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Jul 20, 2009 11:00pm EDT
at >>> man, last week i got stumped by george in virginia. who asked me about hh gray. that's hgg for you home gamers. as i promised, i did some extra home work on this one over the weekend. thanks also to my researchers. they really helped me on this. i got to tell you something, george from virginia is on to something. i think i found an intriguing opportunity. and i thank george and all of my viewers who are constantly giving me better ideas than i have myself. hgg is a consumer electronics store that also sells home appliances, washers, dryers, refrigerators, mattresses. it's a small company. it's the seventh largest consumer electronics chain in the country. i didn't know about it. it's not in my area. it has 111 stores, mostly in the southeast and midwest. i am way too northeast. again why george has it over me. he's in a different area. the long-term plan is to expand it in my area and everywhere else, 400 locations. so hgg could be a huge regional to national growth story. and when it comes to retail, as i say in the book "real money," that's exactly what
Jun 9, 2016 6:00pm EDT
despite super rich guys like carl icahn and george soros telling you how scary and dangerous it is. i learned early on never short a dull market. since this may be the dullest market in ages what can i say. it's resting and nothing more. or nothing less for that matter. let's go to john in new jersey. john. >> caller: jim, how are you doing today. >> i'm having a real good day. how about you? >> caller: i'm doing okay. i called about oil industry and two stocks in particular just curious on your opinion of them and what you think they may do. with oil prices going up and looking ahead, between kmi and ensco. what is your machine getting into it with summer driving. >> i want to be a forgiving stock monster here. but those are both not good stocks. ensco is an oil rig company and they had a big dividend and thought they could maintain it and they didn't. kinder morgan had a very big distribution, say they can maintain it and they cut it. so i don't want either one of those. want to do oil and gas go with an ex-shonn, chevron or slumb slumberger. >> caller: calling about amazon which
Oct 27, 2016 6:00pm EDT
such a fascinating company. we got a lot of homework to do. let me do work on that. george in florida, george. >> caller: hi. i was think -- what do you think about zoe's kitchen? >> zoe's kitchen did not do what i wanted, which is to say not as bad as i thought. i like the long term thesis, though. if you have the patience for a year, i think that zoe's is going to make you money because it's fresh food, and it's got a great concept. but it might take a year to recover because when these restaurant stocks go wrong, they stay down. vidula in california, vidula. >> caller: hi, jim. nice talking to you. >> same. >> caller: buy more or sell? >> we just hit the jackpot with nxp on my charitable trust. now i'm looking at nvidia. one more call. charlie in virginia, charlie. >> caller: thanks, jim. i'm a long time fan and a fellow b and b owner. >> really? >> caller: in november 2014, you discussed ticker pay and discussed how every retailer would need a new credit card machine. >> but then i pulled it when it turned out they couldn't make any money in the 20s, i said this one was a
Feb 20, 2016 3:00am EST
laura star debra messing. >> do this as george burns. [ as george burns ] >> get ready. look a little -- >> whatever she said. also jenny slate, lou manferdi . elvis duran has another artist of the month. >> and my trainer! >> have a great weekend, everybody. >> bye-bye. >> i need my glasses. i forgot them. >>> my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you some money. my job isn't just to entertain ra but to educate and teach you. and put it in perspective. or tweet me @jimcramer. i'll say this. it's better than it's been. how about that for a way to view a market that's no longer quite so punishing. or inherently unstable.s the market could go down gently. dow dropping 21, nasdaq advancing .38%. all of the sudden it's kind of a placid environment, that's a in significant change. do you know what it's done? th
Nov 30, 2016 3:00am CST
accessories. very up and down. i think you ought to use strength to exit, not to enter. george in california. george? >> caller: hi, jim, how are you? >> good, george, how about you? >> caller: i'm doing great, thanks. thanks for taking my call. >> mm-hm. transport services group and i would like your opinion given amazon is partnering to help deliver their goods. >> you know, i prefer fedex. i really do. i prefer ups too. i like both of those more than yours. i understand you got a little dollar amount going there. but to me, fedex is the best. all right, by the way, amazon is great. the fed is no longer the only focus. if you're overly concerned with the withdraw of the central bank, i think you would be in more mad tonight. 8.9 million households in this u.s. own an rv. how can you make money from the trend? dho earnings to see if it's king of the road. and it happened to citigroup, panera group, hasboro, why this could hurt your money-making building. and one of the largest real estate properties at theme parks, schools and mega plexes across the country, with the potential ra
Jan 14, 2013 11:00pm EST
? >> caller: i read getting back to even and if i could have dinner with you or george clooney, it would be you in a mad minute. >> really? george clooney. >> caller: yeah, you're my hero. >> but not bradley cooper? >> caller: no. >> okay. >> my question is, is it too late to buy weyerhaueser? how does it compare to plum creek? >> you get the product. she and i were talking, does wy go down when it reports? it's entirely possible. wy, i like it too much to tell you not to be in it. but if it comes off, goes down, you get the e-mail of action alerts before we do it, you get it first. seth in arizona, seth? >> caller: boo-yah from the sonoran desert where it's really cold. >> it's like 90 degrees here. it's really odd. go ahead. >> caller: i was wondering about perini. >> oh, boy. you know, this group has gotten so hot. i was watching floor after they did a bad quarter and this stock was up and i was with somebody from perini this weekend. it's a good stock. i'm a buyer. now, i want to thank maria. such a nice -- george clooney and i, what's six or half dozen. the housing market is beginni
Jan 19, 2010 11:00pm EST
that went for george mcgovern. this is one where the left says blame cramer but i -- since when do i live in massachusetts? we didn't make this a referendum or a plebiscite on obama's agenda. brown did. when did i say it would be good for the markets? i don't have a political agenda. it's not that i'm a laissez-faire idealogue. who loves the gop. the simple fact is that for many reasons, a brown win will make stocks go higher and you know i like the bull side. if i thought a coakley win would do that then believe me i would be her biggest cheerleader. ♪ hallelujah >> it's rare for a race to matter so much to the stock market. but in this particular case it most certainly does. if brown wins then the democrats' 60-vote super majority in the senate is broken. we're one step closer to the heavenly state known as gridlock that takes washington out of the investment equation. a brown victory could spell the end of health care reform. but that's only just the beginning. this is about more than health care. as you can see from the fact that the whole market is rallying, not just health ca
Apr 5, 2010 11:00pm EDT
to george in florida. george. >> caller: hey, jim, how are you doing? >> not bad, george. how about you? >> caller: great. my question is what i want to find out is what you think about fifth third bank. >> i like fifth third. ever since goldman recommended it, which was really under 10, i believe, the stock has been just a banshee. i continue to think that fifth third -- wow. almost $14 today. regions finance, pnc financial, bb & t, huntington bank, and yes, zions are all buys. and i like them very much. let me throw in comerica. that's like a seven. that's like seven tickets for one. must be like a washington national game. they're giving them away. let's go to roger in indiana. roger! >> caller: ba-ba-ba-ba-butler bulldogs boo-yah! >> i'll give you a pawney boo-yah. >> caller: how about dupont? >> i think that woman is -- i should not be sexist. that was a mistake. i think that person ellen coleman is doing such a monster good job. ellen. miss coleman. i beg you to come on the show. come right here to englewood cliffs. or i'll met you in petra like i did erin last week. you name
Jul 16, 2009 11:00pm EDT
as we are. how about george in virginia? george. >> caller: hello, jim! >> george! what's up? long time, no talk. >> caller: yeah! a big mount vernon boo-yah from -- >> mount vernon. isn't that like the guy -- which one is that? it's the -- >> caller: right outsider of d.c. >> no, man, i thought it was like on a bill. go ahead. what's up? what's up? >> caller: okay. i'm going to ask you about hh gregg. the symbol is hgg. >> i don't know it. i don't know hh gregg. oh, this is great. i didn't know grasine, i didn't know what shamwow was and now i don't know this one. this is three for three. this has really turned into a youtube thing. what can i do? i can't make it up. all right. let's go to alexander in ohio. alexander? >> caller: yeah, jim. a big boo-yah from spring valley, ohio. >> spring valley. how spring is my valley, partner? >> caller: well, jim, just a little village right out of the twilight zone, jim. it's close to dayton, ohio. >> i saw that episode. i love it. i love that one. >> caller: jim, well, our big pastime is just sitting on the front porch is reading the graffi
Dec 31, 2013 11:00pm EST
stocks and bonds of which i am fortunate enough to have gotten a copyright here, courtesy of george, who is producing "mad money" who gave to it me for the holidays. i almost cried when george gave to it me. i loved that game so much. i have subsequently asked the ceo of 3m to bring the games back. the point of mentioning all of this, from my own makeshift stock game, to stocks and bonds which george bought off of e-bay, is that stocks are fascinating enough to get your kids started in them right now. it's easier than ever. pick some stocks. maybe not of defense companies, although they are performing in an odd and positive way with the budget pressure and the winding down of wars. but companies that are familiar to your kids and have them track them and guess which will do better over time. not the growth corporation of america, not the pioneer mutual fund. stocks that are real. here's the bottom line of my childhood stock market obsession. get started early, and they may play for life. because the stock market is a long term contest, and one i think the earlier you get in, the more you
Apr 15, 2013 6:00pm EDT
much. >> meanwhile, we've got george schoville on the phone. george, thanks for calling in. what did you see? >> i didn't really see a whole lot of anything. i was in the lord and taylor department store when the explosions went off. but my brother was running the race. >> and you heard it from inside the store? >> i heard it inside the store and felt the building shake, felt the ground shake. and i looked out the window and just saw people running away from boyleston street. i looked out to see if i could see what's happening. a lot of people crying. you could smell smoke in the air. >> george, i've been up there for the marathon many times and i'm always struck by the crowds. but the security is usually pretty good. can you describe any security measures that you saw there before and during the race today? >> sure, during the race, they had the standard barricades on either side of the street. i was downtown with family and it's a popular place to go watch the race. it's right at the finish. boston police department, you know, they were on the course sort of maintaining the bar
Oct 16, 2009 6:00pm EDT
housekeeping later on. i'm going to do work on it rather than say it's fine. george in florida. >> caller: hi, jim. >> hey, george. >> caller: boo-yah to ya from florida. shell. >> recommended it lower. we recommend it here. 10% from where we like it. it's incredibly cheap. i would pick them up and hold it to 7. oh, boy. i think you should check out tonight's trivia question and i think you should stick with cramer! >>> through my timing off. not all earnings thieves are created equal. johnson and johnson. i am putting them into the cell block. they fooled us into thinking we are better than expected. these quarters were taking their queue from the legendary stock seers. ♪ yeah. could it be that new topping? wow. remember to evacuate the j & j and young dance floors. here is a topping for ya. hey, this piece is looking bad. >>> this week, we are focusing on a big trend i don't think is sadly going away soon. it's home lanld security and counter terrorism. think of it as like 24. not even for the next season of 24. without all the action and a lot more socks and a better looki
Apr 21, 2010 11:00pm EDT
cramer's "mad money" and i am starting with george in florida. george! >> caller: ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-boo-yah, jimbo! >> wow. is george playing or is he -- is he sleeping or playing? the answer is he's playing. ♪ hallelujah hit me! >> caller: i want to ask you about netflix, nflx. >> here's the classic situation. everybody hates netflix on wall street, but those of us who are subscribers, we know better. we know it is genius and the way they're streaming it is brilliant. the stock goes down on their report and then it reverses. why? because the quarter was great. it was the shorts leaning on it. i am a buyer! i say pull the trigger. take it to -- that's authentic wall street gibberish for $100. adam in new york. adam! >> caller: cramer, boo-yah. yankees. >> they're fine. the yankees -- out of deference to you, clown, here, i'm wearing one. >> caller: listen, quest diagnostics. i love the sector, i love everything about the stock. >> you know, again, it's health care. i saw the quarter. i like the quarter. the stock sold off. i think because once again everybody is now trying to reco
Dec 3, 2009 11:00pm EST
. maybe you need to mix it up a little. start with chris, oh chris george in tennessee. chris in tennessee? >> caller: jim, this is chris calling with a big volunteer state boo-yah from east tennessee! >> you know, you're the first tennesseen to be in the "am i diversified" ever. i'm not kidding. >> caller: watch your show every night and i need some information from you if i could. you came to the right place, my show. >> caller: good, good, good. i just want to know if i am anywhere close to diversified with s.e., w.a.g., kmp recommended by you. ivc and a long hold of wmt. >> i have to tell you, this man has put together areally, really interesting portfolio of a lot of names. yes, i have talked about kinder morgan but we will have to figure out whether one of them has to go. and it is going to be tough because i happen to like them so much. walgreens and walmart, they're both retail. i did not like walgreens' number. i happen to think kender morgan is a better deal because it has a better yield. basically we have this portfolio, we need to pick up something that would not be r
Jun 12, 2013 11:00pm EDT
we'll get rid of the annaly and then i'll feel like we are -- ♪ hallelujah >> -- diversified. george in new york, george? >> caller: dr. cramer. i've dealt with the rest, i'm on the phone with the best. george from new york city. >> thank you. >> caller: i'm also a member of your charitable trust and no matter wherever i travel to, you're always in front of me. >> you're the best. and thank you to subscribing. i'll tell stephanie link you said that. what's up? >> caller: i have -- let me know what you think about how diversified i am, please. adt, facebook, linn, apple and joy. >> wow, we got 100% action alerts there. facebook, we got the big upgrade, i think the bottom is in, that's internet, apple, what can i say that hasn't been said by apple? i don't have much. adt is a big disappointment. but it's a housing play. linn energy, that's been a tough one to own in oil, but i believe in that merger, and joy global, down and out mineral companies, this is a mining company, housing company, this is an oil, this is tech, and well this is internet and tech, and i'm telling you that is divers
Oct 13, 2016 6:00pm EDT
and over again. - i've been at this over 16 years. - [george] but 98 percent of inventions never make it to market. - all i see is problems, problems, problems, problems. - [deanne] to beat those odds, inventors need help. - i've been ready to take this to a totally different level. i just need help. - [deanne] that's where we come in. - curtis! - oh my god. - hey! - i'm deanne bell, a mechanical engineer and mentor for inventors. - i'm george zaidan, an m.i.t-trained chemist and advisor to startups. - [deanne] and together with our design and engineering team, we take inventions to the next level. - how cool is that? - holy cow. - [george] we'll share our expertise.
Dec 5, 2013 11:00pm EST
12.4% the next day. bank's on fire. let's check in with george jones. he's the ceo of texas capital bank shares, learn more about where his company's headed. mr. jones, welcome to "mad money." how are you, sir? great to see you, sir. have a seat. how do you grow organically that kind of deposit base. is that just because the economy really is booming down there? >> well, we're fortunate to be in texas for one thing, obviously. but it's more than that, it's real execution. and kind of a secret to our success, whatever success we've had, frankly, is finding the right people to execute for you. and we work hard at hiring teams from other competing organizations that can bring their business with them, and that's the organic growth we get. as you said, we haven't bought a financial institution ever. >> so this is one of the things also where you're a local bank for a state and not some out of towner? >> yes. that's exactly right, and i think that helps us too. we work hard at being local home fella to be able to do business with people that bank in texas, and we've expanded a little bit
Jan 12, 2016 3:00am EST
genuinely cheap until -- george in texas. george? >> caller: jim, thanks for all that you do. i'm watching sketchers, i'm wondering if you still like it. >> yeah, i like sketchers. but we always have to understand what kind of market we're in. we're in a market where sketch certificates a speculative stock, therefore you put it away and recognize we're in a market which is absolutely in bear mode, a ridiculous market for even the best companies, and sketchers is one of the best. so we can judge the company or judge the stock. the stock is not going to reflect anything good right now because the market won't let it happen. tony in missouri. >> caller: booyah, jim! jim, i've been watching your show for many years, i want to thank you for all your sound >> thank you. >> caller: my question today is about target. where do you see target's share price in the next six to 12 months? >> it's in my travel trust. it did fall down when they ported that last number, because the online business wasn't that good. that could change. in the meantime it's not expensive and it has a good yield and
Jan 8, 2010 6:00pm EST
down, the sbdr gold shares. gld. george, larry, david. buys gold and moves in tandem. risk is a great proxy. it will go up one for one with gold. you don't want to buy the gold bars because then you have to pay to keep them in a depository bank. that is not the only way to expose yourself to gold but i do have a predilection for bullion. i love the smell of bullion. and i love it because of its thin nature. every portfolio should have gold in it as insurance against all the bad things that could happen and because we think because it is going higher. consider it your term life insurance. the easiest way is the stock that tracks it, the gld. but keep watching and it will give you the gold miners, too. after the breakly try to make you more money. >> coming up, the big ten continues. cramer has got the plays that could put a shine on your portfolio. could they lead you to a gold mine? and later, it's friday and that means cramer has dug deep to find you a brand new play. could it make you mad money? what are you doing...? calling chase sapphire, seeing if we have enough points to stay l
Feb 11, 2016 3:00am CST
going higher. i forgot what a 61-year-oldle fool i am. who cares about the long-term. george in florida, george. >> caller: yes, cramer, boo-yah. >> boo-yah. >> caller: my question is carnival cruises. it's had excellent growth. 22% since december especially with the buyers. >> this is -- i hate to put this deadly to boel but this is similar. the stock is down to 2.76% yield at 43. you know arnold donald. he's come on the show. i wish he'd come back. great guest. just buy it. you put on half today and the next bit of bad news you buy the other half. it's ridiculous. mike in delaware. mike, mike, mike. >> caller: hey, jim. i'm 28, just starting a new job and going to be invest ing in retirement for the first time. i heard to invest in cbi and cbs, but with the market how it is i'm nervous to invest. should i invest in those? >> i love the question. cbi is too relate tos fossil fuels. cvs which is charlie victor run by a fine merlot and is doing well. the stock reported a great quarter. i would buy that. don't be afraid. buy 25% of it now. say you want a hundred shares. tomorrow b
Jan 9, 2010 4:00am EST
won't have these problems. that's why i like, right this down, the gld, george, larry, david. this is a great proxy in the price of gold itself. it will it will go up one for one with gold. you don't actually want to buy the gold bars because then you have to pay up to keep them in ghoser to banks and that's why the gld may be the best way but not the only way to expose yourself to gold, although do i have a presenteddy election for bouillon. i really like it because of its thin nature.bottom line, every portfolio should have some gold in it assurance against all the bad things that can happen. and because we think that it's going higher. consider it your term life insurance for your nest egg. easiest way to own gold is with the stock that tracks it, the gld. but keep watching and i'll give you the gold miner, too. after the break, i'll try to make you even more money. stay with cramer. >>> coming up, the big ten continues. cramer's got the plays that could put a shine on your portfol portfolio. could they lead to you a gold mine? and later, it's friday. and that means cramer's dug de
Feb 12, 2010 11:00pm EST
round! are you ready, ski-daddy? i'm starting with george in california. george! >> caller: boo-yah, mr. jim cramer, what's going on, buddy? >> you know, just having some fun. how about you? >> caller: doing great, man. just wanted to find out what's going on with sprint? >> i didn't like that quarter. there wasn't a lot to like there. i have to tell you something, we needed to see some momentum. we have verizon and at&t just shooting at everybody and we have google coming in with high-speed lines and you have to have a good yield to stay in that joint. let's go to enripa in maryland! >> caller: boo-yah from germantown, maryland, where the storms are pounding down and we're all fans of you and lady gaga. >> baba rarara, that's our second germantown caller this week. and the paparazzi are going to be all over you. what have you got? >> caller: hi, jim. i have polly 1. i don't know if i should sell it, buy more or hold on to it. >> why would you sell poly 1 in my friend at bbnt which is a met fan which i'm down grading them to junk -- yeah. yeah! downgrade them to junk. i think that poly
Jan 8, 2010 11:00pm EST
you're not familiar with this -- the spdr gold shares, the symbol is more important, gld -- george, larry, david. an etf that owns gold and moves in tandem with the price of the commodity. this is a great proxy on the price of gold itself. it will go up one-for-one with gold. you don't want to buy the gold bars. you need to pay up to keep them in the depository bank. the g.o.d. will be the best way. nole hnot the only way to expose yourself to gold. i have a predilection for bullion. i love the spell of bullion. i like it because of the thinlike nature. every portfolio should have gold in it. insurance against all of the bad things that will happen. we think it's going higher. consider it your term life insurance for your nest egg. the easiest way to own gold is with the stock that tracks it, the gld. keep watching, i'll give you the goal miners too. after the break, we'll make you more money. stay with cramer. >>> coming up, the big ten continues. cramer's got the plays that could put a shine on your portfolio. could they lead you to a gold mine? >>> later, it's friday. and that m
Jul 25, 2012 6:00pm EDT
george washington. facebook's numbers are coming out tomorrow. >> right. >> what are your thoughts on it being able to compete with google's advertisement? >> google is on fire. that was a beautiful quarter. they are moving aggressively in mobile in a terrific uh way. i don't know if facebook can do that. we had zynga's quarter after the bell. i was telling david faber that it's still too early to buy. zynga, if extrapolated to facebook and they are doing that, facebook may not be so hot. i don't like the stock here. another question. >> hi, jim. carl from new york. >> how are you? >> good. i have stock in activision. is that worth playing? >> no. that's a flat line stock in a flat line business without growth. i need a special situation like apple or western e digital where the growth goes from bad to good or a consistent dividend. you have neither when it comes to that stock. sorry. can't like everything. in this game of telephone at&t could ring in the profits for you. listen, it's not that i don't like verizon, they are both good. right now on an apples to apples and apples to ora
Jun 17, 2013 6:00pm EDT
close to its high. george in california. >> caller: boo-yah, this is george from the new home of 14ers. and thank you, jim, for all the work. i got pier one. >> i like pier one t. stock is run just like the other one i just mentioned. here's the problem with pier one. they report the week like carmax, when they run the much, again, you run into the possibility they go down on good news, which is what i think can happen. boy do i ever leak that company. alex smith is a fabulous ceo. we have been with them for seven months. >>> how about philip in new york. >> caller: hey, jim, how are you? chicken world capital. what do you think of bank of america there, jim? >> i have to tell you, here's the deal, bank of america is good. there are other banks i like more. but if they do well, bank of america will go, too. so i say it's buy. how about that. it's fine. how about bob in kentucky. bob. >> caller: hey, this is bob in franklin, kentucky. how are you do something. >> all right. how about you? >> caller: good, no skin nus. >> this is another sell along with herbal life. i leak tupperwa
Jan 19, 2013 4:00am EST
dinner with you or george clooney, it would be you in a mad minute. >> really? >> caller: yeah. >> george clooney? >> caller: yeah. >> but not bradley cooper? >> caller: no, no, definitely not him. >> dino in california, dino? >> caller: jimmy. >> yo yo. >> caller: welcome to the new year. by the way, i hope you shorted the mayan. >> the mayans? oh, yeah. absolutely. i believe that there is a fundamental turn going on in krispy kreme. it has been ages since i looked at it. the last time i looked at it, i chipped my tooth. with a 10-foot pole and i chipped my tooth. >> okay. all right. that's okay. >> it's still not the way it should be. >> rise and shine and thanks for waking with cnbc. i'm jim cramer and there's always a bull market somewhere. so it's go time. get up and make your best move. snoozing. see the market's gotten a little tired. it needs to catch a couple of winks. it wakes itself up perhaps with my alarm clock. >> rise and shine and thanks for waking with cnbc. >> i think it'll wake up rejuvenated and will go higher, not lower, "mad money" will be right back. >> n
Nov 15, 2013 11:00pm EST
deeper with george john, the co-founder and ceo of rocketfuel to find out more about his company and where it is headed. mr. john, welcome to "mad money." thank you so much for coming on the show. >> thank you. >> okay. i think that realtime buying is something that i'm going to have to ask you to explain to people. i know it because of, because i'm involved there. but it's such an important concept right now. and i don't know if people understand it, because they're so used to the show, say, "mad men," and what was involved there. >> exactly. so, you know, it's just a whole new way of buying ad space. in the old days, you would call a guy on the phone, say, i like your website, how much can i buy it for? and now it's traded a lot like securities. you can buy single ad spots at a time. and if you can do that with technology, you know, ai and big data that we use, you can really do a good job predicting ahead of time, these will be the right places to do the luxury car ad or the pizza ad, and you can drive great results for advertisers and also drive a better experience for
Mar 14, 2014 4:00am EDT
, you're right, own the stock. george in illinois, george? >> caller: hi, jim. >> you know what, i want to let you know that us people at home, we love your enthusiasm, your passion, and your honesty. we love it. >> thank you. i've been taking so much heat @jimcramer on twitter lately, i kind of avoided it today. i'm kind of hearing what a bum i am when i'm not a bum. there, i defend myself. >> whenever you talk, we want to hear what you say. >> well, thank you. >> caller: jim, given the upswing in the market in 2013, i'm going to pick apart one dow component, which is at&t and i'm going to ask you, in your opinion, is that a broken stock, a broken company, or a broken ceo? >> nothing's -- no, ceo's fine. at&t is, it yields 5.5 1/2, it yields 5.6. i would buy it. if the market is down tomorrow and the futures are down, i would buy a little at&t, and if they try to nail it at the close, i would buy a little at&t stock. if they're giving you 2.5% of bonds, i would rather own at&t. okay, this market is caught in a cross fire. as russia and china worries weigh on it all. we must remember th
May 24, 2013 11:00pm EDT
copyright here. courtesy of george, producing "mad money" who gave it to me for the holidays. i love that game. i have asked the ceo of 3-m to bring the games back. apparently they don't own the rights anymore. from mentioning this from my stock gain to stocks and bonds which george bought from e-bay. this is fascinating to get your kids started in them right now. it is easier than ever. pick some stocks. not of defense companies, but they are performing in an odd and positive way. of companies that are familiar to your kids. have them track them and guess which will do better over time. not the city transport or growth corporation of america or the pioneer mutual fund or the city municipal bonds. here is the bottom line of my childhood stock market obsession. get started early. they may play for life because the stock market is a long-term contest. the earlier you get in, the more you can win. i'm going to mickey in new york. mickey! >> caller: jim, i wanted to thank you for what you do. i have been investing since i was young. what type of changes should i make to my investmen
Oct 5, 2016 3:00am CDT
and it ain't going high george in new york. george? >> caller: jim, do you think that valon laser light wave or do you think another company will come in with another bid? >> i don't think so. i think is time for caching. where is my caching in san francisco? don't have it. matt? >> caller: what's up? iu. >> iu. we were there with mark cuban. how can i help? >> caller: cvs, buy, sell or hold? >> cvs is way too much. never sell. i was in napa this weekend and this company is run by merlot and he is a finer merlot than in napa. justin? >> caller: hi. how are you. >> fine, how are you? >> caller: awk, buy or sell? >> we profiled this company then it came down a lot. we think it's time. we think it is time to buy in. in good shape. carol in florida? >> caller: hi, boo-yah from southern california. hurricane matthew territory. >> oh, good luck. i hope everything works out fine. i see the warnings and i worry. hopefully everything works out fine and misses you. >> caller: i hope so too. i lost 10% on texas road house. >> the restaurant group is under a huge amount of pressure. don't exp
Aug 29, 2014 6:00pm EDT
for the holidays. i almost cried when george gave it to me. i subsequently asked the ceo of 3m to bring the games back. i don't know if he will. apparently i don't even own the rights anymore. but the point of mentioning all of this, from my own makeshift stock game to stocks and bonds, which george bought off of ebay, is that the stocks are fascinating enough to get your kids started in them right now. it's easier than ever. pick some stocks, maybe not of defense companies, although they are performing in an odd and positive way, given the budget pressures and tind the winding down of different wars. have your kids track them. not the growth corporation of america, not the pioneer mutual fund. not the central city municipal bonds, but the stocks that are real. here's the bottom line of my childhood stock market obsession. get started early. . and they may play for life, because the stock market is a long-term contest, and i think the earlier you get in, the more you can win. i'm going to mickey in new york! mickey! >> caller: hey, jim i wanted to thank you for all you do. your bo
Nov 11, 2016 3:00am CST
toward all and malice toward none. tell me this isn't like when george bailey wakes up in the middle of that nightmare in "it's a wonderful life" and he finds out there's innate goodness when men and women come together. it sure feels like that to me except this is reality, not a maybe it's because i'm imbued with the strength and power of some of the greatest people our country has to offer, a group of 40 cadets from west point as well as veterans and reserve personnel that i too feel my saturnine skepticism melting. would you be any different surrounded by these wonderful young people who are committing their lives to serving our country in the most honorable way possible? yeah, i bet you'd feel exactly the same way i do. ys home, but i turn to you now in the audience that represent the millions of men and women and their families who have joined the armed forces. and i say, thank you. we civilians hope we never let you down. we need to serve you whether it means hiring you after you've completed your duties or simply acknowledging those in uniform with a smile and a, "thank
Aug 3, 2009 11:00pm EDT
? >> caller: boo-ya, cramer. i'm in lake george, new york. >> man, lake george. coldest, clearest lake in the world. i love it. what's up? >> caller: after a weekend of research as you teach about in your book i came across an article from april saying this company was seeking approval to install a natural gas pipeline. is it a buy? >> yes. good yield. i like the company. it's well run. i think that's an excellent company. i think you should put some of that into your portfolio. tom in pennsylvania? tom. >> caller: hey, jimmy, this is tom from pennsylvania. >> good to have you on the show, my good friend. what's up? >> caller: what's up? i don't know but i know gold is down in florida. how you doing? >> not bad. how about you? >> caller: boo-ya. >> how about a stock? >> caller: this is also the home of your friend tony francona of the boston red sox. >> no, no. that's charlie manuel. that's okay. what's up? it's serge doing better than the other one royal caribbean. i am not going to get buying carnival when i can recommend a much more situation, one that i ref and stay mad for life, y
Jul 6, 2013 4:00am EDT
a copy here, courtesy of george, producing "mad money," who gave it to me for the holidays. i almost cried. i asked the ceo of 3m to bring the games back. apparently i don't own the rights anymore. the point mentioning this from my stocks and bonds which george bought off of ebay, the stocks are fascinating enough to get your kids started in them now. it's easier than ever. pick stocks, not of defense companies, but of companies familiar to your kids and have them track them and guess which will do better over time. not the city transport, not the growth corporation of america. not the pioneer mutual fund. not the central city municipal bond but was stocks that are real. bottom line, of my childhood stock market obsession, get started early. and they may play for life because the last of the stock market's a long-term contest. when i think the earlier you get in the more you can win. i'm going to mickey in new york. mickey! >> caller: jim, i wanted to thank you for all you do. your books and show got me through investing at a young age. my next question, i've been investing sense i w
Jul 13, 2016 6:00pm EDT
companies are giving the customer what she wants. and like in retail, the customer's always right. george? montana? >> caller: a big boo-yah from big sky country. >> we are friends. it's fabulous, thank you. >> caller: i just had a quick question. with the recent romp in the price in costco, is it trading stock? >> i discuss this all the time with jack moore. our club that we set up around stocks in my charitable trust. it had a move, we still think it goes higher. let's go to michael in maryland. >> caller: hi, jim. i'm a relatively young investor and holding coca-cola, up been the 8.5% since i bought it. i'm looking for something with a little more growth. >> i'm not going to tell you to swap out of coca-cola. i think it's a great long-term investment. and i think kent's doing well. and the possibility for a takeover after the amazing numbers we got from white wave. i would have said white wave, but that one's done. how about don in texas. >> caller: i've got a question for chipotle. >> sure, i'm there for chipotle. >> caller: after reaching 750 in 2015 it started dropping like a rock.
Oct 23, 2012 6:00pm EDT
is a little known indicator know the gvc. the george victor seebra. we have talked about it before. but look at this chart about how it works. when traders are worried about the market, the vicks will rally. you get the market going down. on the other hand when traders are more confident about the rally, the numbers fall. pretty good proxy for the stock market. there is also a index for gold. gvz measures the fear about dpoegold prices. last wednesday the index closed at it's lowest level since the exchange began listing options on the god. i didn't. the lowest level it is at five plus year lows. it has crept back up but it is still at low levels. this is an astonishing chart. traders aren't worried about dpoeld. wh we tend to see big moves, huge moves in the god. look at these, every time. look at this. sebastian has noticed, it has moved pretty darn hard. it is not a coin toss whether it is up or down. in almost every case where the up or down has made a low, it has happened this year. and then again with the rally since august, out of all of these six times where the gold vicks
Jan 28, 2010 6:00pm EST
stop worrying about greece. i'm not talking about the greek line producer. our line producer is george, he's greek. i don't mean anything about that. is it gyro or gere-o. please let me know? now it's time to get more defensive. don't get aggressive. why does everybody like that play so much? >>> coming up, tech supermarket? with the world still buzzing over the ipad, cramer takes a pulse on tech to see if you can connect your portfolio with profits. and later, climate change subpoena high on president obama's priority list. >> providing incentives for energy efficiency and clean energy are the right thing to do for our future. >> what's up with cap and trade? kramer is going on one one with dominion ceo for answers. plus, cash car? with the autos having closed many dealerships, who's in position to profit. we're talking to monroe muffler to see if they can jump start your portfolio. >>> a company i hope to get on your radar screen reported better than expected earnings. but the stock went down 3.2%. why do we care about avnet it? 's a technology distributor that deals with both compon
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