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Oct 29, 2014 4:00pm PDT
. back in 1985, george brett, willie wilson and bret saberhagen led the royals over the cardinals in seven games. we know that the giants are no stranger to the fall classic. in 2010, they knocked off the rangers in five games to win their first title since moving to san francisco in 1958. and now 2012, pablo sandoval three home runs in game one and locked down the tigers offense. they swept detroit and giants have won eight straight postseason series. who will win tonight? we can tell you this, the home team has an advantage and a big one. home teams in the world series game seven's have won the last nine games. as a matter of fact you have to go back to 1979 the last road team to win was the pirates against the orioles. that is incredible. also incredible is these fans and two great giants fans in the middle there. you have to have mental fortitude to stand in there. game seven, pressure. win or go home type of thing. gabe, you played with the red sox in that type of game. what are you feeling like right now? >> a pressure moment for you, fellows. ninth inning clenching game of the
Aug 12, 2011 4:00pm PDT
religion his sleeve and is twice the cowboy that george bush was. >> after his announcement perry will move onto new hampshire and iowa. that will put him in all three early voting states with in 36 hours. >>> republicans in iowa will turn out for a straw poll tomorrow. these are pictures from the last one in iowa back in 2007. the gop say staged the first of these in 1979. they are held before the start of the season with when a sitting republican president is not running for re-election. they have tried to set up campaign tents then republican voters are bussed in for the poll. it costs $30 but the candidates generally pick up the tab. >> a senior united states official is dismissing a report on the death toll linked to drone air strikes. they say drones have killed almost 2300 people in pakistan and among those, 385 civilians including 160 children. a top united states official disagrees and says 2,000 militants have been killed and only 50 civilians. no a count shows hate crimes in california appear to be leveling off. 1100 crimes committed last year were based on bias including race, r
Aug 19, 2010 4:00pm PDT
madden case. police chief george gas cone is set to hold a press conference tomorrow to address the status of the lab. madden still faces charges in san mateo county for possession of a small amount of cocaine. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 action news. >>> with job data sent shivers down wall street today. the dow jones down 144 points at the closing bell. the nasdaq shed almost 37 points. a showdown in factory production and a disappointing jobs report has increased speculation that the economy may be headed for a more significant slowdown heeding to today's selloff. investors rattled by a report that new applications for unemployment benefits rose to 500,000 last week. an increase of 12,000 people out of work. there were 488,000 claims the previous week. here in california, 4,393 more people applied for jobless benefits. the labor department says the numbers show employers are still cutting jobs as the economy weakens. >>> santa $a based intel is making an historic acquisition. it announced today it would buy mcafee for $7.68 billion, more than
Jul 12, 2011 4:00pm PDT
this private memorial in palm beach drew a thousand people. among them, former president george w. bush, first lady michelle obama and three former first ladies, nancy reagan, hillary clinton and her close friend rosalind carter. she described ford this one. >> someone who was willing to do things differently than was done before. someone who had the courage and grace to fight fear, stigma and prejudice wherever she encountered it. >> mrs. ford will be buried in grand rapids, michigan, at the presidential museum next to her husband. that service will take place on thursday on what would have been gerald ford's 98th birthday. >>> one digny taert who was not at the funeral today was former president bill clinton. mechanical problems kept the plane carrying mr. clinton grounded in new york. the former president had planned to fly from new york to washington and then fly to california with his wife, secretary of state hillary clinton. the spokesman said the plane never left the ground and mr. clinton was never in any danger. >>> a man says he's come up with a way to stop teens from te
Aug 20, 2010 4:00pm PDT
department. >> reporter: with that, san francisco police chief george gas cone this afternoon announced a number of reforms brought by the scandal at the department's troubled crime lab. the chief says supervisor negligence enabled deborah madden to allegedly steal cocaine and other drugs while on the job. the closure of the narcotics job and the revelation that the domestic violence conviction wasn't disclosed to attorneys before she testified as a defense expert led to the dismissal of more than 700 drug cases. >> the problem is not whether people make mistakes or commit intentional acts of -- criminal acts, but it's whether the organization has the capacity and the ability to move quickly and ensure that the problem is stopped. >> reporter: effective today, the fspd's internal affairs division has been split in three parts, to investigate control disconduct against employees and report so-called issues. the announcements come a day after ktvu first reported police officials do not believe the state attorney general will file charges against madden. two high-ranking police o
Oct 24, 2011 4:00pm PDT
swerved in to a pack of motorcycle siders killing george lopez. today we spoke to oscar jose, riding with lopez and said a van came at them unprovoked. >> that dude just snapped. i will tell you that right now. there is no reason why he did that. >> reporter: investigators say the impact threw lopez from his bike, witnesses say hall drove over lopez and then kept on driving, weaving in and out of lanes, dragging lopez's motorcycle for a mile. sheriff caught him trying to run away from the van and the burning motorcycle. hall is now in jail facing felony hit and run and homicide charges. the sheriff's office confirmed is he isolated for his protection. >> just ran over a hell 's angel. they should keep him there. >> reporter: lopez was a member of the hell's angels and was going back to stockton. its been a difficult month for them with the killings of two hell's angels and now this. >> i would just like to say that george lopez was a hell's angel, a great one and will always be one, a good father, mentor of his family and friends. >> this afternoon i spoke to the first transit -- they say
Oct 17, 2013 4:00pm PDT
say, the mediator has to say. [ inaudible ] >> mediator: good afternoon. my name is george coen. i'm cohen. i'm the director of the mediation service of washington, d.c. on my right the deputy director and on the left the commissioner. i thought i'd give you an update and a report of what has been taking place. as you probably know, we have been here for four days and the three hours, during which time there has been ongoing intense collective bargaining. these parties began this relationship with strongly held competing views and in the course of our efforts to work with them and facilitate their discussions and lead them toward making agreements, they succeeded in doing just that in a number of very significant items that had previously separated them. however, in the final analysis, certain issues remained, the parties were unable to bridge the gap. our efforts to help them to do that at this point in time was not successful. so we made a mediator's determination that there was nothing further we were able to do, again at this point in time, and as a result, our mediation process
Jan 6, 2012 4:00pm PST
sentence add serial child mo lester to almost 30 years in prison. george gaston says 50-year-old julius lewis was sentenced to 29 years in prison for his conviction on five counts of lewd acts with a child. lewis is suspected in several our sexual abuse cases and one of the victims was at the press conference today and spoke about how she felt seeing lewis being sentenced. >>> to see justice being done even though it has taken this long to speak to somebody and get something done, justice has been finally served. >>> gaston says some of the sexual abuse by lewis dates back to 1989. >> an emotional funeral service was held for five-year-old gabriel lewis, jr., shot and killed at his family's taco truck. there was a huge turnout at saint elizabeth church in oakland. some people wore shirts with gabriel's shirt os them, one offender was his preschool teacher. >> he loved everyone. he would tell you hey, i'm grab yell, come play with me. he made you know him and made you want to be friends with him. >> grab yell is the 3rd child to be killed in oakland in the past five months. police
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8