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Sep 29, 2010 1:00am PDT
done and ron george, the former chief justice said it clearly. you've got to appoint the personnel. because under the constitution, these men who are condemned have a right to first-class representation. that means get them a lawyer who knows how to conduct a trial. get the transcripts. get the experts, the criminal t criminalists he'll need. if we do that, you can speed up you this, no question about it. but the legislature never wants to appropriate money for that purpose. >> ms. witman? >> so i will be a tough on crime governor. no question about it. i am in support of the death penalty. i am for three strikes and you're out. i will appoint very conservative xruj judges who will not legislate from the bench but will really interpret the constitution. and i think this is a very big contrast between me and jerry brown because jerry has a long, 40-year, record of being quite liberal on crime. it started with the appointment of rose byrd, who was a supreme court justice who tried to overturn the death penalty almost 64 times. she ultimately was recalled from office and she said once
Oct 9, 2012 5:00pm EDT
of the commonwealth, republican george allen and democrat tim kaine. both men know the stakes are high in this year's election, with key issues like jobs and the economy, the federal debt, and the future of medicare. tonight's debate is being broadcast on television stations throughout virginia and you can join live conversation about the debate on twitter, hashtag, people's debate. here is a look at the guidelines for tonight's debate. candidates will answer questions from me and our panel of four. for each question, each candidate will have 90 seconds to respond. the other will have 60 seconds for a rebuttal. there may also be a need for an additional rebuttal with a follow-up question which i will ask at various times. at the conclusion of tonight's debate, the candidates will have two minutes each to sum up their thoughts. let's meet the panel. from the league of women voters of virginia, president lynn gordon. from wtvr cbs 6, anchor stephanie rochon. also joining us, the state director of aarp virginia, bill kallio. and from wcve-fm, vice president and general manager bill m
Oct 14, 2010 12:00pm EDT
county, prince georges county, two of the largest jurisdictions that maryland has in our area. so i want to ask each of you to tell us one thing that you would do as governor over the next four years that would specifically benefit montgomery county, and then separate one thing that would specifically benefit prince georges county residents. governor o'malley, please begin. >> only one, huh? >> only one. just something you prompt to do that would really help montgomery county residents and something that will help prince georges county. >> i can't talk about protecting record investments and public education and record investments. >> reporter: that's right. you can't. >> you can if you want. >> if i have to choose only one, and i can't pick those things for making college more affordable, i would say moving forward with a better balance and manassas moving forward with the purple line which will benefit both montgomery county and prince georges and prince georges county specifically is finding and forging the partnership that allows us to create a world-class hospital at prince georges
Sep 5, 2014 1:00am PDT
. kashkari. i believe that the bill that the law that became enacted under george bush that gave these kids a hearing i don't think we ought to chaish that, they are coming from honduras and el salvador and guatemala where some are facing gangs and murder and some girls are being faced into prostitution. unaccompanied by adults i think the least we can do is follow the law of california and gifer them a fair hearing. >> 30 -- give them a fair layering. >> next question is from jim newton of los angeles times. i think we may be anticipating this is for governor brown. >> governor as you know and been alluded to a superior court in the vergara case, the result of poor teaching shocks the conscience. whether you dispute those conclusions by the judge, whether you're appealing based on a legal difference of opinion or whether you factually disagree. >> the court of appeal to invalidate the laws of california, do i think there's a problem in the inner cities of california with the 1.6 million kids who speak no english at home, the kids who are homeless and in poverty, yes i do. i went and became t
Oct 12, 2010 6:30pm PDT
state george shultz, one of the most distinguished californians. you at first said it was a job killer. then you said you would suspend it for a year and examine it. are you saying that george shultz is wrong when he claims that proposition 23 will kill a bill that will actually create green jobs for the state of california? >> let me tell you where i stand on all of this. so first of all, ab-32 of the law that was signed into existence in 2006. and the notion was could we lead the environmental movement in the united states, stimulate green jobs, and that was the plan. however, today we have a 12.4% unemployment rate. and here's what people really need to understand is that today only 3% of our jobs are green jobs, and 97% of jobs are in the other part of the economy. and ab-32 is going to do real damage to the 97% of the jobs in the rest of the economy. it's not fair to the employees in manufacturing, trucking, packaging, all the other industries, to drive those jobs out of state. so i call for a one-year moratorium on ab-32 which, by the way, was built into that law. there is a prov
Sep 4, 2014 10:05pm EDT
. >> this is a tragedy. with mr. kashkari. the law that they came in at under george bush gave these kids a hearing, i don't think we ought to change that. they ought to get a decent hearing. some of them are facing games and murder, girls being put into prostitution. they came here all the way through mexico unaccompanied by adults. the least we can do is follow the law of california. >> let's move forward. the next question, i think we maybe anticipating this. >> as you know, it's been alluded to, teacher tenure in isifornia for teaching grossly ineffective and the result of such poor teaching shocks the conscience. when i would like to hear from you is whether you dispute those conclusions by the judge. whether factual you disagree with the judge. >> i am appealing because the constitution requires the court of appeals to invalidate the laws of california. why think there is a problem in the inner cities with the 1.6 billion kids who speak no english at home, the kids who are homeless and poverty, yes, i do. i cared about kids. i started charter schools. at the oakland military sc
Oct 20, 2014 8:00pm EDT
liberal context where george's have built businesses from scratch, i want to tell you, is not the government that made us successful but those of us who worked to make our companies successful. >> mr. carter, i will give you a chance for rebuttal. governorhe business to make better. it is a practice. the taxpayers have been on the hook. there are $3 million coming out of our pockets to deal with this governor's cover up of prior issues. i'd will tell you. when i think about these facts we see, i think we deserved more of a response than liberal name-calling. >> i am going to let you respond. yes. >> with regards to any taxes that may be owed by the copy haveabout our company, i led a neutral judge make the call and we will collect every cent. the allegations about ethics charges is something senator carter has related. that affix commission heard the charges against me and dismissed them as being of no merit whatsoever just as the charging against him has been dismissed as well. >> sandra parrish, your question. >> two years ago, georgia ranked ethics report. >> we have not only p
Sep 19, 2017 10:10pm EDT
commerce the school of government at george mason university. this debate is airing on all nbc stations across the state of virginia national antispam and streaming live on the nbc washington app. let me begin quickly by covering the rules of today's event that the debate will last one hour and who became a two-minute opening statements from each candidate and then our panelists and myself will pose questions directly to the candidates. i should note these questions determined by nbc news and the panelists and have not been reviewed by the candidates or the northern virginia chamber. each candidate will have one minute and 30 seconds to respond and the candidate answering first will have an additional 1-minute rebuttal. as moderator reserve the right to follow-up is needed and finally we will conclude the debate with one minute closing statements as well. we will notify the candidates of their remaining time and when the time has expired tragic covers much ground as possible only as the candidates to adhere to to the time limit. let me welcome our panelists. julie carrie is the new virg
Oct 19, 2014 12:54pm EDT
brightest. and george did a tremendous job. what's important is to be transparent. there's a story about a lack of transparency on this issue, from rick scott's administration and, i can't understand that. >>> but what is important, you have to be clear and, open or you can fix the problems to begin with. and one of the first questions i got, when he was secretary, when we add challenge, with a child, he said, what do you want me do? call a press conference,. >>> thank you. >>> i mean it's -- it's tragic, right after the bell shootings, i went and met with the survivors and, my heart goes out to them. >>> we have grnd kids and here's what we did, we increased the pay for our child protection investigators, and charlie had cut that. and then we also brought in the casey foundation to review, and they made some recommendations, and i askedded for more and, now 270 more, and they're going to spend, more time per family. >>> number of child deaths has come down, and it's not zero. and every child death is a tragedy. >>> thank you >> on that note, the lightning round is over. we started
Oct 12, 2014 1:00pm EDT
on the. i remember saying that george soros was a major component of i want more it's very unfair. i want more background and people giving their background, whether they are democratic, liberal, or conservative. everybody must give their background and who is funding them. >> continue to let us know what to think about the programs you are watching. call or e-mail. .r you can send us a tweet join the c-span conversation. like us on facebook. follow us on twitter. now, friday's wisconsin governors debate between incumbent governor scott walker and democratic challenger mary burke. this is the first of two debates in this race, which the cook political report and rothenberg political report list as a tossup. this is just under an hour. >> from the mayo clinic health system auditorium in eau claire, the wisconsin broadcasters association 2014 the editorial debate, sponsored by the wisconsin association of independent colleges and universities, and aarp wisconsin. now, the ceo of the foundation, michelle vetterkind. broadcasters are committed to continuing our broadcast t
Oct 10, 2014 8:00pm EDT
-generation wisconsinite. my grandpa george was a mailman used to deliver the mail to the house i live in today. every day i am reminded of my wisconsin roots in the values i was brought up on. one of those i use is that everyone deserves a fair shot to get ahead if they are willing to put in the hard work. unfortunately, that opportunity is getting out of reach for too many. walkerars ago, governor promised us jobs. we're not even close. we are dead last in the midwest in terms of job creation. his approach is not working. the typical wisconsin family has seen real income drop nearly $3000 in the last four years. $3000. governor walker cut taxes for those on the top while raising them for working families and making the biggest cuts to education in the country. as a businessperson who opt create good paying jobs in wisconsin, i know how to do this. first, we will invest in education, not cut it. the tax breaks for the wealthy and focus on small businesses. third, reduce the cost of college. the economy is not better until it is better for you, and we can do better. a lot better.
Sep 19, 2017 6:59pm EDT
and mr. gillespie. at george mason university. on all nbc is stations across the state of virginia, nationally, and streaming live. we begin quick we by covering the rules of the event. the debate will be one hour and will have opening statements from the candidates. questions tol pose the candidates. the questions are determined by nbc news and the panelist and have not been reviewed by the -- the candidates. have 90didate will seconds to respond and there will be a one minute rebuttal. i have the right to follow up as needed. will conclude with closing statements. the timekeeper will notify them of time. in the interest of covering is much ground as possible, we ask for adherence to the time limits. now, we welcome our panelists. for juniorvering politics for over 20 years. we have done this rodeo. covered forest i virginia governors and is a veteran of the debates. and -- he has been writing and commenting on virginia politics for 30 years. now, let's bring in the candidates. republican, ed gillespie. democrat, ralph mr. northam -- ralph northam. i know these nominees will make
Oct 15, 2014 7:00pm EDT
of george zimmerman, was justice served in the case? -- i will tell -- what -- here's what i did i sat down with the parents, sabrina and tracy. i wanted to make sure that they were comfortable that law enforcement was going to do the proper investigation. then, i sat down with the prosecutor to make sure that they were comfortable that justice would be served was up it went through the system and i respect the system. i want to thank trayvon martin's parents. some of the issues they had in missouri we did not have because of the parents. my heart goes out to them and i cannot imagine losing a child. i want to thank the parents because they did a great job making sure we did not have the problems that they had in missouri. >> oven or crist? >> -- governor crist? >> it is hard to say. none of us were on the jury. we do not know the the facts. i used to be the attorney general and i know that judging from afar is not good. stand your ground needs to be fixed. have the right to defend ourselves. -- believes in the premise. it is the right thing to be able to defend yourself on the pro
Oct 13, 2014 5:00am EDT
created starting with his cuss george's $41 furniture contract. tax brooks to companies that isn't jobs overseas. eliminate wasteful scandalous contract. >> he says you put too much of a burden on lower and middle earners. >> let's talk about the opinions tax. that is a mischaracterization of we did. we created a fairer system. actually system that had a wonderful benefit. if you had certain kind of opinions income. you had a public retiree pension you didn't pay any regardless ome tax of age or amount of pension. if you had to have a defined plan through a private employer you didn't get quite the same deal. ou are excluded up to certain limits. if you happen to be a person a 401-k and took the distributions after you left work part of it was taxable, wasn't. for the people that didn't have a retirement plan that were to work, they were paying michigan income tax. . don't think that is fair does that make any sense? what did we do? we had a big benefit for a group of people and grandfathered the seniors. if they are 60 or older they were grandfathered. anyone 60 or older to exclud
Oct 27, 2014 11:00pm EDT
governor since george ariyoshi has faced a fiscal crisis. if you run into a fiscal crisis, which of these would you put into place first? >> you know, i'm the only one here who's had the opportunity and experience that to have been through something very difficult on the fifth floor in the executive branch. we saw the bottom fall out of the economy. some difficult decisions had to be made. in response to that specific question, obviously what i stated earlier. we need to grow the economy. we grow the revenue that way. i'm not an advocate of growing our revenue by way of taxes. i think you've seen that in the last four years. my colleague to the left has increased taxes by over $800 million. that's just not the way to go. we find ourselves right now in this fiscal cliff that's coming up next year in which we are going to have to see how are we going to make it work in government. when you take it to that level, we'll have the only option of raising taxes but that's not my option. thank you. >> mr. hannemann. >> once again you can make promises but have you actually done it while you
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)