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Jan 26, 2016 5:00am EST
facebook page... the dog george and amal clooney adopted for his mother and father... nick and nina clooney. 'nate,' a terrier born with a deformed hind leg was rescued from an abusive home by a colerain township organization called love- fur-mutts. their video of the little dog caught the eye of george clooney from his home in england. the dog surprised the elder clooneys on christmas eve, delivered in person by carol that nina took to nate right away. "she loved the dog i loved, and didn't see what the other people saw. she saw a warm loving, gentle soul. that's all she saw." "a wonderful way to find certain part of your life completed in a way that cannot be touched in any other fashion. fashion. nate has undergone surgery to correct his deformity, and is happuily recouperating at his new home in augusta kentucky. money for the ark.the decision made by a judge and the funds breaking overnight... a highway shutdown... the crash that forced police to call for a medical helicopter. helicopter.last town hall... the mistake hillary clinton admitted to last night... and what bernie san
Feb 16, 2016 5:00am EST
... with donald trump now firing back at a former president. president george w. bush held a campaign rally last night for his brother... jeb.the brothers bush spoke to a packed south carolina crowd... hoping to gain traction before the first in the south primary. the former president attacked trump's temperment... saying he doesn't represent g-o-p voters. i understand that americans are angry and frustrated. but we do not need someone in the oval office who mirrors and last weekend's gop debate... trump's assault on the former president's handling of 9-11 and the iraq war drew loud boos. if you want to vote in ohio's primary next month - today is the last day to register!if you moved, changed your name, or want to change your party affiliation, you will need to send a new registration form to your local board of elections.early voting starts tomorrow. and changes are coming this election season for republican voters in kentucky. kentucky.the first ever republican caucus is saturday, march fifth.111 of kentucky's 120 counties will caucus.only those registered by decembe
Feb 29, 2016 5:00am EST
stage again...after admitting he lost big in south carolina... carolina...(..."we got decimated, george. we got thing for us is we won, the actually the 29 years of age and younger vote."...) vote."...)a new wall street journal poll finds:hillary clinton leading by a two-to-one margin in 3 key states on super tuesday: georgia, tennessee and texas. republican front-runner donald trump will spend super tuesday in the buckeye state.trump will hold a rally at the columbus airport tomorrow... the event is free but you do need a ticket.the rally starts at noon at the signature flight hangar.. : it's how i feel. a controversial oscars night started on the red carpet and continued on to the big stage in hollywood.scandal's own, kerry washington defended her decision to attend the awards ...after many big names of hollywood boycotted it because of the lack of diversity in the nominees.. nominees..then as the winners surprise...leonardo dicaprio won his first oscar for the "revenant" after being nominated six times..he thanked those who worked on the film...but he ended his speech on another cont
Feb 19, 2016 5:00am EST
.it follows his attack last weekend on george w. bush's handling of the iraq war. i could have said that. i wasn't a politician. it was probably the 1st time anybody asked me that question. by the time the war started, that was quite a bit before the war, i was against the war. is the final full day of campaigning in the palmetto state before south carolina voters go to the polls on saturday.trump still holds a double-digit lead in most polls. another candidate taking part in last night's presidential forum... ohio governor john kasich.and one of his answers is going viral this morning. morning.kasich tried to counter the tough talk from donald trump and jeb bush... message.he embraced a young man... who said he'd been through a rough time and has now found meaning in kasich's message.he also shared a secret about his favorite music... (gov john kasich/(r) presidential candidate)"fall out boy is one of them, you know. i like linkin park and 21 pilots, you know 'stressed out?'" out?'"his reponse is raising some eyebrows.but it's not the first time he's mentioned lincoln par
Mar 14, 2016 5:00am EDT
"unprovoked attack."prince george's county police say officers were just doing their jobs when the suspect opened fire on them outside the police station.several officers fired back, and colson, a four-year veteran, was killed just days shy of his 29th birthday. breaking in the live alert center right least 37 people are dead after an explosion rocked the turkish capital of ankara. more than 70 others are hurt. officials believe someone set off a car bomb near a bus stop in the city's main square.this blast comes three weeks after a similar bombing carried out by a kurdish militant group. in west africa -- al-qaeda is claiming responsibility for a deadly assault...gunmen stormed an ivory coast beach resort sending tourists running for their lives... at least 16 people were killed... this is the third time the terrorist group has hit in the last four months.... a snowmobiler is behind bars this morning after admitting he was "black out" drunk when he hit and killed a sled dog competiting in alaska's famous iditarod race... race...the 26-year-old faces charges of reckless enda
Feb 18, 2016 5:00am EST
go should have impeached george w. bush, i think that really draws into question that person's judgment to be commander-in-chief." in-chief."on the other hand... rubio agreed with donald trump and called ted cruz a liar over questionable campaign ads. and carson sided with president obama's decision to nominate a new supreme court justice. meanwhile... donald trump holding a pair of campaign events yesterday in south carolina.he told supporters he'd force apple to unlock a cellphone... used by the san bernardino shooters during last year's deadly massacre. he'll take part in a c-n-n town hall meeting tonight... sharing the stage with jeb for the first time in four months ...donald trump isn't on top of the g-o-p field ... according to a new national poll ...senator ted cruz has the most support.but it's close ...cruz has a two point lead over trump ..and it's within the poll's roughly five point margin of error. senator marco rubio comes in third.. and ohio governor john kasich is fourth. we'll see a bit of cloud cover as we start the day. but those clouds break up and we'll ge
Jan 13, 2016 5:00am EST
...hillary clinton will sits down with george stephanopoulos in washington d.c. to talk about her run for the white house. that's coming up after gmts at 7. the national guard is heading to flint, michigan to help with the water crisis.the governor signed an executive order yesterday. comes on the same day water resource teams hit the streets to pass out flint declared a state of emergency because of lead contamination last week.43 kids tested positive for high levels of lead.the state has also promised lead test kits -- but so far those are not available.yesterday governor snyder apologized. a construction worker has to be rescued after the trench he's inside collapses on top of him.this is video from the scene in san francisco california where the man was buried up to his chest in dirt yesterday. firefighters worked carefully for hours to get him out of the trench while trying not to let the dirt cave in on him even further.he was eventually lifted out of the trench and is expected to be okay. today a 9 first warning weather alert day
Feb 4, 2016 5:00am EST
more charges. coming up on good morning america this morning, kentucky native and super clooney will be promoting his newest movie. and the rest of the cast of "hail caesar" talk to nick watt about the new mystery-comedy film from the coen brothers.the moive comes out for the interivew on g-m-a starting at 7. hold off on filing your taxes online this will only cause you to have a headache.when the i-r-s says the problem should be fixed. your thursday starts with cloudy skies and a few flurries in the tri-state. temperatures will be much colder today, only topping out in the mid 30s this afternoon. temperatures will warm as we head into the weekend with now at havertys furniture, it's our annual presidents day sale. which means it's the perfect time to create the perfect home. now through february 15th, everything in our store is on sale. no interest financing. come in today for our best prices of the year. with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. sfx: knocking. we're early! the presidents day sale. from classic
Jan 8, 2016 5:00am EST
around the country.gabrielle giffords and her husband mark kelley attended the event at george mason is the 5th anniversary of the shooting in tucson arizona where former representative gabby giffords was shot in the head. the republican frontrunner for the white house says the president has no respect for republicans since he signed those executive orders. orders.last night... donald trump filled a 14-hundred seat venue in burlington, vermont. hundreds of supporters stood in line and in the cold for trump sot - "i must say i have my mind said on hillary. i have my mind set" set"earlier in the day, trump dropped this bombshell campaign video attacking clinton on women's rights... showing her with disgraced congressman anthony weiner and bill cosby...then this image of former president bill clinton with monica lewinsky. a warning this morning... there's fake cash moving through the tri-state... we're on your side with how you can spot the fake ones. ones.also coming up... women wanted... by local police are looking for these two... and help. steelers rivalry... we're
Feb 8, 2016 5:00am EST
second week.the comedy "hail ceasar!" -- starring george clooney -- came in a disappointing second with just 11-point-4 million dollars.and "the revenant"... riding a wave of 12 oscar nominations... earned 7-point-
Mar 3, 2016 5:00am EST
. you'll want to stick around for gma this morning.kentucky native and super star, george clooney, will be talking with nick watt about aging in hollywood.i'm sure most of the women in the tri-state and around the globe can agree, he's not doing anything wrong in that department...but stick around to hear "his" take on it...that starts at 7. some kid in australia is waiting for their teddy bear to be returned to them this morning... morning...that's because a six-foot python let its appetite get the better of it and ate the stuffed animal. animal.a snake catcher says the snake is preparing for the winter and eating anything in the pythons body and says the animals will eat pretty much anything. () "you'll even see them eat t-tails or plastic bags. if it smells right they will eat it." it."the snake now sporting 15- stitches will be on antibiotics for two weeks before being releasedas for the teddy bear...since the operation, teddy has been through wash several times. and he's already on the way a fresh coat of snow ... on order.the region that needs snow and doesn't have enough ...they'
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11