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Jan 29, 2016 5:30pm PST
difference between real and counterfeit is evident. secret service agents like george cheretis can tell the difference unaided at a glance. but it's a different challenge for an untrained and often busy cashier. and that's why and how thousands of dollars of counterfeit bills turn up in reno every week. you might immediately think you'd be wrong. casinos are very good at spotting counterfeit bills and have extensive surveillance and security. the counterfeiters often avoid them. instead the big targets are local retail. cheretis: "there's some retailers that take a bigger hit than others, depending on what they offer and how they offer it, but yeah, week in week out, it takes a bite." security cameras captured runners in two recent cases. these pictures show a black male, wearing eye glasses, an orange sweatshirt, orange hat and dark pants who passed three counterfeit $100 dollar bills at the carson city walmart on u-s 395 on january 3rd. on the same day 12 other counterfeit 100's were passed in the carson city area. takes a bite." security cameras captured runners in two recent cases.
Feb 9, 2016 5:30pm PST
wrapped up the regular season meet record. have changed course... george karl will remain their head coach night said that karl all-star break... the kings are 21-and-31 overall, five games out of the final playoff spot... last 10 games overall... karl still has two years left on his original four-year deal the clippers have suspended blake griffin for four games... it's for punching a team staff member last week... the suspension will cost griffin over $850- thousand dollars.. he broke his hand in the altercation, and won't actually serve the suspension until he can play again in the next 4-6 weeks. it was a wild day in colorado... over a million fans packed downtown it was to celebrate their team's third super bowl title... and their first in 17 years... there were about 400- thousand more people there than the first time denver won the title back in 1998 an amazing resuce caught on camera... a missouri state trooper pulled a woman from a burning vehicle. the officer arrived at the scene of this crash. when the trooper saw the burning car... he immediately ran to the vehicle,
Feb 16, 2016 5:30pm PST
carolina? and former president george w. bush taking aim at trump. >>> also developing, the supreme court. the president just moments ago, saying, "i intend to do my job. i expect them to do their job, as well." a message to the senate. >>> the case of the serial killer, far worse than first thought. accused in ten deaths, now linked to several others. what was discovered in his home.
Feb 1, 2016 5:30pm PST
good thing. george warren has the story. thirty years ago next month, relentless rainfall led to the sudden failure of a temporary dam on the american river upstream from folsom lake. water was rushing into the lake faster than operators of the dam could safely release it. and by some accounts, sacramento came within hours of catastrophic flooding. that near disaster 30 years ago led to a major change in the way the dam is operated. "so we are fortunate enough this year to come out of a four- year drought and to see the reservoir start to rise again.. and as we do we not only have to think of conservation and storing the water in the resevoir, we have to be looking at flood operations as we go forward." although the lake today is less than half full, strict regulations imposed after 1986 put a cap on how much water depending on the date. here in late january, the cap is 577 thousand acre feet. the lake today holds 406 thousand. with the right weather, that 171 thousand acre foot difference could be made up in a matter of days. "and when you exceed that volume, you are encroaching
Jan 12, 2016 5:30pm PST
expected to be done by tuesday night. and george toma, the man sport illustrated calls 'the nitty grittty dirt man,' has been part of that crew for all fifty super bowls. working 12 to 15 hours days mangan's crew is expected to be done by tuesday night and george toma, the man sports illustrated calls the nitty gritty dirt man has been part of that crew for all 50 super bowls. "george, is the rain going to be a factor at all?' "i don't think it will. you know, i'm used to the old candlestick where it rained all the time. in the 80's i'd have to go up there and work the championship game." mangan explained how the hardy bermuda perennial rye is grown to hold up under the worst of conditions but says he and his crew are planning for every contingency, including what ever el nino may have in store. "you always have weather to deal with, so those kind of what ever el nino may have in store. "you always have weather to deal with, so those kind of change the performance at the time. you want it to be nice deal with, so those kind of change the performance at the time. you want it to be nice wea
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5