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Jan 26, 2016 5:00pm EST
event scheduled in amhurst to be held on february 9th. >>> former presidential candidate george patoyy is rubio. he believes that rubio will be the leader that brings a unified message of security to the country. >>> during this past weekend we saw people building snowman and making snow angels. check this igloo out. winter igloo for two. a boutique winter igloo for two. there wasn't much inside. a blanket and a couple of candles. it was listed for $200 a night. wait, wait. they had a couple of bookings. before they put it down. >> we have a pile of snow in the parking lot. >> we don't have enough to make a snowball. >> we lost a lot of snow on the east side with that wind in the warm temperatures it melted it down. my truck i couldn't find the last week. not anymore. >> let's talk about what is going on. a live look at downtown cleveland. gray and we have cooled back down and started off in the low and middle 40s and in the low 30s. we have dropped a good 10 degrees for a lot of you and it is going to be that, chilly could be an isolated flurry or sprinkle. i will throw that in
Jan 20, 2016 5:00pm EST
of race in hollywood. tonight george clooney mopping others adding their voices. brandi hitt has the story. >> we're not coming. not going. >> reporter: the movie director stance not attending next month's oscars. he clarified on "good morning america" he's also urging urge -- he's also not urging anyone to follow him. for a second consecutive year all 20 oscar nominees in the act category are white. >> why is this a conversation we only have once a year? >> we haven't done enough to nurture a diverse talent. >> reporter: even george clooney tells "variety" i think that african-americans have a fair point that the industry isn't representing them well enough. >> there have been rumblings about how white the oscars have been for quite some time but this year it's reached a fever pitch. ignore it. who is herself white is taking dramatic steps. >> it goes back to the gate keepers. >> studios. >> yes. we're not in the room. >> reporter: spike lee wants hollywood studios to start enforcing a quota system similar to the rooney rule in the nfl where senior positions are not filled until min
Mar 11, 2016 5:00pm EST
michelle obama and former president george w. bush were among the dignitaries that celebrated the life of nancy reagan. failure at the age of 94. lauren lister joins us simi valley california where reagan's funeral service was held. a big event today. >> reporter: big event, lee, it wrapped up a short time ago and i have to tell you nancy reagan was involved in the planning of this day for years. we are told decades, she wanted something short and sweet but also mem memorable and giving the touching tributes, laughter and a love later and it seemed to be exactly that. the life said the lord. >> a solemn procession. >> and a crowd of one thousand guests here to memorialize first lady nancy reagan. >> accept our prayers on behalf >> family and friends remembering her life from hollywood to the white house and more than five decades by >> she really always was on his mind. >> that love playing a role in the services, former canadian prime minister brian rarooney reading a love letter ronald reagan wrote to his life. >> i love the whole gang, mommy and first lady and sentimental you a
Mar 9, 2016 5:00pm EST
, former president george w. bush and laura bush, hillary clinton and first lady michelle obama. >> mrs. reagan was a woman of strength and incredible grace. >> reporter: some vips are getting a few moments with% rage tban's casket. the library expects tens of thousands of people to do the same at public viewings over the next few days. lauren lister, abc news, simi valley, california. >>> will they or won't they? the browns are now official allowed to release johnny manziel but haven't pulled the trigger on that move just yet. we will have analysis from sports director andy baskin next. >>> plus, it was a nuisance bar that had neighbors living in fear. we reveal what's going to be millions of good jobs lost. communities devastated. the jobs moved overseas. only one candidate for president has consistently fought trade deals that ship ohio jobs overseas. bernie sanders. sanders opposed the disastrous nafta trade deal. opposed special trade status with china. now he's opposing the trans-pacific trade deal. while others waffle, bernie is fighting hundreds of thousands of new job l
Aug 16, 2016 5:00pm EDT
larger percentage than barack obama, bill clinton, and george w. bush if you recall all served two terms. the trump campaign is trying to bounce back by going after hillary clinton and sticking with big issues like isis. >> she also lacks and physical stamina to take on isis, and all of the many adversaries we face. >> going after hillary clinton and focusing on terrorism is the message that would help put trump on the national political stage in the first place. coming up in the next few minutes how they are both trying to win the state of ohio. frank? >> thanks, de. the proposal aimed in prices in than being put before voters. they need roughly 10,000 signatures submitted by the drug price relief act. backers of the proposal, they will have until august 35 to collect 25,000 signatures to resubmit the legislation. turns out it's official that the first merit bank and huntington national bank are operating as one company. nearly $3.5 billion deal to require first merit received federal approval this morning. it's unclear how and an undisclosed number of employees at both companies have a
Feb 19, 2016 5:00pm EST
and a 37-year-old, anika george. not only does it accuse these two of sexual acts against four boys turned age of 14 and one girl who may have mental disabilities, but it also says george took pictures and video. george was arrested and boin ton was added. he was already in prison for rape when he called george to then he would listen on the phone while they were carried out. ace combed through the indictment i found it includes 55 counts of rape, 19 counts of kidnapping, seven counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, and one count of traffic in person. plus, 42 counts of illegal use of a minor in nudity oriented material or performance. some of the documents say the pair forced the children to engage in sexual acts with each other and with george. >>> now for a newschannel5 investigation. we are asking tough questions after an elyria mother admitted to us she left her two children home alone. now she's charged with child endangering but we learned language in ohio's home alone law is pretty vague. only our derick waller spoke with that mother today. derick is at the elyria p
Mar 8, 2016 5:00pm EST
the new plate to the actual monument. you can see george washington's face doesn't face off to the left like it does on the plate. >> oh, oh. >> well, maybe the monument is wrong? >> that's the assistant chief of interpretation from mt. rushmore says the plate is not viewpoint. so there. >> several different viewpoints. >> they got the wrong one. >> it is called artistic license. george, turn this way. there you go. >> just an approximation. >> that's george taking a selfie. check out what is going on in akron. a nice sunset. dry weather and high thin clouds traffic moving well in downtown. and it is an excellent day, just a step outside and breathe in this warm air. a surge of warmth to detroit. 70s. cleveland, 71. even chicago, yes, 69. 62 in minneapolis. notice the chillier air here. this will return. this will pay us a visit thursday night, friday and maybe even linger to saturday. before more warm air pushing back north. a temporary cool-down but not until later this week. in the meantime this is your evening. we are at 70s in medina. akron 72. canton at 70. same for astubula.
Jan 18, 2016 5:00pm EST
a lot more. >> georges 11 degrees out here. >>> and icy road in yonkers out of new york city gave room to this 14 car pileup. out of minnesota it is so cold a local meteorologist says you minutes. it was colder in north dakota over the weekend with the wind chill feeling line minus 50 degrees. >>> and here in new york, i'm scarfs, two sweaters underneath this coat. there's relief by midweek. elizabeth hurr new york. >>> now let's go to chris for a a look ahead at six. >>> showing you that we have not escaped that deep freeze and snow temperatures in the single digits. leave coverage weather straight ahead all new at six. >>> remembering dr. martin luther king, jr.'s dream. people across the country pausing to remember the civil rights leader. will you hear from one woman that said he made a personal
Aug 8, 2016 5:00pm EDT
endorsing him and george p bush said it's time to get blind the nominee. >> hillary clinton responded to trump's plans in florida. she says the republican nominee is trying to do damage control with his speech today and that his economic policies would benefit rich corporations at the expense of the working class. clinton is set to deliv own economic address in detroit on thursday. >>> there are options for voters not interested in trump or clinton. jill stein is running for the green party and gary johnson is the libertarian candidate. there's a new conservative alternative as well. republicans against trump recruited evan mcmullen to lain much an independent white house bid. top house gop aid is expected to formally enter the race >> meteorologist at the lab, what are you cooking umm over there? >> a wonderful way to start off your workweek for a monday but we're in desperate need of a little bit of rain for the month of august. rain fall totals down about two to three inches. 85 right now for greater cleveland so slightly cooler this afternoon throughout the weekend. we s
Feb 4, 2016 5:00pm EST
. >> has jeff goldblum scaling a high-rise building. >> wait a minute, that george and weesy? >> even the people in the commercial don't know what it is. >> these ads star a green brick. and there's aliens touring a museum. the making, getting a glimpse of the game day pressure ad execs face. >> it's weird sitting there. you watch the super bowl, you look down, the and you wait for 10 seconds to see what twitter says. it's like, oh, gosh, okay, we're g. >> reporter: just a minute or so of ads is worth about $9 million of air time. that's because a 30-second spot during the game will cost advertisers up to $4.5 million. lauren lister, abc news, los angeles. >> can't wait to see them all. and the game too, i guess. that's it for live on 5:00. >> frank, a lot going on. coming up all new next on newschannel5. >> when a matter of minutes can mean the difference between life and death, police scramble to pull a woman from the car as they wait for the jaws of life to arrive. >>> plus, relying on technology when security back fires. hacked in places where you wouldn't want othe
Feb 10, 2016 5:00pm EST
candidates, jeb bush calling in the big guns, his brother, former president george w. bush will join him on the campaign trail. and hillary clinton says she knows she has some serious ground to gain with young voters to fend off sanders' self-proclaimed revolution. what about governor kasich snow's hoping to turn his strong second-place finish in new hampshire into a win in the south carolina primary coming up next. we'll have an in-depth look coming up at 5:30. live in the newsroom, chris flanagan. back to lee and frank. >>> former president bill clinton and daughter chelsea are hitting the road. mr. clinton is hosting a get out the vote event in cincinnati on friday. chelsea will be in cleveland on monday encouraging supporters to vote in ohio's primary. >>> ohio voters head to the polls march 15th but the deadline to register to vote is next week. if you moved, got married, or have until next tuesday to get a new registration form mailed to you from your local board of elections. >>> new developments now on 5. a john carroll university employee has been indicted on grand theft charges in
Sep 20, 2016 5:00pm EDT
the former president. there are reports that george w. bush's plans to vote for clinton in november. >>> president obama making his final speech to the united nations ne world leaders to reject and embrace open societies. he also recounted the progress made during his pregnancy on issues such as international terrorism and reestablishing relations with cuba. >> this is important work. it has made a real difference in the lives of our people. and it could not have happened had we not worked together. >> the president didn't miss republican presidential nominee donald trump and his immigration policies during his speech. saying that the nation would only imprison itself. >>> all right, let's check in with mark j. weather. are we still doing good inside? >> yes, doing great inside northern ohio's trapezoid of terrificness i would like to call it. we are dry here on the power of five. no worries about rain, the temperatures are warm. 86 degrees in akron and canton and cooler near lake all right, now we are winding down the season. our magic number is 7. we'll start off 78 degrees at 7:0
Sep 21, 2016 5:00pm EDT
. >>> a special tribute is planned in washington for former ohio governor george voinovich. the gathering will include comments from several congressmen. voinovich's family will accept government alumni award on his behalf. he died in june at the age of 79. >>> well, today the community has begun to say good-bye to an ohio state trooper killed in the line of duty. flags flying at half-staff in lorain county for trooper kenneth velez. he was hit and killed while performing traffic enforcement along i-90. calling hours are being held for the public until 8:00 tonight at the lorain community college. his funeral will be held there tomorrow at 10: a procession to calvary cemetery. that's in lorain as well. officers and troopers from 19 states as well as can darks they plan to attend tomorrow's services. >>> chief meteorologist mark johnson, summer's last sunset tonight. >> you bet. summer is done. tomorrow morning, 10:21 a.m. look at these summerlike thunderstorms kind of to our north, but they're fading away. watch. that they're just kind of going bye-bye. it looked like we were go
Mar 3, 2016 5:00pm EST
facing homicide charges. police say 30-year-old george rawls got into an argument with a man and strangled him. >>> the man arrested for fatally shooting canine officer jethro has been indicted. he has been charged with felony assault and assaulting a police dog among other charges. it all stems from canton police catching him in the middle of a burglary in january. he is scheduled to be arraigned in court tomorrow. >>> and now to democracy 2016. i guess you can call at war of words between mitt romney and donald trump. >> romney unleashing perhaps the biggest assault yet ahead of tonight's critical debate. chris flanagan gets us up to speed. >> no love lost between the former massachusetts governor and the billionaire this is video from 2012 when trump endorsed romney for president. my oh my how times have changed. romney today in a speech threw himself back into the discussion not to back another candidate but to take trump out, attack his policies, and his personality. >> donald trump tells us that he is very, very smart. i'm afraid that when it comes to foreign policy, he is
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14