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Jan 6, 2016 4:30pm PST
friend. george is a service dog who has given his little owner the ability to explore the world in ways she never could before. and, your odds of winning the powerball lottery are pretty slim... but hey, someone has to win it! we're taking a look at the lines of hopeful millionaires getting their tickets. "you're watching kolo 8 news now at 4:30 with sarah johns and weather with meteorologist jeff thompson this is kolo 8 news now at 4:30." of a dad sneaking in and nae nae-bombing his unsuspecting daughters in fact, mike jones pretty much out-"nae naes" them. the girls eventually catch mike and, of course, freak out. for a kid, there is nothing worse than your parent embarrassing you. but for a parent, is there anything better? i say....nae nae.### you have roughly a better chance of being struck by lightning.... twice then winning the current 500 million dollar powerball jackpot. however that did not stop peaople from lining up outside the gold ranch ... waiting 20 many people said they had a half a billion reasons for waiting in the long lines. the gold ranch are very happy about
Feb 10, 2016 4:30pm PST
of his big brother... voice of pres. george w. bush: "this is president george w bush." the radio ad is already airing in south carolina. the former president is expected to hit the campaign trail before next week's primary. nearly every republican is set to spend time in the palmetto state wednesday, with the exception of chris christie, whose attacks during the debate hurt fifth place finisher marco rubio but failed help his own campaign. and carly fiorina announced late today she would not continue running for president. and after snatching up sixty per cent of the democratic vote... sen. bernie sanders, d- presidential candidate: "the celebrated his dominant win in new hampshire by heading to harlem to meet with reverend al sharpton to talk about minority issues, an area that many see as a strength of his rival, hillary clinton, who is not on the campaign trail today. clinton is polling ahead with minority voters. in washington, dianne gallagher. chris christy and carly fiorina are out... but the race goes on for the other presidential candidates. for some, that includes a stop h
Jan 26, 2016 4:30pm PST
endorsements. texas governor rick ted cruz. former new york governor george pataki-- throwing his support behind marco rubio. and jerry falwell, televangelist-- officially endorsing nod could help trump cut into cruz's support among born-again christians. but a nebraska senator is questioning trump's morality. on twitter... senator ben sasse asks about "affairs with married women." "have you repented?" "to harmed children and spouses? do you think it trump has not responded, instead should attend the coming republican debate. telling gma, he has not resolved his issues with fox donald trump, r-presidential candidate: "i have no fear, i don't think she's a good professional, i don't think she's professional at all, she's very trump promised a "special guest" at a rally will be controversial arizona sheriff joe arpaio who is endorsing bazi kanani, abc news, washington. president barack obama will be proposing new legislation to help more americans to save for retirement. administration officials think the plan will give 30 million additional americans access to retirement savings. t
Jan 13, 2016 4:30pm PST
to our including our a-b-c affiliate in sacramento's george warren. the heavy traffic outside the gold ranch nevada's position on state-sponsored lotteries. todd morrison, security guard: that's right. they all want a here in the silver state you can gamble on cards, dice, slots and sports. but you've got to step across the state line to buy a powerball ticket. in this case, quite literally. david spegal, gold ranch marketing director: the state line is right under your feet right here. so i'm interviewing you from nevada? you are currently interviewing me from nevada. you cannot buy a ticket on that side? no. it has to be on this side. the proximity to reno has made the gold ranch california's second- busiest lottery retailer. but even the gold ranch has never seen crowds sandy kretchman, reno: i'm on my way to truckee. i'm not standing in that line. chris koszuth, sparks: an hour and 45 minutes to here. is it worth it? we'll know wednesday night. the record turnout prompted a state lottery camera crew to drive up from sacramento: donna cordova, state lottery information officer:
Feb 16, 2016 4:30pm PST
streak in south carolina. former president george w. bush: strength is not empty rhetoric, it is not bluster, it is not theatrics. real strength, strength of purpose comes from integrity and character. but all the bluster may not matter come saturday. a cnn-orc poll released tuesday, has donald trump well ahead in south carolina at 38-percent. up 16 points on ted cruz, with marco rubio and jeb bush trailing well behind in third and south carolina is critical for republicans. with only one exception, every since 1980 has gone on nominee. we are just a few days away from the caucuses here in nevada. that will bring several of the presidential candidates to the silver state. republican jeb bush is headed to nevada the day after the south carolina primary. the former florida governor will be in las vegas sunday, before heading to reno monday. bush is holding a town hall event at huffaker elementary school at six o'clock monday evening. and ted cruz is planning a jam packed visit to nevada. the republican presidential candidate is planning at least eight campaign events starting sunday af
Feb 23, 2016 4:30pm PST
worldwide. one post from former star trek actor "george takei" saying "quit wine- ing and work out" to his 9-million followers. ---nats: up and down music--- posting the video with a slightly different music variation. "it makes fitness fun." evan standup: "most of the comments have been positive. there have been a few negative reactions about her hurting herself - falling on the wine. but most of the people have been doing like what i'm doing, and sending back their own videos and pictures." "they were making their own videos. they were doing different things with it." no matter the number of re-creations... or comments -- both positive and negative -- storey is hoping they all get the message. "what i want to show people with my videos is that fitness is something you can do every day, you can do it anywhere, in this case... just don't forget the corkscrew. jeff is back with your ..... forecast. tonight: partly cloudy, with a low around 29. south wind around 5 mph. wednesday: mostly sunny, with a high near 65. southeast wind around 5 mph. wednesday night: partly cloudy, with a low ar
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6