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Aug 7, 2010 7:30pm EDT
is different from george bush's ideas. not one. [ applause ] instead, they're betting on amnesia. [ laughter ] that's what they are counting on. they are counting on that you all forgot. >> president obama is hitting the hustings in full campaign mode with only 90 days to go until november 2. midterm elections. air force one has a loaded schedule over the next two weeks. the u.s. democratic party leader and the u.s. president, barack obama, will cris cross the country. rallies, the president will hustle. in eight states, california, florida, georgia, illinois, ohio, texas, washington, and wisconsin. at stake, control of the u.s. house of representatives, control of the u.s. senate, and 28 state governorships. these pave toll pivotal elections l. whether or not president obama will seek and maybe win a second term. >> question, what is the strategy of the democratic leader, president obama, for the midterm elections only 12 weeks away. pat. >> things aren't going as well as we hoped. may may get better, but they aren't as bad as bush and the republicans. it's a terrible mistake, j
Jul 26, 2013 8:30pm PDT
have these incredibly tough conditions. >>> issue three, by george, it's a boy. >> more her looks thankfully. >> the great kate wait is over. the world got its first glimpse of his royal highness, prince george alexander louis of cambridge, the 8-pound 6-ounce baby boy born to prince william and wife kate, the dutchess of cambridge. prince george is third in line to the british throne occupied now by his great grandmother, queen elizabeth, ii. grandfather charles and father william are first and second in line. the news was accompanied by bells ringing at westminster abbey, special gun salute, famous uk landmarks bathed in blue like london bridge and, of course, everywhere ecstatic british throngs and also everywhere royal baby fever is serious business notably in britain but also everywhere. baby-related merchandise alone like these adorable union flag baby shoes would boost the british economy by $380 million upwards. indeed the royal family is one of britain's most lucrative brands set to bring in an estimated 1.9 billion pounds. that's b as in boy, billion pounds to britain's
Jul 20, 2013 12:30pm PDT
unarmed 17-year-old male in sanford, florida. the shooter was george zimmerman a neighborhood watch volunteer. last week after 16 hours and 20 minutes of deliberations, a jury of five white women and one woman who appeared to be hispanic found zimmerman not guilty of murder. question, does zimmerman's lawyer base their defense on florida's stand your ground statute? pat buchanan? >> they did not, john. what they argued was self- defense. they said that trayvon martin basically sucker punched george zimmerman, knocked him on the ground. beat him martial arts style, pound his ground and smacked his head on the cement. in those circumstances, george zimmerman brought out his concealed gun and shot trayvon martin. >> no requirement to use any statute? >> no, not at all. the sanford police believed zimmerman, the jury believed him, and others believed him. let me show you this about the attorney general. he is trying to get off what is being done to him. he is being pushed for a second hate crime trial of george zimmerman. but the fbi has investigated and found no racial profiling at all
Aug 29, 2009 7:30pm EDT
, federal we have got right now. george bush's no child left behind. i'm a bit of a cynic but test scores have been dropping since 1964 in this country. sometimes up a little bit. basically the trend line is down. the collapse of the family, the culture has affected this. you know, -- from kids coming to school without aptitude and interest and things like that. i don't think we're getting at the basic problem at all. we're throwing more money to a industry that has fundamentally failed america. >> eleanor? >> this is the most discretionary money any secretary of education has had. it probably combines the sums that all of the several recent secretaries have had. o to set up a competition among the states in terms of charter schools, innovative projects, i think it is what has made america great the sort of innovative spirit. the only downside i see is you have some states like mississippi and alabama who don't like federal control, and will see this as a dangerous way for the federal government to interfere. they don't like federal standardized tests and it will just keep those fo
May 20, 2012 3:30pm PDT
the relationship he hoped to have with the united states. >> was his relationship with george w. bush closer than his relationship with barack obama? what relationship does -- he is not even going himself to the meetings in chicago this week, nato meeting. >> i don't think there is a relationship at all with barack obama at this stage. they may develop one. but he had a good relationship with george w. bush, about i think george w. bush made a clear point of trying to establish that relationship, because those kinds of relationships make a difference in international relations. >> you think the problem is with nato? >> no, i can't -- disagree more. this is a guy who is drunk on power, imagines himself as a kind of latter day czar. this term will not end well, whether quite into mubarak territory, but the russian people do not consider this regime legitimate and over time that will play out. >> but -- [overlapping speakers] >> yes, but why did we move nato up on to his front porch and which were three soviet republics into nato and almost bring in ukraine and georgia? that is rig
Nov 9, 2011 6:30pm PST
george papandreou called for a referendum to ascertain what the greek people think about taking this major loan. the eu told the prime minister to drop the referendum idea where upon the prime minister then decided to drop the referendum. question, is there any reason to believe that this greek pass work? >> no, john. they wrote down 50% of their bank debt but also got an austerity plan and papandreou says we're going to let the greek people vote on whether they want this -- they would have voted it down. they would have gotten no money. >> why? because the greek people is a p democracy is killing the new world order. when people vote on the treaty, constitution in europe or the brits get to goat on the eu, they vote it down. this is an elite project. but if the greeks voted it down, they would be out of the eu, they would go back to the drachma. euro zone would be down and dead. and what follows there is the big one, which we talked with last week, is italy. if italy goes, it can't be rescued. >> so what buchanan is saying is the eu needs greece, even more than greece needs the
Feb 23, 2014 4:00pm PST
will sound more like george w. bush circa 1999, 2000, when he was talking about a humble policy than 2004. >> hold on, please, should the united states restrict humanitarian aide to north korea? humanitarian aide is what keeps the government going. >> john, if i could make sure 2 million north koreaens were fed by sending them food and it would get to them, i would do it. i think rich is correct though. we have a tremendous battle coming in the republican party between those who would like to intervene and syria that would like to intervene in ukraine. the conservative wing, i'm not so sure. >> this is a different level of evil that was saying in north korea thanks to this report. a different level. that far outstripped anything and we've been covering this issue for years. >> mort is right. there are only a limited number of ways we could tighten the screws. by withholding humanitarian aide. they would get some of it. >> sold iran on the international community. >> issue three, cbo smackdown. >> today the federal minimum wage is worth about 20% less than it was when ronald reagan fi
Feb 23, 2014 6:30am EST
whoever the eventual republican presidential nominee will sound much more like george h.w. bush circa 1999, 2000, than george h.w. bush circa 2004 when he was talking about democracy. >> hold on, please. should the united states restrict its humanitarian aid to north korea bearing in mind that humanitarian aid is what keeps their government going? >> if i could make sure two million north korea anxiety were fed by sending them food and it would get to them, i would agree with you. i would do it. i think rich is correct, though. we have a tremendous battle coming in the republican party between those who would like to intervene in syria go, after iran, intervene in ukraine. the rand paul and the pail owe conservative wing, i'm not so sure -- >> this is eeferl we're seeing in north korea thanks to this report. a different level that far out stripped anything we -- we have been covering this issue for years. >> mort is right. there are only a limited number of ways you can tighten the screws. i would not tightant screws further on the people by withholding humanitarian aid. >> did the pe
Dec 26, 2010 3:30pm PST
reelected. >> the biggest loser of 2010, barack obama. george busch took six years to burn through the political capital and president barack obama did it in two years and suffered through the collapse of the majority in the house. >> best politician. >> chris christie of new jersey, shopping budgets left and right, and 50% support and wanted by republicans to come and speak for them all over america. and may be a vice presidential nominee. >> el floor? >> john bohner. ben in the congress since 1990 part of the gingrich revolution, slipping and sliding and he has inherited the speakership and so far he has done a pretty good job, incorporating the new red hot tea party people, with the corporate republicans. >> monica? >> i will give it to the entire republican party. which was left for dead and called a desiccated relic after the 2008 elections but they have since made like obama care to tax increases. >> i will give it to bill clinton. looking better and better for his legacy and if he was out there selling obama's programs the last year, i think obama would have done better. >> the
May 27, 2012 3:30pm PDT
. >>> issue one, w's tax cuts. >> sweeping tax cuts are one of the most popular features of the george w. bush presidency. he signed them into law in 2001 and 2003. the cuts lower the rates on personal income tax rates. in 2010, the year the cuts were due to expire, president obama signed legislation extending this. for two years. now the expiration date is up at the end of this year, december 2012. and if they expire, personal income taxes will go back up. here's what will happen. those in the 10% brackets will see their tax go you will to 15%. though in the 25% bracket, back up to 28%. this news makes taxpayers squirm. but unlike 2010, there is no bipartisanship in sight. republicans want to extend all of the tax cuts to all of the brackets to prevent the hike. democrats also want to extend the cuts, but not extend them for those making $200 thousand or more annually. those people see their taxes give up. republican house leader john boehner vows to make sure that won't happen. >> any sudden tax hike would hurt our economy, so this before the election, the house of representatives will
Aug 22, 2009 7:30pm EDT
predecessor, president george w. bush, was presented by the press as highly unpopular abroad. but the world demonstrablely has greater faith that president obama will do the right thing when it comes to foreign affair e thbreakout, britain, bush 16%, e obama 86%. france bush 15%, obama 91%. germany bush 14%, obama 93%. turkey bush 2, obama 33. russia bush 22, obama 37. china bush 30, obama 62. japan, bush 25, obama 85. argentina, bush 7, obama 61. brazil, bush 17, obama 76. mexico bush 16, obama 55. the big skeptic in the group, israel. bush 57, obama 56. by the way, the united states' popularity ratings? bush 37, obama 74. question, for mort, israel a tradition ale american ally is odd-country out by a small margin that favors bush over obama. why is that? >> first, i'm not going to let pat's diatribe go unchallenged. president obama, candidate obama was acknowledging attitudes that were widely held. much of the world was delighted to see george w. bush go, as was america. the secretary of defense under bush talked about old europe. >> what was his name? >> donald rumsfeld. >> right.
Aug 9, 2009 11:30am EDT
didn't negotiate a framework when george w. bush came in. colin powell wanted to continue that. the bush administration detonated the agreement -- >> the bush. >> all right. ladies. one at a time. [ all talking at once ] >> the george koreans accumulated more nuclear bombs under the bush administration than previous years. >> let's send over jimmy carter. >> he did not. >> carter went on his own. >> they wanted clinton there for a reason. clinton, john, is a former president of the united states. not former vice president like gore or bill richardson. he is a former president of the united states. you can't get any higher as an emissary from america than that. >> that's right. he kawrries status. >> he's got more status than the secretary of state. >> and he's a smart man. when he's over there, he's picking up a lot of information. nothing was lost here. >> monika? >> president obama referred to it as a humanitarian mission, however, he should have followed it up once the young women were back on the american soil by condemning the human right as buss and demanded international acce
Nov 18, 2012 3:30pm PST
career. he was chosen by president george w. bush to oversee the surge strategy in iraq in 2007. he was sent by president obama to be the top commander in afghanistan, heading isaf, the international security assistance force. so how did this affair come to light? when this woman, jill kelley, a married tampa bay socialite, complained to the fbi that she was receiving harassing e-mails from an anonymous sender. she registered the complaint this past summer. the fbi investigated and in the process discovered the sender was paula broadwell. and that also broadwell had an affair with petraeus. the e-mails to kelley stemmed from broadwell's apparent jealousy of kelley's relationship with petraeus. there is no evidence that kelley had an affair with petraeus. the kelley family acknowledged that they were friendly with the petraeus family. by late october, under questioning from the fbi, both petraeus and broadwell had admitted to the affair. on november 6th, election day, the fbi notified the director of national intelligence, james clapper, of the affair. clapper advised petraeus to ste
May 18, 2011 6:30pm PDT
york i don't. this president has done far more in terms of security crackdowns than george w. bush did. >> that's not true. >> it is true. >> barely more -- just barely more deportation. >> let her finish. >> you used up your time. my turn. and i think he does have a good record to the point where he has liberals complaining he's cracked down too much. he got two-thirds of the hispanic vote in 2008 of he may get it up to 4/5 because he's the most prominent official on the democratic side talking pro immigration and you have governor jan brewer on the other side, sending out very negative attitudes when it comes to hispanics. so i think sure, there's a political benefit here for the president. but if he could get comprehensive immigration reform tomorrow, on the lines you outlined, he would love it. he can't get it because republicans are opposing him some it's a clear political divide and i think hispanics know which side, which party is on their side. >> i don't think he's trying to work at all with republicans. he didn't invite jan brewer. he did not invite texas governor perry t
Sep 5, 2009 7:30pm EDT
barrier. >> what was interesting to me is that the quotes were not much different from when george bush spoke to the ncaa a couple of years ago. these are problems that call for a variety of prescriptions. what was interesting to me is that in obama's speech, he never mentioned racism and he also didn't talk about his civil rights division. the ncaa goal has been that they are a social justice, not a social service organization, but the part we remember the most are the social service parts of the speech. >> well, where do we stand on this? is not quality a result? >> well, we are moving towards it. >> you said just a moment ago there's been very little progress over the last couple of years. >> several years. early 90s, the population was to 24% and it's stayed there. >> dave a.: what's wrong? >> -- >> what's wrong? >> we are talking about the poorest of the poor and the most separated from the society. i am one of the black folks that supports vouchers. i am for anything that will help our kids. it's not the answer for everything, it's the teacher's union, let's face it that has
Apr 21, 2012 12:30pm PDT
? >> the george skim man trayvon martin episode, i don't think george zimmerman will be convicted of second-degree murder at all. and i have my doubts they'll convict him of manslaughter. found all that blood on his head in the latest picture. >> interesting. eleanor? >> french president will make it into the runoff this weekend but will not survive face-off with the moderate socialist candidate. he will lose. >> i predicted about 10 weeks ago. >> okay. susan? >> talk about newt gingrich. he's been lurking in the background for as a candidate who is not going anywhere but i predict he'll stick around for a few more weeks and try to still get something out of this race. candidate. >> mort? its a food. they have enough money for two to three months in their foreign exchange camp and that point they'll be forced with starvation, requiring a massive foreign aid program to help them out. >> i predict the current outbreak of scanned alzheimer's will continue to dominate headlines, hurting president obama's ratings more than mitt romney's, causing president obama's favorability rating to si
Dec 9, 2012 6:30am EST
tell you why. the last great deal, john was at andrews air force base when george h. w. bush in 1990 broke his pledge and he agreed to raise tax breaks. and he broke faith with the republican party. he did not get the spending cuts that he was promised. and after that they lost seats in the senate in 1909 and george bush was -- 190. and the republican party is walking right down that same road today. >> it is a good deal. it was a good deal for the country. and frankly, and that's what speaker boehner is worried about. he is worried that if he makes this kind of deal, and works with nancy pelosi and works with the white house, that he could lose his speakership over. it but he has been moving in this last week, he has been removing recall trants from committee assignments. he has been exercising the powers that he should as a leader. >> president obama is not just sitting there. he has come forward asking to raise the debt ceiling. are you following that? >> yes. >> what do you think of that, and what do you think the congress thinks of that? >> well, it has to be raised. >> tha
Sep 7, 2014 6:30am EDT
george h.w. bush assembled back in the day. the first president bush is the president whose foreign policy president obama admires the most. and to put together in effect the desert storm 2 is what this administration is now undertaking. it is a big task. but you cannot go bombing in syria unless you have jordan, asaudi arabia, and maybe an invitation from turkey. it is complicated. i don't see an invitation from syria itself. we don't want to be on the side of assad. >>> what is the story of isis in britain? >> eleanor is right there is a lot of concern that these individuals will come back. we are ta onality. they will come back and because of what they have learned from the group in terms of operational security, they will be able to stay under the radar. people have to remember mi5 the british domestic intelligence service has a lot of people they are already following. the concern is they will come back ask they won't be monitored to the degree they would need to and there would absolute troas tis. >> potentially one of the great concerns is you might see a replication of the 2
Aug 23, 2013 8:30pm PDT
, they had the violence down there to keep black students out. george wallace stood in the schoolhouse door. king was a march for jobs and freedom but that didn't produce the civil rights accident. what produced it, john, was the death of john f. kennedy a couple months later when he was assassinated and linden johnson's presidency and building on that movement to pass the civil rights act, and then selma produced the voting rights act. but let me say this john. there was a downside in that decade, too. snick was no longer led by john lewis but h rap brown and stokley carmichael. you had the riots in watts in '65. dr. king was shot, a hundred cities burned, including washington, d.c. i was in nixon's campaign. the whole issue was law and order in america, and at one point nixon and wallace together had almost 70% of the national vote. >> eleanor. >> well, that was quite a trip through history, thank you. but nixon and wallace together culminate in the southern strategy where you take political exploitation of the plight, if you will, of blacks in the south, and when lyndon johnson sign
Sep 17, 2011 12:30pm PDT
example george w. bush was not. and obama is not sympathetic to israel. >> is turner sympathetic to israel? >> i don't know where he was. but he is now. >> sign me up. >> president obama has tried to adjust the relationship more like president bush's father, george bush, he has tried to get talks going, they haven't succeeded. the un is about to vote on whether to approve of the palestinian's state and the united states vote will be against that, one of the few votes in the world. i don't think you can say this president is turning his back on israel. but israel is nervous because of the arab spring and the relationship with israel isn't what it was. the republicans managed to turn this into a backlash against president obama and the jewish community there has said you know, very conservative and also some economic anxiety. so the white house. >> uh-huh. >> has lots of excuses. ed seat is going to go away, be rea portion. they didn't take it seriously. nonetheless, it is a warning for what lies ahead. >> and the un will declare palestine to be a state? >> if it comes to a vote most
Oct 1, 2011 12:30pm PDT
facility more than we can do under george w. bush. >> the drone has a bad history of killing innocent people. >> it has collateral damage. any bomb is killing -- >> is that what we're reducing it to collateral damage? >> well, the drone killed a very guilty person this time. it's not as symbolic as bin laden. those people have not heard of this gentleman. but because he's an american citizen, he speaks english, very charismatic figure, he has a foot in both cultures, he's been recruiting american citizens to become terrorists, and he exchanged e-mails with the fort hood terrorist shooter. he helped coach the underwear bomber and then new york times bomber. he's a terrorist. so -- and i think what is surprising is some people is how far obama has gone in the use of these drones, much further than president bush. and i think the technology, along with the willingness of this president to pursue these people, has produced a winning record of terrorist kills, if you will. there will be some pushbacks from civil libertarians, and i'm glad they're speaking out. but i think this is a justifi
Jan 11, 2015 3:30pm EST
. citizen. three children: noelle, jeb junior and george. son george is the texas land commissioner, responsible for managing billions of dollars in state assets and mineral rights. jeb's work history, banking, real estate, entrepreneurial ventures and of course governor of florida two terms, 1999 to 2006. . >> when, regardless of his last name does jeb bush's previous experience qualify him for the oval office? tom rogan. >> i think it does if we look at previous presidential candidates in comparison but ultimately the question of qualifications, any candidate can have the qualifications if the primary voters like them. >> exciting case. >> he's curious, he speaks spanish. >> what's the problem of the current governor down there who is going to have a second term but is a figure of, what, contradiction >> controversy. >> john, he has the experience, no doubt about it, but there's a sense he's the moderate candidate who is going to be put up as mccain was as others were and some of them will go after him very hard and we'll see what he's made of. >> is he not eminently qualified? tw
Sep 26, 2009 7:30pm EDT
he's not george w. bush, which everyone knows. john, it's a kind of realism, because he's willing to accept and deal with the world's nastiest regimes but it's a realism you have weakness, based on the idea if we show our self effacing niceness over and over again, that alone will convince everyone. >> it's not self effacing niceness. it's acting in concert with your allies, challenging your allies to step up, help out in afghanistan. >> how is that going in afghanistan? >> it's also acknowledging we're playing catch-up on climate change with europeans and saying to china and india you have to come along. you start with words, then you follow through with policy. >> he's going to get european troops in afghanistan? >> no, they say view it as bush's war, they are not interested. >> ridiculous. >> bush's war? >> it started out at bush's war, definitely. >> it's the same old-same old. we don't torture. i don't do this. i didn't do what bush did. you know, i've got a different approach. why don't you all realize. look what you're dealing with. half of those countries in there are represe
May 12, 2012 7:30pm EDT
money, george clooney crowd. but john, again, i think he's put his presidency in peril. >> eleanor? >> it clearly rationalesis both sides, and i agree it solves romney's difficulty in rallying social conservatives. but it's also a tonic for democrats. in some particular states, north carolina, iowa, pennsylvania, ohio, conceivably there could be a backlash and whether it's enough to cost the president those states, i don't know. but he said she evolving on this issue, mocked for use that phraseology. in fact that's what many people have done. and the difference between the caricatures of day with people and our real life experience with gay people has narrowed p people are now comfortable with this. and you can tell by mitt romney's reaction, which was very dignified, if you will,. >> i'm glad you brought that up. >> he's not sure this is an issue that's going to work for the republicans anymore. he is on the wrong side of his state, the president is on the right let's get romney's respon >> my view is that marriage itself is a relationship between a man and a woman, and that's my
Apr 7, 2012 7:30pm EDT
opening suggest by george clooney and press the chinese to put pressure on the government in khartoum to stop shelling in the south and get that oil flowing. >> thank you, george clooney. >> the pressure from inside syria and from corners in the u.s. for the u.s. to involve on behalf the syrian rebels will grow but obama will no dot it in part because china and russia don't want it? >> by the time extreme court rules on obama carrawell see public a resolve prize as people see more settle they like. 92 commander in chief obama will advance to withdrawal deadline of u.s. troops in afghanistan by a minimum of 12 months. that's by december 2013. bye-bye. happy easter!
Jul 7, 2013 3:30pm PDT
presidents george h. w. bush, george w. bush both reduced the u.s. s(ockpile. it's expensive to mainta. so this is really going at the loose kes in russia as well. and with richard lugar no longer in the senate it's very difficult. >> a united states senator. >> right. it's very difficult to get anything through the u.s. senate. so the president is acting unilaterally here, and i think the russians with this jus( a@stalling tactic.@ o,the ssiansn't@ke the fact we're building sel. th el tha('sa reasonnot kis(anwha('shappening there, what's happing other parts of the world in north korea. you want to talk about@recing nuclear weapons,i think the other cotries is a smart one. >> not only is lugar gone but senator john kyle is also gone, and he's the one that pushed -- he's the republican that pushed the start treaty through last time. arizona senator replaced by jeff flake. so that means he can't really go to congress with anything. anything he can do is going to have to be done unilaterally by the president. and if he wants to do it like eleanor said there are plenty of things he can do. he
Dec 18, 2011 11:30am EST
, especially if it's ron paul. >> a little history. george w. bush beat ronald reagan in iowa in 1980. >> right. >> we saw that happen then. >> reagan came back and beat him by 20 in new hampshire. >> so the win by george w. bush in 1980 didn't do anything for him as far as the general election was concerned, as far as winning. mike huckaby beat john mccain in iowa in 2008. >> mccain didn't play. >> he didn't play. what cow mean. >> he stayed in the -- [everyone talking at once] >> beat romney in -- >> iowa high risk and higher for romney because first the nomination could be over in a couple weeks. but if he finishes fourth or fifth, he'll have a significant downdraft in new hampshire, just the way he did in l.a. and that's a doomsday for him. >> what kind of bellwether is iowa? is it reliable or unreliable as far as the nomination is concerned? the answer is deeply unreliable. >> that's correct. but -- [everyone talking at once] >> very same question. enormously important. >> take huckaby beating romney. huckaby goes on to win south carolina. if romney and won iowa, i think romney w
May 23, 2010 11:30am EDT
because he had a quote from arlen specter besides george bush and arlen specter making fleiss to each other which wasn't popular. he had a quote of arlen specter saying that he changed parties so he could be re-elected. [ laughter ] he said he could at least save one job, his. that was a devastating commercial. >> how were you impressed by this candidate? >> two things. first of all, the republicans have been trying to get rid of arlen specter for a long time. he actually did it to himself here by switching parties. that's number one. that was a referendum about how neither party trusted arlen specter. also, i think it's also a commentary on the clout of president obama because he is now 0 for 4. every time he has gone into a state to campaign and support and endorse a candidate whether it's virginia, new jersey, massachusetts -- >> the governors. >> the democratic candidates have lost. >> you mean obama or -- >> reduced influence. >> obama is the political kiss of death? you bring him in you are gone? >> could be. >> western pennsylvania, a democratic candidate ran in the antitax. th
Sep 11, 2010 12:30pm PDT
if the republicans gain power and what george w. bush represented. so the president is trying to draw a clear contrast. it may be too little, too late. but it's one of the few tools he has left at this point in the game. >> boehner is what, one of 12 kids? he is an honorable guy? >> he -- >> kennedy was a big pal of boehner. >> he has policies that got us into the ditch and he doesn't have any new ideas and he smokes like a chimney and spends time in the tanning bed. >> listen. >> he lives on the edge of a golf course. >> exactly. the reason now obama is turning his gunfire on to john boehner is that for years he has been demonizing president bush. that is no longer working. that doesn't have traction with the american people anymore. nobody knows john boehner, frankly nobody cares, even most republicans don't care about john boehner. interestingly, he could be speaker of the house if the republicans gain control, but as of now, look, john boehner this is a wash. the point is that he has been targeting -- obama has been targeting president bush for a long time. what is ironic and
Aug 19, 2012 12:00pm EDT
medicare issue. because i was saying the same thing, when george w. bush suggested changing social security, it just offered people the option of going to the stock market, and it wouldn't affect anybody who was over the age of 55, well, it turned out the more that bush tried to sell it around the country, the more people hated it. and it was the seniors. and we don't want you touching social security or medicare. and i think that is very dangerous, because a lot of people out there who are still deciding, and the undecided, are down to about 5% now, they're going to hear paul ryan, and they're going to hear right away he wants to tamper with medicare. >> and ryan is the architect of -- >> let eleanor in here. >> ryan is the architect of the bush social security privatization scheme. he also wants to eliminate all taxes on capital gains. wants to increase the defense spending. and this is all going to accomplished with these unspecified cuts. where are those cuts going to come from? >> i think he is muting some of those -- >> john, this is not a buddy movie. i'm glad that mitt romn
Mar 6, 2011 11:30am EST
-- 700 billion. and it was a george bush plan. he put the first half out. barack obama put the second half our out. then the auto bailout. it was a george bush program, continued by barack obama. if he had not continued those problems, we would still be in the toilet today. >> the auto industry is stronger than it ever has. >> yes, it is. [everyone talking at once] >> i know that! >> general motors now has a nice fat share of the market in china. and it has recovered and millions of jobs [everyone talking at once] >> making their cause in mexico and china. >> they're making them here. >> selling in china. they're selling them in china. >> and we got our money back! with interest. >> huge trade deficit in autos and trucks, of over $100 billion a year, because we send our factories abroad with our cars. >> bailouts -- [everyone talking at once] >> the answer is obama has to worry about a jobless recovery and how long that will last. when we come back, joint border, joint problems, u.s.- mexico. the forecast is full of ifs. retirement these days, if i'm too exposed to downturns. if i'll
Sep 23, 2012 3:30pm PDT
republican and democratic presidents. the child care tax credit was doubled under george w. bush. this is part of the reason a lot of people do not pay federal income taxes. before they pay a lot of other taxes. and they feel stressed, and they don't see that mitt romney is someone who is on their side. it is devastating to him politically. >> mark? >> well, i do think it is hugely damaging to him politically. i have to say, i don't believe this is the way all wealthy people talk. i've been to many -- >> i hope not. >> i was a waiter at these dinners and i listened to those conversations. [ laughter ] >> and i never heard them talk that way. and when they tipped me, they didn't say you deserve this, they basically said i didn't deserve it because i wasn't serving. i do think there is a blind spot in romney that is really spon issuing in the sense that there is something about him that is not coming through. i don't know if it will before the campaign is over. but if it doesn't, he will be in real trouble. it is immense political damage. and the fact that it came out this way, the fact tha
Sep 14, 2014 3:30pm EDT
roll back this terrorist threat. >> in 2002, then-president george w. bush also created an international coalition. it consists of 68 countries, of which 20 committed more than 16,000 combat troops. senior obama administration officials said that members of the coalition that will assist in fighting isis include allies from around the globe, including the arab world, notably saudi arabia, the united arab emirates and jordan, and europe. australia is already engaged in humanitarian air drops inside iraq. and canada has put advisors on the ground. in his speech, president obama again declared that the united states will not commit ground forces to the destruction of isis, but instead hopes that muslim allies and the iraqis will provide the boots on the ground, military strategists say are essential to defeating the islamic state. >>> question, is this the right formula to defeat the islamic state, pat buchanan? >> john, the president's strategy is non-credible. it's an open-end, no-win war. in syria, you'll need boots on the ground to take down isis. the turks are saying we'r
Sep 15, 2013 3:30pm PDT
present time, remember what george bush said, pope john paul ii came out against the iraq war and george bush said either you are with us or you are with the terrorists. i don't know the americans respond very much to the pope's appeal. >> what do you say? >> i think the pope is a moral leader. this is the tone and what the substance is that he is speaking of. political leaders have to consider the interests of their own country, which are not necessarily consistent with a moral approach. i'm not saying they aren't affected by it. this is the difference between somebody like the pope and presidents or leaders of countries. and that's inevitable, been true forever. and it's going to continue to be true. i think actually in truth, the moral issues are much more relevant today, because of the media frankly than they used to be. but it's still not decisive. >> the pope wants reconciliation. do you think he can get it? >> well, first of all, john, i think it's very appealing and interesting to younger citizens of the world to see the pope speaking very seriously about geo political iss
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