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Oct 4, 2016 5:30pm PDT
organization of george soros. only black lies matter. everyone's lives matter, black white, cops, chinese lies matter. but she he has sided with this terrorist organization. this is a fact. you all know it. it was almost prophetic i decided to wear my t-shirt today on alex jones who was the best friend the police officer ever had when hillary made mention that he had dark heart radio talk show host alex jones as he believes oklahoma city was an inside job.. it was alex jones that interviewed the police officers that were first there. there was alex jones not rush. bill clinton blamed russian talk radio that should've been rush >> compositing your time this is about the blue ribbon panel regarding police fairness. superb your remarks to the subject matter >> in a roundabout way talk about police fairness because the police there between a rock and a hard place as they say. a very hard place. especially now when you have elements of the government the federal government going against them trying to overtake their authority. that's what's happening and that's why you mentioned that. think ab
Oct 18, 2016 5:30pm PDT
authority joining me here today have some of the people that working hard michael and george and lucas from the staff to the mta and audrey from the planning department and others that put a lot of time graham that manages that and others planning and peter agreeing albert with the planning department we had a swap the 2016 vision provides the policies on subways what they do well and trade offs and how the fit into the eco system subways it takes time to develop and such a big investment and effort done in a way that makes them a piece of a whole system this vision meshes with the comprehensive efforts on long term connect sf it is helping us to sort out and make the decisions of what kinds of systems to pursue and where sorry. >> whoops. >> excuse me - technical difficulty. >> sorry about that. >> subways are a great by the way, to move people around fast one reason they're not interacting with everyone that is trying to get around because this means there are fewer factors that hold them up with the reliability a lot of travel time saved to in addition to handle a lot of passe
Aug 2, 2016 5:30pm PDT
. president breed was going to try to join us as well. we also have [inaudible] george gas gone. i'm also joined on the stage by reverend calvin [inaudible] [applause] director of san francisco public works, mohammed nuru. bayview opera house vise president theo [inaudible] [applause]. and also our brilliant landscape architects walter hood. [applause [. i want to ocknowledge the san francisco arts commissioner is. we have jd veltram in the audience . i believe commissioner greg chui is with us. commissioner chuck collins. kimberley striker, thank you for all your work on behalf of the san francisco arts commission. i also see fellow colleagues here including [inaudible] department of environment. director elaine forbs joins by port commission vice president kimberley brandon and deputy director of [inaudible] civic engagement and immigrant affairs. police chief tony [inaudible] policy and government affairs for rec and parks department, alex randolph. board member and neighbor, hydra mendoza and parks commissioner eric mcdonald is here. thank you for coming and being supporters of t
Mar 15, 2016 5:30pm PDT
other places we've george gotten complaint of over the last few months but other than it is route i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> asking can i ask a question how you write our reports. >> uh-huh. >> when you say you obviously have the complaint and it the unaccountable you couldn't hear anything. >> for instance, as deferring lumber i was working on with the neighbors across the street what we generally do is use a across the street if he's across al benefit alley we stand across. >> your. >> if interest is an accountable. >> most of the ones i'll describe their inaudible 9 to 5 not detailing going to someone's residence. >> the complainant is with you hey did you hear anything. >> most of the time recently, i think the last few months all the complaint are through i really like it when you're not able to get a test or phone call from someone and be there with someone and go into a residence and try to get a feeling for what they're experiencing if i'm on the ground i might not be feeling are experiencing what their experiencing i've had that the past only so muc
Sep 15, 2015 5:30pm PDT
excluded or circled out. >> so the steward can say george who can perform as to the sound. >> striking speaking they can't do that. >> i guess my question is who is applying for the permit is that the musician, the steward or you guys well in this particular case the steward. >> they're making the station what is going to gone in the park. >> right. >> they're proposing activities took place in the park let you think they're to the commission - their succumbing to the commission for permission as i understand working with the staffers concerns. >> maybe i take it out of turn it brought up the definition those are the stewards we know those are the people that maintain it and have the liability they want to activate it but i have robin what happens in someone else comes to me noted swiss next i don't know who the steward are for how many parklets. >> 60 >> i don't want to know obviously it seems to me it is a little bit of a question mark it is a public space and someone else wants to activate it and ask the steward. >> there's a great open question about process you know w
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5