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Mar 16, 2012 6:30pm PDT
. stay with us. we will be back in a moment. we will tell you why actor george clooney was taken into police custody. >> and we will get to the opening of the new formula one racing season. all that and more. stay with >> welcome back. agencies are warning of the next major food crisis looming in africa. this time in a western region. >> unicef says 1.5 million people c bffted across a wide area that stretches from the west to chad in the east. poor rainfall, failed harvests, and low levels of food stores are to blame. >> matters will get worse from the end of this month as the dry season begins to take hold. and as usual, children are expected to suffer the most. >> fatima has survived several drugs in her lifetime. sub-saharan regions can go without rain for two to three years at a time. crops dry up before they can be harvested. children are the worst affected. >> when children have too little to eat, they easily fall sick. they catch fever, develop diarrhea, and have no energy left. >> the drought and failed crops are part of life for people here. it is chronic poverty that preven
Feb 8, 2014 2:30pm PST
of violent protests. george clooney at the berlin film festival. we will get the survey from his new movie "the monuments men." we are starting at the winter olympics in sochi where there has been plenty of action on day one. there have been some impressive results already with an olympic record in the men's 5000 meter speed skating, and in the 10-kilometer biathlon sprint. picking up gold at the grand old age of 40. he missed one target on his way towards his seventh gold and his 12th winter games medal. that is a record equaling tally. away from the slopes, fans have been enjoying the warm weather, --pping ups -- plenty snapping up plenty of souvenirs. let's catch up with more of the first day's action. sage copps and berg won the first gold medal of the games. the american grab the gold and slope style snowboarding. mark mcmorris took bronze. in cross-country skiing, a norwegian won the women's 15-kilometer ski avalon. she took hold a fellow norwegian -- gold ahead of a fellow norwegian. the netherlands secured all three podium places in the men's speedskating 5000 meters. germany
Aug 31, 2011 6:00pm PDT
up the euro against more debt disasters? george clooney opens the venice film festival with his new film, "the ides of march." it was the first islamist terror attack on german soil and the man accused of the crime said he did it. he confessed to shooting and killing two u.s. soldiers back in march. he said he had been influenced by radical islamic propaganda on the internet. >> crowds lined up to attend the trial in frankfurt. public interest was so great that the court had to increase security. the 21-year-old was born in kosovo and was living in frankfurt when he shot at the u.s. military. he was charged with two counts of murder and three of attempted murder. at the start of the hearing, he made a confession and apologize. >> t thinks it is important to tell the court that he does not wish to be seen as a champion of jihadi or pete looked up to by anyone who believes in jihad. >> investigators say that he was influenced by islam this propaganda on the internet. he intended to kill as many soldiers as possible. the troops were on their way to afghanistan. >> of the alarming aspec
Jul 16, 2013 2:30pm PDT
pressure is building on the u.s. attorney general to bring civil rights charges against george zimmerman who was acquitted of murder. 800,000 people have signed a petition backing a civil rights trial. the florida jury rejected the argument that he acted out of racial hatred but it has not stopped the country from engaging in a fierce debate. >> of the social worker takes a lunchtime stroll through the washington neighborhood of anacostia. there is one main topic of discussion today, the acquittal of george zimmerman, a neighborhood watch men who killed trayvon martin. >> as a mother, i am torn and disheartened. i am a single mother of a 13- year-old sought and to know that the criminal justice system acted in due process, however, did not go extensive into the problem is a concern for me. >> the problem is racism, especially in law enforcement. research shows that white people are more likely to get away with crime. >> what the police do is strictly speaking legal because the people they arrest are people who have done some minor offense. but if you look at a city of 600,000 people, 400
Apr 30, 2013 6:30pm PDT
popular place to shoot a moving. george clooney is back in germany working on a new film. >> the town was a war zone with troops marching in as part of george clooney's latest movie. locals are under strict orders to keep quiet about the mission. >> i cannot tell you anything, but it's a great experience. a highlight. >> anyone hoping to get a picture needs a good lens. he is in town for his latest film, "monument man." they are enacting the liberation of a belgian village. he sent -- he spent weeks counting the perfect location. those hoping for a moment of fame applied to be extras. >> maybe i would like to get to see george clooney. i would like that. >> its impressive driving through this town. >> they applied to make the local family a little more belgian. the mayor is assured it is the biggest film shot here. >> there are transforming their cells year into a belgian town. and they can throw in one of his sweaty t-shirt, we will have a new attraction. >> most of the sweating done by the extras. for three hours, it looked like belgium in 1945. >> i wish i could have taken par
Oct 30, 2014 6:00pm PDT
george foreman and muhammad ali in zaire. >> a boxing match that combined the outlandish personality of ali and the heat of equatorial africa and the presence of an infamous dictator hosting. >> george foreman and muhammad ali put on a spectacular show until ali knocked out his opponent in the eighth round. the weeks leading up to the bout were almost as exciting. the two american giants competed for the publics's favor outside the ring. on the day, the rivalry was palpable. >> george foreman was the first one to arrive. he was a bit timid because there weren't many people there yet but he tried to get the public going and came in and greeted them. >> the more boisterous ali drove the spectators wild. >> soon after, muhammad ali arrived. as soon as he appeared, the public started chanting, ali, kill him. >> the fight was accompanied by huge fanfare including a concert featuring african-american music stars. the dictator exploited the global attention on his country. for propaganda purposes to boost his regime. the scene of the dual is no longer in use but 40 years on, those who were
Apr 12, 2012 2:30pm PDT
neighborhood watch it volunteer george zimmerman has been charged with second-degree murder for the killing up and on arms black teenager -- for an unarmed black teenager. >> the case has sparked a fierce debate in the country, with demonstrations calling for george zimmerman's burress. >> george zimmerman and it himself into police on wednesday. he faces magistrates later on thursday. he told police after the shooting on february 26 that he acted in self-defense. after re-examining the evidence, prosecutors decided to charge him and emphasized that had nothing to do with public pressure. >> we do not prosecute according to public pressure. we prosecute according to the facts of any given case and the laws of the state of florida. >> he said he was concerned he would not get a fair trial. >> i think he was troubled the state would not discharge him. the prosecutor knows the evidence. she is professional. she is doing her job as a prosecutor. she has made a decision and we will see. >> i think anyone who would be charged with second-degree murder would be scared. >> trayvon martin's parents
Aug 28, 2013 6:30pm PDT
clinton are also on hand. the two other surviving presidents, george bush and george w. bush were all -- were unable to attend. president obama began addressing the crowd a few moments ago. >> we rightly and best remember dr. king's soaring oratory that they. how he gave a mighty voice to the quiet hopes of millions, how he offered a celebration path -- salvation path. his words along to the ages. investing a power and prophecy unmatched in our times. >> our correspondent is in washington at the celebrations. can you give us a flavor of the atmosphere there today? >> it is a very special atmosphere. tens of thousand of people turned up in spite of the bad weather. john lewis, the only man, civil rights activist, who stood here 50 years ago with mart luther king. we had actors, jamie foxx and oprah winfrey spoke. all very well receed from this ry mixed crowd, but as you can imagine, the stars here were the three presidents. you don't get to see three presidents speaking in the space of 45 minutes that often and the biggest of them all, we can still see behind me the first african-a
Nov 16, 2010 6:00pm PST
. el ex presidente george w. bush, y su esposa laura, colocarn hoy la primera piedra del edificio donde se construirá la biblioteca presidencial "george w. bush", en dallas.y autoridades en ecuador ofrecen una recompensa de 10 mil dólares por información que conduzca a la captura del ex sargento de la poliÍa luis martnez, presuntos responsable del alzamiento policial en contra del presidente rafael correa. siga con telefutura tenemos más noticias en una hora.
Feb 18, 2014 2:00pm PST
the play for this program, saint joan, by george bernard shaw. special guest, julie harris. now your host mr. jose ferrer. saint joan is essentially about sainthood, but there is a certain romantic quality to it as george bernard shaw sweeps his audience along in an almost poetic flight. it is not a biography in the sense that you can turn to the play for an accurate reporting of the facts, rather shaw selected the facts which suited his purpose. he approaches joan, his protagonist, historically, but develops the character mainly in terms of ideological clashes. primarily, shaw is interested in joan as someone who imposes her ideas on history. she is led by the voices of st. catherine, st. margaret, and st. michael who instructed her to acquire a horse, soldier's clothing with armor, and an army and drive the english out of france. so her actions are based on her faith in her voices. shaw was a co-director for the first london production in 1924 with sybil thorndike in the title role, and he reminded her that joan was a sturdy, independent 19-year-old woman, not a sweet angelic
Oct 2, 2012 2:30pm PDT
barrier reef is in a serious state of decline. >> george is entering uncharted waters, perhaps the first democratic change of government since the collapse of the soviet union more than 20 years it. >> president mikheil saakashvili will stay in office, but his party has lost parliamentary elections to the opposition party, the georgian dream. now you'll have to get along with a new prime minister who ran a bitter campaign against him. >> batman is a once elusive millionaire who only wanted to politics last year. we will find out more about hamper our correspondent in moscow in just a moment. first, this report. >> it georgians will cut to the prospect of a new parliament. it's the first time since independence that an election rather than a revolution has led to the transfer of power. >> i expect improvements and laws so that children will be happy. i don't know how he will behave and what he will do for the people, but i see the people are hopeful. >> we expect things to get better. expect new things. the whole population is in a good mood. people meet each other and kiss each other. >>
Jan 24, 2012 6:00pm PST
." actor george clooney -- the favorite in the best actor category for his role in "the descendants." to win her third oscar. >> our entertainment correspondent has been following the nomination ceremony for us. scott, can you walk us through please denominations? >> i think probably the interesting one people are focusing on will be the actors this time. often you will get some lesser- known actors in best actor and best actress. you had a few this year, but the favorites are royalty. brad pitt and george clooney. meryl streep. she has won twice. this time she is nominated playing former british prime minister maggie thatcher in "the iron lady." it is a perfect performance. you will have to love her in this role. that would not bet on the future of the euro, but i am definitely betting meryl streep will win her third oscar for this role. >> there have been interesting films from france. tell us about that. >> yes, "the artist." it is silent. it is set in the silent era, just before the end. and i find it interesting not only because it is a beautiful movie. it certainly will win th
Nov 10, 2011 2:30pm PST
have broad political support. >> political leaders agree on the success of george papandreou -- on the successor of george papandreou. after days of this agreement, papademos joined the talks. he hopes to establish a broad coalition to guide the country. many in athens have welcomed his appointment. >> i think he is the right guy, and i think he will help the country. >> i don't know if he is a god or a devil. we will see what he does. >> expectations are high in greece and the rest of the eurozone. >> and we spoke to our correspondent in athens, asking if the greek people are satisfied with papademos as the new prime minister. >> mixed reactions from the people. one woman was telling me how book is papademos served as the adviser to the prime minister, so all of his failed policies are really his advisers and we will not see any change when it comes to the government policies, financial decisions as well. a man that i was speaking to said the authority, the career excellence that because papademos has -- -- that lucas papademos has, do not forget that he ran at the greek governmen
Nov 28, 2013 2:00pm PST
refused to follow china's commands. the aircraft carrier george washington is in the region for military exercises with japan. >> as we have seen, other countries in the region, japan and south korea have already defied china. could this become a flashpoint for regional instability? we put that question to the head of george abela's chinese department -- the head of deutsche welle's chinese department. >> china may have been surprised by the swift and decisive answer of japan, korea, australia, and especially the u.s. with ending the-52 bombers into the area to clearly demonstrate that they have no intention whatsoever to accept china's reaching out to those islands -- sending the -- b-52 bombers into the area. you can almost hear cries for war in the chinese media. >> in germany, more than 20,000 workers from the european aerospace group had taken to the streets to protest against restructuring plans they fear could cost thousands of jobs. >> there are a lot of protest. they were held at about ready sites from the company's airbus factories near hamburg and -- and york. >> with
Apr 23, 2015 6:00pm PDT
deportation papers are a sad reminder of the time george vincent spent in europe. he left nigeria because he couldn't find work. he made it to austria before being sent back. he says he wanted to get a job as a cleaner there but it did not work out. >> unfortunately i was without interview, without anything outside back to nigeria. when one is living a life without meaning, your life is nothing. their life is your slips -- their life is useless. reporter: he doesn't have a job or home. he sleeps on the floor at a friends place. when he first left he traveled tunisia are from libya -- traveled tonight sure from libya -- two niger from libya. >> people die without water. sometimes you keep -- you see people drinking urine. drinking just to survive the day is a -- the desert. some die on the way. reporter: there are no reliable figures as to how many people try to get to you. -- to europe. the numbers keep growing. >> they have this misconception that the land is better on the other side. they will do anything to move over to a better place. if the conditions and situation do not improve in afr
May 23, 2011 6:00pm PDT
that his president to drop -- his president george w. bush ever was. -- than his previous president, george w. bush, ever was. >> what it is like to be the most powerful man in the world. >> i would like to know what he eats. >> all of the wars that the u.s. is involved in. >> nuclear power. if america also plans to phase it out. >> i would like to know how he intends to resolve the crisis. >> will we be able to travel freely to the united states? >> i would ask him if he is a proud of what he has achieved so far. >> i would ask him if he is going to close guantÁnamo. >> i do not believe it. >> osama's death. >> why did they not managed to capture osama bin laden and put him on trial the normal way -- why did they not manage to? >> he did not like it. would he do the same thing? >> barack obama and the greenhouse gases, what he is going to do about it. >> a real specific, detailed plan to invest more in renewable energy. >> international aid. that should be high on the agenda. >> he should focus more on europe, asia, the middle east. >> he got the nobel peace prize straight away, s
Nov 5, 2014 2:00pm PST
moved into this kind of painting with georges braque as his ally. the mandolin, painted by braque in 1910, shows just how subtle cubist art can be. it's very different from les demoiselles, quieter, much more difficult to decipher. the eye oscillates between hints of a mandolin and a jug-- dislocated by multiple perspective-- and a structure of glinting shards, or planes, scattered right across the picture's surface. many people--british critic roger fry, for instance-- thought pictures like this totally abstract. they only saw the structures of planes. certainly, it can seem, in a figure painting like this by picasso, that the geometric structure of planes is antagonistic to any normal perception of the subject and that, eventually, it must completely cloak the subject, @@ take over. but, actually, picasso's and braque's cubism never broke with representation. what such pictures said was that painting is not a mirror held up to the world, but a language, a language of mark and shape-making, of structuring on a flat surface, whose means are infinitely variable, but which has a power
Apr 8, 2013 2:30pm PDT
. president george bush to she distanced herself from fellow european leaders, especially -- george bush. she distanced herself from fellow european leaders, especially home and coal -- especially helmut kohl. having come of age during world war ii, thatcher closely aligned herself with the u.s., especially after her friend ronald reagan took office. after his death in 2004, thatcher praised him for having achieved so much against so many odds. the same could also be said of her. >> let's go straight to london, to our correspondent there. we know that margaret thatcher was a very divisive figure. what has been the reaction to the news of her death? >> also very mixed. industry had a lot to say. she believed in competition. she was one of the great leaders. tony blair said that she changed the political landscape of the country and the world, and that some of the changes were retained by his labor government -- labour government, but there have also been a lot of critical voices. one british newd newspaper had to shut down the comments on its website. -- one british newspaper had to shut
Dec 8, 2013 5:30pm PST
in heaven the pins and george bush. i have found that taking. and that of the defiantly getting ready to ring in the phillies were looking good with making the case. private funeral with the perry rejected at the time to put the cocoa step one. a more national news now sell scalia extended its admissions down on sunday following a similar move by china last month. stealthily as defence ministry said the move would not infringe on neighboring country's sovereignty. although the zone dun think u as much rock which is claimed by both seoul and beijing. it's the latest twist and territorial disputes between south korea china and japan center on a group of uninhabited islands in the south china sea at first glance it looks like an offshore oil rig but the steel platform is south korea's eo to ocean research station. it's built on a submerged island one hundred forty nine km off the korean coast. china calls eo eileen celia. last month taking unilaterally declared an air defense identification zone that covers the site. now south korea has extended its air defence oh two included as well. j
Mar 23, 2012 2:30pm PDT
, george zimmerman purity has not been detained due to a controversial florida law that allows the use of deadly force under certain circumstances. >> the european space agency market has taken off for the international space station. it was launched in a french rihanna. it is gearing nearly 7 tons of equipment, instruments, and fresh clothing for the six astronauts on board the station. >> recovery workers have found five more bodies on the costa concordia cruise ship off the coast of italy. a total of 30 bodies have now been discovered. to the people are still missing, presumed to be dead. now this. eating organic has been a trend for some time now, but what about wearing organic products? environmentally-friendly fabrics and clothes are gaining in popularity. >> usually made of organically- grown cotton europe aid german biologist turned designer makes her clothes out of milk. >> smooth, soft, and silky, that is our customers describe her clothes. the german designer has created a new fabric for the brand, woven from milk. the qualified pilot just developed a new organic fabric toge
Oct 31, 2011 2:30pm PDT
save downtown bangkok from rising waters. >> monika? >> greek prime minister george papandreou has called for a referendum. whether they should proceed with the referendums that have resulted in strikes. he said greeks must start but -- must decide if they want to go through with the plans. it could put a deal in jeopardy. if the greek people do not want it, they will not adopt it, the prime minister said on monday, apparently caving in to protests last week. last week's summit to flashed the mountain of debt. investors remain unconvinced that it will work. and for more, we're joined now by natalee, standing by in athens. natalie, this referendum comes as a surprise. what prompted george papandreou to run this risk? >> the weak government, the socialist party. they have fallen to one of their lowest approval rates since the creation. the second bailout, should call for some dialogue with his people, as he has been accused of depriving greeks from this need to approve the austerity, all of these measures. on the weather side, as well, his government and the prime minister himself ha
Apr 11, 2012 6:30pm PDT
. that is also the opinion of the famous u.s. billionaire and investor george soros. on wednesday, he was in berlin to introduce his new book in which he warns that the euro prices could still potentially be fatal for the eurozone. >> he believes chancellor angela merkel is taking your in the wrong direction and warned against addressing the crisis with spending cuts. he urges for the injection of funds instead. here is our report. >> george soros, one of the 10 wealthiest americans, says the german bundesbank's excessively restrictive policies have made it harder to deal with the euro debt crisis. in his new book, it details how he would tackle the crisis. he insists the problem lies in disequilibrium among european countries, rather than in high liquidity. >> the bundesbank is forcing the wrong policy on germany and the rest of europe. austerity worked for germany, and the german public cannot understand why a should not work for europe. but germany applied austerity when the rest of europe was booming. but when you're up as a whole tries to retain, the economy will shrink, so that burd
Jul 25, 2012 2:30pm PDT
billionaire financier george soros is calling for germany and other eu countries to surrender more political power to brussels. >> the group of 17 experts says the eurozone debt crisis is poised to get a lot worse unless the political leaders moved to give supranational organizations more budgetary oversight. >> the report is only 11 pages long, but it packs a serious punch. the european rescue fund is far too small, the experts warn. eurozone states, especially germany, must take responsibility for each other's debt. the alternative is a potential financial collapse. the report states europe is sleepwalking towards a disaster of incalculable portions. among the 17 economists are two members of the german council of economic experts, which advises the german government. the report was published by the u.s.-based institute for new economic thinking, which is financed in large part by american billionaire investor george soros. he has long been calling on germany to give help to weaker eurozone countries and has called chancellor angela merkel 's policies shortsighted. meanwhile, a r
Dec 24, 2013 2:00pm PST
george bush senior thanked pope john paul ii. they vanquished communism years ago. and because romania suffered so much under con -- communism, there is a need for new churches. but the family maintained traditions throughout those years. they were slaughtered and butchered. much of it is made into sausages. once all the preparations are completed, the festivities can begin. >> goodbye. gz >> thank you very much for joining us. elements ofof security forces in and around the capital, rounding up men and killing them. is fighting between the military and the renegades. he is accusing his former deputy of trying to orchestrate a
Feb 8, 2014 5:30pm PST
and corruption and george clooney at the venice film festival will get the dates on his new baby that monument. in. the i was dusting it with real it takes to sell see where there's been plenty of action on day one. there have been some impressive results already with no olympic record in the men's five thousand bees speedskating and in the ten college football and close friends norway's oil a non ken doll and a top gold at the grand old age of forty. he missed just one target on his way to what is the seventh gold of his career and his twelfth quincy king's meado that's njoying the warm weatherromndin snapping up plenty of speed well let's catch up and out with some of the results from the first is actually incorrect. stagecoach and it won the first gold medal at the games the american claim victory and snuggled slip style in these cold winter in and fix the waste of a sand bank was awarded silver and canadian month but more is to grow . in cross country skiing tenf norway won the women's fifteen kilometer ski and flow. she did go the head of a little weak in the ninety day in sweden
Aug 20, 2010 6:00pm PDT
. that may be enough to go with the u.s. special envoy from the east, with george mitchell. >> difficult times to achieve a just and lasting peace. >> they will meet sept. second in washington d.c. to launch a negotiation to resolve all finest the august issues -- final status issues to be concluded within one year. >> they have been calling for direct talks for months. >> we know there are difficult challenges ahead in the peace talks. but agreement is possible. an agreement for peace, israel's most viable concern. >> no immediate comment has been made on the u.s. statement. >> we wanted to see to it that we could and these negotiations. >> it would have no role in the talks. the spokesman directed and the assumption of negotiation. -- rejected any assumption of negotiation. >> our correspondent, tonya kramer, and i spoke. >> i think what you can say is that both sides were in proximity talks, and those positions are very different. for example, the settlement issue is approached, ending in september. israel said they would enter talks without preconditions. people on both
Nov 3, 2011 2:30pm PDT
the stability of the euro are all up into the air. george papandreou spoke to his government thursday, vowing not to step down. he said he will allow a vote of confidence to go forward tomorrow. but he has not answer the other burning question, will the greek people decide on the eurozone bailout? the finance minister has said there will not be a referendum. if you are confused, you are not alone. our coverage begins with papandreou's speech. >> a defiant papandreou spoke before his own specialist -- socialist party. he said he would not resign and rejected any idea on the country according deerow. -- quiting the euro. >> this debt that we have achieved is a lot bigger than the sacrifices we have had to make. it is a clear indication of the greek people and all of you in parliament and of us, in government, for all of the difficulties that we had, our stamina in the threats against us, it is a recognition of the policies we have made. >> papandreou is in danger of not losing the vote of confidence on friday. for its part, the greek opposition party has renewed its call for sn
Nov 1, 2011 6:00pm PDT
. everything is up in the air again. prime minister george papandreou told his cabinet he intends to go through with the referendum and predicts his government will survive a confidence vote on friday. >> the greek cabinet members, on their way to an emergency meeting with george papandreou, most shocked by his decision to hold a referendum on the latest european bailout. support for the prime minister is plummeting, even among his fellow party members. >> the country is on the verge of bankruptcy. i call on the president to take responsibility and call a meeting of party leaders with the goal of forming a government of national unity. >> during a meeting with the president, the conservative express -- conservatives express their dismay and call for early elections. >> for george papandreou to save himself, he has posed a divisive dilemma, a black man in -- blackmailing dilemma, one that puts our future and the future europe in danger. eurozon the government has failed and now wants to put the blame on the people. there can be no good outcome to this referendum. we are finished, whether
Jul 24, 2013 6:30pm PDT
prince has a name, and it definitely does not stray from tradition. >> george alexander louis. he will be referred to as his world highness prince george of cambridge. the world got its first glimpse of the baby boy on tuesday. >> the european commission has unveiled new proposals to cap the fees on debit and credit cards. >> companies like visa or mastercard charge retailers for every transaction, a cost that is often passed on to consumers, and people are often unaware. the fees often amount to two percent of the purchase price, but the commission wants to limit it to 0.3%. for the first time, the entire executive board of a german bank has appeared in court to face charges ranging from breach of trust to fraud. >> all six former members of the board are on trial including the former ceo. the charges relate to a risky debt transaction that almost made the bank go bust during the 2008 credit crisis. taxpayers stepped in, providing the bank with a multibillion euro bailout. >> in more business news, german automaker daimlerchrysler racing ahead in the earnings race. net income tripled
Nov 2, 2011 5:30pm PDT
global economy through the european debt crisis. but greek prime minister george papandreou's sudden announcement of a referendum on the latest bailout package has stolen the spotlight. nhk world's akihito otaki has more. >> reporter: ahead of the g-7 meeting french president sarkozy, german chancellor merkel, and other officials met with papandreou on wednesday night. they asked papandreou to clarify when he called a referendum on the planned 130 billion euro bailout hammered out by e.u. leaders last week. his sudden announcement has caused anger and surprise around the world. the g20 summit is an opportunity for eu leaders to explain the bailout package and ask the countries including china to contribute to the bailout fund. but the greek prime minister's latest move dominates the summit for good reason. if greece votes no to the referendum, the entire bailout package will collapse. first, though, papandreou has to survive a confidence vote on friday, which is far from certain because of his party's slim majority in the greek parliament. then the law on the referendum must also be
Sep 8, 2014 6:00pm PDT
high popularity, just like baby george did. >> huddy do you feel about having a new member of the royal come -- royal family joining us? >> soon prince george will have a little brother or sister. when the baby is due and whether it will be a prince of princess remains hush-hush. what is clear is there are big celebrations ahead when number four in line to the throne joins britain's royal family. >> let the name betting begin. now from the prince of wales to another kind of wales. watch these humpbacked whales making their migration to the waters off the pacific coast of costa rica. >> way and they are having babies, too. it is a prime breeding area for the magnificent mammals. taurus so long bewailed coast -- tourists along the coast are marking the occasion. we want to recap our top story before we go. the european union has adopted a new package of sanctions against russia, but they will not take effect immediately. >> the delay will give time to assess whether the cease-fire in ukraine is helping. captioned by the national captioning institute >> we've got s
Nov 6, 2012 6:30pm PST
germans believed obama would enable the u.s. to break with the unpopular policies of george w. bush and bolster its partnership with your a -- >> many germans believed obama would enable the u.s. to break with unpopular policies of george w. bush. >> 200,000 people in berlin came to hear him speak. no one before him manage to electrify the masses like that. he was and still is to extend a very charismatic leader. that is why the germans took such a shine to him. >> at the time, german chancellor angela merkel appeared unimpressed with obama 's performance. today, the u.s. president considers merkel to be one of his closest allies. last year, obama awarded to german chancellor the presidential medal of freedom, but merkel has been remarkably silent about the u.s. elections. her lack of open support suggests her friendship with obama may not be so close after all. but talk of a meeting this summer was also shut down. the chancellor had no plans to interrupt her vacation. at the last debate, obama talked about foreign policy. they came back to domestic issues and only once did he even ment
Aug 19, 2010 6:00pm PDT
. >> germany's military says they do not intend to take discipline against colonel georg klein. that officer ordered an air strike in afghanistan that killed many civilians. taliban fighters and civilians around the trucks were killed when the were blown up. troubling news on the jobs front. monica has that story. >> the number of americans filing new weekly claims for jobless benefits has jumped unexpectedly to half a million, the highest level in nine months. the labor department says they came in well above a forecast of 75,000. it is the third straight week in which claims have risen. the dire straits of the u.s. labor market occurs as the u.s. tries to pull out of its worst position in the decades. the sensitivity index dropped to its lowest since july last year. manufacturing in the region fell. it is a different picture in germany. the strong economic recovery has prompted the central bank to increase its growth forecast for 2010. traders remain skeptical. we get the day's action from frankfurt. >> the bundesbank is very optimistic for the future of the german economy. they raised the
Jun 17, 2011 6:00pm PDT
from his previous position as defense chief as part of prime minister georges papandreou's cabinet reshuffle. the move will probably buy little time for the embattled government, but there are still concerns that athens may not be able to implement the reforms it needs to avoid going under. >> the new cabinet was sworn in by orthodox priests. as he took his oath of office, he sought the blessing of the church. he likened it into going into real war. >> i'm doing this because i believe it's my patriotic duty. i told the defense ministry that i left defense to enter the real battle. >> he has reason to feel embattled. the e.u. and i.m.f. were demanding painful spending cuts in return for helping greece out of its crisis. he appealed to the people of greece to support him. >> the country needs to be saved, and it will be saved. it must be regain its dignity. it must recover its sovereignty and its economic independence. it must finally leave this turbulence behind. >> the greek prime minister will be hoping the new appointment will improve his chances of pushing through the tough new
Apr 6, 2011 6:30pm PDT
witnesses are being called to testify including famous actors like george clooney. it seems that this is turning into a giant media circus. do you think, then, there's a risk that the trial will collapse because of this? >> no, it won't collapse because of that. it will collapse because of the issues i just mentioned. áúe questionable, the witnesses under the prosecution and defense have called between them 210 witnesses. we'll enup wh maybe 100 witnesses and they could include some famous people like actor george clooney, footballer renaldo. neither of them i think will be called. but the point of calling all of these witnesses is basically -- as far as the defense is concerned, they're character witnesses for mr. berlusconi. as far as the prosecution is concerned, they're there to prove that he had all of these girls at parties in his private residence. >> thank you. we're going to have to leave it there now in rome. that wraps up "journal." thanks for joining us.
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