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Mar 11, 2016 4:00pm EST
attendance first lady michelle obama, presidentnt george w. bush, former first ladies laura bush, hillary clininn and roslyn cartier. the 911-year-old iv first lady pads away sunday at her home in los angeles. throughout the week she's been honored and remembered by fafaly, friends, celebrities and political dignitaries from all colors of the plic cal spectrum. >> she might not have been the president of the united states about the ronald reagan couldn't have done what he did without her so i think the public owes hor a defendant gratitude. >> janine: thihi after friday's service at the ronald reagan presidential library. >> ronald a nancy reagan were defined by their love for each other. person as it is possible for any two people to be. now she, too, has exited the stage to join her beloved ronnie eternity. >> janine: the popular first lady's body arrived at the recommended reagan presidential library wednesday, and aer a private family ceremony thousands of visitors were given had a lastt chance to pay their respects. >> i think she was one of the best first ladies we've ever had. >> j
Mar 15, 2016 4:00pm EDT
things are smooth. right now we are here in fort lauderdale at george english park. this is another precinct here in broward county. and this is where a broward couple came to vote in morning, and the wife tells us that when she came here this morning to vote, she was turned away. and here is why. >> i went in and i gave them my driver license, and a woman told me that i cannot vote because i am indepepdent. >> have you ever been an independent? >> no. >> you can we come from a communist describe we want to vote. >> terrell: so that couple is registered to a party but they were still turned away from this precinct. we understand that they did coact the supervisor of elections here in broward county just a few minutes ago they returned to this poll a`d that woman was allowed to vote. so this just one issue that we know about here in broward county, but we've been on@ the phone with the broward county supervisor of elections. at office. and they tell us that there have been issues similar to this sporadic but very few around broward county, but other than that they say it's been a ver
Feb 25, 2016 4:00pm EST
a semi on new york citits george washington bridge. oh, my. >>> look at our weather here. okay. what a drastic change that is. this is fort lauderdale, and, oh, my,y, what a gorgeous day this has turned out to be, though a boyt chilly side this morning. >> laurie: a little cool out there but you have to classify this as pretty a+, right? betty, you called it. once that system moved out, we have some nice weather. >> betty: don't we? it is chilly. yesterday this time we had a high of 86 degrees in miami, no 80s out there today but it is wallo-wall sunshine everywhere you look, including fort lauderdale. i think there's a cruise ship just waiting for us, waiting fours to hop on and get ready to temperatures right up from e upper 60s in many of your pembroke pines we're a 60s. homestead, you're that one spot at 70 degrees. we knew it would be a cool afternoon once we pushed that front through and essential living up to that forecast. by 6:00 tonight cool sixties, lower 60s by 8:00. grab a sweater if you're heading out because those numbers are going to drop even more. we have our winds
Jan 21, 2016 4:00pm EST
dozens of witnesses look george davila looked on. >> lee was being loud and boisterous, and at some point something must of set him off. >> trent: on one side an unruly patron and on the other a city of miami cop who w w work can an off-duty detail. the be casino triri to have tow belligerent man removed. >> the officer tried to get him to pretty much remain calm. he was fighting the officer. he was hitting the officer. they were on the floor. at that point i knew things were not going well. >> terrell: thth's when things >> i heard someone yell "knife,"en and ahot went off. >> terrell: the officer firir a single shot, hitting the man who of stabbed him in the face. >> he almost got his pipe there was nothing else you can do except use deadly force? we want to thank the officer for his bravery and we're very happy he's doing well. >> terrell: and so it is very normal for city of miami police officers to be here on their off-duty time to earn some extra cash. we do know that officery perez is now out of the hospital. he's been on the force for about 15 years. so he is recovering well. as f
Jan 8, 2016 4:00pm EST
." >> calvin: officer george gordon found they found alcohol in rush's car and as the video shows he could barely stand up. >> this could have turned out is aheadon collision. >> we'e' glad nobody got hurt. >> reporter: that driver faces very serious charges including dui and evading police. back to you. >> janine: a hot pursuit in oklahomamaity. officers going after a stabbing suspect on thursday. that suspect hits speeds as fast as 90 miles per hour, eventually driving off the road. once he hit bad traffic. eventually he was caught and cuffed after surrendering to lice. the driver is wanted fire stabbing that happened wednesday night. there was a passenger in that car, too, but know word on what role she played in the chase. >>> and a cool car thief in connecticut. >> victor: this guy took a blind robbing her. the 69-year-old victim was with her grandson when they pulled off to a store. she was left in the car while the grandson made a quick stop. then the bandit hopped in and took off with grandma. she told the kidnapper she was praying for him in that ride. in the end he dropped
Feb 15, 2016 4:00pm EST
expected to get a boost from his gore brother, former president george w. bush is due in south carolina to campaign on his behalf town. both former bush presidents won the south carolina primary. meanwhile donald trump held his town hall in mount planets, this afternoon. trump tweeting saying heal be in south carolina all week. he's expected to head upstate pire rally in greenville tonigh look for glenna milberg's live reports from south carolina lateteon this week. and don't forget you are actually running out of time to rerester to vote. tomorrow is the last day to sign p puppy baby plan to vote in the florida pmary on march 15th. we have all the information on our website >> calvin: also flags flying at half-staff at air nation's capitol today in sponsor zorn of supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> janine: here is what is believed to be the body of justice scalia. >> calvin: the 79-year-old died of n nural causes during a hunt can trip on saturday. >> janine: his pangs has sparked a frce battle over whether or not president barack obama should appoint a successor before
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6