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Jun 26, 2016 6:00pm PDT
his barb against washington post writer george will. will, a longtime critic of trump, said he has left the republican party, and changed his voter registration to unaffiliated all because of donald trump. that, the real estate mogul tweeted, george will, one of the most overrated political pundits who lost his way long ago has left the republican party. he's made many bad calls. to new polls registered voters show hillary clinton is widening her lead against donald trump in the 2016 presidential race. washington post survey shows clinton ahead 12 points, 51- 39%. a wall street journal poll shows clinton's lead at five points, 46-41%. both polls surveyed 1000 people. >>> let's check in with meteorologist mark tamayo to find out more about our forecast and it was lovely out there today. the question is, is it going to get hotter? >> some areas will be just as warm as today. we were across the whole spectrum of cool at the coast, temperatures in the 50s and then inland around 100 degrees. so it's that time of year, summertime, microclimates popping up and that was the case for today.
Sep 3, 2016 6:00pm PDT
treg. the niners traded. the raiders' cut list includes george atkinson iii, nico thorpe, and thorpe probably the most significant name on that list. lots of college football on this busy saturday. a lot of fun from the sports page. >> we'll have it all. thanks a lot. >>> we'll see you tonight, coming up at 10:00. . ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. i just love that we're here. is there anything more important than clean water in developing countries? or a clean glass in this one? oh. oh, my gosh. it that anne gibbs, the lady from channel 12 news? [gasps] oh, my god! it's anne gibbs! oh, i love her! that reaction would've been big if it was anne hathaway. oh, she is hiding quite a figure behind that desk. okay, what's going on with you and anne gibbs? come on. we gotta go say hi to her. okay, we're doing this? mitchell: hey. hi. h
Jul 31, 2016 6:00pm PDT
from interviewer george stephanopoulos. >> reporter: i just want to clear this up because you did say on three different occasions you had a relationship with him. now you say there's none? >> i don't want -- i don't know what it means by having a relationship. he was saying very good things about me but i don't have a relationship with him. i didn't meet him. i didn't have dinner with him. i didn't go hiking with him. i don't know -- i would know him from adam except i see his picture. >> trump said putin treated him with what he called great respect. but he's never met, he says, the russian leader. >>> the dates for the debates are taking center stage. donald trump says the nfl wrote him a letter about the debate, erring on the same night as several football games. as bryan llenas claims, trump had to backtrack from that claim. >> with less than 100 days before the presidential election, donald trump is unhappy that some of the debates planned between him and hillary clinton are scheduled against nfl games. >> i got a letter from the nfl saying this is ridiculous. why are the debate
May 1, 2016 6:00pm PDT
the seventh when coco crisp hit a liner to right, george springer flattens out and takes a hit away, the a's did get one run in the inning but came up one short, still gets up just two runs on two hits, but takes the 2-1 loss. >>> the sharks against nashville in game two of their series, in the second period, still scoreless. we'll have it all for you tonight on sports rap. >> it's funny, the warriors are getting all this attention, the sharks are doing great. >> yes. the head one-0 with nashville and under the radar, you are right because all the attention the warriors have gotten all season. hosting, home ice advantage in the series against nashville. >> all right. go sharks. >> coming up tonight on the 10:00 news, the national fire center releases spring and summer holiday. >> we'll look at the impact of el niÑo as we head into the warmer months. as you can see, i am decked out in sharks teal green. thanks so much for joining us, everybody. >> we're all -- we're always here for you online, ktvu, twitter and facebook app, again, go sharks. i was unstoppable. i mean, i was... i wa
Apr 24, 2016 6:00pm PDT
two years. uh, bernadette's nickname for you is the virgin piña colada. your george lucas autograph is really a "me" autograph. yeah, well, once i was too lazy to walk across the hall, so i used your toothbrush. ooh, and one time when you were asleep, amy totally took off her... and that's why you're the best roommate ever. aw... now i'm sad i didn't hear it.
Aug 13, 2016 6:00pm PDT
actor's career included roles in time bandits and the elephant man as well. george lucas called baker a gentleman and says he was the heart and soul of r2 d2. baker died at home after an extended illness. >>> breaking news, a big police presence in the east bay right now. these are live pictures. we'll have a live report next. >> still some temperatures inland today.ummer 90s in the 5-day forecast. other details coming up. >> plus, they're convenient burk are they safe? >>> reports of an accident in haywood involving a police car. you know you just arrived on scene, what can you tell us? >> reporter: the information is limited. we did speak to a witness. a police officer was involved in a head-on collision with a suspect's vehicle. tampa avenue is where we have the police car smashed in the middle. in front. it is a black mersiedz -- mercedes. we believe that is the suspect's vehicle. a witness says she watched both the police car and the black mercedes involved in a very fast collision. after the collision, one of the suspects started running down patrick avenue. the police officer pur
Feb 14, 2016 6:00pm PST
be a decision for the people, george. >> reporter: cruz said the loss of skille means we are just one justice away from losing civil liberties for generations. democrats are furious that republicans are vowing not to take up any of president obama's nominees. harry reid calling it a shameful abdication of one of the senate's most important constitutional response abilities. at the white house, .mac away, fox news. >>> more details on the death of justice scalia. county judge in texas declared him dead over the telephone after calling his position, the judge decided the cause of death was a heart attack. no autopsy was performed. plans call for his body to be flown home to virginia tonight or in the coming days. funeral plans have not been released. >>> now to the unseasonably warm weather here in the bay area, it was a sunny day and in some areas, it was 70 degrees. 70 in san francisco where i was, let's check in with the meteorologist. mark, i asked you yesterday, for my forecast and you nailed it. >> i always get nervous with those customized forecasts, but temperatures are soar
Aug 6, 2016 6:00pm PDT
man who invented the wave, crazy george. and the part that didn't work out for the a's, zobrist breaks up a game with a single in the 3rd. arrieta went eight shutout innings, allowing just three hit hits. >>> giants playing in washington. they're leading the nationals 4-0 in the 6th. we'll have that for you tonight at 10:00. do i sound like an old man when i ask for that? >> no. >> no! >> you're right. >> the game there. >> and the giants have a lead. let's hope they can keep it. >> thanks a lot, joe. >>> coming up tonight wpolice shootings becoming more h publicized, once again turning to the ufs body cameras. what'sing done to make surety public can view the video's cases in a timely manner. goodnight. good morning, almost husband. good morning, almost -- oh, no! no! oh! oh! pepper: oh, calm down. this can't be the first time you've woken up with other men in your bedroom. happy wedding day! [ laughs ] what are you doing here? you pay for a full-service wedding, you get our full packages. ohh. close, honey. so close. and we're crossing. we're crossing. and trays down. and trays down.
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8