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Feb 8, 2014 2:30pm PST
of violent protests. george clooney at the berlin film festival. we will get the survey from his new movie "the monuments men." we are starting at the winter olympics in sochi where there has been plenty of action on day one. there have been some impressive results already with an olympic record in the men's 5000 meter speed skating, and in the 10-kilometer biathlon sprint. picking up gold at the grand old age of 40. he missed one target on his way towards his seventh gold and his 12th winter games medal. that is a record equaling tally. away from the slopes, fans have been enjoying the warm weather, --pping ups -- plenty snapping up plenty of souvenirs. let's catch up with more of the first day's action. sage copps and berg won the first gold medal of the games. the american grab the gold and slope style snowboarding. mark mcmorris took bronze. in cross-country skiing, a norwegian won the women's 15-kilometer ski avalon. she took hold a fellow norwegian -- gold ahead of a fellow norwegian. the netherlands secured all three podium places in the men's speedskating 5000 meters. germany
Mar 16, 2012 6:30pm PDT
. stay with us. we will be back in a moment. we will tell you why actor george clooney was taken into police custody. >> and we will get to the opening of the new formula one racing season. all that and more. stay with >> welcome back. agencies are warning of the next major food crisis looming in africa. this time in a western region. >> unicef says 1.5 million people c bffted across a wide area that stretches from the west to chad in the east. poor rainfall, failed harvests, and low levels of food stores are to blame. >> matters will get worse from the end of this month as the dry season begins to take hold. and as usual, children are expected to suffer the most. >> fatima has survived several drugs in her lifetime. sub-saharan regions can go without rain for two to three years at a time. crops dry up before they can be harvested. children are the worst affected. >> when children have too little to eat, they easily fall sick. they catch fever, develop diarrhea, and have no energy left. >> the drought and failed crops are part of life for people here. it is chronic poverty that preven
Jul 16, 2013 2:30pm PDT
pressure is building on the u.s. attorney general to bring civil rights charges against george zimmerman who was acquitted of murder. 800,000 people have signed a petition backing a civil rights trial. the florida jury rejected the argument that he acted out of racial hatred but it has not stopped the country from engaging in a fierce debate. >> of the social worker takes a lunchtime stroll through the washington neighborhood of anacostia. there is one main topic of discussion today, the acquittal of george zimmerman, a neighborhood watch men who killed trayvon martin. >> as a mother, i am torn and disheartened. i am a single mother of a 13- year-old sought and to know that the criminal justice system acted in due process, however, did not go extensive into the problem is a concern for me. >> the problem is racism, especially in law enforcement. research shows that white people are more likely to get away with crime. >> what the police do is strictly speaking legal because the people they arrest are people who have done some minor offense. but if you look at a city of 600,000 people, 400
Apr 30, 2013 2:30pm PDT
popular place to shoot a moving. george clooney is back in germany working on a new film. >> the town was a war zone with troops marching in as part of george clooney's latest movie. locals are under strict orders to keep quiet about the mission. >> i cannot tell you anything, but it's a great experience. a highlight. >> anyone hoping to get a picture needs a good lens. he is in town for his latest film, "monument man." they are enacting the liberation of a belgian village. he sent -- he spent weeks counting the perfect location. those hoping for a moment of fame applied to be extras. >> maybe i would like to get to see george clooney. i would like that. >> its impressive driving through this town. >> they applied to make the local family a little more belgian. the mayor is assured it is the biggest film shot here. >> there are transforming their cells year into a belgian town. and they can throw in one of his sweaty t-shirt, we will have a new attraction. >> most of the sweating done by the extras. for three hours, it looked like belgium in 1945. >> i wish i could have taken par
Oct 30, 2014 6:00pm PDT
george foreman and muhammad ali in zaire. >> a boxing match that combined the outlandish personality of ali and the heat of equatorial africa and the presence of an infamous dictator hosting. >> george foreman and muhammad ali put on a spectacular show until ali knocked out his opponent in the eighth round. the weeks leading up to the bout were almost as exciting. the two american giants competed for the publics's favor outside the ring. on the day, the rivalry was palpable. >> george foreman was the first one to arrive. he was a bit timid because there weren't many people there yet but he tried to get the public going and came in and greeted them. >> the more boisterous ali drove the spectators wild. >> soon after, muhammad ali arrived. as soon as he appeared, the public started chanting, ali, kill him. >> the fight was accompanied by huge fanfare including a concert featuring african-american music stars. the dictator exploited the global attention on his country. for propaganda purposes to boost his regime. the scene of the dual is no longer in use but 40 years on, those who were
Aug 28, 2013 6:30pm PDT
clinton are also on hand. the two other surviving presidents, george bush and george w. bush were all -- were unable to attend. president obama began addressing the crowd a few moments ago. >> we rightly and best remember dr. king's soaring oratory that they. how he gave a mighty voice to the quiet hopes of millions, how he offered a celebration path -- salvation path. his words along to the ages. investing a power and prophecy unmatched in our times. >> our correspondent is in washington at the celebrations. can you give us a flavor of the atmosphere there today? >> it is a very special atmosphere. tens of thousand of people turned up in spite of the bad weather. john lewis, the only man, civil rights activist, who stood here 50 years ago with mart luther king. we had actors, jamie foxx and oprah winfrey spoke. all very well receed from this ry mixed crowd, but as you can imagine, the stars here were the three presidents. you don't get to see three presidents speaking in the space of 45 minutes that often and the biggest of them all, we can still see behind me the first african-a
Apr 12, 2012 2:30pm PDT
neighborhood watch it volunteer george zimmerman has been charged with second-degree murder for the killing up and on arms black teenager -- for an unarmed black teenager. >> the case has sparked a fierce debate in the country, with demonstrations calling for george zimmerman's burress. >> george zimmerman and it himself into police on wednesday. he faces magistrates later on thursday. he told police after the shooting on february 26 that he acted in self-defense. after re-examining the evidence, prosecutors decided to charge him and emphasized that had nothing to do with public pressure. >> we do not prosecute according to public pressure. we prosecute according to the facts of any given case and the laws of the state of florida. >> he said he was concerned he would not get a fair trial. >> i think he was troubled the state would not discharge him. the prosecutor knows the evidence. she is professional. she is doing her job as a prosecutor. she has made a decision and we will see. >> i think anyone who would be charged with second-degree murder would be scared. >> trayvon martin's parents
Feb 18, 2014 2:00pm PST
the play for this program, saint joan, by george bernard shaw. special guest, julie harris. now your host mr. jose ferrer. saint joan is essentially about sainthood, but there is a certain romantic quality to it as george bernard shaw sweeps his audience along in an almost poetic flight. it is not a biography in the sense that you can turn to the play for an accurate reporting of the facts, rather shaw selected the facts which suited his purpose. he approaches joan, his protagonist, historically, but develops the character mainly in terms of ideological clashes. primarily, shaw is interested in joan as someone who imposes her ideas on history. she is led by the voices of st. catherine, st. margaret, and st. michael who instructed her to acquire a horse, soldier's clothing with armor, and an army and drive the english out of france. so her actions are based on her faith in her voices. shaw was a co-director for the first london production in 1924 with sybil thorndike in the title role, and he reminded her that joan was a sturdy, independent 19-year-old woman, not a sweet angelic
Apr 8, 2013 6:30pm PDT
. president george bush to she distanced herself from fellow european leaders, especially -- george bush. she distanced herself from fellow european leaders, especially home and coal -- especially helmut kohl. having come of age during world war ii, thatcher closely aligned herself with the u.s., especially after her friend ronald reagan took office. after his death in 2004, thatcher praised him for having achieved so much against so many odds. the same could also be said of her. >> let's go straight to london, to our correspondent there. we know that margaret thatcher was a very divisive figure. what has been the reaction to the news of her death? >> also very mixed. industry had a lot to say. she believed in competition. she was one of the great leaders. tony blair said that she changed the political landscape of the country and the world, and that some of the changes were retained by his labor government -- labour government, but there have also been a lot of critical voices. one british newd newspaper had to shut down the comments on its website. -- one british newspaper had to shut
Dec 8, 2013 5:30pm PST
in heaven the pins and george bush. i have found that taking. and that of the defiantly getting ready to ring in the phillies were looking good with making the case. private funeral with the perry rejected at the time to put the cocoa step one. a more national news now sell scalia extended its admissions down on sunday following a similar move by china last month. stealthily as defence ministry said the move would not infringe on neighboring country's sovereignty. although the zone dun think u as much rock which is claimed by both seoul and beijing. it's the latest twist and territorial disputes between south korea china and japan center on a group of uninhabited islands in the south china sea at first glance it looks like an offshore oil rig but the steel platform is south korea's eo to ocean research station. it's built on a submerged island one hundred forty nine km off the korean coast. china calls eo eileen celia. last month taking unilaterally declared an air defense identification zone that covers the site. now south korea has extended its air defence oh two included as well. j
Apr 23, 2015 6:00pm PDT
deportation papers are a sad reminder of the time george vincent spent in europe. he left nigeria because he couldn't find work. he made it to austria before being sent back. he says he wanted to get a job as a cleaner there but it did not work out. >> unfortunately i was without interview, without anything outside back to nigeria. when one is living a life without meaning, your life is nothing. their life is your slips -- their life is useless. reporter: he doesn't have a job or home. he sleeps on the floor at a friends place. when he first left he traveled tunisia are from libya -- traveled tonight sure from libya -- two niger from libya. >> people die without water. sometimes you keep -- you see people drinking urine. drinking just to survive the day is a -- the desert. some die on the way. reporter: there are no reliable figures as to how many people try to get to you. -- to europe. the numbers keep growing. >> they have this misconception that the land is better on the other side. they will do anything to move over to a better place. if the conditions and situation do not improve in afr
Nov 28, 2013 2:00pm PST
refused to follow china's commands. the aircraft carrier george washington is in the region for military exercises with japan. >> as we have seen, other countries in the region, japan and south korea have already defied china. could this become a flashpoint for regional instability? we put that question to the head of george abela's chinese department -- the head of deutsche welle's chinese department. >> china may have been surprised by the swift and decisive answer of japan, korea, australia, and especially the u.s. with ending the-52 bombers into the area to clearly demonstrate that they have no intention whatsoever to accept china's reaching out to those islands -- sending the -- b-52 bombers into the area. you can almost hear cries for war in the chinese media. >> in germany, more than 20,000 workers from the european aerospace group had taken to the streets to protest against restructuring plans they fear could cost thousands of jobs. >> there are a lot of protest. they were held at about ready sites from the company's airbus factories near hamburg and -- and york. >> with
May 23, 2011 6:00pm PDT
that his president to drop -- his president george w. bush ever was. -- than his previous president, george w. bush, ever was. >> what it is like to be the most powerful man in the world. >> i would like to know what he eats. >> all of the wars that the u.s. is involved in. >> nuclear power. if america also plans to phase it out. >> i would like to know how he intends to resolve the crisis. >> will we be able to travel freely to the united states? >> i would ask him if he is a proud of what he has achieved so far. >> i would ask him if he is going to close guantÁnamo. >> i do not believe it. >> osama's death. >> why did they not managed to capture osama bin laden and put him on trial the normal way -- why did they not manage to? >> he did not like it. would he do the same thing? >> barack obama and the greenhouse gases, what he is going to do about it. >> a real specific, detailed plan to invest more in renewable energy. >> international aid. that should be high on the agenda. >> he should focus more on europe, asia, the middle east. >> he got the nobel peace prize straight away, s
Nov 5, 2014 2:00pm PST
moved into this kind of painting with georges braque as his ally. the mandolin, painted by braque in 1910, shows just how subtle cubist art can be. it's very different from les demoiselles, quieter, much more difficult to decipher. the eye oscillates between hints of a mandolin and a jug-- dislocated by multiple perspective-- and a structure of glinting shards, or planes, scattered right across the picture's surface. many people--british critic roger fry, for instance-- thought pictures like this totally abstract. they only saw the structures of planes. certainly, it can seem, in a figure painting like this by picasso, that the geometric structure of planes is antagonistic to any normal perception of the subject and that, eventually, it must completely cloak the subject, @@ take over. but, actually, picasso's and braque's cubism never broke with representation. what such pictures said was that painting is not a mirror held up to the world, but a language, a language of mark and shape-making, of structuring on a flat surface, whose means are infinitely variable, but which has a power
Nov 10, 2011 2:30pm PST
have broad political support. >> political leaders agree on the success of george papandreou -- on the successor of george papandreou. after days of this agreement, papademos joined the talks. he hopes to establish a broad coalition to guide the country. many in athens have welcomed his appointment. >> i think he is the right guy, and i think he will help the country. >> i don't know if he is a god or a devil. we will see what he does. >> expectations are high in greece and the rest of the eurozone. >> and we spoke to our correspondent in athens, asking if the greek people are satisfied with papademos as the new prime minister. >> mixed reactions from the people. one woman was telling me how book is papademos served as the adviser to the prime minister, so all of his failed policies are really his advisers and we will not see any change when it comes to the government policies, financial decisions as well. a man that i was speaking to said the authority, the career excellence that because papademos has -- -- that lucas papademos has, do not forget that he ran at the greek governmen
Jan 24, 2012 6:00pm PST
." actor george clooney -- the favorite in the best actor category for his role in "the descendants." to win her third oscar. >> our entertainment correspondent has been following the nomination ceremony for us. scott, can you walk us through please denominations? >> i think probably the interesting one people are focusing on will be the actors this time. often you will get some lesser- known actors in best actor and best actress. you had a few this year, but the favorites are royalty. brad pitt and george clooney. meryl streep. she has won twice. this time she is nominated playing former british prime minister maggie thatcher in "the iron lady." it is a perfect performance. you will have to love her in this role. that would not bet on the future of the euro, but i am definitely betting meryl streep will win her third oscar for this role. >> there have been interesting films from france. tell us about that. >> yes, "the artist." it is silent. it is set in the silent era, just before the end. and i find it interesting not only because it is a beautiful movie. it certainly will win th
Oct 2, 2012 2:30pm PDT
barrier reef is in a serious state of decline. >> george is entering uncharted waters, perhaps the first democratic change of government since the collapse of the soviet union more than 20 years it. >> president mikheil saakashvili will stay in office, but his party has lost parliamentary elections to the opposition party, the georgian dream. now you'll have to get along with a new prime minister who ran a bitter campaign against him. >> batman is a once elusive millionaire who only wanted to politics last year. we will find out more about hamper our correspondent in moscow in just a moment. first, this report. >> it georgians will cut to the prospect of a new parliament. it's the first time since independence that an election rather than a revolution has led to the transfer of power. >> i expect improvements and laws so that children will be happy. i don't know how he will behave and what he will do for the people, but i see the people are hopeful. >> we expect things to get better. expect new things. the whole population is in a good mood. people meet each other and kiss each other. >>
Mar 23, 2012 2:30pm PDT
, george zimmerman purity has not been detained due to a controversial florida law that allows the use of deadly force under certain circumstances. >> the european space agency market has taken off for the international space station. it was launched in a french rihanna. it is gearing nearly 7 tons of equipment, instruments, and fresh clothing for the six astronauts on board the station. >> recovery workers have found five more bodies on the costa concordia cruise ship off the coast of italy. a total of 30 bodies have now been discovered. to the people are still missing, presumed to be dead. now this. eating organic has been a trend for some time now, but what about wearing organic products? environmentally-friendly fabrics and clothes are gaining in popularity. >> usually made of organically- grown cotton europe aid german biologist turned designer makes her clothes out of milk. >> smooth, soft, and silky, that is our customers describe her clothes. the german designer has created a new fabric for the brand, woven from milk. the qualified pilot just developed a new organic fabric toge
Dec 24, 2013 2:00pm PST
george bush senior thanked pope john paul ii. they vanquished communism years ago. and because romania suffered so much under con -- communism, there is a need for new churches. but the family maintained traditions throughout those years. they were slaughtered and butchered. much of it is made into sausages. once all the preparations are completed, the festivities can begin. >> goodbye. gz >> thank you very much for joining us. elements ofof security forces in and around the capital, rounding up men and killing them. is fighting between the military and the renegades. he is accusing his former deputy of trying to orchestrate a
Mar 31, 2014 2:00pm PDT
always popular. his support for george w. bush's war on terror spurred controversy at home. but it was his suspension of the constitution in 2007 that was to seal his political fate. he imposed a state of emergency during which he was both president and head of the army. after losing power in elections and spending years in exile he is under house arrest in pakistan currently being treated for a heart condition and faces treason charges for suspending the constitution. he pleaded not guilty to the charges. if he is convicted, he could face the death penalty. >> well, a medical charity, doctors without borders says west african nations are facing an unprecedented outbreak of the e bola virus. >> the epidemic began in january and now has spread to the capital and it is spread through contact with infeblingted people or animals that carry the i have ruts, such as bats. up to 90% of cases result in death. >> environmentalists are calling it a victory after decades of struggle. japan has been ordered to halt their controversial whale hunting program in the antarctic. >> the country is killi
Jun 25, 2012 2:30pm PDT
inhabitants. >> the giant 100-year-old toward is known as lonesome george has died. he was the last of subspecies they thought was extinct until they found him in 1972. over the years, researchers tried to pass on his genetic material without success. thanks so much for being with us. >> see you soon. >> bye bye.
Apr 4, 2014 2:00pm PDT
against terrorism? >> we are talking about events that are in the past. the administration of george w. bush. president obama made very sure that nothing like this would happen under his watch in 2009. the cia is very much linked to what the admin restriction wants, what the administration thinks. the idea behind this is, the administration tells the cia what it should do and not do. it does not look like this report will change anything in the legislative framework for the cia. it always depends on the administration, which means in theory a future administration could conduct the same kind of policy, but it seems unlikely. after 9/11, many americans realized they are not in the same page with what the cia did, that this was against american values, against american beliefs. is it likely to happen again? is it likely to fall back. >> we have already had that change, as the administration has changed its policy. >> the actions of the united states on german soil, coming under scrutiny at the highest political level. >> a parliamentary committee has begun investigating allegations of
Apr 23, 2014 2:00pm PDT
, alert image of their patron saint, saint george, by donatello-- roman art transformed into a vision of christian courage. the bankers guild paid for ghiberti's expensive bronze statue of saint matthew, the patron saint of moneychangers. these reliefs are the two front-runners for the most famous of all florentine competitions, held in 1401 to decide the commission for the baptistery's new bronze doors. the subject is the prophet abraham, about to sacrifice his son isaac, and this entry by the young brunelleschi emphasizes the violence of the act. abraham holds isaac by the throat to plunge the knife in. the angel seizes abraham's wrist in a dramatic, last-minute intervention. but lorenzo ghiberti won the competition with this relief, immediately acknowledged as an exhibition of unrivaled craftsmanship. the nude figure of isaac is based on classical models. this is a triumph of a goldsmith's craft, embodying lessons learned from antique statuary and combining that with a gothic grace learned from the art of northern europe. florence is still a thriving center for the goldsmith's art. th
Mar 19, 2012 6:00pm PDT
student eddie george school in toulouse today. been drafted into the investigation. following the shooting, president sarkozy travel to the seven french city with the president the country's jewish association to visit the site of the shooting. >> the president also awarded -- alerted the country's highest terrorist alert level for southwestern france. >> in toulouse hours after the attack, residents gathered near the ozar hatorah school to express their sorrow. >> we are in mourning. i am in shock. so are all my friends here. >> nicolas sarkozy paid a visit to the school, accompanied by education and jewish affairs officials. the french president and directed his election campaign to come to toulouse, calling the shooting a national tragedy. >> tomorrow, schools across france will observe a minute of silence in memory of the children of this school. these are our children, not simply your children. they are ours. >> sir's's socialist rival francois hollande also canceled his campaign appearances and traveled to toulouse. >> i had to be here to speak with the stricken families, bu
Jun 18, 2013 6:30pm PDT
column. hundreds of thousands turned out to hear his message of change. after eight years of george w. bush, he represented a different america. he stressed berlin's a special place in history. >> this city, of all cities, knows the dream of freedom. [applause] >> now, barack obama is back in berlin, as president. this time, he will get his speech at the brandenburg date and the city waits again for its message from america. clicks onto business news now. deep cuts could be on the way for the second largest bank, commerce bank. they are looking to cut 1/10 of their staff. >> sources say and they're looking to cut he 5000 jobs. there have been weeklong negotiations between management and workers. it is still partially stayed on after a bailout in 2009. german shares managed to lock in a very modest gains. dorothea holt sent us this from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> it seems to be cynical, but traders have been in favor of the huge layoffs. traders hope that commerce bank is able to curb the costs. the general mood is pretty good. the german dax closing slightly higher thanks to pos
Jun 7, 2013 6:30pm PDT
under former president george w. bush and expanded under the obama administration. the president has defended the practice. >> you cannot have 100% security and also then have 100% privacy and zero inconvenience. we are going to have to make some choices. >> experts find it hard to believe that only non-u.s. citizens have been targeted since online services like google and facebook are used by millions of americans as well. germany's i.t. association is calling for an investigation. >> we estimate that about 50% of all wiretaping is targeted u.s. citizens, while the other half was aimed at foreigners. we can assume that include germans. >> it is unclear weather some leading online services will fully assisted the u.s. government. companies like microsoft, apple, skype, and internet giant yahoo! claim they have never even heard about the program, but according to the "washington post," 98% of production is based on yahoo!, google, and microsoft. the top-secret document was leaked to the newspaper by a career intelligence officer who said he wanted to expose what he called a gross intr
Nov 29, 2013 2:00pm PST
them with ukraine, with russia, or whatever country. >> it was not all failure. george and mulled over have initial partnership deals with the eu. that means in future, more access to the european market for the former soviet republics. it is a historic moment for both countries. >> in thailand, protests against the government are escalating. on friday, demonstrators broke into the compound of army headquarters in the capital, bangkok, demanding that the military choose a side. >> right after that, the thai prime minister ruled out the use of force against protesters. she also said there would be no early elections following six days now of demonstrations. >> protesters say they are even more determined to get the prime minister out of office after a no-confidence motion in the thai parliament failed to do the job. >> will keep going because this prime minister is useless. >> demonstrators paralyzed bangkok hoss skytrain, one of the capital's main transport lines on friday. they also besieged ruling party officers and several government ministries. protesters even stormed army hea
Nov 4, 2011 6:30pm PDT
the debt crisis. >> agreed to lawmakers are trying to divide -- decide the fate of george papandreou. >> the government cannot continue its work as usual. the only possible solution is elections as soon as possible. >> his majority in parliament is then. >> they have lost the trust and society at the international community. >> [unintelligible] i think the weight of my decision has changed and i will have to wake and see. >> anti-communist have made their decision. thousands have been protesting -- the communists have made their decision. thousands have been protesting. >> is there any indication as to how to buy's confidence vote is going to go? >> it is up in the air. analysts have overturned the initial production and are moving in favor of the premise that papandreou might survive tonight. if he doesn't, it could lead -- keeping him in power would have less dire consequences for the country. he most likely outcome is that he might actually survive. that is according to predictions. he might survive if only to try to form some sort of transition very coalition government with the
Jun 10, 2013 2:30pm PDT
beginning he was about civil rights. he seemed this warmhearted president after george w. bush. this is changing. he is not acting very different in the administration before him. some say he has pushed this -- and pushed a these programs even further. definitely these are changing the image that the public has of his president. -- of their president. meanwhile, president obama is said to consider a wide range of new options to deal with the crisis in syria. in syria, rebel forces say they have recaptured the last government held airport in the country's northern province. >> amateur video reportedly shows memory conquering the military airbase. however, after government backed troops, they are now believed to be shifting their focus. security forces in afghanistan have killed seven taliban insurgents. two suicide bombers blew themselves up. that was at the airbase inside the airport complex. >> the taliban has claimed responsibility as local forces are preparing to take over when international troops withdraw next year. >> some warn that withdraw will leave a vacuum with different t
May 25, 2011 6:30pm PDT
compared with george w. bush, but is obama doing things differently? >> yes, in tone and style. he has a different way to speak. he approaches global relations with different words. he talks about females, said the sense, not about nations. there is a different style and he tries to give more ownership to other countries and nations. >> that was earlier. thank you for joining us on dw- tv. stay tuned. captioned by the national captioning institute
Aug 13, 2012 6:30pm PDT
-- from the free press stock exchange. >> greece continues to be in a very critical said george, no question, but the numbers were not quite as bad as people had feared here. so that was a positive for the market. that was also the case for italy. yes, it did have to pay a little bit more interest, a little higher yield for money it picked up in the capital market than the last time, but it picked up that money with the parent ease, and that was a positive for the people here. at the end of the day, it did not count. the dax slipped. that was also the case for the eon share. although the power company here in germany said it had raised the profit in the first of the yearr by over three-fold in comparison to last year, apparently it has digested the exit from nuclear power here in germany quite well. >> thank you for that from frankfurt. we can stay there for a run through the market numbers. let's see how the market day and it there. down by 0.5%, 6,909. the your stocks 50 -- the euro stoxx 50 at 2414. the dow down by 0.3%. the euro doing fairly well, trading up against the dollar a
Sep 26, 2011 6:00pm PDT
upcoming meeting between george papandreou and angela merkle. many greeks are against and imposed a write-off of greek debt. both government and opposition are worried a so-called hair cut would only worsen their situation. >> we are relying on german assistance. we appreciate what the german chancellor and finance minister have said during the past few days. we know it is not easy for them to completely understand the difficult situation of our country. >> some members of the socialist party are growing concerned that the greek public has had all they can take. >> given the scope of the burden, we have to realize we need a basic level of consensus in society to implement our economic program. >> on monday, train and bus drivers went on strike in protest at the cuts. the greek government insists they are necessary to insure the bailout loans. the group of imf, eu, and ec be inspectors have not yet returned to athens. the money will only be released if they give the green light. >> as you heard, the payment of the next tranche of money depends on what the troika decides. the eu says
Jan 8, 2015 6:00pm PST
francis launched his own #-- hashtag, #prayersforparis. george abela --deutsche welle journalists also responded in solidarity with the attack. >> a new survey of public attitudes shows a growing unease with islam, with a considerable majority of the country feeling it has no place in western society. >> at the same time, it finds that the muslims living in germany are more liberal, more patriotic than is often portrayed in the media. >> over 4 million muslims call germany home. in the new study carried out most describe themselves as fairly or very religious. but they also have open attitudes toward social issues. the study shows their values are more liberal than often assumed. 88% of muslims in germany believe democracy is the best form of government. for the highly religious, that number is even higher and 90%. 67% of less religious muslims are in favor of same-sex marriage. 40% of the devout agree. despite these attitudes, a growing number of germans think muslims do not belong. as a religious minority, they suffer from prejudices. >> the majority of the population confuses media
Aug 31, 2010 6:30pm PDT
angered d.c. teacher union leader george parker. >> this one shot gave the picture of sweep them all out. get rid of them. you can't fire your way to a great school system. >> reporter: parker and rhee spent almost three years negotiating the new contract. they finally reached a deal in spring 2010. teachers voted overwhelmingly in favor of the contract, which guaranteed a 20% raise in salary that was retroactive with three years of back pay. another perk: teachers rated highly effective would be eligible for bonuses of up to $20,000. >> what would you like to do with it? >> reporter: what teachers gave up was traditional job security based on tenure and seniority. now if school budgets are cut, the teachers hired last won't necessarily be the first to lose their jobs. >> it doesn't matter whether you have tenure or not. it doesn't matter if you taught her for 30 years or not. if you are not serving children well, we're going to let you go from the system. >> reporter: but it's something that michelle rhee did not have to negotiate with the union that's affecting teachers the most: h
Dec 25, 2013 5:30pm PST
monitoring by us intelligence services to expose what the un anything imagined by george orwell in his book nineteen eighty four the so called alternative christmas message broadcast on britain's channel four mix the format of the queen's yearly and rescue me. privacy what allows upriver to take a short one minute break but will become active when you are going to take a look at conferences popularity. we know it's been growing all year long and has been attracting new visitors to his hometown. so i assume is about a potential telecom shake up will explain things to come back. i do. i in you decide you want to watch the images. programs the whole package. dw the future. media center. dw tell you the eye . ben. as well. hall. select group of cardinals with a little known archbishop from argentina to take over the papacy. and that this isn't had huge ramifications for the world's one point two billion catholics in less than in years time. francis out to transform the perception of a church which even abroad by controversy and scandal and his message on humility has earned him the title t
Oct 25, 2011 2:30pm PDT
minister george papandreou. at a meeting with the greek president, he called for political unity, and assured the people his government will find a way out of the crisis. >> we are fighting a very difficult battle. it is a battle to lift this heavy debt burden we inherited. we are trying to share the burden, so the greek people can breathe easier, so the country can be reborn. >> at the moment, fate is out of their hands. policy-makers in brussels are calling the shots. >> a triple threat of the eurozone debt crisis, market turmoil, and fears of global slowdown have combined to create the worst financial climate since the collapse of lehman brothers. germany's leading lender has reported a decline in profit, but did manage to beat forecasts. deutche bank faces huge charges in connection with its u.s. operations. >> josef smiling, but has reason for concern. he has seen hopes for record profits in 2011 slipped through his hands. it has been especially hard in the investment banking sector this year. just one year ago, germany's top bank earned a little over 1 billion euros in the third
May 17, 2011 6:00pm PDT
george soros unloaded gold investments with nearly $800 million in the first quarter. he viewed the climb of the gold price as a bubble. he was among many investors in the u.s. to have been selling off their precious metal moldings. that has not deterred asian investors to continue to buy gold. back to you. >> thank you. japan unveiled new plans on tuesday to contain the crisis at the crippled fukushima nuclear facility. the operator has admitted that the risks and challenges are far greater than it had previously disclosed but it says it is on track to bring the nuclear reactors under control by january. >> few cameras have been inside the reactor said fukushima's since the facility was damaged. the images released tuesday show remote-controlled water cannons springing a green resin to bind radioactive particles. workers are making unpleasant discoveries, including melted fuel rods in reactor one, dangerous cracks in the containment vessel, and sinking coolant levels. they insist the timeline is realistic. >> there are some unknown factors we have not yet calculated, but our schedu
Jan 11, 2012 6:00pm PST
abuse. it was set up by president george bush and continues in operation in spite of promises by president obama to shut it down. >> it is a somber anniversary. prisoners were kept shackled in wire cages under the hot sun. rights groups say physical and psychological abuse was rife in guantanamo's early days, during the u.s. war on terror. more than 600 prisoners have been released. several live in britain. like this man who spent five years in guantanamo, and he bears the scars. he was blinded in one ieye. >> they started beating me up and putting me down to the floor. one guard pushed two fingers inside my eyes and try to take them both out. the officer was standing there, saying him to do more, pushed his fingers more. after they did this to me, i felt pain in both of my eyes. i did not realize what was going on, and i started slowly losing sight in my left eye. >> he was released in 2007. he does not believe the camp will close anytime soon, despite the fact that president obama began his term with a promise. >> the process whereby guantanamo will be closed no later than one
Jul 15, 2013 2:30pm PDT
jury found george zimmerman not guilty. legal analysts maintain the prosecution presented a weak case. the jury accepted defense arguments that he shot trayvon martin in self-defense. the white house released a statement from president barack obama calling on americans to respect to the jury's decision, but he also acknowledged that the case has elicited strong passions. >> in a moment, we will look at a new satellite that is giving to mutations. >> geza stories in brief. >> a court in bangladesh has sentenced -- d.o. 19 years in jail for war crimes. the head of the verdict, clashes broke out across mainland --. >> a stampede has killed at least 17 people. it was caused when i write broke out over the match. the stadium was overcrowded with up to three times the number of spectators that it was supposed to hold. >> north and south korea have started a third round of talks over their industrial zone. there are more than 100 south korean factories. there are 53,000 north koreans who work there. it has increased tensions between the two sides. >the latest revelations come as they are rea
Dec 19, 2011 6:00pm PST
u.s. president george w. bush declared north korea as part of an axis of evil. pyongyang expelled nuclear weapons inspectors. he was a genius of military art and strategy. the culture that has grown around kim jong il is now likely to switch to his son, kim jong- un -- kim jong-un. >> the economy is known to focus on industry. that supports its mystery -- military. the general population has had to pay the price, sometimes with famine and starvation. the country has often been dependent on food supplies from abroad. >> the international trade fair in pyongyang a few weeks ago. the communist regime tries to present a picture of itself as open and forward-looking, but the country has little to interest international trade partners. its only real products are cheap medicine and some electrical goods. one factor hampering the economy is north korea's efficiency in the use of its -- and efficiency in the use of its grommet -- raw, material wealth. it is also ranked as the most corrupt country in the world. sanctions imposed by the national committeeee hav taken their toll -- internatio
Jun 24, 2014 2:00pm PDT
of captured iraqi militants. >> george and -- jordan's king abdulla called for a political solution to the crisis. the german president called for more aid. sudanese authorities have rearrested a christian woman previously sentenced to death for converting from islam. >> she was detained as she and her husband were apparently trying to board a plane. the court sentenced her to death last month for giving up islam and becoming a christian. she was released on monday, after the verdict was annulled by a court of appeals. >> the captain and crew members of the south korean ferry that sank earlier this year have appeared in court for the start of their trial. the defendants are facing charges ranging from negligence the homicide. if found guilty, the captain and three other crew members could get death sentences. nearly 300 people died when the ferry sank in april. any of the victims were students on a school trip. >> in germany, two police officers have gone on trial, charged with causing bodily harm to protesters were years ago. >> at least nine people were injured. one of them seriou
Jul 23, 2010 6:30pm PDT
preparations aboard the uss george washington before four days of maneuvers. naval exercises are supposed to show solidarity with south korea. the aircraft carrier has arrived from japan. >> this is an example of a hostile policies against us. we will have an aggressive response. >> tensions between washington and p'yongyang whenever likely to be far from the surface at the summit. relations reached a new low in march after the north was blamed for the sinking of a south korean war ship. the behavior of the northwest called provocative. -- the north was called provocative. this week's maneuvers will likely widen the chasm between the two communities. >> there was an attempt to block the blockade of gaza in late may. some activists were killed by israel the commandos in the incident. the u.n. human rights committee intends to investigate whether the attack violated international law. a former u.n. prosecutor will lead the inquiry. it is not clear if the u.n. will cooperate. the internationon aids conference has wrapped up. the conference took european governments to task for allow
May 1, 2013 6:30pm PDT
destruction. you will remember they had no such weapons. >> 10 years ago, george w. bush declared the war one -- won, telling troops "mission accomplished." it has unleahed years of civil conflict that cost hundreds of thousands of lives, most of them civilians. >> more than 470 people were killed in attacks across iraq. our reporter went to meet the baghdad bomb squad that risks everything to keep the people safe. >> they are the courageous team that defuses bombs in the iraqi capital. the city is much calmer than it used to be, but there is still on the line here almost every day. he has worked with them for the past six years. >> of course it is nerve- racking. we have to feel fear. it is dangerous, but it is our duty. >> a few years ago, he wants had to deactivate 17 bombs in a single shift. they are usually planted to go off between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m., when the streets are filled with people. that's the cynical logic of the terrorists. today, the team has been called out to a suspicious vehicle. it has been parked on the street for days and nobody knows who it belongs to. the flashy sport
Jun 28, 2014 2:30pm PDT
into a thousand pieces. a boy from the orthodox christian parish of saint george in the neighborhood calls the faithful to prayer. this is one of the first orthodox christian services since the rebels withdrew. ♪ families fled the brutal fighting in homs in fear. their town first became a symbol of the heroic rebels. in the end, it was a symbol of dreaded defeat. the family returned one month ago. mother, daughter, and son. back to homs. back to the former rebel capital. back into the inferno. ♪ 2000 orthodox christian family lived in the neighborhood before the civil war. church was the center of their community. rebuilding it will take years, but the ancient wood carvings have been lost forever. the priest is distraught. we have gone through more than three years of war, he tells us. who won? no one. the muslims lost and christians, historicalost its heritage. the syrian christians were not completely uninvolved in what happened. they were part of the conflict. but they carry no personal guilt. they neither instigated the war nor supported it. but like all other religious minor
Jul 1, 2013 6:30pm PDT
illegal wildlife poaching and will join george bush on said to honor victims of a 1998 al qaeda attack. >> in the united states 19 firefighters have been killed trying to contain a wildfire in arizona. it was raging 130 miles north of the capital, phoenix. >> the western united states is baking on a record heat wave. the temperatures could rise higher by wednesday. >> the flames spread rapidly. the fire has devastated more than 800 hecares. firefighters have done all they can. the attempt to clear brush cost the lives of 19 men. >> you know this fire was very radical in its behavior. the fields were very dry. the wind was cing out of the urned aroun ons bause of the monsoon aionhis ternoon. >> authorities believe the bl was triggered by ghtnin half of the area has been completely destred. the residents have been brought to safety but the out look for the people here and throughout ariza is not good. forecasters say the temperatures could rise even higher by wednesday. >> in a moment we will look to brazil for cell braggedses mixed with street protests. >> first ws fro aroundhe world. u
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