent new washing. concerns about terror attacks after the massacre in paris. brian ross starts us off. >> good morning, george. the terror after shocks have now hit the u.s. police put on alert amid fears that a new round of terror attacks here could be in the works. >> reporter: in new york city police being warned that individual followers of al qaeda and isis could strike now. a command bulletin says muslims are being asked to rise up and kill intelligence officers. police officers. soldiers and civilians. officials say they're pointing to this video posted over the weekend. essentially a remix of an isis threat issued last september. but still of concern across the country -- >> the target is to just go out and kill law enforcement and other officials. >> the concern is heightened by new evidence of the role of al qaeda and isis in the
Oct 23, 2017 7:00am EDT
speaking out for the first time only on "gma." >>> george clooney and matt damon sit down with michael to address the harvey weinstein scandal head on. >> he was a bully. he was intimidating. >> it's beyond infuriating. >> the actors speaking out as they team up for a new movie. ♪ i'm bringing sexy back >>> bringing justin back. justin timberlake taking center stage at the super bowl halftime show for the first time since that infamous wardrobe malfunction. can he top lady gaga, katy perry and beyonce's flawless performances? >>> good morning, america. we hope you had a good weekend. how about that justin timberlake coming back? >> very excited about that. also kind of surprised to realize it's been 14 years since that infamous halftime show so he's going to be back and i think it's going to be great. much more on that in a bit. >>> first we want to get to that critical fire danger happening in southern california. triple-digit heat and gusty w d winds putting millions on edge as so many in that state are recovering from those record-breaking wildfires. ten are burning at thi
Oct 29, 2015 7:00am EDT
, all the big moments, plus the man many are calling the big winner last night, marco rubio, george is going to talk to him in a moment but we begin with abc's tom llamas who is still there in boulder. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. the debate did turn messy but it was still filled with exciting moments. at one point it seemed like the candidates were going to revolt then there was that exchange that everybody in the political world is talking about. for the first time, donald trump was not in the middle of the biggest fight at a republican debate. >> what is it like a french workweek, you get three days where you have to show up? >> reporter: jeb bush going after the man he men storied senator marco rubio attacking him for missing votes in the national. >> you can campaign or just resign and let someone else take the job. >> reporter: but rubio standing his ground delivering a line that left bush silent and the audience cheering. >> someone has convinced you attacking me is going to help you. i'm not running against governor bush, i'm not running agains
Aug 30, 2017 7:00am EDT
, rob. >> hey, good morning, george. the rain has finally stopped here in houston, but the water continues to rise. this as tropical storm harvey makes its looping turn and a second u.s. landfall now spinning in louisiana, but causing more flooding chaos across east texas. this morning, 25 more inches of rain falling on parts texas. the latest deluge adding to the already flooded streets swallowing up these neighborhoods in galveston and port arthur. causing whitecaps on i-10 and a crisis at local shelters. >> now everybody is starting to panic and it's not fun anymore. this is beginning to be a traumatic experience. >> reporter: at the civic center in port arthur reports of three to four feet of water seeping this through the exit doors. the floor covered. water started to crawl up the bleachers. >> you have older people, you have infant babies, kids walking in this water and they have all kinds of insects, spiders and frogs, snakes in this water and they moved us up to the bleachers but that's not helping. the water's rising up. >> reporter: outside the street so dangerous call
Dec 26, 2016 7:00am EST
christmas i gave you my heart ♪ >>> and celebrating a pop legend. george michael, dying suddenly at age 53. found in his home in london on christmas day ♪ wake me up before you go go >> he raised to fame as one half of wham! before restoring our faith as solo superstar. ♪ i got to have faith >> captivating millions of fans. >> he made such a tremendous contribution musically. it's a huge loss. >> the tributes pouring in from around the world this morning. ♪ please don't go away >>> good morning. if you're around for the 1980s and if you teenagers that voice is unmistakable sfwlit's a huge loss. that's our big story this morning. the shock to the music world. singer george michael dead at the age of 6 53. fans showing their support for the music legend, even leaving flowers at hiss home. >> online, tributes have been pouring in. george michael was a musical genius and i'm so grateful to have known him. ellen degeneres calling her friend a brilliant talent. and sir elton john posting on on instagram, i am in deep shock. i have lost a good friend. >> the pop star being remembered
Jun 3, 2016 7:00am EDT
. george and robin. >> a lot coming. thanks very much. >>> now to that breaking news overnight those violent clashes at donald trump's rally in california. you see the protesters attacked trump supporters just after trump spoke and abc's tom llamas was there. he's on the scene now in san jose, good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, this was one of the most violent scenes i have ever witnessed at a trump rally. at times it seemed like the police had no control of the situation. people were getting beat up right in front of them and these were not clashes. these were pure attacks. trump supporters, men, women, even the elderly left this building last night and walked right into danger. overnight, all-out brawls outside the trump rally in san jose, california. trump supporters harassed, beaten and blood died by mobs of protesters. >> they were like spitting on me and stuff. >> reporter: this man says he was sucker punched. his clothes torn off his back. >> seven more people just come and started punching me, tore my lip pretty bad. >> reporter: this lone female trump supporter tried to
Feb 4, 2014 7:00am PST
morning, george, from high up in the caucasus mountains, one of the several resorts you see up here at the olympics. you see buildings. you see construction workers. but behind me, you don't see many tourists. we could call this breakneck construction here, the other preolympic event. you could call it the preolympic sprint event. last-minute construction. this morning thousands of workers across this olympic area are frantically finishing roads. placing cobblestones, slapping the finishing touches on these ghost towns. most of the 25,000 olympic rooms are ready, getting to them is a different matter. these road workers told us they're building a road to get to olympic hotels. with orders to finish at breakneck speed. they started building this about half an hour ago and they've already got this part done. he thinks they'll have about three-quarters of a mile done within two hours. president vladimir putin's so-called ring of steel is sealed tight. troops here line the roads. and are even posted unseen above the alpine resorts. in fact, sochi's security is so thick it's estimated th
Sep 26, 2016 7:00am MST
hall at hofstra. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. the road to the white house comes right through hofstra university tonight. just behind me, you can see the debate stage. hillary clinton will be stage left, and donald trump will be standing stage right. this could be the most watched debate in the history of this country and could change the direction of the race. debate coach, rudy giuliani, cheque out the stage. as the candidates were preparing, their top advisers already firing the first shot. >> all that we're asking is that if donald trump lies, that it's pointed out. >> reporter: the clinton team looking for a referee to flag trump if he gets his points and facts wrong. trump's campaign saying let the candidates duke it out. >> i don't appreciate campaigns thinking it's the job of the media to go and be these virtual fact-checkers. >> reporter: the clinton campaign adding drama before the first question. is even asked. giving a debate ticket to trump tormenter mark cuban. >> if he came on "shark tank," i wouldn't make the investment. >> reporter: t
Mar 3, 2016 7:00am EST
scene in detroit where that debate will take place, good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. and i have a copy of mitt romney's speech right here. it is a blistering attack on donald trump. he's going to d few hours. in this speech he calls donald trump a phony, a fraud, that he's playing america for suckers and one of the last lines of the speech, he says donald trump gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is a lousy hat. many have talked about a civil war when it comes to the republican party and donald trump judging from this speech, the war is under way. back in 2012, their relationship was in full bloom. donald trump endorsing mitt romney. >> i'm so honored and pleased to have his endorsement. >> reporter: but now romney thinks trump is toxic to the party and is set to make the case against him later in a major speech. romney calling for him to release his tax returns. >> i think we have good reason to believe that there is a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. >> reporter: but trump firing back, posting this clip on his facebook page, a greatest hits
Jan 18, 2017 7:00am EST
>>> good morning, america. breaking news, former president george h.w. bush hospitalized in houston. the 92-year-old admitted for shortness of breath. we'll have what his chief of staff is admitting about his condition this morning. >>> president-elect trump kicking off his inauguration festivities at a black-tie gala overnight and firing back at more than 50 democrats now refusing to attend his inauguration. >> are they going to give us their tickets or are they going to give them to other people? >> this morning his team bracing for some of the biggest showdowns yet between his cabinet picks and congress. his senior adviser, kellyanne conway, will join us live. >>> abc news exclusive. abducted the birth. the young woman snatched as a newborn reunited with her biological parents 18 years later now speaking out for the first time about the woman who raised her. >> she loved me for 18 years. she cared for me for 18 years. >> her message for the woman she says will always be mom only on "gma." ♪ ♪ god bless america >>> and the stage is set. the rising star about to wow millions at
May 17, 2015 8:00am EDT
accelerate. again, that equipment wasn't installed. let's bring in george stephanopoulos who will be hosting "this week" later this morning. george, as you know, millions of people travel on amtrak, so, why has federal funding become a political football? >> it really has become a political football, no question about that. republicans, like speaker john boehner, the amtrak operating budget is actually going up. safety funds haven't been cut. it had the safety device required it just wasn't operational. amtrak got billions of dollars with the president's stimulus package back in 2010. but that's against the backdrop of even more billions of dollars in repairs needed. so, this debate is not going away any time soon. this morning on "this week" we'll get into that and also talk to the head of the investigation. >> george, thank you. george has a big show coming up this morning. we'll be speaking to the chairman of the ntsb as well as the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. that's on "this week" later this morning, right here on abc. thanks, again, george. >>> let's send it to ron w
Jul 22, 2014 7:00am PDT
george turns 1 wiggling in mom's lap trying to catch a butterfly. the story of his life just one year in. what will and kate are telling the whole world this morning. >>> and good morning, america. let's take another look at prince george. happy birthday, little prince. there he is then. that first day coming home and now and lara and amy, i think you should be honorary godmothers. you were there. >> we were. we saw it all happen. we were rained on. we waited for hours at the lindo wing of the st. mary's hospital. >> and what a year has been. my little george, he grew up so quickly. >> he's still the fresh prince. still the fresh prince. >> i want to squeeze those cheeks. >> yeah. >> looks like his dad. >> he does. especially at that age. we'll have much more on that ahead. a lot of news in the meantime, to get to beginning with the severe summer weather up to 3 inches of rain falling in north carolina in just hours. leading to flash flooding, powerful wind gusts causing damage overnight. you know ginger is tracking it all for us this morning. >> yes, all over it. you see this fr
Nov 11, 2016 7:00am MST
measures. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, george. the heavy police presence behind me is meant to send a blunt message that mr. trump now has security equal to the president of the united states. violence erupting overnight after anti-trump protesters took you are under arrest. >> reporter: portland authorities declaring the scene a riot. throwing projectiles at police and vandalizing vehicles and buildings. demonstrators blocked this bridge. a driver throwing what appeared to be laundry detergent on the crowd. thousands marched through cities in mostly ac [ chanting ] hundreds also protesting near trump's manhattan residence, the trump tower raising questions about how to best protect the president-elect in the nation's busiest city. >> how do you build a secure bubble around him when he's several feet in the air with other potential buildings where a sniper or somebody else could potentially place themselves? >> reporter: concrete barriers, sanitation trucks and salt spreaders filled with sand serving as barricades along around the building. trump tower receiving 24-
Feb 9, 2016 7:00am PST
there in new hampshire. and george is in manchester for all the latest in the race for the white house. good morning to you, george. >> right here on the scene. hey, robin, good morning to you. a little snow out here. just some flurries but that's not going to stop the voters and they're expecting a record turnout here in new hampshire today and they've already started voting here in new hampshire. they actually started at midnight, dixville notch, the first town to vote at midnight. you see it there. three towns have voted already. already counted the votes and we have some results right now. on the democratic side, bernie sanders leading hillary clinton, 17-9, among the first votes actually counted and, on the republican side a three-way tie, you got donald trump, john kasich and ted cruz all with nine votes each actually c cound votes right now. so we got a long day to go. >> yeah, very, very early there, george. we have team coverage and take a look at this. we are live all across the state with the campaigns as we count down to tonight, george. >> john kasich and marco rubio are g
Feb 7, 2014 7:00am PST
high state of alert. >> absolutely, george. >> russian officials say they are unfazed about security and terror threats and concerns. confident that their ring of steel as president putin calls it will protect the games. it's a ring of steel that involves tens of thousands of armed security personnel along with naval ships out in the black sea. there are surveillance blimps overhead to pick up any possible chatter between terrorists and as well, deep in the mountains of sochi overlooking the olympic sites there are anti-missile batteries all there, george, to protect the olympics. >> president obama not going. a lot of other world leaders not going. the ones that are, something of a rogues gallery. >> of despots and dictators who are scheduled to be there tonight. including the president of kyrgyzstan. that country's known according to the state department for mistreatment, torture and extortion and bride kidnapping then the president of tajikistan a country known for torture and violence against women and children. and to cap it off, and kazakhstan known for arbitrary unlawful killi
Oct 27, 2016 7:00am PDT
. trump hits hillary clinton for those leaked e-mails. >> george, george, she is so guilty. >> doubles down on his claims of a rigged system. >> it's record-setting bad treatment what i'm getting. it's the greatest pile-on in american history. >> and his strategy in the war against isis. >> you can tell your military expert i'll sit down and i'll teach him a couple of things. >> his wife, melania, opens up about those abuse allegations. >> they were lies. >> with just 12 days till the election. >>> breaking overnight, two major earthquakes rock italy crumbling churches and buildings. knocking out power and sending panicked people into the streets. just months after that deadly quake killed hundreds. >>> and chicago strikes back. beating cleveland in game two, the comeback kid overcoming a major injury to take his team to victory as the cubs get their first win in the world series in 71 years. ♪ >>> and good morning, america. boy, is this shaping up to be an epic world series. >> yes, it is. and what a comeback for kyle schwarber. just months ago, he had major knee surgery, and had to
Jul 6, 2017 7:00am PDT
off. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hey, george, good morning to you. they were looking to see if president trump take aim at vladimir putin. he did over ukraine and syria. calling on miss cow to join the community of responsible nations. >> the west is also confronted by the powers that seek to test our will. to meet new forms of aggression including propaganda, financial crimes and cyber warfare. we urge russia to seas its destabilizing actions in ukraine and elsewhere. instead of join the community of responsible nations in our fight against common enemies. >> reporter: in a press conference before that speech, a different tone. the president hedging when asked if he believes russia interfered in the election. >> well, i think it was russia and i think it could have been other people and other countries, could have been a lot of people interfered and i won't be specific. but i think a lot of people interfered. i think it's been happening for a long time. it's been happening for many, many years. >> reporter: he went on to compare the intelligence on russia hacking to the rep
May 5, 2015 7:00am PDT
, brian. >> reporter: well, good morning, george. isis claiming responsibility for the attackers coming in a statement overnight with a new warning saying we tell america what is coming will be bigger and more bitter. all this as there are tough questions this morning for the fbi this morning about the ringleader of the attack who was under fbi scrutiny but still able to get to texas with assault weapons on a mission to kill. the fbi was aware that in the last few months, 30-year-old elton simpson was nearing a boiling point. "soon you won't be able to live in america as a muslim. the noose is tightening," he wrote in a march 14th twitter message seen by the fbi and obtained by abc news. on april 10th he wrote "time is short." and on april 23rd he wrote of the upcoming cartoon-drawing event in texas, "when will they ever learn?" both simpson and his roommate in phoenix, nadir soofi, were killed in the garland, texas, attack even though they had assault rifles and were up against a traffic officer with a pistol. >> he did what he was trained to do. and under the fire that he was put unde
Jun 15, 2015 7:00am PDT
. but what an epic matchup between curry and james. >> it's simple, george. it's simple. >> he's the best player in the world. king james. >>> also the most modest. >> he kind of earns it. >> yes. >> big game coming up tomorrow night. golden state could get it. they now lead 3-2. >>> all right. we'll have much more on that coming up. >>> we want to begin with the shark attacks along the north carolina coast. people being warned to stay out of the water this morning. shark experts say this is so incredibly rare. a series of attacks like this s has not happened in the u.s. in decades. matt gutman is in oak island, north carolina, with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, amy. that's right. this is like lightning striking twice in the same place. and there's something terrifying happening here. the fact that these attacks happened in the same location in nearly the exact same time and almost happened in the exact same way, someone's limb was nearly taken off, leading experts to believe this may be the same shark prowling those waters. this morning, terror in t
Oct 2, 2015 7:00am PDT
. good morning amy. >> good morning, george, this is a sleepy remote community about three hours south of portland, oregon. it is devastated this morning. this is umpqua college road, the only road leading in and out of comp pu campus. this morning there were questions and answers as to why a 26-year-old man terrorized this campus here. at 10:38 the first emergency call started flooding in. >> somebody is outside one of the doors shooting through the doors. >> the 26-year-old gunman chris mercer enters a class room and orders the students to get on the ground and stand up one by one asking each their reledgen. >> are you a christian and if you're a christian stand up and he said good because you're a christian you're going to see god in just about one second and then he shot and killed them. >> police race to the scene blocking the only road in and out of the school. the other students at this campus of 4,000 flee their classrooms cramabscrambling fors to hide. >> sounded like a fight was breaking out. you don't think of it as a possibility. >> at 10:44 eight minutes since the reports
Feb 5, 2014 7:00am PST
you're a firework >> and the ultimate date night. george clooney out on the town with one very lucky lady and her 8-year-old daughter. lara along for the ride last night with exclusive behind-the-scenes access. how did this mom score the date of a lifetime? ♪ you're a firework >>> and good morning, america. okay, lara, we want all the details. >> he is the greatest date in the whole wide world. what a lucky lady. george clooney, you rock and all for a great cause too. >> we'll hear all about it coming up. josh on assignment. great to have amy here. the snow coming down so hard. right now in new york. look at this road cam north of new york city. commute going to be slick and slippery for so many. ice over half an inch right now. >> you say so many, because we're going to take a look at worcester, mass, right now, near boston where snow is coming down thick and fast. they're expecting over a foot of snow there. abc's ginger zee leads our extreme weather team covering this storm for us outside. good morning, ginger. >> what a sloppy mess out here, not just in new york city. thi
Sep 27, 2014 7:00am EDT
near the peak in a giant ash cloud this morning. >>> and that's amore, george clooney, his fiancee and friends arrive in venice to kick off the super-expensive wedding bash. when and where the long-time bachelor will tie the knot. >>> find out soon enough. >> good morning. check out the new pictures out of venice this morning. the man who once publicly promised permanent bachelorhood, we're not talking about ron claiborne here, george clooney, now tying the knot. >> george clooney and amal alamuddin hosting twin parties. she's a stunner in this red dress. a report from venice on the wedding party ahead. >>> but the birth that could impact the future of the white house. chelsea clinton delivering a baby girl. the questions, will being a grandmother make hillary clinton a stronger candidate or make her not want to run at all. let's get it over to the newest member of the abc news team, tom yamas. good morning. >> thank you so much. this morning bill and hillary are grandparents. chelsea giving birth to a baby girl. charlotte is the name. how will this affect hillary's future, grandmother
Oct 27, 2016 7:04am PDT
. >> george, she's so guilty. she deleted 33,000 e-mails. they're missing boxes of e-mails. she's so guilty. how could she even run? but there's such anger in this country over what she got away with. >> the fbi director appointed by a republican said no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a >> he made a mistake. okay? or whatever. i don't even call it a mistake. i think something happened. look, something happened. >> what happened? >> well, i think somebody talked to him. hey, look. i think -- hey, look, how can president clinton when -- >> so you're saying the head of the fbi is corrupt? >> george, george, she's so guilty. congress sends a subpoena. she deletes all of her e-mails, okay. she deletes them. >> if she wins -- i know think you're going to win, but if she wins and gets the kind of win that president obama got, more than 300 electoral votes, and several million in the popular vote, will you accept -- >> i'll make that decision at the right time. i mean, don't worry about it. i'll make the decision at the right time. but we have a rigged system. look at what's coming out with
Feb 5, 2016 7:00am EST
? >> the game too. i got that, george. we're having a good time. #goodtimes. here at the nfl experience and have a lot coming up. there's been so much in the news about safety in the league and the commissioner is answering our questions this morning. and there's a question about the weather as you know, amy, of people trying to get here from the northeast. going to be tough for them today. >> that's right, robin. right to that monster storm hitting the northeast. a treacherous commute for so many. rob marciano is here starting us off with the very latest in a snowy times square. >> hi, amy, yeah, it's coming down pretty good. wet snow in new york city but outside in the bourbon areas it is piling up and it is a slick, slick commute. visibilities around long island where some of the schools are closed. schools closed in boston. further east you go, the heavier it will be and that's where we'll get most of the know today and ends fairly quickly. the timing as we look at the winter advisories and also the winter storm warnings. it'll end from west to east, maybe about noontime
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